Romney Victorious


It was a total rout.  Romney dominated the debate from beginning to end.  Obama was attempting to sit on a lead which is the worst strategy against an able opponent, and Romney demonstrated that he is a very able opponent tonight in spades.  A few thoughts:

1.  Best Performance Since Reagan-I have watched every presidential debate.  Except for the 1980 Carter-Reagan debate I have never seen any debate where one candidate dominated as much as Romney did tonight.

2.  Jobs, Jobs, Jobs-Romney kept the focus fixed throughout the debate on the 23,000,000 unemployed and continually returned to the subject of job creation.

3.  Teleprompter Where Art Thou?-Obama gave a wretched performance.  He rarely looked at Romney, while Romney always looked at him.  Obama either looked at the moderator or had his head bent down, looking at his notes, with a half smirk on his face.  His answers meandered and often had no point.  Obama needs to dump Lurch, (Senator Kerry), and get someone to coach him who can actually prepare him for a debate.  His performance was pathetic, and even his most rabid partisans, as indicated by the video of Chris “Tingle up my leg” Matthews at the beginning of this post indicates, realize it.

4.  Mitt the King Wonk-The amount of detailed knowledge that Romney had at his fingertips was astounding.  I know it astounded Obama, the pretender policy wonk.

5.  Lehrer the Zombie-Before the debate began I thought Jim Lehrer was looking incredibly old.  Romney was able to push him aside effortlessly and talk about what he wanted to talk about.  Lehrer attempted to throw a few lifelines to Obama when Obama was floundering but his efforts were futile.  Lehrer has moderated many presidential debates, but I guarantee the Democrats will make certain this is his last one.

6.  Change-Romney clearly indicated throughout the evening that he was going to change the policies of the Federal government, and Obama was cast as the champion of the status quo.  In a time when the great majority of the American people believe the nation is on the wrong track, standing pat is a disastrous stance.

7.  Drinking his Kool-Aid-Obama obviously believed his own campaign propaganda of Romney being an inept rich guy who wasn’t in his league.  One of the biggest errors in politics is to believe your own campaign talking points.

8.  With a Smile-Like Reagan Romney unleashed a root and branch attack on his opponent and did it with a pleasant demeanor.  That is a devastating combination against an incumbent president.

9.  Stature Gap Gone-Any challenger has a stature gap with a President.  Debating a President usually closes the gap.  After tonight, Obama has a negative stature gap with Romney.

10. Biden to the Rescue!-One Democrat stated that after this debacle the pressure would be on Biden to win his debate with Paul Ryan.  Yeah, good luck with that one!