The True Star of the Fringe

Friday, October 15, AD 2010

My credentials as Chief Geek of this blog need refreshing.  The smartest, and best written, science fiction show currently on the air is The Fringe.    The show relates the adventures of a team working for the FBI that explore fringe events involving advanced science, extra-terrestrial aliens and other paranormal events.  It is a much better written and funnier X-files.  The team consists of two FBI agents, a mad scientist, the mad scientist’s son and a cow. John Noble does a superb job as mad scientist Walter Bishop as indicated in the above video where he engages in an inflora experiment on the friendliest of fruits.  Go here for some of the best of Walter clips. 

The true star of the show of course is Gene.  Go here to see a tribute video to her.  If you haven’t seen the show, go here to watch some episodes on Hulu.  New episodes are broadcast at 8:00 PM Central Standard Time Thursdays on Fox.

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