Cross & Eagle Catholic Blogging Award for Longest Post Title

Thursday, August 18, AD 2011

The Cross & Eagle Awards (C&EA) will venture again into the unique today.

In the Catholic Blogosphere there are many authors that can make their point in a paragraph or two.  There are others that can write a 2,000 word essay in driving their point.  Still there are others that, like today’s cinema movie trailers, like to make their point not in their post, but in the title of their post!

This particular blogger makes a habit of writing his essay in the post title.  He, yes there’s no way around that, demonstrates that you can pack a powerful SEO punch by loading up on the post title.

He’s on the other side of the pond, but remember we are Catholics first before we are Americans or British or other.

Lately though he has been blogging on the Rupert Murdoch scandal in Britain.  He normally reports on all things Catholic and Anglican.

I am happy to present the 2011 Cross & Eagle Award for the Longest Post Title in the Catholic Blogosphere to . . .

. . . the outstanding Damian Thompson who blogs what used to be the Holy Smoke Blog and now just writes for The Daily Telegraph!

Damian Thompson is known for his incisive insight behind the politics of English (Wales & Scotland) Catholic world.  Known also for his very long titles to his post, some as long as 17, 18, and 24, words!  He is very consistent in his efforts to put as many words as possible into a single post title.

Here’s one sample:

Read this illiterate letter from the chairman of the governors of two Catholic schools. Now do you understand why the Vaughan parents are furious?

Impressive huh.

Congratulations on receiving this austere award Damian!

I would also like to Honorably Mention William Oddie of the Catholic Herald who of late has been on a big streak of elongated titles of 24 & 26 words long!  And our very own Dave Hartline, who can post titles with the best of them (21 & 22 words long)!

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