Holst the Planets: Mars the Bringer of Wars

Saturday, April 21, AD 2012

Something for the weekend.  Mars, the Bringer of War, from Gustav Holst’ s The Planets.  Throughout history Mars has been associated with the god of war, no doubt due to its frequent red coloration when viewed from Earth.   However, I have it on the highest authority that we have nothing to fear from Mars.

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2 Responses to Holst the Planets: Neptune the Mystic

  • I know there are at least 2 lawyer bloggers here. Nothing about the backlash against King & Spalding withdrawing from the DOMA case? It’s not everyday the NY Times agree with opponents of gay marriage.

  • King & Spalding is learning RR that raw cowardice, even in the Law, can sometimes have very negative consequences. I will post about it in due course, unless BA or one of my other co-bloggers beats me to the post.