PopeWatch: Global Tolerance Initiative

Wednesday, April 19, AD 2017




One aspect of this Pontificate is how many odd events have occurred during it.  A recent example:


 Just two months after Pope Francis faced intense backlash for his reforms when critical posters were plastered around Rome, a new set went up around the city over Easter, this time praising the pope for his commitment to mercy and inclusion.

“Thank you Pope Francis! For your true Christian engagement with love and mercy, as demanded by Jesus so often in our Holy Bible.”

This was the phrase written on some 300 posters that were hung April 14 around Rome’s city center and near the Vatican, which will remain until April 22.

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Sponsored by The Global Tolerance Initiative, the posters referred to a website called “Love is Tolerance,” which explained that Francis had been named by the organization as their “Global Champion of Tolerance Easter 2017.”

Written in both Italian and English, the posters call on all cardinals, priests and bishops to follow with love the “wise advice” of the pope, and to “read our Holy Bible with open eyes, hearts and minds.”

The posters conclude with an appeal for everyone to “pray for you and the Church with a ‘thinking heart and loving mind.’”


Go here to read the rest.  Global Tolerance Initiative?  This is a group started in October of last year by Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai.  Go here to read about it.  Dubai has come under criticism for human rights violations.  Islam is the established religion, and sharia law is fully in force.  Non Islamic religions have limited tolerance, but proselytism is forbidden by law and incurs a criminal penalty.  Perhaps the Global Tolerance Initiative supports Pope Francis because he is also against proselytism?  Under this Pontificate the peculiar is commonplace.

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