Evidence That The Tide Is Turning

Tuesday, May 5, AD 2009

A refreshing news story from the mainstream media that portrays the Catholic Church in a positive light.  A ‘min-comeback’ is the thread of the story, though I disagree with the main reasons for this being the distance from the priest sex abuse scandals combined with the U.S. recession. 

This video exhibits more evidence that the tide is turning towards Catholicism.

(Biretta Tip: Creative Minority Report)

2 Responses to Evidence That The Tide Is Turning

  • The real reason for the ‘mini-comeback’ IMHO:

    The coarsening of our culture – ugly entertainment, ugly politicians, ugly language. A respite to the divine and beautiful is what most sane people crave.

  • Daledog,

    That’s one of my opinions as well. The more America slouches towards Gomorrah (as Robert Bork wrote in his book of the same title), the more alluring is the Catholic Church with her celebrated eternal truths.