Pope Watch: Three Magic Words



Sage advice from the Pope to married couples:

Francis emphasised that living together is “an art, a patient, beautiful and fascinating journey … which can be summarised in three words: please, thank you and sorry.

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch believes that the most important words in any marriage are I’m sorry!  Most arguments between husbands and wives are over fairly inconsequential items, usually not worth the emotional heat of a tiff.  When the emotions subside saying I’m sorry can transform a bad day in a marriage into a good day.  Pride is never worth an instant of upset to the spouse who shares your life.  Serious problems in a marriage of course cannot be solved simply in this way, but even serious problems can often be successfully addressed if one party is willing to admit fault and hold out the hand of love to the person they chose to walk through this vale of tears with.

PopeWatch also advises recording an apology first to make sure that you do not blow it as Ralph Kramden does below:


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Thanks for the Jackie Gleason clip.
    It gave me a good chuckle.

    Mary De Voe.
    You made me smile as well with your comments. Life is good….have some.

  2. Seen yesterday on FB …
    Q. If a man speaks in the forest with no woman to hear him …. is he still wrong. 🙂

    Yea, plenty of “I’m Sorry” practice found in our gene pool!

  3. I watched this on EWTN. It was wonderful to see some thirty thousand young engaged couples assembled in Saint Peter’s Square. The questions asked of the Pope and his answers were great. BTW each couple received a small little pillow upon which to put their rings during their wedding ceremonies. I found the whole thing very edifying

  4. Thanks Mary De Voe.

    I have made many errors in the past year on this site. Mostly grammatical.
    The large ones are entering into discussions that I shouldn’t, and I’m beginning to catch myself and re-read the discussions to try to understand the meaning. I may have used TAC to release anxiety during the course of my late fathers infirmity and sufferings.
    Unfortunately you and other commentators have been the innocent bystanders. For those times, I apologize.

    You and other commentators on TAC make me feel like friends that I share the faith with in the diocese.

    Thanks for making me feel that way.

  5. Philip,

    Actually I was brand new to TAC [not sure about you] when we had a ‘disagreement’ lol I know I have learned more how to blog from ‘being here’. It is a different form of communication. However, I for one am glad you have found a home here with us

  6. “I may have used TAC to release anxiety during the course of my late fathers infirmity and sufferings.”

    As did I after my son Larry died. Being able to write about it on the blog helped me quite a bit, and if commenting on the blog helped you during your time of travail Philip then I am quite glad.

  7. Three words (35+ years experience) married Catholics constantly need to repeat: “Forgive all injuries.”

    You are not judged by how much you are loved; but by how much you love: the verb.

    Contemplate the love which filled Our Lord’s Sacred Heart during the three hours unjust agony He suffered (for you and me) on the Holy Cross. Always try to imitate Him.

  8. Botolph-
    “…had a disagreement lol :)….glad you have found a home here with us”

    I too am glad to be a part of your home.
    Thanks. As for any disagreement.(?)
    I’m sure I was correct.. 🙂 NOT.

    Mr. McClarey-
    Your efforts to educate stimulate and broaden the heartscapes in my opinion is succeeding. ( no its not a word but it should be.) Thank you for your commitment to help others.

    T. Shaw.
    “Forgive ALL injuries.” Emphasis added!
    So true.

  9. Philip: I wish I knew how to send you a smiley face. Consider one sent.
    “I’m sure I was correct.. 🙂 NOT.”
    I was struggling with myself and your expression above saved me. Grant me permission to use it, often.

  10. Mary-

    Anything that is good from my works isn’t mine. I only own the poor works.
    You use whatever you want.

    Ps. Good smiley.

  11. Philip: “Mary-
    Anything that is good from my works isn’t mine. I only own the poor works.
    You use whatever you want.
    Ps. Good smiley.”
    Good works bring forth eternal blessings. You will encounter your works and the blessings they bring as you go through life and into eternity. Glad to make your acquaintance.

  12. Mary De Voe-
    Thank you. And to you, Gods blessings.
    My inspirations and acts upon them are not solely mine. Yes it was a Flip Wilson joke, “the devil made me do it,” however the truth is we have help. Good help and dangerously evil advisories.
    I never mean to belittle a compliment when I give all praise and honor to God, but sometimes it can happen. Hopefully I catch it and explain to the generous giver my reasons for passing the honor on to God.

  13. Philip: I am enjoying our exchange. “dangerously evil advisories.” are the devil’s temptations. “oh boy. I wish I could blame it on the weather.” Another great line.

  14. Temptations to believe that we do not have assistance from God when we do good works is pride.

    I know myself. In knowing who I am I’m able to honestly give credit where credit is due. Being able to forgive myself for bad choices was difficult, however receiving Gods forgiveness was and is an incredible joy. A new life!

    I have consecrated my life to Jesus through Our Lady Immaculata, and in these fourteen years I’m witnessing more of ( my ) works outside of grace vs. Gods works through me in grace.

    As a child of Mary’s anything good from me is hers. My morning renewal of consecration daily places me at her feet, asking her to use all of my challenges, hopes, prayers and sacrifices to bring about the kingdom of Jesus in our world.

    Knowing I am fallen helps me to give proper acknowledgment to the one who has never fallen, and yet sinless as she is never has she glorified herself, always pointing to her son, always acknowledging the greatness and mercy of God.

    In this light I take nothing away from myself by honoring the helper who never tires in picking me up and pointing me to her Son. This life, as you already know, is not ours. It’s His. We have the gift of life from Him. In our free will to share our life, his gift, is found the Joy everlasting!

    Peace and goodness be forever in your heart.

  15. Dave.

    Your welcome, but thank God!
    Knights of the Immaculata.
    aka Militia Immaculata.

    This lay organization was founded 3 days after the miracle of the Sun in Fatima 1917 by a Franciscan ( OFM ) St. Maximilian Kolbe. He was in Rome and he was studying for the priesthood. He witnessed the Freemasons parading in St. Peters square with banners depicting satan crushing St. Michael’s head.

    The young deacon asked our Lady what he could do to help further Gods kingdom on earth. While in prayer in envisioned the miraculous medal. He was told; “With this silver bullet you will help penetrate the hardest hearts and bring about the conversions of sinners and heretics.” He sought permission from Rome to start this lay association.
    It was granted. I am one in his movement, a Knight of the Immaculata.
    Visit http://www.consecration.com
    if you wish to read about this great Saint. You won’t be disappointed.

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