Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wednesday, March 28, AD 2012

Recently I followed the twitter feed of the National Institute of Marriage (NOM), an organization that is fighting efforts to permit gay marriage.  There is another twitterer with the blog handle Ifollowhate, and he (or she, or maybe they) follows every person who follows the NOM account, and promptly tweets to said person, “why do you follow a hate group?”  I thought little of it and didn’t bother to respond, so I just blocked this account.  Then I thought about this.  There is a person (again, maybe more than one person is attached to the account) who spends their entire day parked on twitter, seeing who follows another twitter user, ready to pounce on any individual who dares follow this group.  (NOTE: Not exactly – see comments.  This is an automated program, though the Ifollowhate twitter account does followup with other twitter users.)

What a sad existence.  Imagine if your entire life was spent devoted to nothing more than harassing people you disagree with politically, accusing them of being (or following) a hate group.  Yet the mentality that drives such a person (or group) is more and more common.

In Los Angeles, the City Council passed a resolution that condemns certain types of speech on the radio.

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8 Responses to Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • Is it time to clean one’s rifle and get one’s ammunition ready? I hope not.

    And yes, it IS fascism. I do not think that the left will be stopped by anything less than force of arms, but I hope and pray that I am wrong. Yet I fear that there will be martyrs.

    Imagine Obama not getting re-elected and the riots that will result. Imagine how the leftist news media will treat the non-Democratic President. Worse, imagine Obama elected and outlawing blogs like TAC as hate speech, arresting its contributers on crimes of disturbing the public peace aand tranquility, and throwing priests and bishops in jail for refusing to comply with the HHS mandate! Hey, accusations like disturbing the public tranquility happened in the time of the prophet Jeremiah, and he was thrown into a cistern because of it!

    Kyrie Eleison
    Christe Eleison
    Kyrie Eleison

  • To be fair, a person isn’t doing the twitter following. Someone’s programmed a computer to follow NOM’s followers list, and send new followers the message. It’s a nasty little thing, but it’d take someone between 1 hour and 1 day to setup, enable and forget about.

    –Jason (it does’t help their motivations, but it does illustrate the lack of effort involved)

  • Thanks for the information, Jason. I wasn’t sure if such a program existed. It’s still pretty pathetic, but I guess slightly less so than I originally thought.

  • Actually, the “tolerant left” is downright vicious. It seems they’re finding themselves pressured into positions that unmask their sweet rhetoric and forces them to reveal the true dark nature of their ideology. “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.”

  • is is okay to say the words “dangerous extremist African-Americans” out loud?

    Seems like the Spike Lee/Black Panther tricks lately are not much different than those of extremist Muslims who blame one of the latest killing sprees on some burned Korans.

    And Obama apologized to the Muslims, and all but spiritually adopted the troubled Trayvon post-mortem. I’m seeing a disturbing trend.

  • I must agree with Paul W.

    The essence of modern Progressive Liberalism is fascism in its purest form. Political-corporate cronyism (see bailouts, Solyndra, etc.) as well as threats of violence to dissenters, race- and class-based division by propaganda, top-down nanny-state cultural control, direct attacks on religion in order to supplant personality cults, personality cults themselves (what was Ronald Reagan’s slick logo?) and a mindless army of dependents ready to march and attack the property or blockade the businesses of targeted groups.

    When the “Occupy” goons no longer have to brave bad weather to resume their tactics, it’ll be a year older, harder of heart and comprised only of those who doon;t have real jobs. Shades of Kritallnacht!

    How is this not fascist?

  • The point here is to destroy the United States from within. It is going quite well.

  • There’s probably a spreadsheet for subject areas that percolate for ‘attention’.
    Ye olde red and black attack watch has morphed and p a c ‘s have hirelings.
    The Christians, especially Catholic Churches as opposed to those churches in more humble storefront locations, are ‘no-brainers’ for targets to victimize.
    Other organizations for life etc. issues …
    The Republican Party is having its year of vilification.
    People will become sick and tired …
    The only Statue of Liberty on earth is a tourist attraction.
    I know I’m tired from daily spells of ‘news’.