Avoid the Doghouse

We run this each year during Advent as an act of Christian charity for our male  readers.  Of course some women do like practical gifts.  For example, Mrs. Claus is giving my bride, at her request, a steam mop for Christmas.  My bride is special though.  She has put up with me for 30 years as of December 18th of this year, and she has blessed me with so many gifts in those three decades:  endless good humor, infinite patience, three priceless kids, support in my defeats, cheering in my victories, the type of love we all long for.  A pearl of great price is my bride, a woman of rare sagacity and intelligence.  Additionally she is a woman who reads this blog several times a day.  Hi Dear!  (Don waves!)  Below is the sequel to the Doghouse video above:


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS, DONALD MC CLAREY, TO YOU AND YOURS. I have to admit that I suspected that your “bride” was behind all your posting, impeccably free of errors. Truly a marriage made in heaven, Happy Anniversary Dec. 18. GOD BLESS.

  2. Additionally she is a woman who reads this blog several times a day.


    My husband’s big gift for me… is a computer that he’s building with my needs in mind.

    Ah, geek-made gifts!

  3. Never let a day end without a hug being thankful that you still have each other. I could not help being reminded of the 63 years and over 58 years of marriage my wife and I had together. Christmas especially reminds me of her.

  4. Congratulations on your masterpiece, anniversary. What beauty God can create when His children place their needs last, and their loved ones first.

    I can’t wait to share the above clips with my wife Mary. I know she will enjoy them as much as I have. Very funny material.
    Our twelfth was celebrated last May 1st, Feast of St. Joseph the worker

  5. I am pretty dense. I spent about two weeks of the past 34 years not in the dog house.

    I learned that “baubbles” are the way to go for gifts. Not economical, but fast and easy.

    We can learn from the lying, vile liberals.

    Now, whenever the wife burns the roast, etc. it will be, “Honey, the oven ruined supper.” Not, “You burned the roast, again.”

  6. These are great. Thanks! I wonder if it is time for a variation on the theme – The Cathouse! All above board of course.

    Oops, I’m falling, aaaah.

    I’m in the doghouse.

  7. Just as the habit of merchants to go squishy with “Happy Holidays” in order to dodge any possibility of giving offense will eventually undermine the whole gift-buying drill that makes The Season Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken so profitable to them, the J.C. Penney (JCP) ads do their bit to undermine marriage. Pray tell, why should a man wish to be hitched to any of those spiteful shrews?

    Similarly horrible are the ads with this tag line:

    “Every Kiss Begins With Kay.”

    Not a very high opinion of females you have there, Ms. Kay-Jewelry.

    Finally, where are all those JPII “new feminists”? They should be holding public Burn Your JCP Charge Card and Kiss Kay Goodbye rallies and picketing the stores. But they aren’t. They’re silent in solidarity with the more ordinary Gloria Allred sort of No Matter What We Always Side With The Female feminists. Hmm.

    The War On Men continues.

  8. …Why exactly should “New Feminists” be acting exactly like the old ones, but in your preferred direction? Those good Catholic ladies I know are busy actually doing stuff, rather than throwing a fit every time someone says something foolish or you detect some dark undertone to advertising jingles.

    But by all means, follow in the footsteps of feminism by hijacking a sweet, joking post about putting care into your choice of gifts and understanding the expectations of your other half in order to issue a blanket accusation of Catholic “new feminists” siding with baby-killers.

    Perhaps it’s not a war on men, it’s just “war on guys who make wild accusations and constantly complain on the least hint of an opening and generally act exactly like the humorless feminists.”

  9. Let’s see, what did I get for Christmas? Two cheap pastry brushes, a teddy bear (with Coke can), and a Dave Barry book that has me laughing so hard tears were strolling down my cheeks. The only jewelry I got was from my parish “secret santa” and I must confess, the earring/necklace set isn’t quite my style.

    My son (who just finished building a 1300 plus Lego kit and who has a girlfriend) wants to know why that one man’s wife didn’t like the vaccuum cleaner. My son made a point that in every vaccuum commercial, there is always a woman who is using it. Maybe that fellow saw the same commercials and thought that women like vaccuum cleaners.

    On the other hand, my son bought her a ring, not a vaccuum, for Christmas. She got him a Transformer.

  10. *laughs* My dear husband got me a lovely new computer, and installed everything!

    I got him a calender of the art of the star wars comics and a bottle-opener ring– both of which had him laughing so hard he almost fell off the couch.

  11. (Don’s wife Cathy here) We got our autistic son that same Star Wars comics art calendar for Christmas, Foxfier! His brother & sister each got a new printer for their computers, Don got some flannel shirts, history books & computer games, and I got the steam mop Don mentioned earlier, as well as several SF/fantasy novels & a “Law & Order UK” Season 2 DVD boxed set.
    Our daughter also received a pre-owned iPod for Christmas; unfortunately, however, it was DOA when she tried to charge & sync it – so we’ll try to exchange it at the local GameStop tomorrow morning.

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