TAC NFL Rankings, Week 6

Parity continues to reign. We’re starting to get the idea that in the NFC, it’ll probably be an NFC South showdown between the Dirty Birds of Atlanta and the Saints who finally had an offensive breakthrough this week, and the Giants and Eagles playing spoilers. However, the AFC looks to be far beyond the NFC.

To the rankings!

  1. Steelers (4) (4-1) - Doesn’t look like Big Ben missed a step.  If their offense becomes as explosive as it looks like it could, with that defense it’s going to be hard to imagine anyone beating them. (PZ) Last Week: 1.
  2. Jets (5-1) - hey did everything but give that game away to Denver but still prevailed.  If they can escape “classic” Sanchez games like that on the road and come away with a “w,” then they’re going to be in good shape.  Last year those 2 INTs would have been 5, so he’s making progress. (PZ) Last Week: 3.
  3. Patriots (4-1) - A significant win at home after parting with Moss. This makes the Pats a viable option in a crowded division & conference (MD) Last Week: 5.
  4. Colts (4-2) – A sloppy win, but a win nonetheless. As Peyton said after the game, the bye week comes at a perfect time for their players, like Addai & Collie, to heal up. (MD) Last Week: 6.
  5. Ravens (4-2) – A disappointing loss in New England, but forcing the Pats to take you to OT in their house shows how strong this team is. (MD) Last Week: 2.
  6. Saints (TIE w/ Ravens) (4-2) – Brees had been having difficulty with his accuracy on the long ball. After this week, not so much. Presuming that accuracy continues this week after the birth of Baby Brees #2, the Saints offense is terrifying once again-and this is BEFORE Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush return. (MD) Last Week: 7.
  7. Giants (4-2) - Probably the most complete team in the NFC right now, looking good on both sides of the ball. (PZ) Last Week: 9
  8. Falcons (4-2) – A week after celebrating a jump to the top of the division, they fall back down to New Orleans. Still the #1 or #2 team in the NFC (MD) Last Week: 4.
  9. Titans (4-2) – Kerry Collins managed to put in a good performance. With Johnson, losing Young isn’t the end of the world (MD) Last Week: NR.
  10. Texans (4-2) - They have no pass defense to speak of, and almost lost their third home game.  They’re a lucky 4-2, but then again maybe they’re just fortunate to have an offense that can bail them out of tight spots. (PZ) Last Week: NR.

Others receiving votes: Eagles, Cardinals, and Dolphins

Dropping out: Bears and Chiefs.

8 Responses to TAC NFL Rankings, Week 6

  • Robert says:

    No love for my Jets? It is okay there will be payoff in AFC Championship game. As the Jets and Baltimore meet again. I don’t think the Steelers will be there…

  • John Henry says:

    I think MJ is entering the ‘Tito CFB zone’ with his Ravens rating. The Ravens beat his #1 team (the Steelers) and his #2 team (the Jets), then took his #3 team (the Pats) to overtime on the road. And somehow they can’t crack the Top 10 at 4-2?

    Also how do wins against the Lions (awful), Panthers (even worse), Texans (mediocre), and Chicago (bad, but lucky so far) make the Giants a top 5 team?

  • kyle kanos says:

    I agree with John, Giants shouldn’t be on the list. Eagles should definitely be ahead of them on the list.

    Also, I definitely called it last week that the Steelers would be the new #1.

  • I agree with John, Giants shouldn’t be on the list. Eagles should definitely be ahead of them on the list.

    With this year, it’s more a question of “who’s better?” The Eagles did thrash the Falcons (of which I am most appreciative, I assure you) but the rest of their wins aren’t great (Detroit Jack & San Fran) and they can’t pick a QB. I’m not sure you’re giving the Texans win enough credit; the Texans have been very formidable (it is the 1st half after all; second half choke is still 2 games away). Also in the Giants favor is that their losses (Colts & Titans) aren’t as bad as the Eagles’ (Pack & Washington). It’s close but I still put the Giants ahead.

    I think MJ is entering the ‘Tito CFB zone’ with his Ravens rating.

    Lol, I agree though I would not be surprised if I get a change of vote from him.

  • Paul Zummo says:

    If you’re going by the criteria of who’s beaten who, then we probably couldn’t pick a top five let alone a top ten.

    I still gotta love Tito. When I saw that someone had actually put the Cardinals in the top ten – at number eight no less – I didn’t even have to look to know who put them there.

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