Fatal Error

Wednesday, July 22, AD 2009

An oldie but a goodie from the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  Life without the Internet.  What would we do?  We might have to “gasp” talk to one another!  Bloggers would have to post their missives on their doors for passers-by to write comments!   What would we do with the several hours freed up each day from not browsing the internet?  The Horror, the Horror!

4 Responses to Fatal Error

  • The teen section of my local newspaper just ran a story in which a high school couple tried to go two weeks (!) without communicating by cell phone or internet — no texting, Facebook, or e-mails. Apparently the notion of talking to one another via landline phone was kind of foreign to them. I wonder how many adults would do if they tried this kind of experiment?


  • Without the Internet, I’d go stark raving mad at my cube-ville job. I wouldn’t be more productive, but I would be more irascible.

  • Elaine: How on earth did we ever make it to adulthood without Facebook? A friend told me she found her teenaged daughter sitting in the living room texting her best friend. Best friend lives across the street.

    Of course, I remember tying up the family phone (and we only had one line, for 6 people – imagine that nowadays) for hours when I was 16. I had to talk to my friends – and I had just seen them at school a few hours earlier. I can’t remember now exactly what was discussed. Hard to imagine now how the charms of 16 year old boys and the latest pop band could inspire hours of discussion.

  • I’m sure girls could find MANY things to talk about. The internet just enabled them to do so that’s all.