Alphonse Issue Two: Murder Sleep

Tuesday, December 8, AD 2009

I wrote a while ago about the first issue of Matthew Lickona’s graphic novel: Alphonse, Untimely Ripp’d, and also published an interview with Lickona about the series.

The second issue of the series, Murder Sleep, is now available for 2.99 a copy from IndyPlanet. Lickona also has an account up at Kickstarter to fund the production of Issue Three. I’ve contributed and would encourage others to do so if they’re enjoying Lickona’s unique vision and Catholic sensibilities in the series.

2 Responses to Alphonse Issue Two: Murder Sleep

  • Thanks to this post (I missed the previous ones this summer) and Amy Welborn’s tweet, I just heard about this series, and just donated… only 15 people so far, and Matthew needs to raise ~$2500 in *3* days to continue with the next issue. Donations are only $5 minimum (Kickstarter is a fantastic concept… microdonations for projects you support).

  • Thanks for the heads up.