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  • Very powerful ad. I hope it works. I hope Julian Assange is wrong – that Trump could be stopped by the powers that be.

  • I don’t know what is making my computer so jumpy– and I don’t know how that post from “ency” went up. It’s not “ency” 🙂 it’s me .Anzlyne … sorry Mr. McClarey.

  • Good ad. Portrays Hillary’s carelessness, thoughtlessness and heartlessness.

  • As the father of a son at a military academy, a son who wants special forces when he graduates, it chills me to the bone to think that monster might become commander in chief. Ultimately, all politics is local. #NeverHillary!

  • We don’t live in a free country.
    When things go wrong next Tuesday, the criminal state will be institutionalized.
    One more liberal SCOTUS fabulist and our freedom is officially gone: they will ban the Church unless it changes its “opinions” (what they call objective truth) on same-sex marriage. gender, etc. .
    Praise God! Our kingdom is not of this World.
    FYI – “fabulist” a person who composes fables.”

  • Benghazi Memoriam

    In the year of our Lord Twenty Hundred and Twelve,
    on the sacred day of September Eleven,
    Little did the four of us think
    that on that night we could be in Heaven.
    One would think that, on that special day,
    extra measures would be taken
    In a Libyan city so far away
    from the shores of our great Nation.
    One would think that, in Election Years
    (as that one was), aid would swiftly come.
    Yet, all our pleas went on deaf ears
    and thus our days would soon be done.
    Why were our electronic mails ignored?
    Does a U.S. Ambassador not merit attention?
    They were somehow lost in the thousands more
    that someone felt were not worth retention.
    How many public servants face
    the peril that we faced on that night?
    Or even acknowledge the costs of freedom,
    the rule of law, and the worth of each life?
    So, in this new Election Year,
    we humbly ask you (if you could)
    To remember us and to say a prayer
    for Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods.

  • “I hope Julian Assange is wrong – that Trump could be stopped by the powers that be.”
    If Trump wins, then will Obama accept it and yield power or assume dictatorship and precipitate civil war?
    Democrats are never going to accept losing.
    The same is true of me – Hillary will never be my President if elected.

  • When people lose faith in God they put it in princes.

Media as Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party

Sunday, August 7, AD 2016





Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal helps point out that most members of the media this year are nothing but Democrat shills.  In that respect this year is like all years since 1964 although this year they are not bothering to make any attempt to disguise the fact:



“American “journalists.”  Pretty much the same thing.  CNN’s Carol Costello desperately tries to get a parent of one of Lady Macbeth’s victims to focus on what’s truly important:

Charles Woods, father of U.S. Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was killed during the Benghazi attack, appeared on CNN Tuesday. CNN Newsroom host Carol Costello repeatedly badgered him about Donald Trump’s feud with Khizr Khan, and whether Trump should apologize. Transcript below, via CNN.

“I know who should apologize, and that would be Hillary Clinton, for lying to the American families who lost their loved ones as well as to the American public,” Woods said.And I’m sure when the election comes out next year, they’re going to have to make the decision, who should they vote for, based upon who will do the best job of defending this country.


WOODS: And I think the whole reason …

COSTELLO: Do you, do you think, Sir …

WOODS: … Clinton proved at Benghazi that she was incapable of protecting 35 of her own employees. So how could she possibly protect 330 million Americans at home?

COSTELLO: Do you think that Mr. Trump should apologize to Mr. Khan?

WOODS: You know, I really don’t know what’s been said. I haven’t seen a T.V. set since last Monday or Tuesday … 

COSTELLO: So Eric Trump is saying that his father sort of apologized by calling Khan’s son a hero. And that Donald Trump has also sacrificed for this country.

WOODS: Well I would agree with what Mr. Trump said, definitely Khan was an American hero. He was a patriotic American, and he was also a moderate Muslim.

COSTELLO: But should Mr. Trump apologize?

WOODS: You know, like I say, I don’t know what he originally said, and I don’t know what he’s said since then. I — I know who should apologize, and that would be Hillary Clinton, for lying to the American families who lost their loved ones, as well as to the American public. You know, she’s …

COSTELLO: Do you …

WOODS: … in fact, she’s even doubled down and called us liars. Which is not appropriate at all. Because like I said, either she’s lying …

COSTELLO: Who are you endorsing this election?

WOODS: Well my son would still be alive if Mrs. Clinton was performing her job properly, as Secretary of State. So in good conscience I cannot vote for the person who was directly responsible for the death of my son. There is only two choices, and obviously I support Donald Trump.

And the main reason is because national security, as well as the economy, are the two most important issues that voters are going to have to decide upon next November.

COSTELLO: And just the last question I’ll ask you, do you wish that Mr. Trump would stop talking about the Khans now?

WOODS: You know, when Hillary Clinton on several occasions, has called the Benghazi victims’ families liars, would that be — should she apologize for that?

That exchange, ladies and gentlemen, is why so many of us have to depend on foreign news sources to find out what’s really going on in our own country.

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12 Responses to Media as Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party

  • I have said it before. Carol Costello is a no talent former infobabe. She dropped out of Kent State’s journalism school in the 1980s when she landed a job at WAKR TV in Akron. She parlayed that into news anchor jobs in Columbus and Baltimore before going to CNN. Now she is a middle aged left wing crank.

    The media will NEVER go after the Clintons. There is enough dirt on them to lock them up forever but it will NEVER happen. The Democrats are organized crime. The ABA is their legal team. The media is their public relations arm. Hollywood produces their propaganda. Big business, long believed by many to be in the thrall of the GOP (insert laughter) has never hesitated to pay tribute to the Democrats and many wealthy business executives, and it seeems every Hollywood half-wit, are quasi-Socialists.

    Yeah, I know what people here think of Trump. Had the feckless GOP put forth better candidates we might have had a better presidential candidate.

  • “Yeah, I know what people here think of Trump.”

    I think he is going to smash Hillary in the Fall and be a terrible President. However, I also think that Clinton would be worse. As I predicted, Democrats are doing their worst to push me in Trump’s direction. They haven’t succeeded-yet. However, the sheer hypocrisy surrounding this campaign when it comes to judging the two candidates is nauseating to behold.

  • I, like many others, will probably vote for Trump in large part because of the totally biased press and the hollywood twits. I just want to laugh at them after the election – hope I can.

  • That exchange, ladies and gentlemen, is why so many of us have to depend on foreign news sources to find out what’s really going on in our own country.
    Just don’t forget to watch THEM just as closely as you watch the ones here; Russia isn’t funding a bunch of news sites because they’re nice people, and even innocent bias can cause issues.

  • I’m guessing ms costello is a pretty nice person, loved by her family etc. but her unrelenting attempts to force the conversation with Mr. Woods was a harassment, a way of bullying that can lead weaker persons to give in and whimper “yeah … but” and give the sound bite the CNN organization is looking for.

  • I’m not so sure Trump will win. Right now, I doubt it.

    Costello is just plain nasty and has hit middle age without a husband or kids. She will die an old maid. No doubt this irks her.

  • At this point in an election cycle, polls are pretty meaningless, at least that is the position of President Dukakis:

    United States presidential election, 1988



    George H. W. Bush (R) %

    Michael Dukakis (D) %

    March 52% 40%
    April 45% 43%
    May 38% 54%
    June 38% 52%
    41% 46%
    July 41% 47%
    37% 54%
    August 42% 49%
    September 49% 41%
    47% 42%
    October 50% 40%
    November 56% 44%
    Actual result 53% 46%

  • It isn’t all about the polls. The Democrat public relations machine is running at optimum efficiency. Trump is no skilled politician and the Clintons have an attack machine that destroys everyone (except Obumbler) going back to Arkansas and the late 1970s.

  • I cannot say this from experience, simply because I avoid watching much mainstream media. Nonetheless I find that people who “get” their news from such sources are quite uninformed. C. Costello certainly seems agenda driven in this interview. Mr. Woods handled the situation in an admirable manner. I don’t think I would have kept my composure as well as he did.

  • Having been a democrat and a democrat for life and an editor i’ve been around that mulberry bush and recall a quote from a famous journalist.
    I just looked it up:
    “I think being a liberal, in the true sense, is being nondoctrinaire, nondogmatic, non-committed to a cause – but examining each case on its merits. Being left of center is another thing; it’s a political position. I think most newspapermen by definition have to be liberal; if they’re not liberal, by my definition of it, then they can hardly be good newspapermen. If they’re preordained dogmatists for a cause, then they can’t be very good journalists; that is, if they carry it into their journalism.” (Ron Powers)
    In the self reassurance that goes on among liberal journalists — they don’t admit that are not non-doctrinaire, but are in fact committed leftists.
    As I re-read mr. Powers quote today I see that part of the reason liberalism is a sin is that it believes nothing and is detached from reality.

  • “Trump is no skilled politician”

    Correct, and that is one of several reasons why I think Trump is likely to prevail. As for the Clinton smear machine, Trump raised 82 million dollars last month, just a smidge behind Hillary. His average donation was $61.00 over the internet. His attacks against Hillary are soon going to be matching hers against him. Additionally Trump thrives on bad publicity. This is a unique year and Trump is a unique candidate.

  • I agree with Donald. Trump should be smart enough to stop shooting himself and Hillary is just dumb enough to become over confident. Plus maybe she will go all epileptic on TV. Anyway, it’s way too early to write Donald off. And another thing, the media might just give him a boost so the race stays interesting and ratings high.

Benghazi: The Point Is We Should Have Tried

Thursday, May 1, AD 2014



Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.  Retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell, who was Deputy Director for Intelligence for Africom (Africa Command), at the time of the Benghazi attack, gets to the heart of the matter:



“Many with firsthand knowledge have recounted the heroism displayed by the brave Americans in Benghazi that night. They fought the way they trained. That is in the record. Outside of Libya there were discussions that churned on about what we should do. These elements also fought the way they were trained. Specifically, the predisposition to interagency influence had the military structure—in the spirit of expeditionary government support—waiting for a request for assistance from the State Department. There are accounts of time, space and capability discussions of the question, could we have gotten there in time to make a difference. Well, the discussion is not in the “could or could not” in relation to time, space and capability—the point is we should have tried. As another saying goes: “Always move to the sound of the guns,” Lovell said. “It is with a sense of duty as a retired General officer that I respectfully submit these thoughts and perspectives.”

Lovell also confirmed again that the 9/11 Benghazi attack was not a result of a demonstration but instead was a well planned out assault and said the situation of holding back help made the military feel “desperate.”

“The military should have made a response of some sort,” he said.

Further, Lovell said people on the ground that night knew it was an attack from al Qaeda almost immediately.

“We didn’t know how long this would last when we became aware of the distress nor did we completely understand what we had in front of us, be it a kidnapping, rescue, recovery, protracted hostile engagement or any or all of the above,” Lovell said. “But what we did know quite early on was that this was a hostile action. This was no demonstration gone terribly awry.”

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15 Responses to Benghazi: The Point Is We Should Have Tried

  • This Administration is treasonous, diabolical, demonic, idolatrous, iniquitous, perverted, perverse, malicious, malevolent and utterly evil. It murders unborn babies. It lets heroes die un-vindicated. It glorifies itself in all manner of filth and spiritual disease. I have not the words necessity to express my disgust, disdain, contempt, loathing and abhorrence that I have for this Administration and the liberal progressive Democrats. Benghazi is but one in a list of numerous crimes perpetrated by an Administration which has respect for neither the God who sits on His Throne in Heaven above nor for the people whom they are appointed under His authority to serve and protect.
    Sirach 10:1-5
    A wise magistrate will educate his people,
    and the rule of an understanding man will be well ordered.

    Like the magistrate of the people, so are his officials;
    and like the ruler of the city, so are all its inhabitants.

    An undisciplined king will ruin his people,
    but a city will grow through the understanding of its rulers.

    The government of the earth is in the hands of the Lord,
    and over it he will raise up the right man for the time.

    The success of a man is in the hands of the Lord,
    and he confers his honor upon the person of the scribe.

  • Obumbler and his minions are in this up to their necks. What the Regime did was criminal, but Obumbler cares not and neither do the media.

  • The truth may now safely leak out. His Supreme Obamanation has been reelected.

    P.S. Our bishops could take heed of the retired brigadier general’s words, “The point is we should have tried” as a guide in their own duties as overseers. We all could.

  • The bishops could learn to do their duty and so could the media. Candy Crowley aided and abetted this administration in this lie during the debate with Mitt Romney. She helped shut Romney down and elevated Obama. She, Gwen Ifill, Martha Radditz and others share in the disaster that is Obama’s presidency, having helped make it possible for him to win on lies.
    Everyone who continues to be an accomplice to this unholy administration should soon examine their conscience, publicly repent and try to right the wrongs they have helped to perpetrate.
    Also I have never understood why it mattered what “inspired” the attack on the U.S. – whether it was a movie or not– it was an attack on us and our personnel. We should have defended ourelves. Saying it was an video maker, arrested in California, was just another refrain of ” it was our fault, our fault, our most grievous fault.

  • This, and Obamacare – are they the last – or the only – trainwrecks from his Incompetency, the POTUS? I would say not.
    Meanwhile, the dependence on the USA for moral leadership and truth by the rest of the world is being hugely compromised.

  • My only quibble with Anzlyne’s 6:31 comment is that nobody made Mitt Romney stop talking about Benghazi but Mitt Romney.

  • You are right Ernst, he could have followed up later. I was thinking of that night with the rules of the “debate ” and the time constraints I thought she shut him down and gave the floor to obama. She read a transcript and seemed to offer proof that obama was right and Romney was wrong, then the show was over. Lots of viewers for the debate. To me all the cards seemed to be in o’s hand, and the dealers were his too.
    But he could have tried to press it more during the remaining time before the election.

  • Not only could have, but should have Anzlyne. Not doing so was a failure of nerve that left the impression that Crowley and Obama were right, and Romney wrong.

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  • You are all right. Amen! This leaves a question, which stands like the elephant in the living room…..like the emperor with no clothes on……why has not the impeachment process begun?

    He did less than Nixon ever thought of, yet no media dares sound the alarm! Why?

    We have been infiltrated? Joe McCarthy was right, and, went to his grave an unsung hero?

    Then again, look at all the mosques which have sprung up all over America! Do you have one in your neighborhood? John Paul II said “Be Not Afraid”. We seem to be afraid to speak the truth. Do it before it’s too late, and, we experience “the knock on the door at night” (The
    Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

  • Does anyone here know the answer to that question? Why no effort to impeach?

  • Because no conviction would be possible in the Senate. Been there, done that, in 1999 with Bill Clinton. Not a single Democrat Senator voted Clinton to be guilty under either article of impeachment. I cannot think of a single Democrat senator who would ever vote to impeach Obama under any imaginable circumstance.

  • Thank you Donald. But couldn’t the impeachment process still be useful?
    I see that the impeachment in the house is more or less an indictment, even though it might not be followed by any kind of conviction by the senate, but could it not set the framework for a criminal case after his term is over?
    I’m thinking not just of getting him out of office, but of seeking justice even after the term is up.
    Otherwise is the president who has a majority support in the congress really above the law? Does this gives the green light for that type of politician who may follow. Is this bad precedent? Making bad guys who push the envelope see how much they can get away with. It seems we are helpless to deal with dereliction of duty and abuse of power. Then “checks and balances” are a fiction.
    Could impeachment tell the historical record and instruct future voters. Somebody has said something like silence only helps the bad guys.

  • “But couldn’t the impeachment process still be useful?”

    Not in our current media advice and the hair raising stupidity of far too many low information voters.

    “Otherwise is the president who has a majority support in the congress really above the law?”

    A President who enjoys the support of a majority in a crisis is very strong indeed. Obama has not enjoyed that support since the midterms. The solution for a rogue president is ever in the hands of the voters at the next election.

  • I believe you are right. This is all disheartening.

Benghazi Betrayal

Monday, October 28, AD 2013


Well, it took over a year, but 60 Minutes last night ran a feature on the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 that is absolutely damning for the Obama administration.  With Lara Logan as the lead reporter,  it revealed an administration indifferent to the security for our diplomats and who left men fighting for us in the aftermath of the attack to fend for themselves.  It did not ask the key question of why no military assets were sent to rescue them.  From the transcript of the report:



The same force that had gone to the compound was now defending the CIA Annex. Hours later, they were joined by a small team of Americans from Tripoli. From defensive positions on these rooftops, the Americans fought back a professional enemy. In a final wave of intense fighting just after 5 a.m., the attackers unleashed a barrage of mortars. Three of them slammed into this roof, killing former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.


Lara Logan: They hit that roof three times.


Andy Wood: They, they hit those roofs three times.


Lara Logan: In the dark.


Andy Wood: Yea, that’s getting the basketball through the hoop over your shoulder.


Lara Logan: What does it take to pull off an attack like that?


Andy Wood: Coordination, planning, training, experienced personnel. They practice those things. They knew what they were doing. That was a– that was a well-executed attack.


We have learned there were two Delta Force operators who fought at the Annex and they’ve since been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Navy Cross — two of the military’s highest honors. The Americans who rushed to help that night went without asking for permission and the lingering question is why no larger military response ever crossed the border into Libya — something Greg Hicks realized wasn’t going to happen just an hour into the attack.


Lara Logan: You have this conversation with the defense attache. You ask him what military assets are on their way. And he says–


Greg Hicks: Effectively, they’re not. And I– for a moment, I just felt lost. I just couldn’t believe the answer. And then I made the call to the Annex chief, and I told him, “Listen, you’ve gotta tell those guys there may not be any help coming.”


Lara Logan: That’s a tough thing to understand. Why?


Greg Hicks: It just is. We–, for us, for the people that go out onto the edge, to represent our country, we believe that if we get in trouble, they’re coming to get us. That our back is covered. To hear that it’s not, it’s a terrible, terrible experience.

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8 Responses to Benghazi Betrayal

  • The combination of the administration’s indifference and the public’s indifference toward this evil administration is mind numbing.

  • If the embassy in Benghazi was so vulnerable, Obama ought to have recalled our ambassador and closed the facility.
    “Sufian bin Qumu, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee and long-time al Qaeda operative, was one of the lead planners along with Faraj al-Chalabi,”
    The coward in the White House released an al Qaeda operative and refused help to our ambassador.
    Donald McClarey, please repost this every six months until after the 2016 election.

  • I also watched the 60 minutes Benghazi report. Two things were noticeable: First,
    CIA rep Andy Wood said that when the Al Qaeda operatives hit the Delta-Force defenders with a mortar shot, it was the equivalent of “getting the basketball through the hoop over your shoulder”, implying it was a lucky and also triumphal “hit”. In fact the mortar fire was incoming for several hours (one witness said over 6 hours): as you know if you are aware of military tactics, when an opponent has a mortar, you must move continuously, or it is simply a matter of time, maybe a few minutes (think Omaha Beach). And it isnt that difficult to effectively operate state-of -the art mortars: it is a matter of time: you will eventually hit a target that is pinned down. The fact is, while Obama went to bed and Hillary disappeared, these two outstandingly brave men were eluding their attackers for hours, until their ammunition ran low and their luck —and Hillary and Obama — ran out. Second, when Lara Logan ran through her questions, she skillfully avoided asking questions about who should have dispatched reinforcements. Bases in Sicily and ships in the Mediterranean could have had jets and helicopter gun ships on site in a period of 30 minutes up to 1 hour. Just like with the IRS scandal — no one is responsible.

  • Much of this information came out over a period of months – either through Fox News reports or other investigative journalistic endeavours.
    But that does not make it any easier to watch when it is all pulled together in a doco.

    When are the “Impeach Obama” signs going up?

  • “When are the “Impeach Obama” signs going up?”

    Going up? I’ve had mine on the back of my van for years. (Actually my wife put it there!)

  • …for the people that go out onto the edge, to represent our country, we believe that if we get in trouble, they’re coming to get us. That our back is covered. To hear that it’s not, it’s a terrible, terrible experience.

    Agreed. It has been a terrible experience. And to find out how many Americans reacted to the death of an American Ambassador with “win some, lose some,” e.g. Spiliakos at First Things: I’ve never been able to get worked up about the Benghazi attack. I always thought that the refusal to order a prompt rescue mission was a judgment call.

Lest We Forget

Monday, June 24, AD 2013

Benghazi Heroes


The Battling Boys of Benghazi

We’re the Battling Boys of Benghazi,

no fame, no glory, no paparazzi,

Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,

defending the country we loved so well.

It wasn’t our job, but we answered the call,

fought to the consulate, and scaled the wall.

We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,

led them to safety, and stood at the gate.

Just the two of us, and foes by the score,

but we stood fast, to bar the door,

Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,

so we fought and we fought, and we fought till we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,

but Barack Obama didn’t give a damn.

Just two dead SEAL’s, who carried the load,

no thanks to us — we were just “bumps in the road.”

Anonymous Marine Officer

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2 Responses to Lest We Forget

  • Hoping the twenty countrymen led to safety remember to console the two families, and bring truth to the reports.

  • Benghazi disturbs me more than any other provocative act of this administration. I think it is more personal than all the rest because it has a face.

    These men deserve to have their story told and those who left them to die need to come clean.

    This is a political issue to many. I get that. Whether it was incompetence or a policy choice to leave them to die, it looks bad for the Administration. Administration opponents and supporters have understandably manipulated the issue for political gain. But these men really were the people that boys dream of someday being, the kind of men who would rise to the challenge and face unbeatable odds with courage.

    I hope to see their story told in full one day.

Compare and Contrast

Thursday, February 7, AD 2013

7 Responses to Compare and Contrast

  • A:“Help! Help! We are under attack, and running out of ammo!”
    B: “I’m sorry, can you fill out your request in triplicate and put it through the chain of command correctly? We’re not authorized to respond to verbal reports.”

  • Ha! It is basically the Obama administration telling Americans abroad, whether or not they work for the government: In case of trouble you are on your own Jack!

  • Raising money for re-election takes priority over matters of State, international or domestic. Clinton was asleep. Sweep it under the mat via bogus video scapegoating, and now General Dempsey does dodgeball.
    My stomach aches for the poor surviving families that see this pathetic administration at its BEST! Best, because ignorance and deceit is all they have.

    Lord have Mercy.

  • “Ha! It is basically the Obama administration telling Americans abroad, whether or not they work for the government: In case of trouble you are on your own Jack!”
    Ahem! Unless some official–acting alone–decides to send a drone over to “get them?”

  • GOD is really mad at the USA!

    this administration and all his little giants make my stomach turn!

    this can’t be the best the USA has to offer!

    our country looks way off course with these two pos and then the incompetent, arrogant prez and hillary off to who knows where!

    how do these pos sleep at night, knowingly letting these men die?

    their future afterlife doesn’t look to bright!

  • Incompetence must be contagious.

A Matter of Honor

Tuesday, October 30, AD 2012


You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

I have always enjoyed the speech of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men because it contains quite a bit of truth in it, and I have regretted that the words are placed in the mouth of the villainous Colonel Jessup.  In regard to fallen American heroes Tyrone Woods and Greg Doherty it is completely, and righteously, applicable.

The higher-ups in the Obama administration who turned their backs on Woods and Doherty could never understand such men.  It was no part of their mission to supply embassy security.  Instead, after the Benghazi attack began, Tyrone Woods asked for permission to go and risk his life to rescue the embassy personnel.  He was denied permission two times, and he went anyway.  He was unarmed initially, picking up his weapons from what he found on the ground, the cast away arms of the Libyan mercenaries who were supposed to provide security at the consulate and who ran when the attack began.  He rescued 20 embassy personnel and got them to the CIA annex, where they were evacuated while Woods, joined by Doherty who arrived in Benghazi after the attack began, engaged in a lop sided fight against some 150 to 200 attackers.  During this time they gave live intelligence to their CIA higher-ups and requested military aid.  The CIA has denied that it was anyone from the CIA who vetoed the aid.  So, Doherty and Woods fought their own personal Alamo alone, slaying some 60 of their foes, until they were killed at their machine gun by a mortar round some six hours and twenty minutes from the time the attack began.

Doherty and Woods had their lives taken from them, fighting for their country and to save others.  They epitomize what the term honor means.  To the White House higher-ups who denied them aid, perhaps Doherty and Woods seemed to be fools:  “Didn’t they realize that personal survival is the be all and end all?  They were idiots for sticking their necks out!  Now we have this political mess to clean up!”  Yeah, it is easy to visualize both curses and laughter being aimed at the spirits of these men.  The Seal Code these men lived and died by would be literally incomprehensible to the people who made the decision not to send them aid:   1) Loyalty to Country, Team and Teammate, 2) Serve with Honor and Integrity On and Off the Battlefield, 3) Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit, 4) Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your teammates, 5) Excel as Warriors through Discipline and Innovation, 6) Train for War, Fight to Win, Defeat our Nation’s Enemies, and 7) Earn your Trident every day.

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21 Responses to A Matter of Honor

Who Left American Heroes Tyrone Woods and Greg Doherty to Die?

Saturday, October 27, AD 2012

Tyrone Woods and Greg Doherty were authentic American heroes.  Both former Navy Seals, they fought to the last in defense of the Benghazi consulate, manning a machine gun at the CIA annex.  Despite three separate orders telling them not to do so, Woods and Doherty went to the consulate after the attack began, and saved the lives of 20 embassy personnel, bringing them to the CIA annex.  They  defended the CIA annex, holding it while the 20 people they rescued were evacuated.   They were in constant contact with higher-ups at the CIA, requesting military aid.  They fought heroically for six hours and twenty minutes against an estimated 200 heavily armed attackers from the time of the beginning of the attack on the consulate, killing an estimated sixty of their foes.

They were both killed by a mortar round at the six-hour and twenty-minute mark.  General David Petraeus, head of the CIA, has denied that it was the CIA that vetoed an attempted military rescue of Woods and Doherty.


CIA spokesperson Jennifer Youngblood said, “We can say with confidence that the Agency reacted quickly to aid our colleagues during that terrible evening in Benghazi. Moreover, no one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate. In fact, it is important to remember how many lives were saved by courageous Americans who put their own safety at risk that night-and that some of those selfless Americans gave their lives in the effort to rescue their comrades.”

Investors Business Daily, in a blistering editorial asks the question:  who was responsible?

More than six hours after terrorists attacked our consulate, former Navy  SEALs manned a blood-soaked machine gun to defend U.S. territory. Meanwhile  Apache helicopters sat on the ground in Italy.

At 4 a.m. local time on Sept. 11 — six hours and 20 minutes after the initial  attack began — former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed at  the CIA annex not far from the consulate by a mortar shell. The machine gun they  were firing was encrusted with blood, an indication they continued to fight  after being wounded.

During that eternity, Woods and Doherty might have wondered between gunfire  and explosions where the military, with bases strewn across Europe, was. U.S.  forces were indeed being moved like chess pieces as the attack unfolded, but  none came to their aid because no one gave the order.

President Obama, perhaps preoccupied with his upcoming Las Vegas fundraiser,  met with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Vice President Joe Biden in the Oval  Office at 5 p.m. ET, a little more than an hour after the onset of the  attack.

He could have given the order but did not, even after an email, in which the  al-Qaida-tied group Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility, arrived at 6:07 p.m.  ET to a distribution list that included the White House Situation Room.

A Special Operations force went from central Europe to Naval Air Station  Sigonella in southern Italy, just 480 miles from Benghazi. F-16s and Apache  helicopters remained parked and unused at Aviano Air Base in northern Italy. Two  Navy destroyers already in the Mediterranean Sea were moved off the coast of  Libya on the day of the attack but were never used.

The question is: Why not?

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21 Responses to Who Left American Heroes Tyrone Woods and Greg Doherty to Die?

  • Yesterday, Instapundit posted that, reportedly, an AC-130U gunship was on station and had its computerized aim system locked one each jihadi mortar (a gift of the United States of America?). USAF and Navy fast movers could have “brought the goods” in less than an hour.

    In short, Obama bin Laden could have punished the perpetrators that day.

    No one gave the order to shoot . . .


    Then, Barry flew off to Vegas.

    Who had the authority to giver the order and why was it not given?

    Where does the “buck stop”?


    Lying, Obama-worshiping media: crickets chirping.

  • Addendum: Since Obama bin Laden took over in early 2009, more than 100 US marines and soldiers have been murdered by Afghan jihadis infiltrated in the Army/National Police.


    Four more years of this and we are toast. You can “take that to the bank.”

  • There may be a good reason ‘why not’, but Gen. Petraeus is the only one of them who could credibly articulate it to a general audience and he has been stone silent for six weeks.

  • What will happen to General Petraeus now that he has spoken? Can the traitor in the Oval Office stand being called what he is?

    These are dangerous times. Obama does not have the fortitude of character necessary to accept either criticism or losing. I think that he will do – or try to do – something very bad.

  • Thanks Donald! I saw that statement last night at the Weekly Standard from William Kristol. (Paraphrasing) No one could have made that decision (to stand down) except the President. If the CIA didn’t do it, then the Secretary of Defense wouldn’t be able to make such a decision on his own. It would have been a presidential decision.

    And they had a meeting…

    Some have suggested that maybe the President didn’t do anything nefarious, but that maybe it was just incompetence. Perhaps. But both are criminal.

  • Gross incompetence Stacy or criminal neglect. Either one should be a clear indication that Obama has no business being commander in chief.

  • “I think that he will do – or try to do – something very bad.”

    I do not expect that Paul. However, if he were foolish enough to do so, the consequences would be very bad indeed for him.

  • The truth meter dial has moved to treasonous terrorist from (media-induced guise of) careless incompetent. Team of insidious functionaries stirring events, while intimidating voters with diversions of base and basic concerns in the morality morass, it seems.

  • Isn’t it revealing who was in that room allegedly at 5 PM? All three. Obama, Biden, Panetta are partisan hacks. Not one has any operational experience. (It may turn out others were consulted but time was short so they probably had no more than a basic report to look at.)

    I also think Mr McCleary should include Amb. Stevens and Smith in the article. Stevens had made repeated ignored calls for help in securing the embassy facilities in the weeks prior to the attack. Weren’t they proactively left to die too? What went through Stevens’ and Smith’s minds as they were being attacked?

  • Obama, Biden, Panetta are partisan hacks. Not one has any operational experience.

    Obama and Biden are fairly useless. Panetta is a curious choice for Secretary of Defense, but he is a policy wonk and a reasonable occupant of some sort of senior position.

  • Recall what we learned after the Osama bin Laden raid. It wasn’t going to happen because Obama was indecisive and Rasputin, I mean Valerie Jarrett, had counseled him to not do it. Apparently Panetta is the one who set it in motion.

    I can imagine a similar scenario here. Obama, lacking character and the stuff of an informed and strong executive, was incapable of making a decision or even knowing what sort of decision should be made. The only advice he can make sense of is that from his political campaign handlers, which doesn’t make for appropriate directives.

  • What the Obama administration did to those men is disgraceful. Those men put themselves in harms way for our country, and the administration threw them to the wolves so they could hang on to the political fiction that there was no terrorist attack on Obama’s watch. In effect, they were a human sacrifice to the idol of political deception. I was a soldier, and now I have a son who is a soldier. Would that rat bastard in the White House throw my son’s life away if he thought it might get a few votes?

  • “Would that rat bastard in the White House throw my son’s life away if he thought it might get a few votes?”

    I so want to make a snarky comment about respect for human life, other than your own.

    It’s not that I’m single issue, it’s that it all ties together in principle. I keep thinking, “These people are pro-choice.” We all know what that means.

  • Adding to the outrage: Obama, Rodham, and Pannetta; and their media lackeys used the return of the heroes’ (whom they deserted to doom) earthly remains for a photo op.

    Then, Obama bin Laden went to the media and apologized that the jihadis had to get blood on their hands over a YouTube video that 16 people saw.

    And, the producer of the video is still in jail awaiting a court date.

  • When folks hector me to give Obama “due credit” for the OSB take-out, this is pretty much what I had in mind when I said “He didn’t screw up the biggest no-brainier possible as badly as he could have.”

  • Obama is all about obama.
    Proof positive.
    The appropriate thing for Barry to do is apologize for his inability to carry out his duties as commander and chief and resign his post.

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  • Oh my gosh! They may have relieved a general who issued orders that would have resulted in forces being deployed to protect the people in Benghazi before those orders could be carried out.


    It just keeps getting worse and worse.

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  • >Tyrone Woods and Greg Doherty were authentic American heroes. Both former Navy Seals, they fought to the last in defense of the Benghazi consulate…

    Too bad the mainstream news doesn’t have the time for these heroes:

    Obama’s Benghazi Gate and the Blood Encrusted Gun