The High Chapparal

Saturday, May 5, AD 2012

Something for the weekend.  The theme song to my favorite television western of the Sixties, The High Chapparal.  Broadcast on NBC from 1967-1971.  Set in the Arizona territory in the 1870’s the series was well acted by regulars Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Mark Slade, Linda Cristal and Henry Darrow.  The scripts were literate with a more realistic feel than was common at the time.  Here is a longer rendition of the theme song:

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2 Responses to The High Chapparal

  • I wonder if the show’s producers were ever approached about their “borrowing” of the Tornado’s “Telstar” song from 5 years previously? Maybe that kind of thing didn’t happen back then, or since the band was British, then sorry, old chap.

  • It was my favorite show, too. I wish I could find it on DVD.