Blood and Guts Obama?

Thursday, November 20, AD 2008


Obama was the candidate of the anti-war Left, including much of the Catholic anti-war Left.

His position regarding the war in Iraq was often used by Catholic supporters of Obama as a counter-weight to his abysmal pro-abortion views.  Well, all the votes are counted and, surprise!, the Cabinet picks of Obama, as Ed Morrissey notes at Hot Air, indicate that he may well adopt policies which are anathema to anti-war activists.  I have no doubt that quite a few people who voted for Obama may well be quite surprised at what we get.  Unfortunately I do not think that the pro-abortionists will be among their number.  We shall see.

7 Responses to Blood and Guts Obama?

  • I fail to see how anyone who listened to what Obama said in debates, interviews, and speeches or who read his website could arrive at the conclusion that he is anti-war. He wants to increase America’s military presence and power in the world!

  • Kyle,
    If he said he wanted to shrink the military and retreat from the world, he never would have been elected. In other words, he lied. His anti-war supporters know this.

  • By the way, the picture accompanying this post is hilarious. Every once in a while I get a fleeting thought that Obama may turn out to be a laughing stock. He is utterly humorless, self-important, and very proud of himself. A previous post regarding American materialism was informative, but I believe that American mockery is an even more potent force.

  • So here’s your Hope and Change, dear liberals. Try Hilary- you used to love her but that love ran cold. Now she might be the face of American foreign policy. Not totally opposed to waterboarding, voted for the Iraqi adventure. In a way, her utter amorality may work well in an increasingly tense world. Not necessarily somebody that say, Crazy Hugo will want to see across a bargaining table. Not to mention the other Clinton Alumni Association members likely to assume positions of importance. Like Eric Holder at Justice. Tom Daschle at HHS. Greg Craig- likely new White House Counsel. Everything old is new again. The 90s are suddenly hip once more. C’mon, libs. Get with the program.

  • daledog,

    What, then, really are the foreign policy views of President-Elect Obama? And how do we know these are his views?

  • Oh, just wait. He’ll bomb the crap out of anything he has a mind to and you won’t hear a thing from Pelosi or Reid. Remember when Clinton set up that nice deal between Serbia and Albania – if Albania didn’t sign the treaty it was OK, but if Serbia didn’t sign it was curtains. No one blinked, though I remember thnking, “Wow, that seems rather unfair.” Then he killed all sorts of people and my squishy liberal friends pretended it wasn’t happening.

  • Kyle,
    He does not know his views. How can we? This man has not worked a day in his life. Soon he will be working 24 hrs. a day. The bulk of his legislative record is one of the most cowardly in modern times (voting ‘present’, etc.)Political expediency will be his political philosophy.