Founder of Catholics for Kerry Pleads Guilty

eric mcfadden


Hattip to Notes on the Culture War.  A follow up to this earlier post.  Eric McFadden, founder of Catholics for Kerry in 2004, a Democrat political operative, former director of  Democrat Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s Faith-Based and Community initiative and head of the Catholic outreach of the Clinton campaign last year, pleaded guilty on Thursday in a plea bargain to two felony counts of pimping for prostitution a 17 year old girl on the internet.  Sentencing will occur on August 20.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. we do not need people like this to come to God. God is within all of us. Catholic, Muslim, Christians… Go to the moon and we are all ONE made in the likeness of our creator. No need to have priests who tell the wrong lessons about God. Religion is mixed up with human flesh makes greed. Step aside from religion and find God yourself. That way it is impossible to have kids like this be affected by those people who mean harm.

  2. God established the True Faith Walt and it is the Catholic Church, although I thank you for your input.

  3. Is this the beginning of a series perataining to every serious moral (particularly, sexual)failing of Catholics in the public sphere?

    Sometimes, Mr. McClarey, I do not understand the rationale for your posts.

  4. To publicize the fact that the man who was the spearhead of a movement to convince Catholics to vote for pro-aborts was at the same time acting as a pimp. As stated in an earlier post, I find the former more troubling than the latter from a moral point of view.

  5. Mr. McClarey,

    Do you feel holy whenever you write as you do here now?

    Do you feel like you are responding in the best way possible to the mission that the crucified Christ commissioned for you? Are you mirroring his self-emptying love, in pieces such as these and in your subsequent remarks?

    I think you are a better man, capable of more uplifting activity.

  6. Well Mr. DeFrancisis, I blog for fun, and I have never made any claims to any larger purpose for my blogging However, if I can put a few grains of sand in the political machine attempting to persuade Catholics to vote for candidates who view the slaying of the unborn as a constitutional right, that pleases me to no end, and I do not think it is displeasing to Christ.

  7. Stuff like this has to be pointed out. I don’t even know where you are coming from Mark. This post educates the public about an evil man and his actions. Get real Mark.

  8. To publicize the fact that the man who was the spearhead of a movement to convince Catholics to vote for pro-aborts was at the same time acting as a pimp. As stated in an earlier post, I find the former more troubling than the latter from a moral point of view.

    Are you saying that anyone who makes the case for a pro-choice candidate, on whatever grounds, is worse than a pimp? Or were you saying that about anyone supporting a pro-choice candidate because they are pro-choice?

    The reason I ask is that I think the first position is a dramatic departure from the U.S. Bishop’s guidelines on voting, while the second is arguably reconcilable. I think it’s important not to blur the line between the two (very different) positions.

  9. John Henry I would point you to our discussion in the comboxes of my earlier post.

    “3) The professional ‘Catholic’ frauds (e.g. Frances Kissling, Gary Wills, etc.) who hold themselves out as Catholics to gain notoriety, and then promptly disavow the basics of what it means to be ‘Catholic’. At various points, I think Kmiec has ventured into this territory, particularly when he was mis-representing Obama’s record and going on and on about how abortion is an issue in which we need space for people (not including fetuses) to make their own decisions. Hopefully with some time for reflection and the end of the political season, he will not progress any further down that road.

    I have a great deal of sympathy for group 1, but not much sympathy at all for group 3. I start out with the assumption that people are in group 1. If this guy is actually in group 3, then I don’t mind the implication as much.”

    I indicated my belief that Mr. McFadden was in the third category.

  10. No apology needed John Henry. So many posts are made at our blog and so many comments that it is hard to recall most of them.

  11. I have come to the position that it is gravely wrong to use personal failings to make a political point. It digusts me that the media creates a salacious circus over the activities of politicians like Sanford, Ensign, Condit, Vitter, Spitzer, Clinton — I would rather know more about how their proposed policies would affect the common weal.

    This kind of attack in particular has no place in Catholic discourse. If you disagree with Deal Hudson or this man, address their arguments, do not engage in what amounts to a form of detraction. Remember – there but for the grace of God go I…

  12. “Remember – there but for the grace of God go I…”

    I am sure most of us have our moral failings Tony. Somehow I doubt they include, for most of us, pimping prostitutes on the internet. This individual was the point man in the effort of the Democrats to convince Catholics to vote for pro-aborts, as the positions he held entailed. These crimes indicate that his attachment to Church teaching himself was not very great. A true blind guide.

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