Loyalty Day 2017 and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Monday, May 1, AD 2017

President Trump proclaimed today as Loyalty Day and the port side of our politics went crazy on twitter, the above photo allegedly from the Ivanka Trump Loyalty Day Collection being one sample.  Go here to read all about it.  The problem is that May 1 has been Loyalty Day by Federal law starting in 1955 and all Presidents since, including Obama, have proclaimed it to be such.  Go here to read my post on Loyalty Day in 2014.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is not merely a political brickbat, but it is a real phenomenon, and it would be pointed out as such if so many of the chattering classes in reporting, the professions, academia and entertainment were not deeply in the throes of it.


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4 Responses to Loyalty Day 2017 and Trump Derangement Syndrome

  • Keep it up and President trump could win 48 states in 2020.

    Smug (arrogant people are stupid) liberals will never learn.

    “Vote for us you inbred, racist idiots.” (Instapundit) doesn’t win on Election Day. Ask corrupt, incompetent Hillary.

  • Or Trump could be the next one-term wonder a la Jimmeh Cartah because the feckless GOP Congress drives the white working class Democrats that won him the rust belt back into non-voting apathy.

  • Unless you read Stars and Stripes, or The Conservative Treehouse, the latter blog which has the full speech transcript, the Major Media once again misses the enormous personal connection that Donald J Trump has with mainstream America. You have to read the transcript of the speech dated @ The Conservative Treehouse, today
    5/2/2017. Trump is funny, over-the-top, self-deprecating and honorific of the USA and if all the services, and explains what his bigger picture amounts to.

    Read, or watch the approx 15-20 min. video, and be moved

  • By the way, the speech is titled “Commander -in-chief award to USAF Academy”, 5/2/17.

Historical Rubbish

Thursday, February 23, AD 2017



I used to belong to the Society for Military History.  I withdrew my membership yesterday when I was informed by the Society that it had signed on to the following resolution by the American Historical Association.  Below is that resolution with my commentary:

The American Historical Association strongly condemns the executive order issued by President Donald J. Trump on January 27 purportedly “protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States.” Historians look first to evidence: deaths from terrorism in the United States in the last fifteen years have come at the hands of native-born citizens and people from countries other than the seven singled out for exclusion in the order. Attention to evidence raises the question as to whether the order actually speaks to the dangers of foreign terrorism.

The resolution starts out with a sophistical piece of verbal sleight of hand.  Note the use of 15 years as the relevant time scale.  Why?  Why not 20 years or 25 years?  Because if a time scale longer than 15 years were used, 9-11 would be included, and the initial statement would be rendered false.  As an attorney, and familiar with weasel worded arguments, I have nothing but contempt for this type of lie of omission.

It is more clear that the order will have a significant and detrimental impact on thousands of innocent people, whether inhabitants of refugee camps across the world who have waited months or even years for interviews scheduled in the coming month (now canceled), travelers en route to the United States with valid visas or other documentation, or other categories of residents of the United States, including many of our students and colleagues.

Actually the Administration acted swiftly to fix the Executive Order for green card holders.  As for refugees, this was intended to be a temporary ban until proper vetting procedures could be put into place.  Last year the Director of the FBI testified before Congress that then current vetting procedures were inadequate.

The AHA urges the policy community to learn from our nation’s history. Formulating or analyzing policy by historical analogy admittedly can be dangerous; context matters. But the past does provide warnings, especially given advantages of hindsight. What we have seen before can help us understand possible implications of the executive order. The most striking example of American refusal to admit refugees was during the 1930s, when Jews and others fled Nazi Germany. A combination of hostility toward a particular religious group combined with suspicions of disloyalty and potential subversion by supposed radicals anxious to undermine our democracy contributed to exclusionist administrative procedures that slammed shut the doors on millions of refugees. Many were subsequently systematically murdered as part of the German “final solution to the Jewish question.” Ironically, President Trump issued his executive order on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

An organization that purports to represent American historians should do a better job with history.  As of 1939 the US had admitted 95,000 German Jewish refugees.  This was out of a total of 282,000 German Jewish refugees, and 117,000 Austrian Jewish refugees, who had emigrated from Nazi Germany, including Austria, up to 1939.


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11 Responses to Historical Rubbish

  • “An organization that purports to represent American historians should do a better job with history. As of 1939 the US had admitted 95,000 German Jewish refugees. This was out of a total of 282,000 German Jewish refugees who had emigrated from Nazi Germany up to 1939.”

    Do you have a source? I have a friend who would benefit from that info.

  • “By September 1939, approximately 282,000 Jews had left Germany and 117,000 from annexed Austria. Of these, some 95,000 emigrated to the United States, 60,000 to Palestine, 40,000 to Great Britain, and about 75,000 to Central and South America, with the largest numbers entering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. More than 18,000 Jews from the German Reich were also able to find refuge in Shanghai, in Japanese-occupied China.”


  • See KC Johnson (a mainline Democrat out in the world but hard right in History departments today). The race-class-gender narrative has pretty much consumed American history and people seeking the latest in conventional topics therein sometimes have to consult work published 35 years ago. What he doesn’t say is what’s happened to American history is what happened to sociology and anthropology earlier – it’s an apologetical discipline that works to defend contentious propositions favored by the academic clerisy as a subcuture. See Johnson’s discussion of Prof. Sarah Deutch of Duke, who has no business in a classroom.

  • I just cancelled the NY Times which I liked at the data reporting level in non political pieces but their data is way biased once it’s Trump related….half the daily initial articles are about Trump….negatively.

  • The sad state of historical study in the US. There was an excellent piece in the WSJ about dismissing the West altogether, but I don’t have a subscription. I saw the whole before I lost it and when I tried to pull it back up, it hit me with the subscription bit. But it shows what Ross Douthat said a couple weeks back. We are really a clash between two sides that see America (and to a greater extent the Christian West) as either good or evil. And it appears more and more the academics are joining with the evil assessment. Which makes you wonder. If history is written by the winners (and therefore able to be dismissed), and since it’s clear that the Left has won most of the academic world over to itself, does that mean the Left is the winner? And does that therefore mean we can take its approach to history with the same grain of salt?

  • I keep a HS AP American History text which I reference whenever I need to.

    The post-modern History texts mostly are agit-prop (agitation and propaganda). Plus, the current crop of students and teachers can’t handle the material as we could in the mid-1960’s.

    The leftists long since took over education. It’s not their faults that they’re functional illiterates. They represent generations of American “students” that have been corrupted with so-called American Studies classes that solely taught left-wing propaganda, PC victim groups, calumnies, and the trashing of uber-evil America.

  • We are really a clash between two sides that see America (and to a greater extent the Christian West) as either good or evil. And it appears more and more the academics are joining with the evil assessment. Which makes you wonder. If history is written by the winners (and therefore able to be dismissed), and since it’s clear that the Left has won most of the academic world over to itself, does that mean the Left is the winner?

    1. What is the function of intellectuals, but to tell us things are not as ordinary people see them and experience them?

    2. Trashing your ancestors can be a means for a clerisy to allocate to itself the authority over value scales.

    History isn’t written by the winners, but by the intelligentsia of the day, some of whom may have integrity. See the Spanish Civil War historiography.

  • Back to Sarah Deutch. Students in her classes at Duke got treated to a mess of topical blather about how the assault on Crystal Gail Mangum was a manifestation of a repeated pattern in American history and all too common today. We later learned that Crystal Gail Mangum concocted it out of whole cloth in an improvisation meant to avert a civil commitment. We also know (if we examine the statistical reports of the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics) that multi-assailant rapes of black women by white men are so rare they cannot be enumerated with ordinary survey research. (In fact, white-on-black rape of any description is unusual. There might be one or two a year in an ordinary metropolitan settlement the size of Durham). So, here you have Prof. Deutch, well paid by Duke and with a mess of professional accolades, spouting sociological fantasies to her students (and what are certainly known by the quants in the sociology department there to be fantasies). A year or so later, she crosses paths with Ralph Luker at an AHA conference. Luker discovers to his astonishment that Prof. Deutch was unable to digest the reality that the complaint against the three Duke students was a fabrication and proven as such by the state Attorney-General. “You mean about the charges being dropped…” she tells Luker. Not many people have minds which work that way, but Duke University under William Chafe’s regime was pleased to hire them.

  • The most striking example of American refusal to admit refugees was during the 1930s, when Jews and others fled Nazi Germany.

    And I wonder what the person writing this press release would have said at the time. “No, we can’t prioritise Jews fleeing from persecution, that would be setting a religious test!”?

  • Well done Donald. Glad to hear that members of SMH in the USA (I am in Australia) have resigned their
    membership, as I have done, because SMH signed on to the resolution of the American Historical Association.

  • Good to hear from you Peter! I was shocked that the SMH did this and I wanted them to know that there would be pushback.

The Great Anti-Trump Crusade of 2017

Thursday, February 16, AD 2017

I believe Trump to be the single greatest domestic threat this nation has ever faced. Why?  Because as bad as the Civil War was, Bobby Lee did not have the power to eradicate human life on earth. Trump literally has the power to end civilization.  And it is not at all out of the realm of possibility that he could do it because he is not a normal person.  He is crazy and unstable and  a liar even to himself.  And he has demoted the Chair of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence and placed a racist, conspiratorial kook who has said he has “no doubt” we will be at war with nuclear colossus China–one-fifth of the world’s population–in a couple of years.  More than that, his seduction of Christians is a grave peril to eternal souls and to the peace of the Church.

Mark Shea




Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts directs our attention to a superb post in reference to the anti-Trump hysteria that has possessed the left:

Or Deus Vult for you sticklers out there.  To read some anti-Trump Catholics, you’d think opposition to Trump is all one needs for salvation.  Embrace evil, teach heresy, endorse blasphemy, it matters not.  Just go on crusade against Trump and you are in the good graces of, well, people who think a lot about their political opinions.

Thank goodness there are saner minds out there, like that of Michael Flynn.  No, not that Michael Flynn.  This Michael Flynn, who looked at the Big Ban controversy and discovered there really is a problem in our current state of affairs. And it isn’t always ‘them’.

Read on, and you’ll discover a crack in the foundation that is growing, and growing, and growing.   Trump will last four years or less.  But the threats to our nation’s future that are rising in the current melee – courtesy of both sides – will last.




Go here to comment.  Since Dave posts at Patheos, that home of the unhinged left, the left wing comments are often a hoot.  Go here to read the TOF post:  The Rule of Law:


A slow-motion Contitutional crisis is brewing. The Permanent Bureaucracy is in revolt.

While many federal workers have begun to consider avenues of dissent only since the inauguration, others had been preparing for weeks. In the last days of Obama’s tenure, several departments catalogued data and reports and got them into the hands of allies outside the government.

That ought to seem dangerous to anyone who loves democracy. But then, the Enlightened regard the American people as irredeemably stoopid.

the federal employees have been “in regular consultation with recently departed Obama-era political appointees about what they can do to push back against the new president’s initiatives. Some federal employees have set up social media accounts to anonymously leak word of changes that Trump appointees are trying to make.”

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26 Responses to The Great Anti-Trump Crusade of 2017

  • This ridiculous charge that the federal Civil Service is opposed to the Trump Administration is deeply offensive to the majority of us. Most of us do our jobs, no matter who is President. We did what we were directed to do under President Obama and we will do what we are directed to do under President Trump. That is the reality for the vast, vast, VAST majority of us.

    There is a small cadre of morons who fail to see that no administration gives a thought to our work. They do not grasp that what we do is so mundane that it is inconsequential to upper management, except in the aggregate. This is as it should be since the People are not served by our political leanings, they are served by our getting their permit completed quickly, properly, and efficiently… Or, whatever other mundane task it is that these complaining idiots, utterly oblivious to how blessed they are to even HAVE a job that provides set pay and benefits and the best protections on the planet… (Protections that drive managers like me through the roof with irritation at not being lawfully able to remove bad employees.)

    This “oh my Gosh! The world is ending” minority is extremely vocal while the majority are just rolling along, doing what they have always done. There is another group of folks, mostly law enforcement, who are positively pumped up by Trump’s win, following six years of not enforcing most of our federal laws. For us, sitting a desk and passing on investigations because they do not fit the approved narrative has been a horror. We are excited, not because we are Republicans or anything but because you hired us to enforce the law and that is what we WANT to do.

    So, please don’t buy this lie that the federal Civil Service is upset by a Trump win. It isn’t true.

  • David, you’re not the only civil servant (or former civil servant) around here.

    And as one, surely you know that it doesn’t take a huge minority to gum up the works and disrupt plans.

    So, please don’t buy this lie that the federal Civil Service is upset by a Trump win. It isn’t true.

    If you want to disrupt the meme that you’re a monolithic group (which nobody around here has said), then don’t phrase things as if you’re a monolithic group. Otherwise anybody can disprove you by simply pointing to any federal employee unhappy with Trump – which there are plenty.

  • I do not work in govt, but from my observation of the US NRC inspectors at commercial nuclear power plants, and US NRC auditors and reviewers over nuclear steam supply companies like mine, what David Spaulding writes is 100% correct. With the notable exception of Gregory Jackzo, former NRC Chairperson appointed by the Obamanation of Desolation, even people as high up as Commissioners are usually quite apolitical. They have a job to do – nuclear safety – and it doesn’t matter which political party is in charge, nor should it. Anti-nuke nut case Jackzo was sadly an exception to that rule.

  • Re: General Flynn. if the treasonous spooks had acted on intel concerning a jihadi murderer, the left would be screaming that they first didn’t get a warrant.

    Lets’ shut down the domstic big data spying piut inb y Bush and Obama and fire all the NSA spies. Its’ a start, and like the fed they have been consistently ineffective in keeping us safe.

    Mark-who should be mortified upon re-reading that paragraph. It’s utilitarian in that it provides additional evidentiary support for the conclusion that everything that lunatic writes is bullshit.

    Advice concerning the idiotic left’s recent embrace of violence: don’t bring a baseball bat to a gun fight. I’m going to the range this afternoon. There are enough bullets to make a dent in the problem.

  • This is a problem which could be addressed, if the Senate Republican caucus was ever interested in accomplishing much of anything (rather than playing footsie with each other and tossing bon bons at Mr. Donohue of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Thank you for the correction, Mr. Winchester. I’ll be sure to be more exact in my language in the future.

  • NP David. Hold the line. The honest man must always be vigilant against the dishonest one. Interesting times ahead for the civil servant.

  • What is blinding Trump protesters that they cannot see why Donald Trump is such a godsend to our country? I don’t understand the hatred. Trump will make our country great again or at least try. Obama, on the other hand, was out to destroy our way of life and was in league with the powers of darkness. One can only conclude that Trump protestors are inspired by the devil. Anyone have the slightest disagreement with this observation?

  • Let us not ascribe to Satan what can be explained otherwise. Under Obama I think leftists in this country thought they had reached the promised land. Even as they lost control of Congress and were decimated at the State level, they clung to this belief. When Trump, Donald Trump!, defeated the chosen successor of Obama, they suddenly had a crisis of faith, and that is precisely the source of their hysteria.

  • Correct, Mac. I think “The Spanish Inquisition” is another metaphor for this leftist “pomp and circumstances.”

  • Really! You need to look at reality. Trump is a minor threat to what has been going on in this Nation for the last 100 years.

  • I have never, in my lifetime, even during the Reagan era, known so many good and godly people, who have and will continue, to pray for Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency. Is he a perfect man-a Saint? No. Is he the only man who could have accomplished what he has?yes! We will continue to pray daily for this President and for our Country!

  • I wish these hysterical ninnies would find out how the Nuclear Football actually works….

    Seriously, they think, what, Mattis is going to roll over and give Trump whatever he wants when it comes to launching nukes? Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

  • (This is ignoring the whole “Destroy all human life” thing.)

  • Hildebeast in a drunken fit of rage would have been a safer bet?

  • The Left is apoplectic over the election of Trump. He has upset their rotten applecart and threatens to undo all their efforts to legislate guns, global climate (Where is Canute when we need him?), open borders, population control, the cashless society, and a host of other things are all part of the global government agenda of the Left. Trump’s election, the likely election of Marine LePen in France, and Brexit in the UK are all part of a widespread awakening to the insidious agenda of the Left. Our main stream media is a propaganda machine for the Left. Our schools have become training camps for little socialist zombies. Our entertainment sector is a pleasure pill factory to keep the population distracted and apathetic. The parties of the Left are substantially inhabited by atheists who seek to free us from traditional morality and enslave us to the rule of philosopher kings. Bitter Clingers! Unite!

  • the likely election of Marine LePen in France,

    She’s a good bet to win a plurality in the 1st round of the Presidential election, but the polls on contingencies show her being shellacked in a runoff by either M. Fillion or M. Macron. As French pols go, M. Fillion is a good guy. M. Macron is a Europhile screwball.

  • It is the leftover group of Obama loyalists that think they cannot be removed from the NSA/CIA, etc. believe in the ‘Shadow’ government being created by Obama and funded by Soros, who as a Jew during WW2 helped Hitler round up Jews for the concentration camps.

    The Department of Justice needs to bring Obama and Soros into Court and shut down the illegal funding thru a suppose nonpolitical group.

  • I have no problem agreeing that we can look at chaotic daily events now, and at the seemingly willful blindness of Trump protestors, and ascribe this dis-orientation or confusion to the influence of the devil.
    If people are not “prayed up” if we are out on a limb without our full armor, if we drift away from the safety of the sheepfold, we can all be so easily targeted by that figure of the shadows known as Satan.who does not relent.
    Christ Jesus Victor! Christ Jesus Ruler!

  • “David, you’re not the only civil servant (or former civil servant) around here.

    And as one, surely you know that it doesn’t take a huge minority to gum up the works and disrupt plans.”

    Uh. If you actually have any experience dealing with beaureaucrat scrim the outside, you will know for a fact that it only takes ONE to cause a huge problem on multiple levels.

  • “One can only conclude that Trump protestors are inspired by the devil. Anyone have the slightest disagreement with this observation?”

    The Bible says that Satan is a liar, the Father of Lies, a murderer, and that he comes to kill, steel, & destroy. These rioters are doing ALL of these things in kind. They may not know it, but Satan is indeed their inspiration.

  • Some federal agencies are stacked with ideologues. The Department of Education is one; EPA is another. The Civil rights division of the Department of Justice is still another. In everything they do they try to put their thumb on the scale.

  • Now that I have unburdened myself via the rant posted above, I may soberly suggest the Trump Administration attend itself to necessary business of turning out the politically appointed holdovers from the Obama Maladministration. Their appointments are pro tempore and the sooner they go the better. Any others who become insubordinate must go as well. As to the “Shadow Government” of Obama, let that man and his coconspirators take care. We are currently at war. Beware actions that are tantamount to treason. We notice that Hillary has maintained a measured silence. After all, why jiggle all those skeletons in her closet? Whether she should be prosecuted is for others to determine. Perhaps the integrity of the rule of law demands it, rather than petty vindictiveness on anyone’s part. Then, would that do more harm than good?

  • There’s quite a bloc of federal agencies begging to be dissolved, reconstituted, or replaced. Since there isn’t any candy in it for Mr. Donohue of the Chamber of Commerce, I’ll wager the Republican majority in the Senate will block any attempts.

  • Art Deco wrote, “[T]he polls on contingencies show her being shellacked in a runoff by either M. Fillion or M. Macron…”
    You are right, the FN will gain about 35% in the 1st ballot and, in the run-off, the other 65% will vote for the 2nd candidate, whoever he is. The fact that M. Fillon is implicated in a financial scandal and M. Macron has no track-record in electoral politics probably means it will be he. The fact that he is an Enarch & Sciences Po graduate and worked for Rothschilds means that many will see him as a safe pair of hands.

  • I seem to recall there is a passage in the bible where the evil conspire to bring down the good because he forces them to confront their sin. We all knew that Donald Trump was raw and imperfect but he is who we have and, God willing, will succeed in doing what is right. For those who deny that the civil service is obstructionist, they need only look at the Department of Education and the EPA. David Spaulding is about half right. There is good and bad in the rank and file. Speaking as one who spent thirty years in DOD, I have seen both. The few bad can undo the work of many more of the good. If that is kept in mind, the problems can be more easily identified and dealt with. The most significant factor blocking successful government today, no matter how you define it, is simply that government has passed the size limit to be effective. There is a natural desire to control and to grow and this has redounded to just the opposite.

Bill Kristol Reveals Who Is the Fascist

Tuesday, February 14, AD 2017

20 Responses to Bill Kristol Reveals Who Is the Fascist

  • What does he mean the the “deep state?” Does he prefer a strong centralized state? Then I’m glad I cancelled my subscription to The Weekly Standard years ago.

  • Rule by un-elected bureaucrats in positions of great power.

  • He means those who never leave power, no matter who wins the election. Those in the permanent govt caste who move from govt job to govt job with high salaries and who leave oceans of devastation behind them, but never suffer any accountability.

  • Kristol has become a strange caricature of fury and futility. Every appearance lessens his stature, every remark indicts his integrity.

  • Quite the world we live in. Or perhaps, just the old coming back to life. Nothing new under the sun.

  • It’s truly amazing how President Trump causes his opponents to reveal their true selves. At long last, no more pretending. We get to see the leftists for who they really are. Might makes right, nothing more.

  • Think of the deep state as a guerrilla army of unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats that have both the motivations and capabilities to crush a presidency. Then, add in the lying media and crooked academy.

    15 Feb 2017, Damon Linker, “The whole episode is evidence of the precipitous and ongoing collapse of America’s democratic institutions — not a sign of their resiliency. Flynn’s ouster was a soft coup (or political assassination) engineered by anonymous intelligence community bureaucrats. The results might be salutary, but this isn’t the way a liberal democracy is supposed to function.”

  • He should channel President Reagan and the air traffic controllers’ union.

    President Donald J. Trump should fire all Federal intelligence bureaucrats (they’re abject failures, anyhow) and allow them to re-apply for their jobs with required polygraph testing and, if necessary, water-boarding to identify and prosecute find the leakers.

  • One of the curios of these times is that much of the starboard commentariat has revealed itself to have only a tenuous sense of the concerns of their own readership, maybe because they never meet them in the flesh. One grossly amusing activity is to read the comment boxes at National Review whenever their managing editor pens something for the publication. They savage him, often with good reason. Yet, for some reason, Richard Lowry has thought it useful to employ him for the last dozen years and to have gone so far as to eject Mark Steyn from their stable of contributors when this Steorts fellow got his nose out of joint. Lowry also employs Kevin Williamson, who despises ordinary wage earners. Dr. Kristol has recently revealed he has a low opinion of ordinary, just not the frank hostility you get from Williamson. Then there’s George Will, who probably should have retired in 2003.

  • They’re not so much commentators as courtiers, seeking to ingratiate themselves amongst the wielders of actual power. And they truly find the peasants revolting. The only job for the rank and file is to be properly vote-farmed every two years and offered only the carefully-monitored opportunity to man phone banks or stuff envelopes. Heaven forfend they should elect someone who actually suggests they might have legitimate concerns about the economic, social and political order!

  • Last year during the campaign I did ask Rubio and Cruz each about how they could plan to deal with the deep corruption in the various departments if they should be elected. Both were not prepared or did not wish to answer me. I don’t know if anyone could do a better job than Trump is trying to do here. I pray that JMJ will see to it that the evil doers will be revealed. Brennan has always seemed particularly bad to me. Also, remember the smug look on the face of the IRS guy who took Lois Lerner’s place?

  • I think the fellow you’re recalling is John Koskinen, whom Trump has yet to fire. He didn’t take Lois Lerner’s place. He was the bureau chiefe, two or three strata to her north in the organization.

    Cruz and Rubio are both bereft of administrative experience. Cruz, however, is quite principled and he’s a standard deviation’s worth smarter than Rubio. I suspect Cruz would have been very effective at gaming subtle ways to frustrate the lawfare artists on and off the bench. The problem, though, is that the gatekeeper positions in Congress (as well as most of the Republican seats in the Senate and a good many in the House) are held by careerists who have no interest in anything but tossing some candy at their Chamber of Commerce clients. The Senate majority leader is particularly odious. They loathe Cruz because he has actual political principles.

  • I met Bill Kristol many years ago at an event at a clients home in Ct. He was pompous the as he is now, the Trump election has revealed the progressive, liberal he is.

  • Samuel Adams was temperamentally similar to Trump. We are in the midst of a civil war that doesn’t have geographical boundaries. The Donald is something of a counter-revolution against the left, which has absconded with the government via a coup. It remains to be seen who will win.

  • What does he mean the the “deep state?”

    A good example would be the lawfare artists conducting the appalling ‘John Doe’ investigations in Wisconsin. The linchpin was a public prosecutor married to a teachers’ union official.

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  • Art – Kevin Williamson is as good as any columnist working today. He’s like a socon PJ O’Rourke. Between him, Nordlinger, and Goldberg, NRO has the best stable around.

  • He was pompous the as he is now, the Trump election has revealed the progressive, liberal he is.

    For crying out loud. He’s a standard-issue BosWash corridor Republican. So’s Lindsay Graham. His problem is that his mind is steeped in his social world. He’s a lapsed professor and magazine editor. His father was an editor. His mother was a professor. All four grandparents were born in the pale of settlement. Both grandfathers by 1930 owned their own businesses. His brother-in-law is a professor. His wife has a Harvard doctorate. His sister met her husband when he was working on her father’s staff. His son-in-law is an opinion journalist. The whole family lives in inner ring burbs in NoVa. The HVAC tech living in Akron is somewhat remote from his mind.

  • John Stuart Mill gives a very good description of the Deep State:

    “The Tsar himself is powerless against the bureaucratic body; he can send any one of them to Siberia, but he cannot govern without them or against their will. On every decree of his they have a tacit veto, by merely refraining from carrying it into effect. In countries of more advanced civilisation and of a more insurrectionary spirit, the public, accustomed to expect everything to be done for them by the State, or at least to do nothing for themselves without asking from the State not only leave to do it, but even how it is to be done, naturally hold the State responsible for all evil which befalls them, and when the evil exceeds their amount of patience, they rise against the government, and make what is called a revolution; whereupon somebody else, with or without legitimate authority from the nation, vaults into the seat, issues his orders to the bureaucracy, and everything goes on much as it did before; the bureaucracy being unchanged, and nobody else being capable of taking their place.”

  • Of course Kristol prefers the ‘deep state’– the only folks breaking rules are the ones he agrees with.

    If it became standard procedure for all of the gov’t employees to abuse their power, he’d be a lot less pleased!

The Trump Melt Down and the Catholic Church

Monday, February 13, AD 2017



In my six decades I have never seen anything like, in American history, the meltdown and rabid hysteria that has seized the left since Donald Trump won the last Presidential election.  It is as if leftists awoke from a beautiful dream in which their political adversaries were forever vanquished to the, in their eyes, brutal reality of Donald Trump.  We are now seeing this same type of hysterical hatred being aimed against orthodox Catholics.  Carl Olsen, who I now designate the truthful chronicler for American Catholics of our bizarre age, at The Catholic World Report, gives us the details:


A couple of weeks ago I came across the following, written by Oscar Wilde some 125 years or so ago:

In old days men had the rack. Now they have the press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralising. Somebody – was it Burke? – called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time, no doubt. But at the present moment it really is the only estate. It has eaten up the other three. The Lords Temporal say nothing, the Lords Spiritual have nothing to say, and the House of Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by Journalism. In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs for ever and ever. Fortunately, in America journalism has carried its authority to the grossest and most brutal extreme. As a natural consequence it has begun to create a spirit of revolt. People are amused by it, or disgusted by it, according to their temperaments. But it is no longer the real force it was.

It’s worth pondering in light of nearly any and all journalism, news (or “news”), and punditry today, even if Wilde didn’t happen to be a perfect prophet. After all, news itself has become news; in a certain way, for better or worse, much of “news” is simply discussion and debate about “news”, to the point that journalism and opinion don’t just overlap but become uneasy mates. In some cases, the opinion turns upon its mate, leaving only faint traces of journalistic remains scattered among the dense underbrush of innuendo, suggestion, implication, and overt subjective assertion.

A case in point is a February 7th New York Times’ article titled “Steve Bannon Carries Battles to Another Influential Hub: The Vatican”. Bannon, of course, has become the focal point of those on the left who are intent on branding President Trump a “fascist”, which is (along with “communist”) the word used by lazy, unlearned people who wish to silence or even destroy their political enemies (an online search for “Bannon” and “fascism” turns up endless examples). The piece opens with this:

When Stephen K. Bannon was still heading Breitbart News, he went to the Vatican to cover the canonization of John Paul II and make some friends. High on his list of people to meet was an archconservative American cardinal, Raymond Burke, who had openly clashed with Pope Francis.

In one of the cardinal’s antechambers, amid religious statues and book-lined walls, Cardinal Burke and Mr. Bannon — who is now President Trump’s anti-establishment eminence — bonded over their shared worldview. They saw Islam as threatening to overrun a prostrate West weakened by the erosion of traditional Christian values, and viewed themselves as unjustly ostracized by out-of-touch political elites.

“When you recognize someone who has sacrificed in order to remain true to his principles and who is fighting the same kind of battles in the cultural arena, in a different section of the battlefield, I’m not surprised there is a meeting of hearts,” said Benjamin Harnwell, a confidant of Cardinal Burke who arranged the 2014 meeting.

First, what is an “archconservative” cardinal? The term is political, of course, because the Times, like almost all big media outlets, simply cannot think or exist outside of political categories. Cardinal Burke, by any sane and knowledgeable measure, is a thoroughly orthodox Catholic when it comes to Church belief and practice. (Note also that the piece refers to Cardinal Burke twice as “Mr. Burke”. Strange.)

Secondly, is it really so outrageous to believe that Islam—mindful even of all the different divisions and groups within Islam—desires to conquer the West, especially given old history, new history, and the statements that come from a wide range of Islamic groups and leaders?

Thirdly, lest ancient history be too easily forgotten, Cardinal Burke was named prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in July 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI (the same pope whose first encyclical melted minds over at the Times). He was removed from that post in September 2014 by Pope Francis, in a surprising move that took place shortly before the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops met in the fall of that same year. The chronology is notable because the recent Times piece, as quoted above, suggests that a Cardinal Burke-Bannon conspiracy was underway in April 2014, quite some time before Cardinal Burke was suddenly demoted. As Terry Mattingly states in a helpful piece at Get Religion:

The timing of the meeting is fascinating and, for journalists, a bit problematic. They key is that Bannon is in Rome to attend the canonization rites for Pope John Paul II (who for some reason loses his papal title in the lede) – which took place on April 27, 2014.

Meanwhile, the much-discussed public clashes between Cardinal Burke and Pope Francis began the following October, during the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. The red-flag on that whole affair was a Times piece – “Pope Demotes U.S. Cardinal Critical of His Reform Agenda” – that ran on Nov. 8, 2014.

So in what sense was Cardinal Burke already “openly” clashing with Pope Francis at the time of the St. John Paul II rites, months before the conservative cardinals public actions at the synod?

Perhaps unwittingly, the piece lets the front paws of the cat out of the bag when it states, “Until now, Francis has marginalized or demoted the traditionalists, notably Cardinal Burke, carrying out an inclusive agenda on migration, climate change and poverty that has made the pope a figure of unmatched global popularity, especially among liberals.” Put another way, the problem with Cardinal Burke, in the eyes of the Times and Co. is not that he’s a heretic (since he isn’t) or a schismatic (because he isn’t), but because he’s not in tune politically with an overtly political pontificate that has increasingly shown itself friendly to a wide range of left-wing, secular perspectives and assumptions.

Thus: “Yet in a newly turbulent world, Francis is suddenly a lonelier figure. Where once Francis had a powerful ally in the White House in Barack Obama, now there is Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon, this new president’s ideological guru.” (As I recently remarked to a friend, I sometimes think Francis acts more like a politician than a pope, while President Obama, during his two terms in office, acted more like a pope—that is, a religious figure leading a religious movement—than a politician.)

Mattingly points out that the piece provides no real sourcing or quotes to back up its central assertion about Cardinal Burke and Bannon (and Trump) working to undermine and battle Pope Francis. “At this point, it is clear that the Times needs to provide information proving that these Roman Rad Trans exist and that they have had extensive contacts with Trump, through Bannon. We are not talking about journalists and chattering-class folks. We are talking about actual source inside church structures. Right?

As bad as the Times piece is, it is a Valentine’s card compared to an op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post by Emma-Kate Symons, titled, “How Pope Francis can cleanse the far-right rot from the Catholic Church”. Even accounting for it being an opinion piece, it is one of the most vile, slanderous pieces of trash I’ve ever read in a mainstream news publication, which is saying something.

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  • What is this “Huffpo” about which you write?

    Anyhow, liar liberals (redundant) only “roll out” the Pope when his comments (not ex cathedra) “validate” the heinous narratives. Sadly, this Pope seems to do that with unhappy regularity.

  • Which of course lends credence to talk of a highly coordinated globalist efforts which involve the Vatican at varied levels.

  • Kind of funny to watch the sheer boogeyman nature this guy has taken on. Here’s another hysterical article for those curious. Meanwhile the One Who Used to be a Catholic Apologist writes things like, “Francis, Bannon, and the Neopelagian Crisis. Bannon is a seducer of the faithful.” and “Bannon is the single most dangerous and toxic Catholic in American public life. He has figured out that prolife conservative Catholics are now radically immunocompromised to the rise of the ethnonationalist blood and soil fertility cult swill he advocates and is doing his best to foment schism against Peter. . . . Any lunatic hankering for war with China and laboring to foster the rise of ethnonationalism in Europe should not be on the National Security Council or anywhere near the White House.”

    Honestly have these folks NEVER understood the fable of the boy who cried wolf?

  • As I recently remarked to a friend, I sometimes think Francis acts more like a politician than a pope, while President Obama, during his two terms in office, acted more like a pope—that is, a religious figure leading a religious movement—than a politician.

    Also, that’s a brilliant quote right there.

    “For you are men sacred to me, for I, the Lord, your God am sacred.”
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal…”in sovereign personhood.
    The Supreme Sovereign Being is three Sovereign Persons in one God, Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, sacred, unchangeable, and immutable.
    Man’s Sovereign Personhood is sacred, created in original innocence, morally and legally innocent, irreplaceable and self-determined. Man’s Sovereign Personhood is endowed at the very first moment of his existence, his existence being brought into being by The Supreme Sovereign Being, man’s body and soul being endowed by his Creator with innate human rights enumerated and codified as “unalienable” civil rights by the sovereign state; the sovereign state that is instituted by man’s sovereign personhood.
    “that among these rights are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”, The Unanimous Declaration of Independence of the United States ratified by every state.
    “The enumeration in The Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” Amendment IX.
    The Sovereign Personhood of man enables all men to be self-determined, that is, to accomplish himself, to seek and find his destiny and to satisfy his intellect. In addition, man is free to express his talents and pursue his “Happiness” even unto eternal life, in original innocence, complete moral and legal innocence, with integrity, and the free will endowed by his “Creator” in freedom.
    In the beginning of man’s existence, he enjoys complete moral and legal, original innocence, the substance of his sovereign personhood. At the age of reason, usually about seven years of age and the initiation into adulthood about fourteen years of age and the emancipation from parental dependency at about eighteen years of age, the human being, through his sovereign personhood, accepts his responsibility and engages his freedom to pursue his Happiness and destiny into the being of the transcendent, metaphysical, rational, immortal, human soul of his sovereign personhood.
    If the rational human being makes irrational choices or chooses to violate Justice, injury to his sovereign personhood becomes a reality that radiates throughout his being, mortal and immortal. The man loses his sovereignty over himself incrementally as to the weight and grievousness of his crimes. The man becomes an outlaw.
    A man with damaged or incrementally violated sovereign personhood can only institute the sovereign state to the degree that his sovereignty over himself is viable.
    Only through the crime of capital one homicide, murder in the first degree, does a man lose his sovereign personhood. Having taken another man’s life, the murderer must live his victim’s life, unto eternity, unless through total and perfect contrition, the capital one murderer expires with grief over his crimes and releases the sovereign personhood of his victim’s life.
    God let the first murderer, Cain, live because the life Cain was living was Abel’s life. Abel must have forgiven Cain as he lay dying. Abel’s blood cried out to God from the ground and God heard Abel’s cry for Justice. Cain became a wanderer living Abel’s life, without a life of his own, as a sign of Justice; Abel’s Justice through God’s love for Abel. If the victim refuses to forgive his murderer, or the murderer does not expire with grief over his crime against mankind, the murderer must be put to death to release the murderer’s victim. Living the life of his victim, the murderer must be put to death. The murderer’s victim is dead.
    Other instances of total obliteration of a man’s sovereign personhood, are bloodlust in war and treason and the embrace of atheism, the denial of his and all of mankind’s “Creator”. Obliteration is not annihilation, the sovereign personhood of a man, once created even though discarded, remains as a testimony to his self-destruction and the Justice of God.
    It goes without saying, that a man who has denied his sovereign personhood and obliterated Justice in his soul, becoming an outlaw, has no authentic authority to institute the sovereign nation. His lack of Justice and sovereignty over himself cannot be imposed on a Just and sovereign nation.
    Sovereign personhood is endowed to man by his “Creator” in original innocence at existence. The sovereign person enjoys his sovereignty over himself. This is who man is. Personality is what man makes of himself, using his sovereign personhood. Obliterating his sovereign personhood through violation of Justice brings man to a criminal personality. The cult of a just man, saints and statesmen, is rejoicing. The cult of an unjust man, or criminal, is fear and trepidation. Enabling an unjust man in his pursuit of damnation is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. End
    Rene Descartes said: “I think therefore, I am.” giving rise to the cult of personality to individuals who think and otherwise, disregarding individuals who are in being. Rene Descartes meant to say: “I am, therefore I think; I am, therefore, I will; I am, therefore, I am.”

  • Do not ask me how this got posted here. I was trying to post on OPEN THREAD. I apologize.

  • Must i be banished to “Duhland”?

  • “Journalism governs for ever and ever. Fortunately, in America journalism has carried its authority to the grossest and most brutal extreme.”
    The media is 95% of the problem by pushing America to the extreme and the real damage happens when extreme ideas become part of our educational system and even found in leaders of our Church. They have led the younger generation to mistrust and doubt the practices of their parents. We have seen generations cut off from one another. It doesn’t matter how good of a parent they really were.
    Take Archbishop Charles Chaput (who I agree with on most things) comment last week about the refugee ban:
    “Being ‘pro-life’ involves a great deal more than a defense of unborn life, though it should naturally start there,” he said. “We also have grave responsibilities to the poor, the infirm, the elderly and the immigrant — responsibilities that will shape our encounter with the God of justice when we meet him face-to-face. There are few embodiments of the weak more needy or compelling than refugees.”
    Most people are moderate on the issue of refugees and immigration. Those who are truly pro-life are not the same people who are part of the complete restrictive extremist position.
    But the argument is completely accepted in American culture. If you don’t support X, then you don’t care about the poor, infirm, or elderly. X usually is taking the most liberal position. Take the liberal things the left has thrown in for X over the past 60 years. Most of them now sound ridiculous. The media is responsible for driving us to extremes. It sells papers to find just one rich Pastor to use as X. If a Pastor then seen buying a car they are now part of the shameful “rich” religious leaders. Most of the time in America we have been driven to the most liberal positions. Colleges and our religious leaders have picked up on this and this has led to a cutting off of one generation from another on false pretenses

  • The left’s vociferous attack on Trump is truly bizarre when you consider that Trump isn’t even a conservative. Hell, he’s hardly a Republican.

    “Carl Olsen, who I now designate the truthful chronicler for American Catholics of our bizarre age,..”

    More like “selectively” truthful chronicler.

  • More like “selectively” truthful chronicler.

    Well, goodness, I’ll take it. Kinda like “select wines”? Heh. Sorry I cannot get to everything.

  • Kind of funny to watch the sheer boogeyman nature this guy has taken on. Here’s another hysterical article for those curious.

    The portside is nothing if not assiduous about reciting the talking points. You’ll recall the bogeyman of the Bush II administration was Karl Rove, a fairly unremarkable campaign technician.

  • What you do get to Carl you do first rate. I only wish all Catholic journalists were as concerned with factual accuracy, the prime virtue of all journalism.

  • To be sure, Carl, you cannot get to everything. But you did manage to get around to publishing a puff piece by a popular priest (now a bishop) extolling the “depth of Catholic faith” of a pro-abort comedian and TV personality as well as a hideous “consequentialist” screed by Mark Shea.



    Neither of these pieces should have passed editorial muster at any respectable Catholic publication.

    I would agree that what you write is normally very good. But you are also the editor of that publication and you bear responsibility for what makes it on its pages. I am sure you would hold the editors at the New York Times and Washington Post responsible for what you correctly called a “slanderous” piece of trash. After all, the buck stops with the editor, not the writer. But yet, when editors at Catholic publications like Catholic World Report publish stuff like the two pieces cited above and continue to stand by them, why should they be taken seriously when they decry the secular mainstream media?

  • How about “Ministry of Truth, Fiction Department”? I think we could use that for a large part of the media. Hat tip: George Orwell 1984.

  • All of this means that Cardinal Burke, Trump and Bannon are doing the right thing. May God be with them. May we pray for them.


  • One of the great charges against the Jesuits has been that the order is too concerned with political power. Another is that they favor moral laxity. Which is why many opposed making them Cardinals much less pope. Now we have a Jesuit pope.

  • shut up, mockenridge

  • All have their say on this blog, unless I decide otherwise.

  • If one takes a close look at the tactics of the left in agitation, agit-prop, censorship of news, stifling free speech wherever possible, support of radical social change idolizing the deviant and condemning the convention, one detects strong strains of 1933. Both sides of my family left Germany during Kulturkampf and the remainder were never heard from after 1941. History often repeats and the second time is not always farce.

  • I didn’t/wouldn’t vote Trump, but don’t consider myself a “leftie” as implied in this article. I’m a complex person, yet you choose to paint all who voted in two categories, left, and right. In this column, the left are the bad people. Give me a courageous Republican cut from the cloth of John McCain and I’ll be a “righty.” I don’t like Trump’s character and voted accordingly. I’m distressed that the church hails this man. You wouldn’t include his insults in any of your sermons, yet subtly supported him. I was just comping to grips with the Coverup reality, now this.

  • “I’m distressed that the church hails this man.”

    But the Church does not. The current powers that be within the Church are quite anti-Trump and are attempting to falsely connect their adversaries within the Church to Trump.

    As for the left being bad people, what was the source of the persecution of the Church during the last administration where the Little Sisters of the Poor were demanded to obey Caesar rather than Christ?

  • One of the great charges against the Jesuits has been that the order is too concerned with political power. Another is that they favor moral laxity. Which is why many opposed making them Cardinals much less pope. Now we have a Jesuit pope.

    I’m recalling the scandals out of the house of formation in the California province in 2002. I think it was The Economist who said they weren’t photographs found in a spotty novice’s drawer, they were photographs the province put up on a web server for the world to see. Even before the scandal, the number of seminarians had fallen to such a low level that it was consistent with fewer than 30 ordinations per year (when there were about 250 ordinations per year ca. 1962, if I’m not mistaken). One rather caustic dissident in the Society described its charisms as ‘single-malt scotch and sodomy’.

  • Yes, all true.
    Something wicked this way comes.
    And it may come via the Vatican.

  • This past election was a choice between two egotists. I believe that we will all be much better off with a failed Trump than a successful Clinton. The rest is just a matter of details.

  • The Times piece is bad journalism – the WAPO editorial is shameful. I don’t know if this fits in anywhere, but we might recall in that 2015 Bergoglio stated that Trump was not a Christian because he wants to build walls. Out of the blizzard of odd and eccentric quips coming from Bergoglio that is the one that struck me as the most outrageous. Are we to believe that the a Roman Pope has second sight? Can he announce that a man he’s never met and knows little about is not a Christian, even though Trump says he is. Was Bergoglio excommunicating Trump from whatever denomination he owes loyalty to? Can Bergoglio just tell what’s in Donald Trump’s heart? Does a political position held in fact but almost every country on earth (and if you look at the EU today, it looks like legal wall building has a whole lot of traction) mean that people that hold that view cannot receive God’s grace. Am I a Catholic if I think Bergoglio has been and continues to be a catastrophe for the Church? I just don’t understand why a devout Cardinal would need inspiration on the part of a right wing American journalist to make him wary of a Pope that is making a foggy proto-socialist economic and political program as the Church’s own. He’d find Bergoglio misled just by watching the Vatican’s Juan Peron in action.

  • (W)e might recall in that 2015 Bergoglio stated that Trump was not a Christian because he wants to build walls.
    –Eric Bergerud

    Then we’d be recalling Fake News. Read the interview in context and with generosity not hostility toward Pope Francis. He did not name Trump at all in the remarks to which Mr. Bergerud refers. Reporting that Pope Francis attacked Trump specifically was an invention of the Fake News media.

19 Responses to Where No Rational Thought Has Gone Before

  • Hilarious and right on.

  • Weird and eerie. Ashley’s rant is more scary than Linda Blair’s performance in the Exorcist.

  • What’s concerning is that so many actually believe this nonsense. One of the problem is these nut cases get little push back. I would like to see Donald Trump open up on them.

  • Cringe cringe cringe.

    She needs a laxative.

  • Wow, that was painful.

  • Shorten that to one word. Lobotomy. Admittedly it may have already been done.

  • Please folks. ECT had a habit of erasing Short Term Memory. She already has trouble finding herself. TR.

  • So, this is what we are up against. Horrific.
    “I would do the right thing and take my chances! Sir!” pg 102 WINGS HELD UP BY HOPE by Timothy Reed. Our Founding Fathers said the same thing.

  • She must have taken the same drugs as sicko Madonna. She’s not only nasty she’s crazy !

  • This post about rabid Ashley Judge again reminds me of the rabid behavior of former Obama appointee NRC Chairperson Gregory Jaczko back in 2011 and 2012. I talked about him in comments on a different post here at TAC before. In addition to Kristine Svinicki (Trump has appointed her as current Chairperson – hooray!) reporting on his abusive behavior to Congress and the Whitehouse, so did fellow Commissioner William D. Magwood (who is now at the Nuclear Energy Agency – he didn’t get the nod from Obama to stay on at the NRC, nor after this would he have). I have met Mr. Magwood, listen to him give a talk and had the opportunity to shake his hand. He is a tall, imposing black man, and when he walks into a room, you can rest assurred that he IS the smartest person in the room, and he doesn’t need to brag about it. What a great speaker! And nuclear safety was always number 1 in his book. ALWAYS. I cannot express how impressed I was. Now kindly read pages 2 through 4 of Mr. Magwood’s testimony to Congress about how Jackzo, a rabid bureaucrat, behaved:
    You have to understand something. The NRC is a place of scientists and engineers. Only safety and science and blood & guts engineering matter. Not politics. Not who knows whom. Not who is greasing whose skids. Just the science – that’s it. That’s all that matters. Never before in the history of US nuclear regulation has ANY commissioner behaved like Jackzo. NEVER. Just read and see. So when I learn that Ashley Judd is behaving like another rabid animal, it’s just par for the course with these wild beasts. This is who and what they are. And that they have been given such voice nationally when any sane society would relegate them to a mental institution is due to the singular fault of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Now have managers yelled at me during my previous work? Yup, and I goaded them to also. But no one – not a one – ever did this kind of thing. Not a one acted like such a rabid animal. Ashley Judd, Gegrory Jackzo, they are all the same. And it makes me madder than a wet hen that under Obama these kinds of people got put into positions of authority over safety issues that they have no ability to deal with.

  • Mary De Voe….. 2 Corinthians 4 : 7-9 Tim

  • The progressive left reminds me of HAL9000. They act like they are foolproof and incapable of error. Their mission is too important for them to allow anyone to jeopardize it. HAL did go on a rampage against the crew.

  • HAL went on a rampage against the crew just as former NRC Chairperson Jackzo, an Obama appointee, went on a rampage against NRC staff, especially women. Liberal, progressive, feminist, anti-nuke, eco-wacko, enviro-nazi Democrat.

  • Wow! I couldn’t watch it all. I felt like I was watching a mentally ill person saying embarrassing things in front of a crowd. Couldn’t someone help her off of the stage?

  • My earlier comment was about the cleverness of the video creators. After reading a short bio this woman is to be pitied. She is damaged from childhood rape. Ashley Judd’s performance is the most bizarre I’ve seen. Surely the producers must have known how known have known she was on another planet.

  • My typo fits the subject – it sure have read, “Surely the producers must have know she was on another planet”.

  • Seasoned drinker or progeny pride? Ancestral pride increases given its distance from rationality. Star Trek ancestor obviously rode their pride to an oxymoronic brilliant embarrassment. Ashley stands proudly among inane ancestors. Give the deadly sin of pride an audience and she waxes her thoughts irrationally. If you want to get an atheist mad, get someone to pray for this Ashley rant.

  • Too bad we don’t have the draft any more. A few months in boot camp would teach her the rewards are for those who shut up and listen.

4 Responses to This Is Library

  • We have a library in our town, a very nice one. When I was a child, the ground level/upstairs/adult section was “off limits” to children. Or so it seemed to me. And honestly, I’m still a little intimidated to walk much further than the Reference Desk, right up front. I prefer the Children’s Section, in the basement, which is a bit more rambunctious. One day, I did realize that I’ve been voting age for twice as long as not, and did my work in the Adult Section. How things have changed. Two children were running around making noise for a brief time. Yes, I know, it was the week-end, but seriously?

  • I want that on a hat or T-Shirt.

    hey, Hey, HEY – This is Library.

  • No wonder the Chinese kids make so much progress here. They have minimal competition.

  • Is this the same guy that blocked a whole row of Tanks in Tieneman Square, by STANDING IN FRONT OF THEM ? TR.

Gold Star Families Spat Upon by Anti-Trump “Protestors”

Tuesday, January 24, AD 2017


A Gold Star Family is a family that has suffered the pain of having a member of the family die in the military service of the nation.  During the election campaign we were told that Gold Star Families were above reproach when a Gold Star Family attacked Trump at the Democrat convention,  Over the weekend some anti-Trump rioters revealed what many on the Left really think of Gold Star Families, at least those who disagree with them politically:


Allahpundit at Hot Air tells us what happened next:


John touched on this yesterday as part of a longer round-up of “the Resistance” acting like dirtbags but it deserves an extra thread. Imagine the thought process involved in (a) setting out to accost people (b) at an event devoted to the military and their families, specifically, and (c) zeroing in on two women, knowing that chances were fair that they’ve lost loved ones to war. Which, in the case of Ryan Manion and Amy Looney, happened to be true.

Where was security?

We were an hour late to the event. First because we could not get around an angry mob in the street that was burning trash cans and smashing windows. When we finally got to the venue, a group of about 75 people separated us from the entrance. Amy and I stood there unsure of what to do. I finally said, let’s just walk. As we made our way through the crowd we were spit at and called some of the worst and most vile things I have ever heard come out of a person’s mouth. These people had such hatred in their eyes when they screamed at us. After leaving the event we walked outside and was first pushed by a man in a mask hiding his face, then told by 2 women that we ruined this country. They screamed this in our faces along as in the face of a little boy that could have been no older then 6. As the one woman screamed the other pushed up against me and colored all over my mom’s shawl I was wearing with permanent marker.

This was on Inauguration Day, when assorted degenerates were smashing windows and burning limos in parts of D.C., not during Saturday’s Women’s March. Mary Katharine Ham, who knows both women and has worked with the Travis Manion Foundation, went on CNN yesterday to ask the fateful question: How would this have played in the media if the ideological affiliations had been different?

“I don’t think this characterizes the march and the movement that we saw out here today,” she said. “I want to be careful about that because I think that that’s something people have unfairly done to conservative movements in the past and to Tea Partiers, where you pick one thing and you go: ‘Look at those awful people out there, their concerns should be dismissed.’”

“But this is part of the story, as is Madonna saying she thinks about blowing up the White House,” she said. “Those are not great things. If it were a conservative movement, we would hear a lot about it. If you don’t think that the left has some prejudices of its own that can lead it very astray like it did last night in that instance, then you’re wrong. And if you think that that’s not part of the reason many turned to Trump, then you’re also wrong.”

We missed out on some memorably stern lectures about the “climate of hate” on cable news this weekend just because this came from the left rather than the right.

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6 Responses to Gold Star Families Spat Upon by Anti-Trump “Protestors”

  • Has Mrs. Clinton denounced these supporters of hers yet? Sen. Schumer? DNC chair?

    We now see who the truly deplorable are.

  • Despotism is two faced, it always comes in disguise, calling its opponents’ despots, while in control of information. It abhors reason and has no sense of humor.

    For goodness sake that’s not Trump, but the Left sure looks like it sometimes.

  • Assault and battery are crimes. Inciting to riot and riot are crimes. Peace on earth to men of good will for the common good.
    After the War for Independence, the Tories, those loyal to King George II (they liked to be subjects to a monarchy) shot the farmers as they plowed their fields. The Tories victimized people for wanting freedom, truth and Justice. Wanting freedom, truth and Justice gets you spit upon.

  • Mistreatment of Gold Star Families – shameful. Rioting, trespassing, destruction of property – the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted when laws are broken. Women’s March For Abortion -disgusting and vulgar. An insult to females. Secret service or FBI should pay Madonna a very public visit. Right of free speech and assembly does not mean one can threaten the president or trash/destroy property, public or private, with impunity. Law enforcement should react swiftly. The whole scenario reminds me of the 60s. The goal is anarchy. The puppet master and money bags is George Sorros (spell?)

  • Pissed off?

    Peaceful protest coming up Feb.11th.


    Two great activist groups are joining together to keep the pressure on these pathetic spitting punks.

    Pro life Action League and Citizens for a Pro Life Society. This is during the Forty Days for Life campaign.

    Saturday join in and Defund Planned Parenthood in your neck of the woods.
    Please consider it!

    It’s better than getting mad at news like the above example, but believe me, I’m pissed off. I’m going to pray it off which is even better. Find a city near you…Please.

    It’s better to ask Heaven for help, than getting even with these parasitic worms that live in turtle blood…Oh wait..”Obama” worms. Official name calling. Anyway please consider the 11th. We pray our Rosaries and take a public stand.

    Witness while you can.
    You’ll never regret it. Even if your spat upon.

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If You Voted For Trump, Penzeys Spices Doesn’t Want Your Business

Monday, November 21, AD 2016
My bride, among her other abilities, is a first rate cook.  She received this e-mail from Penzeys Spices:
And the results are in from Friday’s Racism Update Email. You may remember this email was us re-sending our previous day’s email. In it we kindly asked those who chose to cast their vote for an openly racist candidate for the President of the United States to take responsibility for their action. With the re-send we put the UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON right up on top for those needing to use it. We also hoped they would one day come back. The final results are that 0.721% of those on our email list chose to opt-out. 99.27% of you are still here. As I said Tuesday, I love cooks. You are amazing people.
I also want to thank you for the tremendous support from all our customers across the country. The incredibly written emails to me, the support on our Facebook page, the defense of Penzeys in comment sections across the internet—all of it has meant so incredibly much to me. After so many of the far-right media world encouraged their supporters to send their anger at me, I have to admit that I really had never been so insulted in all my life, and I have a history of getting out there on the internet. Without your incredible outpouring of support, I am sure the results for me would have been very different. I am forever in your debt. Thank you.
My bride sent an e-mail in response:
I deleted both the Thursday and Friday emails from Penzeys Spices.  It is none of Penzeys’s business who any of its customers choose to vote for, or what the customers’ positions may be on any of the manifold social issues Penzeys’ owners seem to be so passionate about.  I currently am trying to use up my current stock of spices in the cupboard (both Penzeys and other brands), and therefore have not needed to order from Penzeys in a long time.  I would feel happier about ordering from Penzeys in the future, however, if Penzeys would keep it all about the spices and our shared love of cooking, and not insist on pushing the owners’ political and social views upon the customers.
Mrs. Catherine A. McClarey

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58 Responses to If You Voted For Trump, Penzeys Spices Doesn’t Want Your Business

  • It will be interesting to see if any other businesses like Penzey’s start to suffer losses over the next weeks and months.

  • Right, because Catholics NEVER force their beliefs or opinions on anyone else, ever, regardless of how insane they are. You stick to beleiving a magical sky santa doesn’t want you using birth control, and leave the rational thought to everyone else, because obviously you aren’t capable of it.

  • Thank you Bob, for living up to the mindless, hate-filled atheist stereotype. I do appreciate trolls that know their lines.

  • Internet atheists…they have so much keyboard courage….almost as much as the bible thumpers who claim the Catholic Church created Islam to do the Vatican’s bidding.

    Not a big spice guy myself….I’m not much of a cook and the missus likes Mrs. Dash, but I’ll keep this in mind.

  • Bob Loblaw and Whoopi Goldberg…after school specialists. Here’s rational thought from their base; http://www.lifenews.com/2016/11/21/whoopi-goldberg-anyone-who-didnt-vote-for-hillary-is-stupid-you-havent-done-your-homework/

    Bob….go to bed.

  • Bob, the Catholic Church stating that it is morally wrong to use contraception (as opposed to birth control per se. The Church does regard natural non-contraceptive means of birth control as morally acceptable under certain conditions) is no more forcing someone to believe something than stating that 2+2=4 is forcing someone to believe something.

  • Bob Loblaw mentions Santa.

    How much do you want to bet that he buys Christmas presents for others?

    Atheists who, despite the fact that they claim they don’t believe in Christ, go to Christmas parties, give gifts, even put up “Holiday Trees.”

    Our newspaper once showed the president of the local Atheist Association decorating a Christmas tree with his family.

    Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

  • Philip,
    Wasn’t Whoopi on the {leaving the country if Trump wins list}. So far they’re all still here. Al Sharpton…Amy Schumer…all cried wolf.

  • FYI, if you are signed up for their print catalog / email list, Penzey’s occasionally sends out coupons for free, no purchase necessary, spices. I highly recommend staying signed up, if you already are, and just using the free coupons. Buy elsewhere.

  • @ Bob Loblaw

    Hey, an internet atheist! How rare!

    Too bad you don’t seen them anymore. That’s too be expected when they’re busying tearing themselves apart in their own civil war. As people said, they eat their own. That’s how you become a dying breed.

  • You convinced me–I’m buying Penzeys and encouraging others to do the same. How can someone calling themselves the American Catholic support the anti Gospel values of Trump.

  • Interesting, I don’t recall stories of businesses with conservative owners that
    sent letters to their customers to tell them they didn’t want their business if
    they’d voted for Obama. Nor do I recall conservative entertainers using the
    presence of a leftist politician as an opportunity to grandstand and lecture
    their audience.

    I do, however, recall when NYPD publicly turned their backs on socialist
    NYC mayor de Blasio after he’d sympathized with cop killers. As I recall,
    the left went nuts over their disrespect for an elected official…

    As for Bob the atheist troll– why are internet atheists almost always so utterly
    predictable, sneering, and boring?

  • Bill Penzey Jnr. – what a LOSER.
    A basic rule of business is that you GROW your business – this turkey is alienating a possibly large segment of his clientele.
    Get some spices elsewhere, and put this turkey on the menu for Thanksgiving.

  • It’s getting kind of old to point out that their details-in-flux politics are their religion and philosophy, but the examples keep getting more and more obvious.

    It use to be that defining someone as a person, or not, because of political utility was viewed as a nasty caricature. Now it’s common public practice.

  • How can Penzi–a company that makes its profit off of the spice trade, a trade that was built in large part on the backs of East African slaves (see Pemba/Zanzibar) not too long ago–have sufficient moral standing? They, “didn’t build it themselves,” comes to mind.

  • Oops! That’s supposed to be Penzey’s, not Penzi’s.

  • “You convinced me–I’m buying Penzeys and encouraging others to do the same. How can someone calling themselves the American Catholic support the anti Gospel values of Trump.”

    How do you even know MB what Trump’s values are since he has not yet taken office, let alone that they are anti-Gospel? If you reply, give specifics.

  • @bill bannon

    You have it bill. She should be elsewhere.
    Keeping their word is a common problem with this group. They can’t help it. When your bought and paid for by the machine, and given the task to persuade the audience that the machine is God, you are nothing more than a mongo….a pawn in the game of life. She, Whoopi, might better serve the public as a meter maid. At the very least it would match her abilities and be honest work compared to what she’s doing now.

    Prayers for our lost entertainers who distort the truth to line their pockets. A sorry lot.

  • “How do you even know MB what Trump’s values are since he has not yet taken office,..”

    After over a year of campaigning for president, don’t you think we ought to know what they are?

  • Since religions have been so busy rendering their faiths man oriented, politically correct and therefore ineffective, many folks, especially Democrats, have sought politics as a home for their beliefs. And lacking a ritual to manifest their new faith they have sought food as a symbol of communion with all that is good and holy which happens, by the way, to be each other. I suppose to some extent it has always been this way (how products define us) but perhaps what is new is that certain designated “holy” products are rendered off limits to the uninitiated and particularly to the outcasts, e.g., Trump voters. I say there’s got to be money in all this divisiveness.

  • (from Don’s wife Cathy:) Lurker59, the one reason I’ve been just deleting most of the Penzeys Spices emails we get instead of unsubscribing is that occasionally they’ll have coupons for free product just before we visit my mom in Wisconsin, who lives close enough to a Penzeys store that I can use the coupons in-store. There is a Penzeys store about an hour’s drive away from me in Illinois, but it’s in a congested downtown area with very little parking, so I don’t care to shop there. One can always use the coupons on the Penzeys website, but then there’s a shipping charge to pay unless one is also spending enough on other spices to qualify for the free shipping.
    Just placed my first order with the Spice House last night, using the free-shipping promo code mentioned in Rod Dreher’s blog post. And one of their physical store locations is in a Chicago suburb not much further away than the Penzeys store I just complained about — and is described as having plenty of parking nearby!

  • Not really Greg. Campaigning is one thing, governing is another. How a policy is implemented is often just as important as what a policy is. If she responds I will be intrigued as to what MB regards as a specific anti-Christian policy.

  • We already possessed massive amounts of evidence. We didn’t need additional proof that liberals are idiots.
    FYI – P spice, if you want to stay solvent, repeat after me, “The customer is always right.” I know that is so 1950’s.
    Maybe MB can provide evidence that President Trump is “racist” and “anti-Gospel.” I bet MB hasn’t read the Gospels. Corrupt, incompetent Hillary spent $1 billion on ads miscommunicating it and she LOST. Because ridicule and smart-assery are not rational arguments or reasons to vote for a serial criminal. .
    It’s like seeing the evil ones put up white flags. We know we’re winning when the dastards shriek “racist” or “anti-Gospel.”

  • smdh. Is this guy in business?

  • When in Pittsburgh I’ve bought from Penzey’s because they had hard to find spices. No more. I really am stocked up but I’ll order some online from The Spice House just because. The Bavarian spice sounds intriguing…might be good in venison sausage. Thanks for the info.

  • If Trump’s policies are anti-gospel, then Hildebeast’s policies are downright satanic. Anyhoo, I never quite understood atheists. If you really believe in atheism, then frankly, absolutely nothing matters. We are all just random pieces of meat walking around. So living under anarchy, a Catholic monarchy, a dictatorship, a republic, a literal democracy (where everyone votes on every jot and tittle of legislation) makes zero difference. We are nothing a but an odd collection of molecules. So why get all incensed about this stuff?

  • Umm, Donald, are talking about their values, not how they may or may not govern. How they govern can be an entirely different kettle of fish altogether. Abilities (or lack thereof) to,implement one’s values and circumstances go into how a president will govern.

    As for Donald Trump, he is somewhat similar to Bill Clinton in that he values opportunism over ideology. Only he is even less ideological than even Bill and also less politically saavy. But time will tell.

  • Not values Greg, but rather policies is what I am discussing, and what I am interested in. That is why I have nothing but disdain for a public figure who, in regard to abortion,is personally opposed but thinks it should be legal anyway. It is the policies that are supported by a public official that matter to the general public, not their private sentiments. As I said, campaigning is one thing and governing is another. Let us see how Trump implements his policies before either hailing him to the skies or tying him to a stake.

    If I had to guess, I would suspect his implementation would resemble his campaign: uneven, haphazard, but ultimately more effective than his ill-wishers would predict. However, that is just a guess since the man has never held public office before.

  • c matt –
    back when my husband was agnostic, he was living a sort of half-baked natural law theory. The more developed it became, the higher the risk of catching Catholicism got. 😀

  • “Is this guy in business?”

    One would hope not for much longer Art. This might be the best news that his sister ever had for her competing spice business.

  • For me (ouch), it’s more things than policies and achievements, like Supreme Court nominees. If Crooked Hillary had stolen the election, she’d have put in three or four liberal fabulists (who likely never read the Constitution). Trump will stick to his list of relative conservatives.
    If President Trump does nothing else that is enough.
    SJW’s if you think that the state/Big Sister can earn you your Corporal Works of Mercy bona fides, you are anti-Gospels and likely progressivism is your religion not Christianity. .

  • One would hope not for much longer Art. This might be the best news that his sister ever had for her competing spice business.

    I’m wagering brother and sister do not speak, and that the competing businesses are a consequence of that.

    We have a Facebook account in our house. What hits you is that partisan Democrats just have to tell you what they fancy, sometimes multiple times a day. It’s all memes and John Oliver clips. Not one intelligent thought is ever put into pixels. The worst offenders in our circle are an elderly couple with three tertiary degrees between them and a psychiatrist daughter. We registered on Facebook to keep track of the younger generation, who do not write, do not call, and seldom if ever e-mail anymore. What’s interesting is that our partisan Democrat friends don’t post pictures of their grandchildren, in re which they’ve been very hands on and primary caretakers at times because of the work and school schedules of their daughter and her various husbands. If you want an understanding of the ‘shy tory’ phenomenon, just consider that shy tories seem shy because they aren’t exhibitionists.

    My wager is that this chump cannot help himself. No clue how people get that way.

  • Double standard this spicy letter.
    God forbid I refuse to sell my pastries to a Gay couple preparing to be so-called married.
    Fine the beegee’s out of the owner to a tune if $100,000+…..but what of this “discrimination?”
    Sue the bastard!

  • “No clue how people get that way.”

    It’s been a tough election, and people are in mourning. Don’t take anything seriously that a person says the first couple of weeks after an election loss. And people are really grieving: they believe the awful things that they’re hearing about 50% of the population, and they think the country’s suddenly an awful place.

  • Thank you for providing an alternative business to do my spice shopping. I’ve book marked the website.

    Last time I checked, this is a free country and we are free to vote for whoever we please.

  • @Pinky

    It’s not that the country suddenly seems an awful place… it’s that suddenly we are realizing that all the progress we thought we had made away from racism and misogyny in this country was a complete fiction. Remember after Obama was elected and everyone was saying they were “post-racial”? The ugly truth is that America hasn’t changed much since the 1930s.

    Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of anti-immigration, anti-trade, and anti-women. He spent so much time yelling about all that stuff that he never had time to establish a platform for governance. That’s why nobody knows what his policies are going to be. So if he want elected for his policies, he must have been elected for the things he railed against during the campaign: women, minorities, and immigrants.

    That’s what’s causing so many on the left to lose their minds.

    That racist neighbor or uncle you have that everyone hates? He is the real America. And it is really sad.

  • Invite us to Penzey’s to get insulted, again? Why?

    The CEO of Penzey’s sounds like a very confused person. I am an immigrant and ethnic minority from Asia. Many of us Asians and our Latino friends voted for Trump. Does that make us racist too? Or were we just doing something dumb when we voted for Trump?

    We know who and what we voted for.

    We suggest you stop listening to the fact-warping media and realize that the 50% of the USA population who voted for Trump were not all white middle-class men.

    I grew up in a town where 99% of the population were white, like you. The one thing I remember about white people is that they loved telling us minorities we were wrong about this and that.

    Stop with your condescending attitude and get back to work at the nice business you inherited from your father before you ruin your inheritance.

  • “Remember after Obama was elected and everyone was saying they were “post-racial”?”

    One of many lies that permeated the closing Obama years. Obama was obsessed by race as were his minions. The ever increasing demonization of white males on the left was a feature of the Obama years that made the post-racial claim truly a very bad joke.

  • Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of anti-immigration, anti-trade, and anti-women.

    Only according to those whose entire power comes from declaring themselves the One True Voice for immigrants, women and those in trade.
    I just looooove being informed that I cannot possibly speak for myself as a woman, but that some fat old man who likes “women’s issues” because it lets him have lots of sex without having to deal with the natural results of sex is able to speak for me.
    The problem with Trump is that he’s still a Democrat, and he’s still at serious risk of taking on their standard stunt of getting to decide that women, immigrants and those in trade who disagree with them are not “really” women, not “really” immigrants, or maybe we’re just too dumb to possibly understand that the Democrats want to control everything about us “for our own good.”

  • Foxfier, I don’t think Trump is a Democrat or a Repulican for that matter. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. I believe that in his mind, everything egins and ends with him. Party and ideology are but means to that end.

  • On the subject of race we as a nation have progressed, that is until Obama was elected. He and his AG Eric Holder were all about race from the beginning. Ferguson is a good example. The media was there to fan the flame and continues to fan the flame. Now we have police officers on a routine traffic stops; latest is a law enforcement assassinated by a bullet in the back of the head. Anarchy is the name of the game for the far left.
    Misogynists – that would be Mrs. Clinton and her Democratic Party who are avidly pro-abort. Counting in gender selection, more than half of the millions of aborted babies were little girls.

  • Greg-
    I’m not seeing how that makes him not a Democrat….

  • Went to the Spice House. .So glad I found this and Opted out of Bill’s Dictatorship

  • It’s not that the country suddenly seems an awful place… it’s that suddenly we are realizing that all the progress we thought we had made away from racism and misogyny in this country was a complete fiction. Remember after Obama was elected and everyone was saying they were “post-racial”? The ugly truth is that America hasn’t changed much since the 1930s.

    Brian, you’re welcome whatever social fictions you care to maintain to help you feel better about yourself. Just don’t bother the adults with them.

  • Here’s and explanation for why I cannot care less when imbecile liberals (redundant) call me “racist.”
    “…First, no reasonable person (Which eliminates 99% of Progressives!) can argue that white privilege applies to the great majority of whites, let alone to all whites. There are simply too many variables other than race that determine individual success in America.
    “Why all this left-wing talk about white privilege? The major reason is in order to portray blacks as victims. This achieves two huge goals for the Left — one political, the other philosophical.
    “The political goal is to ensure that blacks continue to view America as racist. The Left knows that the only way to retain political power in America is to perpetuate the belief among black Americans that their primary problem is white racism. Only then will blacks continue to regard the Left and the Democrats as indispensable.
    “The philosophical reason is that the Left denies — as it has since Marx — the primacy of moral and cultural values in determining the fate of the individual and of society. In the Left’s view, it is not poor values or a lack of moral self-control that causes crime, but poverty and, in the case of black criminals, racism. Therefore, the disproportionate amount of violent crime committed by black males is not attributable to the moral failure of the black criminal or to the likelihood of his not having been raised by a father, but to an external factor over which he has little or no power — white racism.”
    Dennis Prager
    It’s not that the “post-racial” Obama regime loved middle class, white people less. It’s that they loved blacks/browns and illegals more. The myth that blacks and browns aren’t racists needs to be addressed.
    Everything the left believes and everything progressives “know” is both wrong and evil.

  • Foxfier, present day Democrats are hard line ideologues. Trump is anything but.

  • Greg, if they were ideologues (of a single ideology), then it wouldn’t keep changing. There wouldn’t be the massive internal conflict that shows up every time they don’t have an enemy to have everyone attacking.

    It’s the place that folks who want power to enforce their goals go, which includes a wide variety of fanatical followers of various ideas, many of which have conflicting requirements.

  • Bob Loblaw: “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” are our Founding Principles. You are free to leave and you are free to get three quarters of the states to ratify your opinion as Law of the Land. Atheism is unconstitutional. The atheist, as a death bed convert must be tolerated. Please read our Founding Principles: THE UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ratified by every state and OUR CONSTITUTION. Next to Holy Scripture, the most beautiful words ever written.

  • Foxfier, the hard left controls the Democrat Party. On that point, there is no conflict or dissent. The only conflict or dissent that may exist is a fight over who is going is going to be the standard bearer.

  • I’ll be sending all of our christmas gifts back for refunds. You don’t want our business then your your not getting it it. Real business people would not draw a line in the sand like this. This is a democracy and people should not be ridiculed for their beliefs or political parties they choose to support.

  • This article seems to be very hypocritical coming from a Christian. How can you support all the horrible things Donald Trump has said, stands for and supports, and then criticize those that would call him out on them and those who support him? Shameful indeed Mr. McClarey.

    I fully support Pensey and purchased over $50,00 worth of spices last week. Bravo to those business owners with both true American and Christian values, and are willing to speak out on it.

    This isn’t simply about politics but about decency and humanity, something I was taught that Christianity is supposed to stand for as well.

  • Compared to the transparent crook Hillary Clinton Trump was preferable. I note Pete that you do not argue but merely declaim as if you were carrying the tablets down from Mount Sinai. That habit, among other reasons, is why the left finds itself in this country now in the political wilderness. I hope it is a very, very long stay.

  • Bravo to those business owners with both true American and Christian values, and are willing to speak out on it.

    Would those be the ones involving unnatural sex acts, ripping small children apart and destroying the family, or the ones involving abuses that first century tax collectors would blush at, deliberate violation of the laws and oaths she took and literally abandoning those under her responsibility to horrific deaths before publicly and willfully lying about what caused it?

  • Peter:
    “I fully support Pensey and purchased over $50,00 worth of spices last week. Bravo to those business owners with both true American and Christian values, and are willing to speak out on it.”

    Such business owners are misguided and in the thrall of the devil. Trump intends to do good; Hillary to perpetuate evil. Pray for prudence Peter.

  • Trump has Catholics values? Really? This web site is a bad idea of a bad joke? Look through history and you won’t find any US President whose values were so antithetical to Christianity than Trump’s. Where in the Gospel’s are people encouraged to abuse women? Where in the Gospels are encouraged to mock disabled persons, for that matter, Trump just doesn’t stop at disabled persons, he turns the Gospels upside with rants and mad ravings, as does this site.

  • “Look through history and you won’t find any US President whose values were so antithetical to Christianity than Trump’s.”


    1. Bill Clinton who was “serviced” by an intern in the oval office? Bill Clinton who has a record of sexual assault and rape?

    2. Barack Obama who raised campaign funds championing his support of partial birth abortion? The same man who has persecuted nuns with the contraceptive mandate?

    3. Andrew Jackson who thought that slavery was a positive good and who set the Cherokees on the Trail of Tears?

    4. FDR who locked up Japanese-Americans because of their race?

    5. Woodrow Wilson who segregated the Civil Service?

  • Trump has Catholics values? Really? This web site is a bad idea of a bad joke?

    When you have to make up claims for others in order to defend your support of attacking those who opposed a traitorous felon who betrayed unto death those who were required to work under her, supported the sexual victimization of women and argues for the literal ripping apart of human babies, you might wanna consider who is the bad joke.
    Incidentally, false accusations aren’t a Catholic value.

    Look through history and you won’t find any US President whose values were so antithetical to Christianity than Trump’s.

    How about Bill Clinton? All the same stuff as Trump is accused of, plus known habits of sexual assault and on-demand slaughter of infants, AND still professes them to be good things.
    he turns the Gospels upside with rants and mad ravings

    Ah. I see. Projection.
    Guess it feels better than dealing with a guilty conscience.


    My bet is this will happen between the second and third year of his Presidency. Of course, it will seen as an obvious ploy to garner the Catholic vote. But he will be sincere about it. And he will overwhelmingly be elected to a second term.

The Meltdown of the Left

Friday, November 18, AD 2016



Large parts of the left in this country seem to be having a psychotic episode since the election of Trump.  John Sexton at Hot Air gives us a disturbing example:


In Georgia, Secretary of State Brian Kemp issued a statement today asking people to stop threatening his state’s electors:

Our office has received numerous reports of individuals hurling insults and threats at Georgia’s Electors because they are unsettled with America’s choice for President of the United States. This is absolutely unacceptable and those participating in or encouraging these efforts should stop. The electoral process in America has worked, and everyone – Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and others – should respect the will of Georgia’s voters and the Electors who represent them.

Idaho‘s Secretary of State made similar comments earlier in the week after reports that the state’s four electors were being barraged with harassing calls and messages. From the Spokesman-Review:

“A lot of ’em use bad, rough language,” said Layne Bangerter, one of the four electors. “Nothing I feel intimidated over. But we’re watching it very closely. They’ve got our home phone numbers, our cell numbers, our emails, our Facebook. We’re just getting an orchestrated barrage from the left.”…

Bangerter, who worked for U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo for more than a decade, said he’s received around 40 messages on Facebook alone. “They attack my religion, they attack my politics, they tell me that I must be a terrible father, I must be a terrible American, they use foul language – every swear word,” he said. “They’re just trying to steal this thing. They won’t be able to do it, but they’re trying.”

In Tennessee, electors told the Tennessean they were receiving 200 emails a day:

Several members of Tennessee’s Electoral College delegation told The Tennessean this week they’ve received as many as 200 emails per day and a handful of phone calls. Electors in other states told the Tennessean they too have received similar barrages of email.

“Certainly I would call it harassment,” said Pat Allen of Clarksville, Tennessee’s Electoral College representative for the 7th Congressional District.

In Arizona, electors say they are facing “total harassment” from mostly out-of-state emails. From the Arizona Republic:

Robert Graham, chairman of the state Republican Party and an elector, said the emails are mostly coming from out of state and appear to be part of a coordinated effort to try to deny Trump the presidency by swaying enough electors to back anyone but him…

“It is total harassment,” said Graham, who estimates he has received about 1,700 such emails and letters. “It started about a week ago. Now? Bam. It’s hardcore.”…

Sharon Geise, an elector from Mesa, said the emails have also flooded her inbox. She estimates she has received 8,000. Many of them are similar.

“Hillary’s got a great campaign going,” she said. “It’s the same thing, pretty much. Basically: Vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s bizarre. I don’t dare answer my phone.”

A similar flood of harassing emails was received by an elector in Iowa.

Meanwhile, in Michigan 22-year-old elector Michael Banerian has been receiving death threats. From the Detroit News:

“You have people saying ‘you’re a hateful bigot, I hope you die,’ ” he said. “I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive.”

The Detroit News verified one message containing a death wish and another containing a death threat, in which the person told Banerian he would “put a bullet” in his mouth. Banerian said he deleted the rest of the emails and messages “because as you can imagine they’re clogging up my email.”

This harassment of Republican electors is not going to change the outcome of the election. In sheer volume, this harassment of Republicans certainly outweighs the heavily-reported hate incidents being collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Will the national media pick up on these incidents of death threats and harassment as well, all of which explicitly stem from a left-wing campaign to alter the outcome of the election? Don’t count on it.

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21 Responses to The Meltdown of the Left

  • Tolerance from the SNL crowd…yawn.

  • All the calls and emails can be traced to the safe spaces at our establishments of higher learning.

  • Prosecute them. They must decide the pay is not worth going to jail. Our prosecutors are spineless wusses.

  • How rich that the Left preaching tolerance and political correctness keep quiet while their thuggish operatives contradict their precious pieties. Hypocrites all. Their interest is pure power and nothing more.

  • Crybabies and sore losers.

  • Militant leftists only want and respect power. This goes back to the bloody French Revolution. There is no reasoning or hoping to make peace with them.

  • Add to all this Mike Pence’s treatment by the superior left at Broadway last night at a rendition of “Hamilton” (the musical):


    The left (Brandon Dixon, the actor who plays Burr in the musical) tellingly gave an “address” to Pence at the end, that Pence gentlemanly as always listened to, and without response left.

    That is the way with the bovine-hooved left: they do all the talking, prevent any discussion or rejoinder, and none of the listening.

    If that’s the way they want it,.. Because, they can dish it, but as shown recently, they just cant take it.

  • N.B. Hillary and Obama refuse to denounce the hatred and violence. That says it all.
    Thank God Trump won.
    I am thoroughly enjoying the hysterics. This is the best I’ve felt since Reagan was elected.
    Even better: the Idiots are exhibiting, for all the World to see, their rank stupidity and execrable dishonesty. Best yet: they don’t realize it. Imbeciles!
    Molon labe – Come And Take. Today is National Ammunition Day, it runs all week. Buy a hundred rounds of your favorite caliber.
    In conclusion, God Bless the NRA.

  • The Demoniac Left is on full display, almost as if this were an exorcism, rather than an election, with the evil spirits shrieking on their way out of the body politic.

  • @ William P. Walsh

    You have said the truth. The damned on full display. We will see more of them. I’m sure of it. Like spoiled children, they will disrupt the peace until they are reprimanded.

    Staying Deplorable in Michigan.

  • oh my William P. Walsh- so very well said! I have been thinking that this is a good thing- that that which has been hidden is being brought to light!- but you said the picture of it all!.

  • Steve Phoenix that flamboyant bullying boor showed that the left likes to preen; holier than thou they are, and cowards too,

  • The laws against this type behavior must be enforced or the behavior will continue & escalate.

  • The Left will NOT accept the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Things are going to get worse.

  • The lefts’ hysterics and violence are weak tea compared to an earlier, similar instance of Democrat incited derangement and hate: the 1863 NY Draft Riots.
    Take heart and rejoice. It’s all sound and fury and nothing.
    The GOP controls more states and the Federal government than at any time since its 1854 inception. Rejoice and be glad. And, roll up your sleeves and get to work for America.
    Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

  • This is absolutely unacceptable and those participating in or encouraging these efforts should stop.

    How about adding “and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”?

  • T.Shaw, yes, historical perspective is right to recall: but you cant take your eyes off the Left nor let up on the pushback against them.

    For a California perspective, in our one-party state, the same which Nancy Pelosi wants/wanted to impose nationally—she is still hanging on for the mid-term elections and she is right that history is on her side there—you cannot improve a house if it somehow is within a “coastal zone” without a California Coastal Commission review (I have a 1920’s property in that category: unless you have the right “clout” ($$$ in large quantities), forget about it.

    As criminal violence here continues to escalate with their proxies, the illegal alien gangs (and don’t think for a minute that what Greg Phillips at votefraud.org has noted about the 3 million illegals that voted, likely against Trump in the last election, aren’t at work here), several Bay Area cities have become the virtual US equivalent of 3rd world states (San Jose, Oakland, Vallejo, Richmond, San Francisco) in runaway violent crime as well as property destruction. And nothing is done about it: they are the pawns of the ruling political class.

    So at the same time, now, besides the extraordinarily stringent gun-registration requirements here, Jan 1st, they have required registration to buy ammo of any kind: that means a gun-training certificate (which I have); current valid state ID (yes, I have that: but the illegal gangs have lotsa guns, ask the cops); of course clean background check (yes, I have that: just don’t “threaten” a liberal, because any TRO or misdemeanor must be clear for 10 years); a 10-day waiting period; and you can only buy one handgun every 30 days; a gun safe and gun lock, or you cant walk with the weapon; and now the same for ammo, which the left don’t realize, if you practice at a gun range, you are a safer user, so you use ammo to keep in practice. You have to be stupid as well as megalomaniac to be a leftist.

    And yet state legislator Leland Yee was probably not the only CA state legislator who was involved directly according to federal evidence with street gangs (in SF) with organized crime boss Raymond Chow (aka “Shrimpboy”) in gun-running. Yes, you wondered how those guns came in to the US? Mr Yee pled guilty in 2015 to corruption charges and is supposed to serve 10 years in prison. Oh, did I mention at the time he was running for CA secretary of state, and was favored to win?

    The corruption of the one-party-crats is overwhelming and pay close attention to their connections with organized crime, Occupy, BLM and their simultaneous expressed desire to eliminate gun rights for lawful citizens.

    If you think they will stop, please, think again, and let’s not go home to our “caves”. As Lenin (verbatim) said, “All setbacks are temporary to The Cause.” (“7th All-Russia Conference, Apr 2429, 1917)


  • It’s, in my opinion, a deeper and more sinister a problem.

    I came across a Paul Harvey commentary today. I miss him dearly. He was very poetic as exemplified here; https://youtu.be/YM4-m0p5vL8

  • Here’s a potent response to the hysterics, “We won. Shut your pie hole.”
    Steve, I feel your pain.
    I live in NY.
    To advance the agenda the left weaponizes grief and ignorance; and ever and always waves the bloody shirt. The few on the left with half a brain know gun control does nothing except give them bullying ammunition and distractions from the real causes of violence: liberal policies. The other 99% on the left are idiots that can do little more than parrot dogma.
    Almost immediately after the Sandy Hook (Peculiar how all Muslims aren’t terrorists, but all gun owners are homicidal maniacs!) massacre, Chief Thug Cuomo and the cowards in the legislatures passed the so-called S.A.F.E. Act wherein I became a felon for not disposing of my “:assault rifles.” The craven cowards wrote into the law prohibitions against keeping statistics on the compliance with the law. Most NY counties’ sheriffs have stated they will not enforce. About six New Yorkers actually complied. They can’t lock up all of us.
    Anyhow, Praise the Lord at all times. I am in position to seek political asylum in America, i. e., a fiscally-solvent, “Mom and apple pie”, Red State such as South Dakota or Idaho.

  • And I live in NH. We have thus far successfully opposed attempts to infringe upon rights recognized by the Second Amendment. We have also managed to elect Republican majorities to both houses of the General Court, along with a Republican Governor. In spite of these successes, the State voted for Clinton, and has elected Democrats to the US Senate and House of Representatives. It’s an enigma. We have rather lax election laws which may facilitate voting by many non-residents, in particular out of state students pretending to be residents.
    We are getting a bit off topic. So I’ll close with “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.”
    Hence, the meltdown; and the Demoniac Left is on full display, almost as if this were an exorcism, rather than an election, with the evil spirits shrieking as they are driven out of the body politic.” (Modified so as not to be too repetitious) (;-)