Vacation 2017

Friday, August 11, AD 2017


I am on vacation with my family until August 21.  My internet connection in the coming week will range from intermittent to non-existent. That is now by choice.  In the past it was not, but now with ubiquitous wi-fi, portable ipads and kindles, that is no longer the case, and truth to tell, it hasn’t been for the last several years.  I will have posts for each day I am away on the blog, but if something momentous occurs, for example:  Elvis is discovered working at a Big Boy’s in Tulsa, the Pope issues a Bull against blogging as a complete waste of time, Trump admits that some orange furred critter has died on his head or Robert Mueller admitting that he is a Russian spy, I trust that this post will explain why I am not discussing it.

We will begin  at the library school that my daughter is attending, the baby of the family having decided to follow my bride’s footsteps.  She was too bright to follow in mine!

Then on to Kenosha, Wisconsin with a visit to my bride’s mother.  We have been doing this since the birth of the twins and it has always been a fun family gathering.  I heartily recommend both the Kenosha Civil War Museum and the Milwaukee Zoo  Then it is back home for some Illinois activities including next Wednesday hosting the local Rotary District Governor, since, for my sins no doubt, I am serving as President of the local Rotary Club in Dwight for the eighth occasion.

Then on to GenCon 50 over in Indianapolis.



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2 Responses to Vacation 2017

  • “If any of you are close to Indianapolis and you have never attended, it is worth a drive to see tens of thousands of role players, board gamers and computer gamers in Congress assembled. If nothing else you will go home reassured as to how comparatively normal you are. Last year’s attendance was in excess of 60,819 and there are multitudes of gaming related events.”

    Just so everyone is aware, I wouldn’t go this year if you are trying to actually get into the convention. The convention has been sold out for weeks. I think this is the first time they have sold out GenCon.

  • Uh, my recollection is that your bride was a language major (French?), Don?

    As someone who was cognitively (congenitally?) unable to learn a second language in a reasonable time, I applaud and envy all language majors. God bless!

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