Top 25 Catholic Blogs by Technorati Authority

Sunday, April 26, AD 2009

Last week Tito put together a list of his favorite 25 Catholic websites, using Google Reader subscriber numbers. While I take one commenter’s point that rankings are often vanity projects, I think they can also be a great way to discover new Catholic blogs, particularly for those (like me) who are relatively new to the Catholic blogosphere. I certainly enjoyed the new blogs I discovered while compiling this list.

The following list is based on Technorati authority, which hopefully will be a little more consistent than the Google Reader subscriber numbers. Additionally, blogging is a collaborative process, and Technorati authority should reflect some of the best places to go for Catholic conversation on the web. Feel free to leave any corrections or other blogs that should be included in the comments. Happy reading!

1) What Does the Prayer Really Say? 482

2) Conversion Diary 406

3) Inside Catholic 382

4) Whispers in the Loggia 358

5) The Curt Jester 339

6) Creative Minority Report 293

7) Catholic & Enjoying It! 264

8 ) Rorate Caeli 259

9) Per Christum 253

10) National Catholic Register (Daily Blog) 246

11) First Things 217

12) Standing On My Head 160

13) Shrine of the Holy Whapping 158

14) Happy Catholic 152

15) Faith & Family 144

16) The Deacon’s Bench 137

17) Jimmy Akin 126

18) Insight Scoop (The Ignatius Press Blog) 124

19) dotCommonweal 124

20) Catholic Church Conservation 122

21) Damian Thompson (Holy Smoke) 117

22) The Ironic Catholic 116

23) Danielle Bean 115

24) Catholic Fire 109

25) Vox Nova 107

Notable Exclusions: I had difficulty finding Technorati rankings for American Papist, Via Media (Amy Welborn’s new blog), The New Liturgical Movement, and the Anchoress (recently transitioned to being hosted by First Things). As each of these excellent blogs would easily fit in the top 25, their names are included here. I have also excluded The American Catholic from the rankings (TA – 109) , as presumably anyone reading this post is already familiar with it.

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