Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. I don’t care how many Ivy League degrees you possess, massive drug use during your adolescent years will always come back to bite you. If Barry Hussein really wants to help people, he would hold himself up as exhibit A regarding the dangers of choom.

  2. What he meant was, “My cronies and cash bundlers in the private sector economy are doing FINE!”


    That was uncharitable.

    Cut the man some slack.

    After all, this is his first real job.

    That being said, I will not rehire him. I didn’t hire him in 2008.

  3. To wit – I doubt Zerohedge reads St. Ambrose or the Pope.

    This blog post:

    “All that debt Obama acquired, and all the stimulus did work to redistribute wealth and income — it worked to redistribute wealth and income toward the well-connected crony capitalist groups that funded Obama into office. Obama can talk all he likes about cutting taxes for the middle class; the data shows who Obama’s redistribution policies have overwhelmingly favoured. Of course, leftists and statists often end up favouring the super-rich. That’s been the underlying reality of communism — politburos, bureaucrats, technocrats, party members all benefit at the expense of everyone else (in spite of all that proletarian rhetoric). Inviting the state to carve up national income and redistribute it is an invitation to corruption, and graft. Obama talks an updated version of the old communist rhetoric about redistributing wealth to the working class — he even adopted Stalin’s slogan “forward” — yet just like Stalin the reality of his policies is more wealth for the richest and most well-connected. What a surprise.”

  4. “PP: That was uncharitable. Cut the man some slack. After all, this is his first real job. That being said, I will not rehire him. I didn’t hire him in 2008.”

    Love it, T. Shaw, love it!

  5. Paul,

    The President is not a nitwit. His general intelligence is more than adequate. It is likely much more developed in the verbal sphere than elsewhere and one suspects he would perform wretchedly in an occupation with the most rigorous operational measures of competence. Neither politics nor law are such an occupation, so what he has will do.

    His real problem is that he is a serial dilettente. One can reasonably infer that he has no goal or prescription that is not self-aggrandizing or derived from whatever Kool-Aid is being consumed in his milieux.

  6. The problem T Shaw is that a some people either don’t seem to care that Stalin killed more peasants than Hitler killed Jews or even agree with what he did.

  7. So I realized something guys, if the European countries go to war with each other I could be in real deep horse dung, because am a German citizen but live in the USA and have a green card and more recently ended up in the system because I got a drivers permit in December, so if Europe has one of its secular squabbles over banking and due to that has a war the USA no doubt will get involved and the USA doesn’t really like Germany (for many reasons).

  8. I watched the Romney video and found one statement very disturbing (in that it will easily be used against Romney): “he wants more government; he wants more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. That’s not what we need. We need less government.” This, of course, can easily (and will) be taken as, “we need fewer firemen, policemen, and teachers in America.” Yikes! That sounds awful! I don’t think anybody likes the sound of a person saying we need fewer policemen, firemen and teachers (even if they are being paid on the public dime).

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