Pro-Lifers Invade the Pro-Abortion City of San Francisco

Tuesday, February 2, AD 2010

Recently the City of San Francisco got to experience a peaceful and powerful Pro-Life march on January 23.  In what is being billed as the largest gathering of Pro-Lifers in San Francisco ever, an estimated 40,000 volunteers from all ages, cultures, and nations descended on what is known to be the most egregious community of new Carthaginians in the country.

Pro-lifer marchers outnumbered pro-abortion counter-demonstrators by 500-to-1.  This in a city that has overwhelmingly voted for the dissident Catholic and pro-abortion activist Nancy Pelosi and unrepentant proponent of child sacrifice Barbara Boxer to the U.S. Congress time and time again.

Even the popular and jaded political and cultural radio commentator Michael Savage was overwhelmed and amazed at the size and scope of marchers in America’s most decrepit city as he accidentally stumbled upon this rally.

If signs of hope for the weak and vulnerable among us have been able to penetrate the City of San Francisco then there is always hope.  May there be a time soon to come that those that cannot defend themselves find safety from these demagogues that promote child sacrifice on demand.


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