Surprise! Sandra Fluke Being Run From White House




I am sure it will come as little surprise to the regular discerning readers of The American Catholic, but Sandra Fluke, the 30 year old pro-abortion activist and third year law student, read all about her here, who attends Jesuit run Georgetown law school, and who is the frontline shock soldierette in the White House battle to impose the HHS Mandate on the nation and the Catholic Church in America, is being run from the White House.

O’Reilly went on to reveal that SKDKnickerbocker,  a PR agency whose managing director is former White House Communications  Director Anita Dunn, is now representing Fluke. Dunn is perhaps best known for  her attack on Fox News and for naming Chinese revolutionary and Communist leader Mao  Tse Tung as one of her favorite political philosophers back in 2009.

“Now, late today we found out that Ms. Fluke is now being [represented] by  the progressive PR industry SKDKnickerbocker where Anita Dunn, the former Obama  communications director is the managing [director]. Ah-ha. So this whole deal  comes back to the White House, at least indirectly.”

Anita Dunn is married to Robert Bauer, who was White House Counsel for Obama until June of last year.  This is all being carefully orchestrated by the White House as part of their ongoing war against the Catholic Church and any other individuals and entities that dare oppose the South Side Messiah.


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. It’s working . . . [gasp]

    The Catholic War and BC kerfluffle are distracting you the people from skyrocketing gasoline prices and no jobs.

    So much so that in the OK primary Obamessiah lost 15 counties and won the state-wide primary with 57% of the Democrud vote.

    Also, it’s working for Hewo of the Wevowution Ewizabeth Wawwen who is polling 10 points behind Senator Scott Brown.

    Re: Mao and Mother Teresa: Mao would say, “Let’s kill 50,000,000 people to change society.” Mother Teresa would tell you, “You won’t be going to Heaven if you vote Democrat.” “

  2. “Anita Dunn is a political strategist who served as White House Communications Director from April through November 2009. She is a senior partner at SKDKnickerbocker Consulting in Washington, D.C. and has recently become a contributor for NBC News / MSNBC / CNBC.”

    The Main Stream News Media – why am I unsurprised!

    He spouse is Robert Bauer who in turn “…is an American attorney who previously served as White House Counsel under President of the United States Barack Obama…Bauer was President Obama’s personal attorney and the general counsel of the Obama for America presidential campaign prior to his appointment as White House Counsel. He has also previously served as the general counsel to the Democratic National Committee, and had advised President Obama since Mr. Obama came to Washington, D.C. in 2005 as U. S. Senator.”

    The tentacles of the Comité de Salut Public grows. Any day now we will hear the cries of Liberté, égalité, fraternité as we are shown the guillotine.

  3. Regarding Ms. Fluke, I feel compelled to say this, which is something I feel I should have posted about earlier when the story first broke…..she did not ask for Congress to subsidize students having sex. That I would be morally offended by. What she seemed to me to be saying is that even when students had doctor’s notes saying they were using the contraceptives for help with things like cancer, they were denied coverage. From my understanding of Catholic teaching, If a person was using contraceptives for medical reasons only, AND was abstaining from sex while using said contraceptives, that would be different from using contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

    It seems to me that the best way to counter taking her testimony as a reason to cover contraception in all cases would be to try and ensure that when a person brings a doctor’s note saying they are using the contraceptive for a limited period of time for medical reasons, they are covered.

  4. Can someone explain why a 30 year old private citizen with no wage or salaried employment has any need of a public relations firm or would be inclined to fork over for one? Is she being forwarded Beyonce’s fan mail?

  5. “What she seemed to me to be saying is that even when students had doctor’s notes saying they were using the contraceptives for help with things like cancer, they were denied coverage. ”

    That was thrown in as a smokescreen. She is a hard core pro-abort activist who attended Georgetown precisely to get that Jesuit school to change its policy on student health insurance not covering contraceptives.

  6. “Can someone explain why a 30 year old private citizen with no wage or salaried employment has any need of a public relations firm or would be inclined to fork over for one?”

    Or how she can afford to be jetting around the nation making speeches. Additionally her law school appears to be mighty accomodating on her missing classes, although it is her third year and I do have to admit that most law students in their third year are concerned with finding employment and preparing for the bar exam with class work taking a back seat.

  7. Isn’t this Saul Alinsky’s strategy, to place an enemy in the midst of a peaceable assembly to disrupt that peaceable assembly? Isn’t this the abrogation of free speech? Isn’t Sandra Fluke bearing false witness, which, in a court of law is perjury? Perjury from the White House is treason. Obama took an oath to uphold the constitution, especially that part that says: “or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” And that part of the Obamas being community organizers for the poor with Alinsky’s philosophy of : “Take as much as you can as fast as you can” is that called working for the poor? Alinsky asked God to send him to hell and from hell Alinsky has been orchestrating our desent into hell. Mao Tse Tung said: Mind your own business. Mother Teresa said: “Give what you have to the poor and come follow me.” That woman could not keep her tongue in her mouth.

  8. So if the White House is pimping her, Rush needs to take back his apology. Sure she didn’t sell her body but it’s clear she has sold her soul.

  9. Limbaugh is sitting pretty. Advertisers who bailed on him are begging him to take them back:

    Liberal Kirsten Powers has attacked the rampant misogyny on the Left:


    Exhibit A of this misogyny is Bill Maher who routinely attacks conservative women in the vilest imaginable terms, and who recently contributed a million bucks for Obama’s reelection. Here Maher is taken to task by ShePacTv:

  10. If WH organization is using her for a schill, she’s on an all expenses paid (by taxpayers or PAC’s) whirl. Her law degree will be awarded in the same way ND did for the leader of the disgrace.

  11. I was watching Sean Hannity on Fox News yesterday at a friends place where this very topic was being discussed, and showed a clip of Bill Maher pouring out his vitriol.

    I simply cannot understand how 1. An audience would find his abuse amusing and laughable.
    and 2. Why the network channel allows that sort debased language and deliberate insult to go to air.
    I go to my local bar once or twice a week for a beer with a bunch of mates; a couple of them are pretty hard cases – but they would not use that sort of abusive language about women.
    Its really quite shocking, and is not what I would view to be the America, and Americans,
    that I have come to know over the years,( looking from the outside).
    But what really staggered me was that Obama seems to accept it against his opponents.
    That guy is looking increasingly shifty when he speaks publicly – doesn’t seem to have quite the self assurance of a couple of years ago. Eye contact seems to be avoided – or is that just imagination?

  12. Too many Leftists Don view their opponents as evil and deserving of no shred of respect. Common decency is becoming increasingly uncommon on the port side of the political spectrum. Fun times ahead.

  13. Don,

    It’s all out war and there are no rules: “no holds barred.”

    Obam is organzing prayer vigils for the SC steps when the socialized medicine case is heard. Maybe he’ll send Malia and sasha to “occupy” the SC. Somebody’s got to pay for their condoms!

    Maybe Rev. Wright is available to lead some “Goddamn Americas.”

    Today NYT published an ad calling for on Catholics to leave the Catholic Church.

    The far left hate group, Freedom from Religion, calls liberal (de facto excommunicatos) Catholics “enablers” and says it’s time to choose between the “woman-hating, sex-perverting, old boy’s club” and reproductive rights.

    May as well, commies. Either way, you’re going to hell.

  14. They must be laughing up their sleeves at this new idea to defy Truth. Mind control and another excuse for getting the mob primed. Coincidentally, the sun is sending some plasma to earth tomorrow night.

  15. I Hope we DO show them the door in November. There is apparently a lot of work to be done and we seem to be at a disadvantage.
    I am thinking of this consideration: had Gandhi or M L KIng not been able to appeal to a public formed by Christian conscience, they prob would not have been successful.
    Could it be now that we no longer have a nation with with a Christian conscience?
    The other side seems to have the weight of the culture, of ingrained popular opinion, constantly shaped and formed by the media/movies, music…(sigh)

  16. As 2010 indicated Anzlyne, none of that trumps reality. The reality is that Obama has been an appallingly bad President, and I am confident that a majority of the American people will register their rejection of him and all his works come election day.

  17. yes you are right —
    the ephemeral “hope and change” promises lose appeal with people when they are faced with reality– makes us become, ah, realists !
    keeping and building that momentum (the midterm elections) will be key

  18. by the way Mr. McClarey, I like your characterization: “reject him and all his works” -it has that familiar ring– “pomps” would be nice added in there! : )

  19. Donald McClarey: “The reality is that Obama has been an appallingly bad President,” Obama has not been a president at all. Obama has been our legislative branch of government, the Congress, writing executive orders: Rural Councils, NationaL Defense Authorization Act, Obamacare, none of which, when put to the ballot would pass. While Obama is being Congress, who is being president? Nobody.

  20. You know, as crude as Limbaugh’s remarks may seem, he was actually right. What else do you call an unmarried woman who openly demands someone else to pay for her contraception? This sure strikes me as slutty. Act like one, get called one I say. I’m beginning to think Limbaugh made a huge mistake in apologizing. I think it is about time conservatives stop allowing themselves to be intimidated whenever there is backlash over pointedly stated truths. It’s time we start demonizing the demons.

    If I had a daughter who did what Ms. Fluke did, I would be so ashamed, I would probably have an emotional breakdown.

    Given Georgetown being a CINO (Catholic in Name Only) college for decades, I’m actually surprised they don’t pay for contraceptives already.

  21. IronHammerStew-
    if that’s what she claimed, then she was flatly lying. PJTV did this crazy thing where they actually called up the college to see if such a situation was covered……

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