The Catholicism Project

Friday, December 11, AD 2009

Word On Fire Catholic Minstries is currently working on The Catholicism Project and is in the final stages of being completed.  It is a groundbreaking documentary series presenting the true story of Christianity and the Catholic faith, which comes in an especially timely moment in human history.

The following is a short trailer professionally done with Father Robert Barron showing snippets from footage that is being targeted for release by Christmas 2010 A.D.

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One Response to The Catholicism Project

  • Simply awesome! Father Barron appeared on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” last night and discussed his ministry and this series. It’s apparently 10 hours (48 min./each, plus commercials) that will be released on DVD for certain, although they are trying to sell it to either network or PBS affiliates as a possible mini-series.

    Fr. Barron via Word on Fire is doing excellent work and could very well be the kind of joyful and charismatic priest that can break through modern secular mindsets and reach people where they are. Could we hope for another Bishop Sheen for the 21st century? Perhaps… and in any case, his work is very worthy of Catholic support!