A Better Life Than Julia’s

Wednesday, June 20, AD 2012


Another fine, and timelyecon 101 video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

This is a response to the daft Obama campaign’s Life of Julia, that hymn to life as a government serf.  The truth is that in this life you have to depend upon God, yourself and, if you are lucky, your family.  Government assistance must exist for people who cannot take care of themselves, but as a way of life for those who can, it is soul destroying, trapping us, at best, in a permanent status of child-like dependence on the State, a dependence that is increasingly precarious as governments sink under the burden of unsustainable spending.

9 Responses to A Better Life Than Julia’s

  • TRUTH.

    “God helps those that help themselves.”

    The welfare state rewards and fosters bad behavior; and each generation of state dependents grows more numerous and more miserable.

  • Emily comes across as cold and as isolated as Julia, and maybe a touch more smug. At least she doesn’t produce a government-financed kid along the way, who disappears as soon as he can get into day care.

  • When people aren’t living off my dime I tend to be fairly tolerant of foibles that I am not required to pay for.

  • I cannot find the cite but thought it was one of the books in Asimov’s Foundation or related series where in the robots obey the three laws and protect humans so well that humans are not allowed to do anything that might “endanger” them. Humans are slowly dying out and the robots cannot understand why. This is how I imagine government taking care of us – so stifling that in the end it kills us all.

    I do not what to discuss the problems with Asimov and his writings/theories/views but wanted to address the problem with unintended consequences and what happens to man when you protect him “too much”.

    I know the original Star Trek series seemed to have this theme in many of its episodes.

    Ophs, I think my geek/nerd is showing!

  • Independence of government is not that easy to achieve,

    I am the latest in a long line of Scottish peasant farmers, which one might imagine provides me with a life of sturdy independence. Nothing could be further from the truth. Regulations, quotas and subsidies mean that I am, to all intents and purposes, a government functionary, managing my quota of land on behalf of the state or, rather, the European Union. I understand the position in the United States is not dissimilar.

    I supplement my income by practicing as an advocate, both here and in France. As such, I benefit from the exclusive right of audience before the courts that the state grants to members of the Faculty of Advocates or the Barreau de Paris – Effectively, a Trade Union closed-shop.

    Financial dependence on the state is by no means the preserve of the underclass.

  • “Financial dependence on the state is by no means the preserve of the underclass.”

    Perhaps revolution is in order – turn the thieves out on their hind ends.

  • CatholicLawyer: Right author, wrong book. You refer to “I, Robot.”

  • I am waiting for when my generation will the ones in diplomatic positions, my general expectation is a bunch of incompitant people who decide things based on barbaric whims I hope that means they won’t have a functioning military to stop me from taking over DelMarVa mwahahaha.