Biden Marries Gays

Tuesday, August 9, AD 2016

Dave Griffey at his blog Daffey Thoughts comments on the fact that Veep and beloved National Clown Joe Biden has gone into the marrying biz:



According to this story, Bishops want clarification from Joe Biden after Biden – Catholic – officiated at a gay wedding.   They act as shocked as Charley Owens at something that should be as predictable as bad reality TV.  Why I don’t know.  He’s a liberal Catholic who, like most religious liberals, follows the Left.  Wherever the Left goes, the liberal believer will follow.  That’s why nobody cares about the Religious Left.   Not that Trump and the GOP haven’t exposed a glaring problem in the Religious Right and its ability to throw doctrine and morals under the bus to fit the latest political movement.  It’s just that traditionally, Conservative believers held the line and demanded at least some fealty to their most cherished beliefs.

The religious left has no such feather in its cap.  If the modern Left demanded sex with animals, you’d have religious liberals scouring the history books or religious texts to find something that would validate it or, in lieu of a worthwhile discovery, simply toss the history and the Scriptures in the file, declare them irrelevant, and move on.  So what does the Left in general care about religious liberals?  Whatever the Left demands, it gets.

So Biden officiating at a gay wedding shouldn’t be shocking.  He is liberal.  The Church is wrong and it’s high damn time the Church change and get with the times.  Oh, maybe there was a time it was right, or it couldn’t help being wrong because of backward thinking.  Some progressives are willing to invoke a sense of moral superiority over those wrong thinking types of yore.  But whatever the reason, the teachings are declared wrong, and it shouldn’t be shocking that a liberal Catholic would, as usual, move forward and cleave unto the latest, hippest on this topic.

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3 Responses to Biden Marries Gays

  • The addiction to sodomy is not a civil right. All addiction violates the free will of man as man is created. Every American citizen is a constituent of both the president and the vice-president. When the president or vice president acts on his own initiative without the informed consent of his constituents and their voice in Congress, they act outside of their office as president and vice -president, alone, on their own opinion and their one vote. Neither, Obama nor Biden ought to be compensated by their constituents for acting on their own initiative and their own opinion as ordinary men outside of their public office. It is taxation without representation. If the Catholic Bishops do not know how to handle this heretic, at least the people who are being shoustered (not a word) ought to remove any monetary reward for being disenfranchised by Biden.

  • Biden did not “marry gays.” He did something, but it is not possible for two people of the same sex who voluntarily engage in homosexual acts to marry. The government can try to usurp the role of telling us what is and what is not moral, what is and what is not a sin, whayt is and what is not natural, – in some ways this is an ultimate power – but the government cannot by merely saying so declare that a dog’s tail is a leg, dog’s have five legs, and in future to say that dogs have four legs is a hate crime. We have seen many governments that have tried to impose their own religion – Soviet Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela – but they always fail, despite their lies. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  • Guy McClung: It is Abraham Lincoln who spoke the phrase “but the government cannot by merely saying so declare that a dog’s tail is a leg, dog’s have five legs.”

Sleep Easy America, Biden is on the Job!

Thursday, September 4, AD 2014

Father Z points out a celebration of the fierce comments of beloved National Clown and Veep Joe Biden on ISIS/ISIL:


Meanwhile, from The People’s Cube, we have a solution to the problem of ISIS!

I hope the President is taking notes.

ISIL to be Defeated by Twitter and Instagram Bombardment
Dear Comrades,

Comrade Vice President Joseph Biden has announced that the USSA will chase The Islamic Caliphate (PBUI) ‘to the gates of hell’ with a barrage of fearsome Twitter messages and fatally ironic Instagram photos.

Already successful used by the USSA State Department’s Information Directorate against the bourgeois imperialist Vladimir Putin and the Boko Haram in Nigeria, The Islamic State can soon expect to receive thousand of potentially embarrassing texts and pictures from high-capacity online accounts being prepared at the White Fortress.

Throughout the USSA, countless college students have already volunteered to repost and retweet State messages, adding even heavier firepower to the State’s already considerable resources. So many messages are expected to put Caliphate accounts that many officials expect a total retreat within weeks, if not the closing of thousands of account by disloyal terrorist operatives.

Debilitated by shame and unable to handle ironic humor, Comrade President B. B. Obama has told Party officials he expects total destruction of the enemy back to manageable proportions before his mid-Autumn golf season begins in early October.

We will embarrass the Caliphate back to the Stone Age! Social Pressure is the preferred People’s Weapon!!


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One Response to Sleep Easy America, Biden is on the Job!

Joe Biden Explains It All

Friday, November 1, AD 2013

I, and doubtless other fans of Veep and beloved National Clown Joe Biden, have been waiting breathlessly for Joe’s take on the ObamaCare rollout debacle.  He explained that neither he nor the President are technology geeks.  Say it ain’t so Joe!  A hall mark of this administration has been its appeal to tech loving young, and now to have revealed that the men at the head of the administration are so technologically clueless that they took three years and half a billion dollars to construct a website that would have been a disgrace circa 1995 is a crushing blow.  I know Joe!  Call upon one of your predecessors Al Gore.  Since he invented the internet, I am sure that he will be able to lead the repairs on the website so that it performs at a 1999, heck maybe even a 2000, level.  Then perhaps it will be able to enroll 12 people on its first day of operation rather than the 6 people the current web site did during its first day. Everything is going to be fine once Joe puts his mind to it and gets Gore on the job!

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4 Responses to Joe Biden Explains It All

  • Correction!
    Not 6 enrollees….
    one enrollee from Philadelphia enrolled twice. 🙂

  • Obama is nothing but an S.O.B. who only cares about himself and the killing of innocent babies…whoever voted for this moron I hope is very happy…God help us all…

  • ObamaCare was not meant to help America, or to heal the sick, or to lower healthcare costs, or to lower the debt, or to expand the economy.

    It’s not a mistake, not an accident, not a titanic failure. It’s a massive, cynical act to wreck the evil, unjust economy, kill jobs, and tear down capitalism. It’s Obama’s national IED. He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, make us give all to the state.

    Obamacare is meant to wipe out the middle class.

    Schadenfreude Department:

    Instapundit quotes L.A. Times and comments: “Most young, middle-class Americans I know are happy that millions of previously uninsured people will receive free or heavily subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act. We just didn’t realize that, unless we had health insurance at work, we’d be the ones paying for it.” Shoulda inquired a bit more before voting for Obama. . . .

  • I liked that last minute where the ‘customer’ almost got eaten by pac-man in the Tron-universe!

Biden Predicted War in Syria!

Friday, September 6, AD 2013



Our Veep and Beloved National Clown, on September 2, 2012, predicted the war against Syria.  He just was mistaken about the name of the man who wanted to go to war in Syria:


Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that Republican rival Mitt Romney is  “ready to go to war in Syria and Iran” while hurting the middle class.

The warning came during a campaign stop in York, Pa., designed to promote  President Barack Obama’s economic policies  among white, working-class voters. The thrust of Biden’s pitch has been that  America is digging out from the 2008 economic collapse and that Romney would  take the country backward. But Biden, a foreign policy heavyweight, also  cautioned voters that Romney would adopt policies that favor confrontation over  cooperation.

“He said it was a mistake to end the war in Iraq and bring all of our  warriors home,” Biden said of Romney. “He said it was a mistake to set an end  date for our warriors in Afghanistan and bring them home. He implies by the  speech that he’s ready to go to war in Syria and Iran.”

Biden made the claim about Syria and Iran without offering specifics; his  campaign did not immediately respond to a request for details and he did not use  similar language on Syria and Iran at a later stop in Green Bay,  Wis.

Romney’s campaign dismissed the criticism. “It’s no wonder that a politician  who has been wrong about every major foreign policy question of the last 30  years is wrong on every count about Gov. Romney’s strategy to restore America’s  leadership role in the world,” spokeswoman Amanda Hennenberg said.

Romney has said he would consider military action in Syria if the war-torn  country’s chemical weapons were at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Obama,  who has opposed military action in Syria, has made similar remarks, calling it a “red  line” for the U.S. if Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime were to use  chemical or biological weapons.

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Molon Labe

Thursday, January 10, AD 2013



“While Leonidas was preparing to make his stand, a Persian envoy arrived. The envoy explained to Leonidas the futility of trying to resist the advance of the Great King’s army and demanded that the Greeks lay down their arms and submit to the might of Persia. Leonidas laconically told Xerxes, “Come and get them.(Molon labe).”

                              Plutarch, Leonidas

Vice President Joe Biden revealed that President Barack Obama might use an executive order to deal with guns.

“The president is going to act,” said Biden, giving some comments to the press before a meeting with victims of gun violence. “There are executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required.”

Biden said that this is a moral issue and that “it’s critically important that we act.”

You know, if we have domestic unrest during the second term of this administration, I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts from Joe Biden shooting off his mouth and giving us glaring insight into how Obama would proceed if he thought he could get away with it.  Obama has nothing but contempt for American liberties and Biden merely idiotically repeats what he has heard.

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9 Responses to Molon Labe

  • We know that the bloody history of 20th century leftism depended upon first disarming the population.

  • “Come and get them!”

    Damn straight!

  • From “Good news — it has become known that hidden deep within the massive 2800-page bill called Obamacare there is a Senate Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

    “It seems that in their haste to cram socialized medicine down the throats of the American people, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Barack Obama overlooked Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part c.”

    I will not comply with any registration or confiscation order.

  • T Shaw,

    You found an obamarang…
    Kiwi might like that one.

  • Good one philip. 🙂

    You really need to have addressed that to any of our Australian brothers – are there any that lurk here?

    The opening words of our Maori haka challenging an oponent is probaby appropriate:

    Ka mate, ka mate – ka ora, ka ora!………
    “I live, I live – I die, I die.”

    Kia kaha . ( Stay strong)

  • G’day Don the Kiwi,

    Any chance I could immigtate into New Zealand? It’s something like that or “live free or die” the motto of the State of New Hampshire.

    Speaking of haka and diggers:

    Numbers Two and Three sons played college rugby.

    I got to see them play a lot of games. Mother didn’t appreciate it. She saw them both have their noses re-arranged.

    Guns and the man I sing.

    3,900,0000 Americans died in 2010.

    1,500,000 were unborn children killed by abortions.

    600,000 died from eating Whoppers and twinkies (heart disease)

    198,000 killed in preventable medical mishaps

    54,000 Killed by cars

    26,000 Killed by gravity (falls)

    17,000 killed by drunk drivers

    1,694 killed by knives

    726 killed by unarmed assailants (there are 51 ways, and counting, to kill with the empty hand.)

    496 killed with hammers/clubs.

    323 killed by long-barreled weapons (assault rifles, shotguns).


    In 18 days, NRA added 100,000 new, paid members. They’re aiming at 5,000,000 total membership.

  • Gidday T. Shaw

    I got to see them play a lot of games. Mother didn’t appreciate it. She saw them both have their noses re-arranged.

    That’s all part of character building, doncha reckon? 😉

    NZ is always looking for good migrants, particularly those who come with something to add – not ones that come from islamic countries as refugees, or bludge on our social welfare system, but get let in by the liberals. Trouble is at the moment, we’re inundated with liberals and progressives like the USA and much of western society, so many of our potential good migrants get turned away- like farmers from Zimbabwe, because they’re white, businessmen from South Africa because they can’t bring all their money with them etc. etc. You know the story.

Biden is a Faithful Catholic? Hilarious!

Monday, October 29, AD 2012

I have long praised our Veep, and Beloved National Clown, for his efforts to keep up our national morale during these dismal economic times by endless gaffes and verbal pratfalls.  Now he has outdone himself!

In the above video the completely pro-abort Biden tries to portray himself, get this, as a faithful Catholic!  Howlingly funny.  I  am sure Joe of course understands full well that a man with his voting record is as far from a faithful Catholic as it is possible for a politician to be.  I am certain he is aware of this section of a letter written by Cardinal Ratzinger:

1. Presenting oneself to receive Holy Communion should be a conscious decision,  based on a reasoned judgment regarding one’s worthiness to do so, according to  the Church’s objective criteria, asking such questions as: “Am I in full  communion with the Catholic Church? Am I guilty of grave sin? Have I incurred a  penalty (e.g. excommunication, interdict) that forbids me to receive Holy  Communion? Have I prepared myself by fasting for at least an hour?” The practice  of indiscriminately presenting oneself to receive Holy Communion, merely as a  consequence of being present at Mass, is an abuse that must be corrected (cf.  Instruction “Redemptionis Sacramentum,” nos. 81, 83).
2. The Church teaches that abortion or euthanasia is a grave sin. The Encyclical  Letter Evangelium vitae, with reference to judicial decisions or civil laws that  authorize or promote abortion or euthanasia, states that there is a “grave and  clear obligation to oppose them by conscientious objection. […] In the case of  an intrinsically unjust law, such as a law permitting abortion or euthanasia, it  is therefore never licit to obey it, or to ‘take part in a propaganda campaign  in favour of such a law or vote for it’” (no. 73). Christians have a “grave  obligation of conscience not to cooperate formally in practices which, even if  permitted by civil legislation, are contrary to God’s law. Indeed, from the  moral standpoint, it is never licit to cooperate formally in evil. […] This  cooperation can never be justified either by invoking respect for the freedom of  others or by appealing to the fact that civil law permits it or requires it”  (no. 74).
3. Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia.  For example, if a Catholic were to be at odds with the Holy Father on the  application of capital punishment or on the decision to wage war, he would not  for that reason be considered unworthy to present himself to receive Holy  Communion. While the Church exhorts civil authorities to seek peace, not war,  and to exercise discretion and mercy in imposing punishment on criminals, it may  still be permissible to take up arms to repel an aggressor or to have recourse  to capital punishment. There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among  Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with  regard to abortion and euthanasia.
4. Apart from an individual’s judgment about his worthiness to present himself  to receive the Holy Eucharist, the minister of Holy Communion may find himself  in the situation where he must refuse to distribute Holy Communion to someone,  such as in cases of a declared excommunication, a declared interdict, or an  obstinate persistence in manifest grave sin (cf. can. 915).
5. Regarding the grave sin of abortion or euthanasia, when a person’s formal  cooperation becomes manifest (understood, in the case of a Catholic politician,  as his consistently campaigning and voting for permissive abortion and  euthanasia laws), his Pastor should meet with him, instructing him about the  Church’s teaching, informing him that he is not to present himself for Holy  Communion until he brings to an end the objective situation of sin, and warning  him that he will otherwise be denied the Eucharist.
6. When “these precautionary measures have not had their effect or in which they  were not possible,” and the person in question, with obstinate persistence,  still presents himself to receive the Holy Eucharist, “the minister of Holy  Communion must refuse to distribute it” (cf. Pontifical Council for Legislative  Texts Declaration “Holy Communion and Divorced, Civilly Remarried Catholics”  [2002], nos. 3-4). This decision, properly speaking, is not a sanction or a  penalty. Nor is the minister of Holy Communion passing judgment on the person’s  subjective guilt, but rather is reacting to the person’s public unworthiness to  receive Holy Communion due to an objective situation of sin.

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13 Responses to Biden is a Faithful Catholic? Hilarious!

  • That is a beautiful commercial, just beautiful. It really will be a new Camelot when Obama is elected. I want to go right out and join Catholics for Obama. But first I’m going to watch the other great commercial about voting for the first time. So inspiring. Maybe by Thursday, abortion day at the Planned Parenthood in Dover, DE, the storm will be over and I can say the rosary in front of the building where the government-funded operations are performed. Oh, wait a minute, are we talking about THAT President Obama?

  • Catholic social doctrine?
    B_ _ _ S _ _ _!
    It is so difficult to view this.
    I love our Catholic faith.
    My folks were on the streets during the 70′, 80′ and 90′ standing with true Catholics doing their duty in their state in life, for the right to life. Their strong witness is a large part of my witness today in this fight with darkness. Joe blowfish is a pawn, a coward, and a blemish on the Holy Families name. When will this pretender be publicly corrected by Church authorities as being in error? I’ll send a financial contribution to help counter joe’s ad with a clear message from one of our prelates. I wish they would consider it. How many Catholics will buy Joes lie? How many will think it is okay to vote for the most vile anti-life president in history?
    I should laugh at this but I’m mad as hell.

  • We fight it Philip, but we also give them the horselaugh. Always remember that the Devil cannot stand to be mocked, and that humor is not the weakest weapon in our arsenal.

  • Your right Donald.
    I needed to vent.
    My grandpa use to say; “Vey is der so many more horses asses den der is horses?”

  • Oh, Philip, you sure gladden the heart of this old Catholic. Yes, as Donald says, the Devil cannot stand being mocked. His Pride cannot allow it. And Biden need not even be solemnly and formally excommunicated by the Vatican or be privately advised by his Ordinary to abstain from presenting himself for Holy Communion. He long ago, excommunicated himself from Mother Church, and he knows it. Each and every Holy Communion he receives, he piles up Sacrilegious and Cardinal Sins upon his already “dead” soul…..and you know what, listening to him on that Clip, he is fully aware he has sold his soul the Devil and couldn’t care less. When I see such people, I am impelled to really, really, pray very, very hard for them in this way:

    ” Oh Merciful Jesus, lover of souls, I beseech You by the agony of Your Most Sacred Heart and by the sorrows of Your most Immaculate Mother, wash clean in Your Blood the sinners of the whole world when they are in their final agony and especially those who are on their way to Eternal Damnation.”

    Biden and Company are fully aware that soon, when they stand before the Seat of Personal Judgement, God will have only these few words to say to them “”Thy Will be done”. I feel confident America will redeem herself and vote Obama out, two weeks from to-day

  • Mary:
    I was going to leave a comment until I read yours. Beautifully stated. No need to say more – except – Where are the bishops? Let’s pray for them, too. Are they not also complicit? How can they permit the continued sacrilege? How can they allow these “Catholic” politicians to mislead Catholics and others? I wish I could laugh. But here I am with tears in my eyes.

  • “I feel confident America will redeem herself and vote Obama out, two weeks from to-day”

    If they wait 2 weeks to vote, I’m afraid they’ll be a little too late. Election Day is NEXT Tuesday – only ONE week from today.

  • Joseph, read the response of Jesus regarding the darnel and the wheat. “Let them grow up together. At the harvest time we shall uproot the darnel first…..”. Any faithful Catholic, Joseph, shall never be mislead by the Bidens and Pelosis of the U.S. of America.

    Your Bishops have spoken times without number. Even The Holy Father has congratulated their standing up for Holy Mother Church especially this time unflinchingly, but your secular Media shamelessly gives them a total back-out. But, hey, even Jesus was given a black-out by the Chief Priests and the Pharisees who bribed the Guards to say they were asleep when Christ’s Disciples stole His body from the Tomb. And you know, Joseph, for a Soldier to sleep on the job meant facing the Firing Squad. Even His Apostles had all, except young John, ran away from Him. And He did not take away their Authority to become the Founders of His Holy Church with the thrice denying Peter – the Holder of the Keys of Heaven (and his successors) – as the first Pope. And we know His Church born and entrusted to these scared Apostles is alive and kicking these 2,000+ God’s Will Shall Always Prevail.

  • You are right, Jay. I surely got the date of your Elections wrong. From this beloved land of your President’s filandering, drunken Father, we are praying Obama loses and his Cousin here, who was the cause of the death of over 1,300 innocent peasant farmers and poor small business people and the destruction of all they owned on this earth and displacement of over 60,000 now destitute people, who are still living in deplorable Internally Displaced People’s tattered tents will also lose in his pathological obsession to become our next President.

  • Why do Democrats invoke Jesus to justify their socialism as social justice, but when we invoke Jesus to protect the unborn and the sanctity of marriage, the Democrats accuse of trying to establish a theocracy and impose our morality on others? How then is Joe Biden not imposing his social justice morality on others?

  • Paul, because that is how Satan argues His case. Remember He was tempting Jesus by quoting the Scriptures. They will use anything and any argument, no matter how bizzare to justify their Culture of Death.

    Again, sorry, Jay, the displaced Kenyans are over 600,000 and not 60,000. Many of them are widows, orphans and nearly everyone of them lost a loved one, a friend, a relative or a neighbour. And when the new ICC Prosecutor showed her face here last week and visited the victims in their pathetic camps, the Displaced asked her who are Ocampo’s Witnesses who have taken the wrong people to ICC were because he never came to interview any of them, yet they are the victims. They told her they know who killed, raped, burned down their properties and chased them away from their homes and all they wanted to know who paid those attackers. The whole rallying Call of the murderous atrocities of the 2007/08 Post-Election Violence in Kenya was : you guessed it : “NO RAILA, NO PEACE”. And that is your President’s Cousin and he is walking free and determined to become our next President. We pray – HEAVEN FORBID

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  • Just curious….anyone know if this faithful Catholic attended Mass today? Just curious….

    I guess the same could be asked of Ryan!

Did Joe Sleep Through the War With Iran?

Thursday, October 18, AD 2012

In the above video our beloved National Clown lauded our veterans who served in Iraq and Iran.  What do you think?

1.  Bone headed Biden being bone headed Biden.

2.  Give Joe a break, they both begin with I!

3.  Joe let the cat out of bag in regard to the October Surprise!

4.  Sure there was a war with Iran.  That is where “Blood and Guts” Biden got his brain injury!

5.  Biden was unable to plagiarize in his Geography course in college.

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7 Responses to Did Joe Sleep Through the War With Iran?

One Response to Biden Contra Biden

  • Ludicrous Liberals Moments: A bunch of loons are a-twitter promising to emigrate if Obama doesn’t get four more years to finish us off. Most are looking to fiscally conservative Canada, not bankrupt, socialist Greece or Spain.

    Ergo, Regardless of the election outcome, I too am contemplating the northern escape. The USA likely is in terminal, fiscal condition.

    Note to Liberals: “You will not be missed.”

With Apologies to Mr. Lincoln

Friday, October 12, AD 2012

Smitty at The Other McCain has a brilliant riff on The Gettysburg Address in regard to the debate last night:

Four score and five interruptions ago our zany uncle brought forth on this continent a new indignation, conceived in contempt for liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created to serve the state.

Now we are engaged in a soft civil war, testing whether that indignation, or any indignation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great debate-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a blog post for he who here gave 90 minutes of his life that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should blog this.

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4 Responses to With Apologies to Mr. Lincoln

  • b obama claims he was too nice and that’s why he didn’t do well– so Joe was going to try a different tack– not too nice. Dust in the air. Confusion. Not giving his opponent his fair turn. Cause a commotion and diversion so he could steal the show.
    I heard people at work today say they think Biden won or that it was at least a draw. I don’t think so, if they look it over again they’ll see what they missed in all the hubbub

    I really liked the things Ryan said in a quiet way…. as people review the debate and watch it again Ryan looks better and better. One of the best quiet things he said was. ” Was there a litmus test?”

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  • Biden’s behavior reminds me of 1/2 of a pick-pocket team. Rush the guy, rough him up just a bit, make a distraction so the pocket can be picked by your team mate– their goal being to rob R and R of their momentum.

  • Rallies against the HHS mandate will take place in more than 140 cities across the nation tomorrow, Saturday, October 20.

    Rally locations:

    Let’s make our voices heard!

9 Responses to Bishops: Biden Lied

18 Responses to Laugh Clown, Laugh!

  • What’s even swifter is you beat me to posting this by minutes.

  • This is a truly devastating ad in regard to having Biden anywhere near being President.

  • Thought of ‘Prudential judgement’ being exemplified by Paul Ryan’s restraint, during the de-bait with VP Silly Joker and his immoderator.

  • I’ve seen this making the rounds tonight:

    “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.”
    ~Proverbs 29:9
    (English Standard Version)

  • Not every Catholic supports Romney/Ryan. The Vice-President wasn’t a clown and if you’re examples of what Christ means to love our fellow man, then you might want to at least learn tolerance.

  • “The Vice-President wasn’t a clown”

    No, Barbara, he was more in laughing hyena mode last night. Loving our fellow man certainly does not include embracing abortion on demand as Biden does. If you think that is tolerance, you are welcome to it.

  • Tolerance to liberals is legitimizing the infanticide of the unborn as the right to choose and sanctifying the filth of homosexual sodomy as marriage, both in open defiance and disobedience to God Almighty. Tolerance to a liberal is equivocating the theft of the tax payers’ money as help for the poor. Tolerance for a liberal is what Judas Iscariot said when Jesus was anointed with costly oil, “This could have been sold and the money used to help the poor.” As Sacred Scripture says, he didn’t make that statement because he cared for the poor, but because he carried the money purse and would steal from its contents, and that’s exactly the kind of men both Biden and Obama are. The Vice President is as Catholic as Jezebel at the Church of Thyatira in Revelation 2:20-23.

  • Barbara,

    There you go again . . .

    What debate were you watching?

    To which Gospel do you refer?

    I’ve read them all a number of times each and I saw nothing that teaches it’s okay to vote for abortion, class hatred, infanticide, organized brigandage, etc. St. John writes that Judas was not outraged at the expensive perfume anointing Jesus because the money could have been spent on the poor. He didn’t care about the poor. Judas was a thief just like democrats who only care about political power not about the poor.

  • If Obama is the “empty chair”, Biden is the “whoopie cushion.”

  • Funny comments all.
    Biden looks like a snake.
    A Snake Oil salesmen might fit better.
    The Ad is perfect. (….are you?) What a great tag.
    Bye bye funny guy. Ryan is in.

  • Throughout the whole debate, all I could think was, “What’s so damn funny?” Uncle Joe was the only one laughing last night. No wonder the administration is in such a mess, there is nothing but clowns running this country right now.

  • The useless clown, Biden, did us all a wonderful favor: displaying his true, unedited genuine self. Completely lacking leadership, unconstructive, condescending, arrogant are a few descriptives to be applied, although, many more would be applicable. I don’t believe he has the slightest understanding of the term “statesman”, not that his unmentionable boss does. To state that the third string is on the field would be a gross understatement. Biden; a man who has accomplished very little, if anything worthwhile, throughout his entire political life. In fact, a parasite of sorts. My only wish, and for the “others” which shall remain unmentioned, is that this clown and they would discontinue referring to themselves as a Catholic. This is, in my thinking, a blasphemy, painful, self-inciminating, disgraceful and an utter lie. The thought that this insipid fool could assume the office of presidency is almost as frightening as what is currently occupying that once great office.

  • The Vice-President wasn’t a clown and if you’re examples of what Christ means to love our fellow man, then you might want to at least learn tolerance.

    Tolerance of what?

  • Biden was laughing during a conversation about the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya. Is that an example of loving fellow man?

    At least his Monster drink work off by the time the topic of abortion came up and he cut out the laughs and smirks. That’s really odd, because if there was any time a laugh was due, it was when Biden stated his position on faith and abortion. It’s sadly funny.

  • Can not believe how Joe Biden handled him self during this debate his laughing was rude and nu respectable. How can Democrats accept this behavior and how can Obama accept this behavior. Especially from a government that seems to give more speeches than facts. I think its time for a change in the US. Obama had his chance and he blew it.

Laughing Hyena v. Gentleman Ryan

Thursday, October 11, AD 2012



If, as I expect, the Obama-Biden ticket goes down in flames on election day, Biden in his debate performance has ended his political career with a bizarre coda.  How bizarre?  Let us go point by point, along with my other thoughts on the debate.

1.  Hyena Joe- Throughout the debate when Ryan was talking Biden was laughing and smirking.  I assume Biden forgot about the split screen coverage on television.  Judging from the talking heads post-debate, it made a very bad impression.

2.  Manic-Depressive-Joe began the debate very manic as if he had swallowed a crate of jolt cola.  By the end he was completely wound down, like a wind up toy at the end of its cycle, or someone had shot him with an animal tranquilizer.  Very odd.

3.  Canned Responses-Biden obviously had a checklist of points he had to mention:  47%, check, etc.  The problem with having a checklist is that it takes fairly quick wits to put the list seamlessly into a debate performance, and I thought Biden’s interjections were far from seamless.

4.  Joe Making Things up Again-As he has throughout his career,  Biden simply made things up when he was in a tough spot in the debate.  In response to the Libya question which clearly had him flustered, Joe claimed that the intelligence community initially thought that the Benghazi attack was preceded by a protest over the Mohammed  video.  That is completely at variance with the facts.

5.  Wildman v. The Professor-Obviously the Democrats were reacting to passive Obama from the first debate.  Biden was always interrupting, some 82 times or thereabouts. The”moderator” was completely useless.  Ryan was too much the professor in manner and should have reacted more to the out of control Biden.

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Biden Notes for Veep Debate

Tuesday, October 9, AD 2012



Here at The American Catholic we occasionally receive unsolicited items.  We are currently in possession of what purports to be Biden’s notes in preparation for his Veep debate with Paul Ryan this Thursday.  Here they are:

1.  No gaffes?-Obama told me not to make any gaffes.  I told the big guy to f—–g relax, because I never make any gaffes.

2.  No F-Bombs-Sheesh, Obama can be loud when he’s upset!  No F-Bombs, OK.   As if I ever swear in public!

3.  No biker chicks-Yeah, I don’t want to have to sleep on the couch again for a week after the debate.

4.  Lie, Lie, LieAs truthful as I am, this will be hard for me to do, but I will do my best.

5.   No foreign accents-A guy puts on an Indian accent one time, and he never hears the end of it.

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  • I’m sure his mic will be 5 sec delayed so they can clean it up as soon as it comes outta his mouth. Actions are something else altogether.

  • Truth be told: I have more trust in Uncle Joe than in “57-states” Obama.

    He could not possibly do worse.

    No wait!

    The media wouldn’t cover for him?!

  • Remember when it would have been a grave threat to the nation if Sarah Palin was a heartbeat away from the presidency? I wonder why we aren’t hearing from the same people when a certified fool actually is a heartbeat away from the presidency?

  • Joe is really good life insurance for the Won.

  • Funny! Including Phillip’s link.

  • Joe Biden is a broad shouldered Vatican II Catholic.

    The apostiles were just as compassionate as they were tough.

    Stop listining to Rome ; Rules, Lies & no compassion.

    Cardinal Martini was correct ; use the beautiful sacrements to bring people

    In as The HERO POPE JOHN XXIII pleaded.

  • “The apostiles were just as compassionate as they were tough.”

    I can just imagine what that tough fisherman Peter would have had to say to a “Vatican II Catholic” like Biden who has absolutely no problem with children being slain in the womb. No doubt it would have been short, pungent and perhaps accompanied with a right to the jaw.

    “Stop listining to Rome”

    Biden has followed that piece of advice.

  • Tom McGraw,

    What have you been drinking?

    Joe Biden is a broad shouldered horse’s ass.

    The apostles were touched by the Holy Spirit and I don’t know if they would endorse hedonism, materialism, secular humanism, abortion, gay privileges, class hatred, etc.

    Stop listening to Alinsky, Lenin, Marx, Mao, Lies & no liberty.

    Cardinal Martini was not infallible; the holy sacraments are outward signs instituted by Christ to give grace not to make hate-filled, lying sinners feel warm and fuzzy about their evils.

    I saw The HERO POPE JOHN XXIII in 1979 in NYC. He would have shaken his fist at Biden and told him to reconcile himself with the Church and the Gospels.

The Biden That Keeps on Giving

Wednesday, October 3, AD 2012

Veep and beloved National Clown Joe Biden is continuing to do his best to elect Mitt Romney President.  His immortal phrase about the middle class being buried for the past four years will live in campaign lore as long as we have presidential campaigns.  Like all true comedic geniuses, Joe makes certain that his hilarious routines rest on truth.

I wonder if Joe coordinated his remark with Speaker of the House Joe Boehner who released this on September 24th:

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Need Reader Input: Who Are The Top 10 Dynamically Orthodox Catholic Bishops?

Sunday, June 3, AD 2012

 I would like some help in identifying the most active, passionate, orthodox American Catholic Bishops currently serving. It is a cultural thing that we seem to love rating everything- not a bad thing- and I have a personal interest in this topic because I want to offer my services to a Bishop who needs someone who gets the following Big Three Realities that I have been focusing on in my last three postings here at American Catholic.


1. The Obama Administration is threat #1 to the continuance of our Hierarchical Catholic Church- here in America and since we are a Superpower in worldly terms this could damage a big chunk of Christendom. I do not speak as an Obama-basher with Republican talking point tie-ins- I was a lifelong Democrat who only recently gave it up to become an Independent, not Republican. My realization about the Obama threat emerged slowly after being absorbed in a national Catholic Democrats listserve with some of the real heavyweights- like FOB (Friend of Barack) Vicki Kennedy. It was clear to me that Kennedy with her fellow travelers in Catholic universities, and liberal Catholic political organizations, have been intent on much much more than just getting more traction in American policies and legislation for a few political issues often neglected by the conservative-Right. There is blood in the water for the Church Hierarchy due to the notorious Minor Abuse Scandals. These prominent Catholic Dems seem intent on using whatever power they can muster to force changes in the Church to cut the Hierarchydown to size- replace the Teaching Authority with liberal Catholic college professors and liberal political activists who will “save” the Church from irrelevance among the youth. We have seen that President Obama has been systematically assisting in this process- not openly- but consider his choice of Joe Biden as VP with his pro-choice, pro-gay marriage beliefs, and Kathleen Sebelius as HHS Secretary who is pushing contraceptives down everyone’s throats, and I suspect we’ll see that Justice Sotomayor is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage eventually. The threat to religious liberties will hit the Catholic Church Hierarchy first, with the contraceptives mandates and then gay marriage will turn the Catholic Church Catechism into Hate Literature and every orthodox Catholic into a bigot along the lines of the old school racists back in the 60’s. No one wants to be a racist- so I’m sure that Vicki Kennedy et al are counting on most American Catholics to simply abandon their Bishops’ leadership and embrace her brand of progressive Catholicism which is Obama-cool. So- me thinks the Bishops need a few folks around who see this danger and are willing to stand with the Bishops and the Catechism. I’m here to help.  Here’s a link to my piece on the Catholic Dems/Obama “conspiracy”-


2. Having this information about the Obama-Catholic Dem elite battleplan is useful- but I am also interested in assisting a good Bishop at the parish level with practical steps- all perfectly legal- for assisting the process of cultivating a new breed of orthodox Catholic political leaders. Pope B teaches us to free ourselves from ideologies in his last encyclical- the social doctrine of the Church is the stuff we need more of in America- the reason we keep swinging wildly from Republican to Democrat in the races for political power is that at the gut level most people get that each Party has got some things right and some things wrong. There is no Party of God- even if right now the mainstream Democratic Party represents the greater threat to the Church/Christ- we are still talking about lesser evils. The Catholic social doctrine is about building civilizations of love- this is the positive vision that is the corrective of narrow ideologies which feed on anger for the most part. The way to bring Christ’s Way into the marketplace of ideas in American political thought and debate is for more fully informed and inspired Catholic voices to emerge and assume the responsibilities of leadership at every level of our society. There is so much that we could do in every parish and school-  here is my POA (Plan of Action) which I would love to bring into a parish in a diocese where the Bishop is aware and involved to guide the development- I’m not interested in being a lone ranger or riding against the wishes of the local Bishop.  Here’s the Plan-


3.  Finally, my long experience in the trenches of Catholic high schools has left me with many thoughts on how to inculcate a genuine Catholic identity which has a chance of being transmitted to our very distracted youth. I would love to be part of an orthodox Bishop’s team to help select passionately orthodox Catholic administrators/teachers/staff to be in place to give life witness, along with instructional guidance, to budding disciples of Christ. You can’t give what you don’t have- so if we want Catholic students to come out the other side in love, or more in love with Christ and His Church- then you don’t load up the schools with adults who are full of dissenting views from the Catechetical teachings of the Church. I’m not saying everyone has to be some kind of a stepford-wife cheerleader type of Catholic- we all have our personalities- but if you are an adult working in a Catholic school you should be someone who is thirsty to know what the Church teaches and why- especially if it pertains to your particular discipline or area of responsibility. I get into a lot more detail beyond just the staffing issue in my article below.  I am open to returning to the teaching field or entering new territory in administration under the right Bishop in a diocese that really wants to play it straight-up as a passionately Catholic institution -without being satisfied with a PR-level Catholic Identity which produces nice dog and pony shows for visiting bishops and parents- but scratch the surface and where is the love for the Church? If you fall in love with the Church you will just want to know more and more and to share more and more with the youth and everyone you meet- am I right?  Here’s the last link-


OK- if you are still with me- here is how you can help- write out up to 10 names(and email addresses if you have them!) of Dynamically Orthodox Catholic Bishops here in America- with the name of their Diocese.  You can order them according to your own rating system. I want to follow the science here and the shortest distance between two points is a straight line- I want to begin a new mission in using whatever talents I possess for the sake of Christ and His Church- I have tried to use these talents to produce something helpful to preserve and protect the Hierarchical nature of our Catholic Church- If Christ didn’t desire a Hierarchy why bother with Apostles- He could have just had disciples with no leadership inherent in the Church- but He didn’t- evidence from Scripture, history and logic all persuaded me in my Truth Quest. I don’t want to just apply for jobs blind to the leadership in a given Diocese. Leadership matters, that’s why leaders get targeted all the time, and why assassinations are so unfortunately common throughout human history. I want a meaningful mission within the Church and short of that I will do whatever I can do to provide for my wife and four young children- this is my story and why I need our Reader’s Input. Brother (Sister) can you spare a moment and share what you know? God Bless you.

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22 Responses to Need Reader Input: Who Are The Top 10 Dynamically Orthodox Catholic Bishops?

  • Perhaps we should remember the wise words of Abbé Henri Brémond, whose life (1865-1933) spanned the Jules Ferry laws of 1882 and 1886 laicising public education, the law of 1901 suppressing many religious orders and the law of 1905 on the separation of Church and State, which vested all church buildings and other property in the nation.

    “No law can affect those who believe, those who pray; prayer is silent, prayer offends no one, prayer attacks no one.” – [La prière est silencieuse, la prière n’offense personne, la prière n’agresse personne]

    His response to the Anti-Clericalism of his time were his essays, “Prière et Poésie”[ Prayer and Poetry] and “Introduction a la Philosophie de la Prière”[Introduction to the Philosophy of Prayer] His monumental work “Histoire litteraire du sentiment religieux en France depuis la fin des guerres de religion jusqu’a nos jours” [A Literary History of Religious Sentiment in France from the end of the Wars of Rekigion to our own day] published between 1913 and 1936 in 11 volumes, was based on his unrivalled knowledge of mystical writings and devotional works. His writings on poetry, symbolism and romanticism earned him election to the Académie française in 1923 and a eulogy from the French Symbolist poet, Paul Valéry.

    His influence was incalculable.

  • The current head of the USCCB, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of NY and his I-95 brother (my Archbishop) in Philadelphia, Archbishop Charles J Chaput. (Lori of Baltimore and Aquila of Denver deserve mention as well in my VERY short list.)

  • My only input is cautionary; the plan of action is a good idea, BUT I’d give it about a week before it’s taken over by the same folks who use “social justice” to promote abortion, theft, etc. At the absolute least, it would claim binding teachings where they don’t exist. (I recall one discussion I was having with another Catholic, who pulled the death penalty vs abortion thing– even offering a letter from the man who would become Pope saying there was a valid variety of views didn’t sway him.)

    I do love the idea of equipping people to find out what the Church teaches for themselves, and enthusiastically endorse the answer-religious-questions-kids-as/thirsty-for-theology thing. That would have made my youth a lot more interesting, and might have kept several friends from falling away from the Church. (it would also have meant I could find a babysitter from the Parish– but that’s another rant!)

    If there was a group for something like “Catholic Q&A- Last Wednesday Of The Month Snack and Chat” I’d do it. If I thought I could pull it off, I’d start one myself. (Wed because it’s the middle of the week; schedule it about 6pm. It would have to be sort of small to start with, and a computer with one of those books-on-CD collection EWTN sells would be wise; has soup to nuts of decrees, etc.)

    … Dang it, now I’ve got a post bubbling in my head for designing theology groups. Thank you.

  • Bishop Ronald Gainer of Lexington KY: not as high profile as Dolan etc, but methodically rebuilding an orthodox and dynamic diocese. Yesterday ordained 23 deacons: 3 transtional and 20 permanent.

  • Bruskewitz, Finn, Olmstead, Morlino, Aquila, Sample, Cordlione, Nienstadt, Slattery, Chaput

  • My only input is cautionary; the plan of action is a good idea, BUT I’d give it about a week before it’s taken over by the same folks who use “social justice” to promote abortion, theft, etc. At the absolute least, it would claim binding teachings where they don’t exist.

    I would go a step further Foxfier – or backward actually. I think the other side has already been doing this for many decades. The chanceries and USCCB were chock full dissenting activists with a socialist agenda who were either supported or tolerated by their bishop. I would venture to guess that even with ascension of a large number of orthodox bishops, there are still a large number of these folks in important and influential positions. Even when an orthodox bishop takes over a troubled see, he doesn’t do a housecleaning so to speak. He pushes his agenda of reform with the people he has and tries to lead the chancery operatives to fulfill his mission. The bishops have to lead, but that doesn’t mean all will follow – and many of those people still have power and influence enough to do damage.

  • Sounds good, Tim. I would echo both MichaelP71’s and Jim’s lists, adding only three more solid bishops with whom I’ve had contact: 1) Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, CA (and formerly of Baker, Oregon); 2) Bishop Kevin Vann of Ft. Worth, TX; and 3) Arch-bishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta. There are undoubtedly many other good, solid bishops and auxiliaries around in the US, but they simply don’t have as high of a public profile as do these aforementioned bishops.

  • Oops! One glaring omission did just come to mind (how could we forget?) Cardinal George of Chicago, of course!

  • First of all I think Masculinity has been beat down passive aggressively both in the American Church as well as society, so if we are not willing to reject bad laws and smash the Serpents head to mush than we are bound to lose with the communist attitudes of Obama and other democratic leaders.

  • The dioceses of Wilmington Delaware seam to be getting somewhat more Orthodox but still need improving and the general public of Delaware seems very secular and the cops tend to act like gangsters in their attitudes.

  • By lose I meant lose temporarily.

  • Possibly the most important philosophical law is that because God is all knowing, all powerful, and all good we should take what he tells us seriously rather than throwing his words around like protestants who use his words to justify whatever they fancy.

  • If worst comes to worst there is just war but it would be much better if it did not have to come down to that.

  • One. I’m curious, why did it have to come to your being a Democrat “insider” before you realized your choice of political party clashed with your Catholic religion? I knew it for me when the Democrat Party officially supported and acted to make abortion-on-demand the law-of-the-land.

    Two. When are people like you going to start showing some “love” your talking about to those of us who have been battling people you have been electing to keep abortion-on-demand the law-of-the-land? And, now, thanks to Catholics like you, we have to fight to keep marriage the institution it has always been since God enacted it at the beginning of man-kind. And thanks to the 54% of Catholics like you, the U.S. bishops (equally responsible for what has continued for almost 4 decades) have to sue the President and his Administration they helped put in office just to keep our First Amendment Rights. How about showing some love to Catholics like me for realizing straight on that any organization that supports and defends the murder of innocent human beings, especially infants in the protection of their mother’s womb, could never be serious about “caring for others,” especially the “little guy?”

    Three. How about finding out why almost all the U.S. bishops adopted Cardinal Bernardin’s proposal to change the definition of “prolife,” a word coined by prolifers to counter the pro-aborts calling themselves “pro-choice?” And then, contacting those bishops still alive who voted against that change, to get their recommendations on who should be on that list of bishops you want to put together. While doing that, you ought to read the 1989 favorable biography called “Cardinal Bernardin – Easing conflicts -and battling for the soul of American Catholicism” by the cardinal’s long time friend (30 years) Eugene Kennedy. You’ll learn that that name change was a lot more political than it was spiritual. This is a quote of Bernardin’s motivation for expanding the definition to include prudential judgment issues so-call “social justice.” Page 243,244: “Not only would this move gain greater support from Catholics and others but it would keep the prolife movement from falling completely under the control of the right wing conservatives who were becoming it dominant sponsors.” How about that?! I don’t know where in the Catechism of the Catholic Church the “good” cardinal found that some how being a “right wing conservative” was evil. Maybe you know where that is?

    Anyway – how about showing some “love” for the millions of us who have removed ourselves from the sin of being in the Democrat Party, the main organization responsible for denying the right to life of God’s greatest creation – a human right by the way; and maybe perhaps an apology as well for making people like us have to fight people like you for so long?

  • Stilbelieve:

    Hold on, friend. There’s a parable about that. “Take what is yours, and go your way: I will also give to this last even as to you.” (Mt 20:14)

  • Stilbelieve:

    I’m with you!

    Nd, those people need to stop employing presumed moral superiority to advance evil and to start supporting Church teachings.

  • My own Bishop Leonard P. Blair of Toledo should be on that list. He is the bishop who conducted the recent investigation of the women religious. He is an outstanding and holy and orthodox bishop, and I am shocked, frankly, that he hasn’t been picked in the last few years to lead a higher-profile diocese. The fact that he was chosen to lead the investigation of the women religious indicates that he is at least on someone’s radar in the Vatican.

    Were it not for the fact that Bishop Blair was the Bishop of Toledo, I doubt I would have moved my family to this part of Ohio almost 7 years ago.

  • @Escolonn

    “Hold on, friend. There’s a parable about that. ‘Take what is yours, and go your way: I will also give to this last even as to you.’ (Mt 20:14)” The text in bible has the last sentence of 20:14 reading: “What if I wish to give this last one the same as you?”

    First of all, I’m not looking for “reward.” I’m looking for evidence that this author has obtained wisdom from his experience to be of help to any bishop. The question was raised in my mind soon into reading his article. He says this in the 4th sentence:
    “I do not speak as an Obama-basher with Republican talking point tie-ins- I was a lifelong Democrat who only recently gave it up to become an Independent, not Republican.”

    Talking in a dismissive way about the only major organization that has been trying to save the babies, protect our country militarily and economically, fight for our right to pick our own doctors and make our own decisions on our medical care, defend marriage as God created it, and now have to save our First Amendment Rights to freedom of religion isn’t being a “Obama-baser” using “Republican talking point tie-ins.” It’s being an American who has “eyes to see and ears to here.”

    Second, you would think that someone who contributed with their decision-making and votes all this time to prolonging the evil of abortion-on-demand remaining the law-of-the-land, and to these newer attacks on our safety and freedoms, would be a little more contrite and humble towards those who were wise enough to see the sin of remaining in the Democrat Party much sooner in their lives then he did.

    Third, I think the verse you chose is a parable better suited for the rights of ownership to do with one’s property as one chooses and pay the wages as agreed. Verse 15 completes that thought saying: “[Or] am I not free to do as I wish with my own money?”

  • Jay, it just so happens that my own bishop, Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield, Ill. is assisting with that investigation as well. He too is known for his orthodoxy and has been on the Vatican-watchers’ radar for some time, so he probably won’t be here forever!

  • Stillbelieve- I can defend my previous Democratic party membership on the grounds that I was quite active as a pro-life candidate and leader in Dems for Life- the fact is that until the 80’s the Dems were more pro-life than the Repubs- I was a Democrat long before I was Catholic- being drawn into politics at the age of 13 by the first Jimmy Carter campaign- and then basically became a believing secular liberal in my 20’s. My introduction and conversion to Catholicism came as I neared 30- in becoming Catholic I gave up previous beliefs on abortion et al- but there has always been two thoughts in my mind- first- the Republican establishment has always been like shifting sand on the issue of abortion since Reagan – lukewarm belief is never attractive as Jesus indicated in Revelation- and second- there has long been the hope that Catholic pro-life Democrats could lead the charge within the Democratic party to restore traditional moral beliefs on social issues- I took up that challenge since I figured I was well-placed as a lifelong Dem who became a Catholic convert- but identified more or less along the FDR-Democratic coalition lines- recall that American Catholics as a community tended the Democratic party way before social issues and the sexual revolution began destroying the Dems from within. Reagan was an FDR Democrat but said that the party moved away from him not the other way around.

    So- in any case- I never publicly supported any pro-choice candidates- and typically voted for third party/populist no-bodies to get around my conscience- and our hierarchy instructed us that we could not vote for a candidate because of his/her pro-choice position on abortion- but it was left open to conscience if there were other compelling reasons to vote for someone who was unfortunately pro-choice- since we are not to be single-issue voters. So- if one supposed that voting for a Republican candidate would bring on potentially nation-ending war or economic ruin and thus render the legal abortion question (in effect) moot in such an environment since no movement focused on a social issue would gain any traction during crisis times- well that would be a paradigm of thought whereupon someone with a Catholic conscience may have voted for a Democrat in some paticular national office like president.

    My own experience with being exposed to the really influential Catholic Democrats was one where I tried my best to evangelize for the orthodox teachings of the Church- to follow the Magisterium and the Bishops on all fronts and not to continue in a heterodox direction- but alas I was confronted by the truly powerful forces that drive those who have actual weight in Democratic party power politics these days- and I was asked to depart from my place of opinion sharing- and at that stage I openly left the Party and my role as a leader for florida Dems for Life- and became a NPA- non-party-affiliation- as Archbishop Chaput did according to what I read in his great book- Render Unto Caesar. So- stillbelieve- I don’t know what to apologize to you about- I think my personal history explains why I chose the paths I took- if the Church had clearly indicated that working from within the Democratic party to try to reform the party on social issues was an immoral choice- then I would have abandoned the effort years ago- I have given up on that front- but I have many good Catholic and Christian friends who are still battling from within and taking the abuse from the dominant sexual revolutionaries – I’m not of a mind to join you in heaping more abuse their way- but if this is how you interpret WWJD in your time on stage blogging then it is something that Jesus Christ will have to determine at the time of our personal judgments- and I look forward to my time with Him so that I can see where I missed His cues and promptings, or just was blind- so that I can apologize to anyone or any group of persons that I did wrong by. I am trying to “live clean” and I have been trying to follow the orthodox directives from Christ’s Church- my wish now is that the American Bishops will now make perfectly clear to all of us that taking public positions opposed to granting the right to life for the unborn, and protecting traditional marriage definitions, and respecting religious liberties- all make any candidate unfit for any Catholic to vote for or support in any capacity- and political leaders who call themselves Catholics who vote for any of the Big Three will have to forego reception of Holy Communion due to the scandal they are producing among law-abiding American citizens. That, I think, would clear up any confusion about the morality of our political choices- given the unusual extremity of our times. I still hope to be of service to our Church and to serve a strong Bishop and take guidance from him- but if you are correct and the Holy Spirit agrees then I will accept another role in my life’s work- at the end of the day I just want to be one of those ‘unprofitable servants’ in the eyes of the Lord- if digging ditches is my true talent then so be it- I will carry a shovel for Christ- that’s my heart-that is something I can know even if many who know little about me doubt it- those in my home know me and from them I draw the human consolation that helps keep one’s spirit from being taken away by the naysayers always to be found.

  • It is important to realise that, for professional politicians, party labels are largely a sham.

    In any democracy, they inevitably group themselves into two parties (or coalitions), the friends of corruption and the sowers of sedition; those who seek to profit from existing abuses and those who seek to profit from the disaffection those abuses naturally produce.

    The policies either faction espouses, primarily to attract funding, but also as a sop to the rabble, is a matter of chance and circumstance.

  • I don’t have much experience with bishops, but I would suggest two: Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, CO and Archbishop Charles Chaput, currently Archbishop of Philadelphia (formerly of Denver, CO). Both have been a strong voice for authentic Catholic teaching and activism.