American Taliban

Saturday, March 31, AD 2012

Here’s some news out of Egypt.

An Egyptian court has ordered the government to ban pornographic websites in order to protect society and its values.

The decision and a similar initiative in parliament has fed into fears by liberal and secular Egyptians that their country is moving down the path to fundamentalist Islam, following a sweeping victory by Islamists in parliamentary elections.

The ruling came from a lower court and can be appealed. Three years ago a court made a similar ruling, but it was not enforced because at the time, officials argued filtering systems were not effective.

Meanwhile, in California . . .

Desert Sun Resort owners and Orange County residents John and Elizabeth Young filed a lawsuit March 16 in Orange County Superior Court against 500 unnamed defendants asking a judge to rule that the resort’s policy against children does not violate state law.

KNX 1070?s Margaret Carrero reports the couple were dumbfounded when they received a letter last month seeking penalties and damages over their policy against allowing kids on their property.

…The lawsuit was filed in response to a letter the Youngs received Feb. 17 from Palm Springs attorney David Baron — written on behalf of “certain individuals” — which threatened legal action against the clothing-optional resort “for maintaining and enforcing a No Children Allowed Policy and a Couples-Only Day Pass Policy”.

Listening to some individuals on the left you would think that America is but a regime away from a full-throated theocracy.  Something tells me we are very, very far away from realizing the delusional nightmares of said individuals.

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4 Responses to American Taliban

  • Justice is predicated on intent. If the children were discriminated against, it would be a crime. The children were being protected from seeing an obscenity, what one person called: useless appendages, beer bellies, hairy flab, and balded heads, among other things unmentionable. Seeing them in swimsuits on the beach is bad enough. Seeing them in the all-together can put a child into post traumatic stress syndrome. What ever happened to Mr. Universe? To much MSG.
    Until the children are emancipated and able to give informed consent to be exposed to such nakedness, they ought to be prohibited for their own good as their civil rights are held in trust for them by God, by their parents and by the state. Common law requires people to cover themselves in public.

  • When I first started reading the second story (didn’t click on the link), I thought it was about a senior-only resort that wasn’t allowing children to visit or stay overnight. It wasn’t until I saw the words “clothing optional resort” — i.e. nudist community — in the third paragraph that I figured out what the problem was…

  • It is the prime duty of the state to protect original innocence, virginity, and the sovereignty of the person. The sovereignty of the person begins at conception. Pornography is a lie about the human person and perjury in a court of law. That pornography exists is a crime, an addiction, and a lie. Abortion is nothing less than human sacrifice. If someone does not love you enough to want there to be more of you, run like hell. Lust is not love. Fornication is the separation of the body from the soul. When the soul leaves the body, we call it death.

  • “American Taliban”: First thing comes to mind the current resident of the White House.

    BTW: While banning porn is a good thing, we (the US and our allies) will not benefit from Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood take-overs of ME and NA hell holes based on the so-called Arab Spring.

    Hope, change and smart diplomacy are going to “smart” all right.