God Returns to Democrat Platform Chicago Style

Wednesday, September 5, AD 2012


Over the protests of their delegates, the Democrat powers that be have reinserted God and pro Israel language back into their platform.  The voice votes in the video above clearly indicate that the Democrats did not get the two-thirds votes necessary to amend their platform.  An example of why I refer to the Democrat Party and not the Democratic Party.  Interesting that the top Dems thought it necessary to make these changes.  No doubt they feared that they were being killed in the blogs and the new media over this, and they could just see the GOP ads talking about the Godless Democrat platform and the Democrats taking an anti-Israeli stance.  The fact that they did not have the two-thirds vote necessary to amend their platform was of small moment.  Simply keep voting and then finally just declare that your side won!   Democracy Democrat style in action.

The esteemed political philosopher Johnny Rocco explains the vote counting procedures used by the Democrats at their convention today:


15 Responses to God Returns to Democrat Platform Chicago Style

  • i don’t split hairs with the Democrat(ic) thing, it’s capitalized after all. they’ve always been a liberal party, post-1972 they’re just more hellbent on taking that liberalism to new and more “interesting” conclusions.

  • I am sure that God WHO created all men equal and endowed all with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness appreciates being acknowledged even by one Democratic Democrat person.

  • It was amazing to hear them actually yell “nay” when asked if the reinsertions should pass, not once, not twice but three times!

  • Note that these are the people that the Republican leaders want to sit down and compromise with.

  • Excellent comment, Rozin.

    At the 2:38 mark, a woman tells the Chairman, “You’ve got to rule. and then you’ve got to let them do what they’re gonna do.”

    To me, that’s proof that the fix was in. The amendments were getting in no matter what. Make the ruling we told you to make, she’s saying; and simply let the crowd get mad, let them boo. Who cares.

  • “God” – or at least the Democrat version thereof – was ALWAYS in the Democrat Platform.

    Obama is mentioned 100+ times.

  • Perhaps a new name for the Demorcrat Party should be Democrat? Party.

  • That’s the Chicago way you just witnessed. Did God get put back in the Democrat Platform and did Jerusalem get support for its rightful place to be the capital of Israel according to the delegates to the Democrat Convention? When the voice of the people didn’t match the will of the party bosses after three attempts, the bosses just ruled the way they wanted, the people be damn.

    How Catholics can still be giving their name identification and votes to that despicable party, I’ll never know. No, I take that back. I do know. Those Catholics think they are better than the people in the other party because they “care” for the “little people.” What I can’t get over is discovering over half the Catholic clergy are Democrats and vote for the pro-abortion party, including bishops!!!

  • The will of the party bosses yesterday was identical to the will of the floor today. The will of the leaders changed only because of the PR fiasco, not because of any error or change of heart. The leaders will not permit votes next time on anything. Pre-printed ballots only.

  • Reverence – of public relations or perception for a couple of months then the boot by 11/7.
    Transparency indeed.

  • on a related note i am not looking forward to the inevitable “blame it on the fundies (and by extension conservative Catholics)” if Romney loses.

    take this for example, i live in California. the GOP’s last gubernatorial nominee was Meg Whitman, not exactly a culture-war firebreather. she lost, and while i can’t exactly recall how close it was i don’t think it was that close. why do “concerned conservatives” in mainstream outlets think the “out-of-touch plutocrat” card played by the Dems is any less effective than the “anti-women” BS?

    of course that’s one state, not the whole country, but if anything the swing vote in this country at least historically has been from cultural conservatives, not economic ones. think Reagan Democrats, who saw their party becoming a “rainbow” collection of multicultural grievance politics and didn’t like it.

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  • Reminds me of the crowd when Pilot asked “Who do you want, Jesus or Barabus?”

  • The DEMONcrats have one foot in Hell and they want to drag the rest of us into it.

  • Glad they managed to get the third denial in before the cock crowed.