Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Making America Great Again. Additionally, it mist be good if the idiot Dems (redundant) are losing their minds over it.

    Disclosure: living in NY (high income and real estate taxes), my tax bill rises, and property value decreases. However, the potential for many working Americans to benefit and the hope for increased economic growth offset.

  2. Since we don’t make enough to itemize, and have five kids, this is a major improvement for us– the one thing I wish they’d done is made the Child Tax Credit into a deduction, even if they did make it so it counts against all taxes paid, rather than just income tax.
    Not that we don’t need the money, but the abuses of fraudulent claiming of children is a major drain on the Republic.

  3. As usually, T. Shaw is ruthlessly honest with himself.

    Already people in states with high taxes are wailing. And I see the usual pro-nuclear advocates wailing about no tax credits for new nuclear build. How about this guys? NO favoritism for ANY energy source. No govt handouts. No tax credits. And equal regulations – no one gets to dump his excrement – whether radioactive from nukes or carbon from fossil or toxic metals from solar or leaking lube oil from wind – into the environment. Everybody must be compelled to stand on his own two feet and be responsible for his actions.

  4. Here’s a suitable quote for framing: “The United States will not be told by any country where we can put our embassy.”
    —Nikki Haley

  5. “Not a penny of my tax dollar is to be used for abortion.” on every piece of mail. Once the mail has been stamped by the government agency known as the Post Office, it becomes a legal document. The fallout from this statement will eventually catch up with the abortionists.

  6. Contraceptives are polluting our ground water so badly that frogs in Minnesota are growing a fifth leg out of their abdomen.
    Out of one side of his mouth Obama inflicted the HHS Mandate to force American citizens to provide contraceptives and pollute our ground water. Out of the other side of his mouth, Obama took is pen and his phone to Paris to prevent global pollution.
    Justin Trudeau of Canada has dictated that LGBTQ pronouns be used or fines and penalties will be imposed. King Henry VIII dictated that Saint Thomas More will take the oath of Supremacy or be charged with treason. Both are compelled speech ignoring the fact that saying nothing is an exercise of personal informed consent and privacy, a self defense against the invasion of man’s sovereignty over himself and man’s innate human right to Justice. Isn’t it ironic that Trudeau’s name is Justin?
    There is one more issue that the plaque on my brain refuses to admit, but prayers to St. Anthony always helps me to find my thoughts.
    In the meantime, may all at The American Catholic be blessed with the peace of Jesus Christ and the Joy of Christmas.

  7. Mary De Voe said;
    “Not a penny of my tax dollar is to be used for abortion.”

    Your idea is brilliant.
    Rubber stamps, stickers or adhesive type labels affixed to each envelope.
    This idea should be promoted through out the Pro-Life community.
    PP is campaigning hard on the internet with propaganda in the hopes of raising $. Let’s shut them down! Mary. Your idea is one of the nails to help secure the top of PP’s coffin.
    I’ll make a rubber stamp for my snail mail starting 2018.

  8. I hope Pres. Trump follows up on his statement that he will withdraw aid funds to those who voted against the USA in the UN for stating Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – what the hell has it got to do with the UN anyway? I am ashamed of my Prime Minister and the gerrymandered government we have here in NZ,- commonly called the Coalition of Losers – for voting against the USA. I really hope that the USA will give the middle finger salute to our government. With this Labour left wing govt., I expect our economy to take a tumble in the next twelve months. There is quite a bit of friction within this government, cobbled together from, from the three political parties that that got the lowest votes, but collectively had enough to claim the majority in government. Its full of incompetents, greenies and socialists, and a 37 year old schoolgirl who is now our Prime Minister. God help us – what a cluster***** our MMP voting system is. (Rant over)

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