Nirvana For Political Junkies

Friday, October 8, AD 2010

We live in an age of wonders, we truly do.  With the internet we have an infinite selection of conspiracy theories, crazed commentary, and almost true facts.  To add to this intellectual happy meal, we now have a site I am afraid that I will visit hundreds of time before election day.

Google has a site here, where you can look at the latest data and predictions from Congressional Quarterly Politics, Rothenberg Political Report, Real Clear Politics, Cook Political Report and Sabato’s Crystal Report, for every Congressional, Senate and Gubernatorial race in the country.  The interface with google maps is nicely done, and in a few minutes you can have a good feel for the political landscape in any state.

You can now easily keep track of the shifting political tides as the great minds behind political campaigns attempt to sway the voters.

Update:  Here is an interview by Ed Morrissey of Hot Air with Clint Howard, who portrays the Congressman in the above video.  Hollywood conservatives?  They do exist!

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