TAC College Rankings: Week 8

There are few reasons a baseball team’s logo leads this week’s post, not the least of which being the Rangers victory that knocked out the Yankees was the last worthwhile sports thing that happened for me this weekend. I had 7 and a half hours of hideously ugly football.

I digress a bit to express my hatred for CBS’s announcers Gary & Verne. Although I am pleased that they have found a replacement after Tim Tebow broke their hearts by both leaving the SEC and by not marrying them, I didn’t near to hear that much about Cam Newton. I’d say more, but this is a family blog. LSU fans now are clamoring for Bama tickets just so they don’t have to hear this duo ever again, and many across the SEC share our pain.

However, my purple and gold brethren were not alone in our pain. The Sooners lost their bid for a perfect season (As did their in-state rivals, but they barely beat The RajunBullCajundogs of ULL so it was to be expected). Texas lost to Iowa St.; Notre Dame got destroyed by Navy. Not a good weekend for most of the powerhouses.

With Texas’s & Oklahoma’s loss, unless Missouri dazzles it’s harder to see the Big 12 getting into the title game. Oregon’s destruction of UCLA makes the Texas win by Oklahoma less shiny (as does Air Force’s loss to TCU) and weakens the conference overall. If Auburn and Bama don’t lose again until the Iron Bowl, they will both have impressive resumes. The Big 10/1/2 has an undefeated Michigan St. team that has only a test against Iowa left to seriously challenge them. TCU also had an impressive victory over Air Force.

The Heisman looks to be Newton’s to lose, but if Auburn sleeps against either Ole Miss or Georgia, a loss could devastate their national title & Heisman hopes. While wins are nice, in a season like this sometimes the losses are more important.

Now to the rankings. No Tito this week, as he is presumably honeymooning in the blue fields of Idaho. Yet, we still have the bizarrest rankings yet. Enjoy.

  1. Oregon (2) – We know what the BCS computers don’t know–this offense is unstoppable (MJ) Last Week: 1
  2. Boise St. (2) – Will Boise State’s run end against Hawaii or Nevada? (DH) Last Week: 2
  3. Auburn –  Out physical-ed LSU’s D, which is impressive any year. By slowing down the offense, they gave their D a chance to shine. Hard to imagine them losing before the iron Bowl unless they don’t show up. (MD) Last Week: 5
  4. TCU – Impressive win against Air Force, but it would have looked more impressive about two weeks ago (PZ) Last Week: 2
  5. Michigan St.-Northwestern is a dangerous game. There is no reason to think the Spartans are in trouble, but they should be worried about facing a disgruntled Iowa on the road (MJ) Last Week: 9
  6. Missouri – Could Nebraska upend the Tigers much like the Longhorns did to them? (DH) Last Week: 17
  7. Alabama – If they run the table, they’re in the title game.  It’s as simple as that.  Oh.  Wait.  I think i said that last week.  It’s still probably true, but they’re gonna need some help. (PZ) Last Week: 7
  8. Wisconsin – Kicking themselves over that loss to Michigan State (MJ) Last Week: 10
  9. Utah – Boise State and TCU. That’s all there is to say. (MJ) Last Week: 8
  10. Ohio St. – Their title hopes may be done, but they sure looked like a team that had something to prove. (PZ) Last Week: 11
  11. LSU – A tough loss, but they hung in there until the end and kept it close. We have a bye, and then Bama. Although a national or SEC title seems a longshot, LSU can still make it to a BCS bowl as a wild card, and beating Bama by itself would save Miles’s job. (MD) Last Week: 6
  12. Stanford – It’s strange when a school’s football team has more class than its marching band (MJ) Last Week: 12
  13. Oklahoma – They’re now staring up at Baylor in the Big Whatever South. Ouch. (MD) Last Week: 4
  14. Nebraska – Just when Nebraska thought it couldn’t hurt any more to lose to Texas, it does. (MD) Last Week: 16
  15. Arizona – The Wildcats are still in a good position to win the Pac-12 (MJ) Last Week: 15
  16. Florida St. – Any week an ACC team doesn’t lose is a good one for them, even if it is a bye (MD) Last Week: 18
  17. South Carolina – Have to be very glad they already beat Georgia, as the Bulldogs are coming. (MD) Last Week: 20
  18. Arkansas – With Auburn’s win, their SEC West hopes are dimming quickly. Disappointing season for the Hogs, but they can continue to build. (MD) Last Week: 21
  19. Iowa – I have a feeling this team with its wins and losses will end up making the Big 10 a log-jam. Cue the chaos. (MD) Last Week: 13
  20. Oklahoma St. – If you can’t beat ULL at ULL badly, you can’t beat Nebraska (MD) Last Week: 14
  21. Virginia Tech – Six straight wins after their disastrous start – good for tech, better for Boise St.
    Last Week: 23
  22. Mississippi St. – People too easily assume Bama’s running the table. After going to LSU, they’re welcomed at home against Miss. St. (who has a bye the weekend before). A classic trap game could help the Bulldogs throw a wrench into the BCS. (MD) Last Week: 25
  23. Miami (FL) – Beating UNC is nice, but will need to show up against a ranked team if they want to get to the ACC title game. (MD) Last Week: NR
  24. Baylor – We’d drink to their success, but they’re Baptists. While they’re about to hit a roadblock, they can enjoy a bowl game for the first time in a while. (MD) Last Week: NR
  25. Hawaii – If the Warriors and Nevada keep lingering in the top 25, and VT keeps rolling, Boise will have a much better case. (MD) Last Week: NR

Others receiving votes: Michigan, USC, Nevada, Northwestern, and Maryland

Others receiving votes but disqualified b/c they’re not a college football team: Texas Rangers (1)yes, that is a #1 vote by Mr. Jay Anderson. Surprisingly, that was the only vote they received and would have ranked them 21st.

Dropping out: Texas & West Virginia

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Michael Denton

Enjoys living below sea water, eating road kill, and complaining about how bad astro turf is in comparison to what LSU plays at home.


  1. I couldn’t see the LSU-Auburn game; cable went out. I had to listen to Jim Hawthorne, “The Voice of the Tigers”, instead of Gary and Vern. Apparently, I was lucky.

    I’m going to pick LSU against ‘Bama already. LSU’s defense matches up much better against ‘Bama. (No one matches up with Newton.) And Miles – bittersweet that it is – always manages to come up with something.

    LSU will go 10-1 and get in a BCS game as a wildcard.

    Oregon vs Boise St. in the title game.

  2. You were very lucky.

    LSU does match up better-but we match up best against Arkansas. Bama can still run, and we may be a little undersized on D such that we’ll have some trouble. The question is whether Lee can rebound and put in a good performance-and if our WRs can freaking catch. We can beat Bama.

  3. Our D might be a little undersized, but I think their speed and strenght make up for that. Plus, I believe that there’s enough pride to make up the rest of the size deficit. Sheppard, Peters, Nevis, and company are going to want to make a statement after what Newton did.

  4. Geaux Tigers!!

    LSU beats ‘Bama, 24-21.

    I called it. (Hey, let me gloat a little. I was totally wrong about the Saints the other day.)

    Once again, I didn’t get to see the LSU. This time I was giving a talk to Confirmation students, so I guess God gave me a gift for my sacrifice.

    As I climbed in my truck after Mass, I heard Jim Hawthorne say, “All the Tigers need is to tackle, and … They did it. LSU beats Alabama!”

    Such sweet words.

    My prediction stands. LSU goes 10-1 and goes to the Sugar Bowl.

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