Chrysler UAW Workers Caught Drinking on the Job

Less than two months after President Obama visited the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit to highlight the billion dollar government bailout of Chrysler, Chrysler UAW workers were caught on tape drinking alcoholic beverages on a 30 minute lunch break.  Not to mention what looks like marijuana joints in between swigs of grog and then littering a public park with the empties.

That’s a nice liquid lunch… if it were a public holiday!

They have been suspended without pay by Chrysler.

Not surprisingly the UAW defended the actions of their union members basically saying “everybody does it” in society with a statement full of platitudes of citing company policy and nothing else.

Read the story by Jeff Bennett of the Wall Street Journal here.

Of course, what can a posting about beer drinking be without a “Weird Al” Yankovic song!

[Warning:  Video is rated PG-13 for being a satire to those that drink on the job]