In Honor of Tax Day

Monday, April 18, AD 2011


The Tax Man cometh today.  Reason TV explains why we have to pay our taxes in the above video.

The above video was made in 1943 by Disney in order to convince people to save up to pay their taxes.  1943 was also the year when withholding came in as a “temporary wartime measure” because not enough people were saving up to pay their taxes.

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity in the video above explains to us the national cost of complying with our ever more byzantine tax code.

Whenever I write out a check to the Federal government, I normally have the above song playing in my mind, as, for a few hours, I join the ranks of the Rebs!

One Response to In Honor of Tax Day

  • It is not too late!

    There is still time!

    All you patriots that think Obama needs more tax money, quick get out YOUR checkbooks and write checks for whatever you think Obama needs so thyat women and children don’t get killed by GOP tax cuts for the rich.

    Make the checks out to United States Treasury.

    If Obama was half as smart as President Reagan he wouldn’t need to end evil, GOP tax cuts for the rich. Reagan achieved economic growth of 7% and 5% higher employment than we do now. And each of us would be richer by $3,000 (per capita GDP) each year if Reagan were now for president. Reagan raised the economy out of a recession with 10.8% unemployment.

    Reagan is in Heaven. But, Thank God, in 2012 we will elect a conservative, like Reagan, to instituute growth policies and return the American people to prosperity.