Well, Guinea Pigs Are Cuter Than Gekkos

No reason for posting this other than that I found it to be hilarious.

Hmmm, I wonder if the Gekko has anything to worry about?  He has weathered tough competition in the past however.




3 Responses to Well, Guinea Pigs Are Cuter Than Gekkos

  • Guinea pigs are cuter than geckos.

    Dunno about that; a German tourist to Godzone last year was put in gol for six months for trying to smuggle some of our beautiful native geckos out of the country – other tourists have been heavily fined. Apparently, rare lizard species fetch huge prices on the black market.

    As for guinea pigs, I once owned a dog that would regularly appear home with a dead guines pig – no doubt raided from some home where a child was missing a pet. So as far as I’m concerned, guinea pigs are simply mobile dog tucker. :-)

  • “…put in gol “???

    Actually , he was put in gaol. :-)

  • “guinea pigs are simply mobile dog tucker”

    They certainly do not fare well in the wild!

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