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The Hammond family is pictured above.  The Federal government under the Obama administration has difficulty determining who is an Islamic terrorist, but they have had absolutely no problem prosecuting members of the Hammond family as terrorists, as part of a land grab effort by the Federal government.  Here are the details, via David French of National Review Online:

Watching the news yesterday, a person could be forgiven for thinking that a small group of Americans had literally lost their minds. Militias are marching through Oregon on behalf of convicted arsonists? A small band of armed men has taken over a federal building? The story practically writes itself. Or does it? Deranged militiamen spoiling for a fight against the federal government make for good copy, but what if they’re right? What if the government viciously and unjustly prosecuted a rancher family so as to drive them from their land? Then protest, including civil disobedience, would be not just understandable but moral, and maybe even necessary.


The story as told by the protesters begins not with the federal criminal case against Steven and Dwight Hammond but many years earlier, with the creation and expansion of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a tract of federal land set aside by President Theodore Roosevelt as “a preserve and breeding-ground for native birds.” The federal government has since expanded the preserve in part by buying adjacent private land. Protesters allege that when private landowners refused to sell, the federal government got aggressive, diverting water during the 1980s into the “rising Malheur lakes.” Eventually, the lakes flooded “homes, corrals, barns, and graze-land.” Ranchers who were “broke and destroyed” then “begged” the government to buy their “useless ranches.”

By the 1990s, the Hammonds were among the few private landowners who remained adjacent to the Refuge. The protesters allege that the government then began a campaign of harassment designed to force the family to sell its land, a beginning with barricaded roads and arbitrarily revoked grazing permits and culminating in an absurd anti-terrorism prosecution based largely on two “arsons” that began on private land but spread to the Refuge.

While “arsons” might sound suspicious to urban ears, anyone familiar with land management in the West (and to a lesser degree, in the rural South and Midwest) knows that land must sometime be burned to stop the spread of invasive species and prevent or fight destructive wildfires. Indeed, the federal government frequently starts its own fires, and protesters allege (with video evidence) that these “burns” often spread to private land, killing and injuring cattle and damaging private property. Needless to say, no federal officers are ever prosecuted. The prosecution of the Hammonds revolved mainly around two burns, one in 2001 and another in 2006. The government alleged that the first was ignited to cover up evidence of poaching and placed a teenager in danger. The Hammonds claimed that they started it to clear an invasive species, as is their legal right. Whatever its intent, the fire spread from the Hammonds’ property and ultimately ignited 139 acres of public land. But the trial judge found that the teenager’s testimony was tainted by age and bias and that the fire had merely damaged “juniper trees and sagebrush” — damage that “might” total $100 in value. The other burn was trifling. Here’s how the Ninth Circuit described it: In August 2006, a lightning storm kindled several fires near where the Hammonds grew their winter feed. Steven responded by attempting back burns near the boundary of his land. Although a burn ban was in effect, Steven did not seek a waiver. His fires burned about an acre of public land. In 2010 — almost nine years after the 2001 burn — the government filed a 19-count indictment against the Hammonds that included charges under the Federal Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which mandates a five-year prison term for anyone who “maliciously damages or destroys, or attempts to damage or destroy, by means of fire or an explosive, any building, vehicle, or other personal or real property in whole or in part owned or possessed by, or leased to, the United States.”

At trial, the jury found the Hammonds guilty of maliciously setting fire to public property worth less than $1,000, acquitted them of other charges, and deadlocked on the government’s conspiracy claims. While the jury continued to deliberate, the Hammonds and the prosecution reached a plea agreement in which the Hammonds agreed to waive their appeal rights and accept the jury’s verdict. It was their understanding that the plea agreement would end the case. At sentencing, the trial court refused to apply the mandatory-minimum sentence, holding that five years in prison would be “grossly disproportionate to the severity of the offenses” and that the Hammonds’ fires “could not have been conduct intended [to be covered] under” the Anti-terrorism act: When you say, you know, what if you burn sagebrush in the suburbs of Los Angeles where there are houses up those ravines? Might apply. Out in the wilderness here, I don’t think that’s what the Congress intended. And in addition, it just would not be — would not meet any idea I have of justice, proportionality. . . . It would be a sentence which would shock the conscience to me. Thus, he found that the mandatory-minimum sentence would — under the facts of this case — violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment.” He sentenced Steven Hammond to two concurrent prison terms of twelve months and one day and Dwight Hammond to one prison term of three months. The Hammonds served their sentences without incident or controversy.

The federal government, however, was not content to let the matter rest. Despite the absence of any meaningful damage to federal land, the U.S. Attorney appealed the trial judge’s sentencing decision, demanding that the Hammonds return to prison to serve a full five-year sentence. The case went to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the court ruled against the Hammonds, rejecting their argument that the prosecutor violated the plea agreement by filing an appeal and dismissing the trial court’s Eighth Amendment concerns. The Hammonds were ordered back to prison. At the same time, they were struggling to pay a $400,000 civil settlement with the federal government, the terms of which gave the government right of first refusal to purchase their property if they couldn’t scrape together the money.

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11 Responses to Terrorists

  • We know who the terrorists are here. Innocent Americans terrorized by government or by big companies. What happened to land of the free? The right to life is gone. Liberty is under duress and the pursuit of happiness? The only ‘happiness’ well protected by many laws are the immoral desires and perversions.

  • an example of lawfare
    Lot of that going around these days.
    Contempt for the law too.

  • “Lawfare” works both ways– deciding not to enforce laws has also
    become a way our betters advance their agendas.
    An example: in 2012, a whistleblower at banking giant HSBC gave documents
    to the federal government detailing the bank’s participation in money
    laundering for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, terrorist groups, and Iran.
    The SEC and other agencies had been investigating HSBC on such charges
    for years, and now had damning evidence. What happened? The government
    declined to prosecute, and not one HSBC executive was indicted, let alone served
    a minute of jail time. Why? As Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer explained,
    if the government had pursued their case against HSBC, it would have
    inevitably resulted in HSBC’s loss of their banking license, and that was deemed
    unacceptable. Evidently HSBC is not only too big to fail, it’s too big to prosecute.
    HSBC was fined $1.9 billion for it’s actions, which sounds like a lot except when
    one reflects on the fact that that’s only about five weeks of the bank’s profits.
    (Not gross, but profits). No one at HSBC was charged with a crime, and the
    only HSBC employee who lost his job was the whistleblower.
    The rule of law is in deep trouble when enforcement is selective, based purely
    on its usefulness to Washington’s agenda.

  • From January 2009, the enemy has been the evil Christians, rural bitter clingers, blue collar angry white men, the private sector.

    I believe the government wants the money and doesn’t value the jail time. It’s the headlines and the money. Two other aspects: one, management agrees to the money to avoid other/criminal consequences; and two, the fine is civil and consented to while a criminal conviction requires a higher level of proof, i..e, beyond a reasonable doubt versus the lesser civil standard for the ruling – I’m not a lawyer.
    I was an analyst and managed to avoid the BS. In my former life I was involved in tracking banks in two cases wherein multi-million dollar fines were imposed for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and/or Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) related acts. In both cases, I felt the banks were not “guilty”, the charges were technical violations of an administrative nature reported years previously but raised by then-NY AG Eliot Spitzer (a pirate and reprobate). The banks paid-up to avoid civil trial (lesser burden of proof) and months of adverse press. The fines were not onerous compared to the bad press/reputational risks. In one case, the bank was in process of being sold and the seller-owner realized a capital gain of $63 million instead of $70 million. The big losers in that case were the bank’s employees. NB: in my case the NYS had criminal investigations against “bad players” in branches, but never brought charges. Spitzer had gotten what he wanted: publicity. It was obscene.

  • Money quote… in my opinion; “There were terrorist involved in this travesty against justice, and unfortunately we are paying their salaries.” Don McClarey.

    If I had the authority I would link up Sam the Eagle for you Mr. M. Great comment.

  • Mr. McClary,

    You are dead on right in your judgement re: this matter. After that incident with the Bundy’s in Nevada in the not too distant past, it become known publicly that Harry Reid’s son, who worked for a given Chinese company, wanted the Bundys off of that land so that his Chinese company could expand on the land. I knew from the first time I heard about this situation with the Hammonds that a political prosecution was taking place.

    I have found that rarely does governmental anything to do with farms, ranches, animals, and/or agriculture have to do with what is right. It is all about profiting the liberal elites and/or pushing the agendas of environmentalist wackos and/or animal rights extremists.

    There are a plethora of terrorist activities taking place in the U.S. that involve the animal rights activities in this nation. I researched this subject and interviewed people for almost 2 years on this matter, and then helped to pass legislation to address some specific abuses here in my state.

    In the case of the Bundy’s the BLM agents, themselves, were committing legal animal abuse by denying those cows food, water, shelter, and necessary care. The BLM’s actions were particularly abusive with the calfs which were involved. No one who worked for the government was charged, of course.

    There is no end to the corruption taking place in these matters under discussion. And corruption seems to exist at all levels: township, city, state, and national.

    The ability to feed ourselves and have access to clean water is very much a health and a national security matter. Whoever controls the food and water, will in the end, control the population. This is true especially in times of war and/or crisis. So these matters affect much more than individual families losing their livelihoods and freedom to live how they wish.

    The US gov’t controlling that land in the West impacts all of our energy costs, mineral sources, and water sources, entertainment/vacation options as well as food.

    The land that the US gov’t controls should be returned to the states so that the resources therein could benefit the residents of each state.

    What took place with the Bundys and what is now taking place with the Hammonds is pure tyranny.

  • My regrets, but much of the legal profession is a malignancy which needs to be cut out. That’s the law faculties, that’s the federal courts, that’s many state appellate courts, that’s big law.

    It is time to scarify the federal criminal code, rewrite the penalties therein to incorporate brief determinate sentences, and consider replacement of federal courts and prosecutors with enfranchisement of state courts and prosecutors. The federal court system and U.S. Attorney’s offices do not have, taken together, huge budgets. A 15% increase in the staffs of local superior courts and prosecutor’s offices could do the trick.

    If we end up with a Cruz administration, can we please liquidate the Bureau of Land Management and its holdings? Contrive a compensation formula for the extant body of grazing permits and put the land on the auction bloc. The Forest Service properties are a tougher nut; you’d have to make land sales contingent on state constitutional amendments to remove property taxes on woodlands and marsh. As for the park land and refuges, deed it over to any state government which applies for it, bar the multi-state properties and trail systems and bar a few jewels like domestic battlefields and veterans’ cemeteries. As we speak, more than a quarter of the land area of the United States is held by the federal government. This is wholly unnecessary.

  • Require the BLM to be self-sustaining. Then the permits would be honored. 😀

  • Liberalism is much like syphilis that you don’t get to know its long-term effects until it’s too late.

  • You are going to want to watch this video. The BLM purposely burned cattle alive, purposely burned privately owned ranch homes & other facilities, set fires within 100
    feet of trapped cattle who had already been injured by the fire, deliberately set fires that risked the lives of ranchers and an entire town. This is war on the American people by the federal government. I never realized it was this bad.


Paris Terror Attacks

Friday, November 13, AD 2015






At least three terrorists took more than 100 people hostage in a hall where a music concert was being held, before they began randomly killing innocent people. They had time to reload their weapons at least three times during the attack. Five explosions were heard when police stormed the venue. The Prefecture of Paris said the attackers were wearing explosive vests and detonated them during a police assault on the venue. Three terrorists were killed, as police took control of the hall.

Shooting has also been reported in les Halles in the centre of Paris, and in a restaurant by Bastille in rue de Charonne, with “many dead”, including children, according to eyewitnesses. Further incidents have been reported at Le Pompidou and Louvre.

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43 Responses to Paris Terror Attacks

  • Is anyone really surprised? Islam no longer invades with armies. Islamic armies are pathetic and weak. Islam invades by stealth. They attack “soft targets” and count on Western stupidity to allow them to operate.

    Over 200 years ago France embarked on a bloody and violent revolution to kill King and God within its borders. The Eldest Daughter of Rome ran away from Rome like the Prodigal Son, but has not yet returned. Maybe this will be a wake up call. Maybe more wake up calls will be needed. Nobody knows. As long as political correctness has its death grip on public discourse, with its built in hatred of Christianity and its see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil attitude about Islam, then this was most definitely NOT a wake up call because people will cling to their failed ideologies as tightly as if it they were life itself. Adults admit tehy were wrong. children don’t and political correctness is childish, among its many drawbacks.

    We have heard about the problems with Muslim “refugees” in Germany. What the media hasn’t been telling anyone is of the massive anti Muslim rallies that have taken place in Slavic Europe. There have been several such rallies in Poland this year and the Muslim refugee problem is likely part of what got the rightist Law and Justice Party elected in Poland.

    Tomorrow I’ll light a candle in Church for the souls of the deceased. May God have mercy on their souls for dying such sudden and unrepared for deaths.

  • I have spent pretty much the whole night on the telephone to friends in Paris. I must have spoken to two dozen people.

    Everyone is blaming M Hollande’s Syrian policy, which most have long considered to be as grotesque as it is purposeless; my Jewish friends, in particular, all believe the real enemy is Iran and would like nothing better than the overthrow of Iranian allies, the Al-Assad régime in Syria and the Shiite government in Iraq, even by Sunni Jihadists.

    Comparisons are being drawn with the 2004 Madrid bombings and their effect on Spanish foreign policy.

    There are more general fears about communautarisme, by which they mean ethnic solidarities and allegiances that threaten to override Republican unity and that this will be exploited by the Fascist parties.

    A number told me they would express their defiance by attending schul this morning.

  • In December 2014 this was prophesied:
    “Prophesy to the leaders of Catholic France.
    A swarm of locust comes from south of the borders.
    Warn the leaders of Catholic France.
    A swarm of locust of nuisances comes from south of the borders.
    Nuisances, from start to finish. Nuisances.
    Hold firmly to your faith; hold firmly to the faith affirmed at Lourdes.”
    If you dont take care of nuisances they can become plagues.

  • I don’t need popeleo13.com to figure out that this type of thing was going to happen again in Europe. Islam is what it is – a violent seventh century heresy that needs to be stamped out.

  • For all the souls who died in their sins in the sneak attacks in Paris yesterday

    + Out of the depths I cry to you oh Lord.
    Lord Hear my voice
    Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy!

    If you, Oh Lord, keep account of sins
    Lord, who can stand?
    But with you there is forgiveness, and so you are revered..

    I wait for the Lord, My soul waits and I hope for His word.
    My soul looks for the Lord
    More than sentinels for daybreak
    More than sentinels for daybreak

    Let Israel hope in the Lord!
    For with the Lord there is mercy and with Him is plenteous redemption
    And He will redeem Israel from all its sins

    Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
    As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end Amen.

  • Prayers have been offered.

    France has some very strict gun laws.
    Seems apparent to me that they made a hell of a difference in this massacre.
    Maybe Obama and the swill liberial parasites can explain why gun laws failed in this case.
    Never mind.
    He’ll just brush this event off as a JV game.

    Concealed carry laws might of given the victims a chance.
    May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Penguins Fan wrote, “Islam is what it is – a violent seventh century heresy”

    It almost beggars belief that, nearly two and a half centuries after his death, fanatics are killing people in the name of religion in the Bd Voltaire

  • wait a minute ~ you say hatred for Christianity is surprising in a place named for Voltaire?

  • “It almost beggars belief that, nearly two and a half centuries after his death, fanatics are killing people in the name of religion in the Bd Voltaire”

    Voltaire once opined that he dreamed of society where he would be executed as a hopeless reactionary. Granted a few more years of life, he might well have had his wish!

  • “Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”-Voltaire

    And Islam is a religion of Peace.

  • Regarding Hollande’s Syrian policy noted by MPS, at least one news report..


    …detailed that a Syrian passport was found on the body of one of the assailants. Then the UK Daily Mail report becomes even more self-damning:

    “However it has not yet been confirmed whether the Syrian passport was authentic, or was one of the many forged passports flooding into Europe with the refugee crisis.”

    Phillip noted the “strict” gun laws that France already has in place, yet the availability of weaponry (including military ordnance, such as grenades, which were used in some of the attacks).

    For what it is worth, my daughter and son-in-law, who live outside Brussels, often have noted to me that in the Muslim enclaves surrounding Brussels—-almost exactly such as those that surround Paris (and for which reason, they had warned me not to visit the city, as I had intended to this past year)— “All the Muslims have guns, and many are seen with AK47’s and other weapons quite often in their neighborhoods”. They base that on regular sightings by fellow Belgians, especially after Muslim holidays when the religion-of-peace adherents celebrate by shooting weaponry into the air.

    Anecdotal information to some at The-American-Catholic, but I will rely on my cautious daughter and son-in-law (he is a native Belgian, and knows a helluva lot more than what our media allows us to know) for accurate information, thank you. So far, they and their intel have been 100% right.

  • Paris is a “Gun Free Zone”. The more bereft a place is of belief, the more it denies the human right to self-defense.

  • Now those who don’t believe in Christ and the Blessed Virgin actively guiding the Church, even revealing Themselves in specific events and specific people in [even] our recent human history (such as cpola’s comments regarding Leo XIII, above, which I found interesting, please skip over the following. It is to cpola’s comments, to which I add the following:
    In his last newsletter (Mar. 2015) prior to his death, the late Fr. Nicholas Gruner spoke of his interview at that time (January, 2015) with Fr. Gabriel Amorth at Fr. Amorth’s office at La Scala Santa in Rome. According to Fr. Gruner,

    “…Fr. Amorth told me that we have but a short time left before the chastisements predicted by Our Lady of Fatima begin to rip our world apart in ways we can hardly imagine. How long? Less than 8 months.” He continued: “Fr. Amorth told me that unless the consecration of Russia is performed – as our Lady asked – by the end of October, 2015, the dark prophecies of Fatima may well come to pass any day after that.”

    At that time in early 2015, the idea of a multi-million man mass Islamic invasion of the west was only a surreal nightmare of a few. The collapsing of borders and the neutralization of military defenses could not even be conceived. The fall of Europe and its subsequent Islamification is imminent.
    We have known for some time that the forces of darkness are gathering and the time, the century of patience by Our Lord, is about up—that century which Sr. Lucy related that Our Lady told her at Rianjo in 1930 (that the King of France would dedicate France to the Sacred Heart, but only after the century of mercy dating from the time of the promise of the Sacred Heart to S. Margaret Mary Alacoque June 17, 1689), but it “would be too late”).

    Showing he was looking forward to the coming year of 2017, Benedict XVI also showed his focus on the conclusion of the 100 year period dating from the 1917 Fatima apparitions:

    “May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfilment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity”. (Homily, P. Benedict XVI, @ Shrine of Our Lady of Fátima, 13 May 2010)

    It certainly appears that time of conversion of Fatima has just about run out, catalyzed by atheist socialist western governments traducing their own nations.

  • Steve Phoenix.

    The angel holding the sword aflame, which the Mother of God has been holding it’s arm, is now being loosened. It can be seen in many forms. 9-11, yesterday’s assault and the many ungodly accepted law’s to be adopted by this once Christian nation.

    Your observations are well noted.

    The birth pangs are increasing.

  • Steve Phoenix

    Belgium has long been an notorious source of illegal weapons. tThose used in the Charlie Hedo attack were sourced from there.

    Given the France is a party to the Schengen agreement, its borders are pourous and its gun control laws, most of which date back to the Algerian War and the OAS, are easily evaded.

    That said, random shootings are very rare Out of 391 homicides in 2012, firearms were involved in only 140 or 36%

  • My brother texted last night requesting special prayers for the band’s crew at Bataclan. He was in Paris last week at another venue (Our Lady of Providence, thank you for yet another near miss).
    People who work with touring bands all know one another, it’s a small world, and terrorism + economic downturn has hit their industry with particular viciousness. Events like this, bodies strewn around, carnage, shock—and the aftermath of grief, stress, families torn to pieces—then, soon, the drabness of cancelled gigs, dwindling opportunities, unemployment, debt, and hardship.

  • Suz.

    Thank God your brother is okay.
    One week. What a difference.

    The band that was preparing to start was strangely enough named; Eagles of Death Metal. (?) According to outlet sources.

  • Yes, MPS, I expected some “analysis” from your quarter such as blaming Belgium. It’s the Belgian’s fault again. Probably why France fell in 1940 also.

  • Thank you Philip. Just found out that his friend Nick Alexander was shot and killed at Bataclan, please, everybody, pray for Nick and his poor family. Terrorists spreading misery, nothing new but always so horribly sad.

  • I think I now can explain Michael PS’ confusion, that weak Belgian anti-gun laws were the reason for the breakdown in security in Paris: Accordding to Breitbart-UK services, on 11/5, German security intercepted a Montenegrin man, possibly an additional terrorist participant planner, travelling from the BALKANS (not “Belgian”), in a vehicle loaded with at least 8 Kalashnikovs, other guns, and grenades:
    The articles notes:
    “The shocking revelation comes at a time where weapons, and particularly grenades flow freely from the Balkans into Western Europe and nations across the continent are under unprecedented pressure to close their borders in the face of the migrant crisis, and Islamist terrorism.”

    I am sure this is a right-ist leading plot, but I think Michael PS thought the weapons were coming across “BELGIAN”, not “BALKAN” frontiers. Entirely understandable, Holmes.

  • I am numb and speechless. My advice: arm yourselves, folks, both with Bible and Rosary, and with rifle and shotgun.

  • I find Voltaire’s comments about Christianity disgusting and the governments of France after the bloody Revolution have been no improvement on the governments before Louis XVI.

  • Paul Primavera’s advice is not a half baked idea.

    It might sound like stepping back to the wild west however the idea of protecting yourself and family is logical. We are in wartime believe it or not. If fifty percent of Americans who qualified for concealed carry armed themselves the Islamic scum would fear us.
    Turn the tables on them. Place fear in their hearts. Islamophobia. To hell with that term.
    As we open our doors to “refugees,” let us arm ourselves two to one. For every refugee two more Americans are armed and ready to defend their household.

    This idea is only crazy until your nephew is one of the causalities of war in our homeland.
    When it’s on our turf and our families blood spilled on our street’s, then the idea of rosaries and rifles is not so crazy. Racial profiling?
    Is it bad once the Paris massacre becomes Chicago? New York? Omaha?

    Ranting doesn’t help…I know. This recent exhibit of religious freedom in Paris is coming to America. Not a matter of if…but when is more likely. Chastisement is happening!

  • From AFP, Nov. 15, 2015:
    “Identified by his finger, which was found among the rubble of the Bataclan concert hall, the 29-year-old [Omar Ismail Mustafai] was one of three men who blew himself up killing 89 people in the bloodiest scene of the carnage.

    Born on November 21 1985, in the poor Paris suburb of Courcouronnes, Mostefai’s criminal record shows eight convictions for petty crimes between 2004 and 2010, but no jail time.”

    As previously identified, the Sharia-law controlled ghettos of Paris, Brussels, and other suicidal socialist-atheist western European countries, along with the mass influx of ISIS-involved males age 18-35, “refugees”, are a ready source of suicide-vest fodder. Bombs today, Allah tomorrow.

  • Unrest for the pig.

  • Everywhere I go, I carry my concealed carry license in my wallet. Perhaps I should supplement it with a neat little Smith & Wesson revolver, and a Rosary.

  • Philip: The S&W is a Model 36 Chiefs Special with a three-inch barrel, bought in the box with all papers including a test report for the Firearms Unit of the Police Academy. It’s surprisingly accurate. Somehow, I thought you would enjoy this information from a life-long shooter and modest collector of the mechanical art commonly known as firearms. You probably know that Saint Gabriel Possenti’s, the patron saint of handguns, feast day is February 27. He is the patron of handguns because his marksmanship enabled him to rescue a woman about to be raped by a marauding gang of thugs at Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy in 1860. Here is a link to his story: http://taylormarshall.com/2014/02/patron-saint-of-handguns-meet-st-gabriel-possenti.html
    Enjoy the rest of the Lord’s Day.

  • WPW.
    .357 S&W snub nose stainless steel is for my bride.
    The service revolver .38 from my Pa is accurate too. I’m at camp. .300 Win Mag by Browning is way to big for northern Michigan Whitetail, but its what I like.
    Big bang theory. 🙂

  • The .357, with mid-range wad cutters, is a mild load with which to practice. I reload, and so can produce what I wish. One can use .38 Special target loads, if you brush the cylinder well after using the shorter cartridge. My deer hunting generally employs a variety of what most would consider antique deer rifles in 6m/m Remington, 6.5 Swedish, 7m/m Mauser, 30/30, 38/55, 30/40, 30/06 and 8m/m Mauser. Most of the not too many deer I have taken were with muzzle-loaders, the last with a flintlock. I am a dinosaur. Never a bow hunter, I have been thinking about making an Atlatl but I’d look frightful in a loin cloth. So maybe not. 🙂

  • We use .38 for target practice with the .357.
    30/06 is the popular caliber up here.
    Black powder .50 cal is fun in late Dec.
    The woods calls us back each fall.
    Star gazing and kind fire’s with a smidgen of Jameson to warm the gizzy.
    Good stuff.

  • 30/06 is versatile, good for anything that prowls the continent. Jameson is as good a post postprandial calefacient as any. Happy Hunting.

  • Apres Hunt! Thanks for the expansion of my limited knowledge. (postPrandial)

    We just broke camp down. Very warm hunt. Limited movement. As always, it’s the camaraderie and fresh air. One of my favorite moments is watching the first sun light up the woods. Magical.

  • BTW….thanks William P Walsh for the story on St. Gabriel Possenti.
    I enjoyed it.
    Lizards beware… Rapist too! Wait. Are they not one in the same?
    Thanks for the kind wishes.
    No one was injured.
    One participant did nurse himself back from a deadly hangover. Other than that we had a good camp.

  • You are welcome. In my old age, hunting awaits a warm sunny day when I can be assured a nice nap in the autumn sun. Such days are getting rare. So much for global warming. Those of us in northern states who spend time outdoors know that rumors of global warming are greatly exaggerated.

  • Global Warming and the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I was just shaking my head at the recent disclosure of former Nobel Peace Prize committee member, Geir Lundestad, as he admittedly agreed that Obama didn’t do anything to deserve the award. Kinda like Al Gore, as I thought to myself.

    What a world.
    The woods can be so meaningful in a world turned upside down.

  • Mr. Obama is an enigma. How did we ever elect such a person POTUS? I try to avoid judging him of evil intent, leaving the searching of souls to God. Yet it seems his policies are designed to accrue to the disadvantage of our country. In our present circumstance, his administration operates as a fifth column within our borders, if we can be said to have borders. Perhaps he is the product of our modern system of pubic education, bereft of historical knowledge, indoctrinated in Marxist ideology and utterly naive. A wise friend calls him our first post-American president.

  • Our first post-American President.

    That is truly speaking volumes.
    Wise friend indeed.

  • If elected, Hillary will be the second anti-American POTUS. Everything makes sense when you understand that Obama is not on our side.

  • Mr. Obama is an enigma. How did we ever elect such a person POTUS?

    Look north and look across the pond. Who do you see? Justin Trudeau and Jeremy Corbyn, a pair of mediocrities. On the one hand, you have a breakdown in the peer review function of the chatterati party compounded by the willingness of the public to eat what you put in front of them if you tart it up the right way. You get this, I’ll submit, when the share of unserious people in your society reaches a critical mass.

  • Perhaps he is the product of our modern system of pubic education, bereft of historical knowledge, indoctrinated in Marxist ideology

    He attended a private academy in Honolulu, then an ordinary private college in Los Angeles, followed by two years at Columbia and three years at Harvard Law School. Nothing in his public statements indicates he has more than a cursory familiarity with Marxism, if that. For all his education, the man’s thoughts on the world around him seldom do aught but plum the shallows. The man has the attitudes of the average college dean, which has little to do with Marxism.

  • You s’pose he’s one of those Left Nietzschean’s Bloom was talking about thirty years ago?

  • No, I do not. Bloom’s detour into discussions of Neitzche was barely comprehensible and I think driven by a philosopher’s misconception about what motivates ordinary people and drives institutional life.

The Obama Administration Knows Who The Real Terrorists Are

Sunday, February 22, AD 2015




Since its inception, the Obama administration, the same administration unable to say the phrase, “Islamic Terrorism”, has desperately wanted to turn the focus onto domestic “right-wing” terrorism.  The problem of course is that as organized groups such terrorism is about as rare as unicorn sightings in this country.  Not a problem.  In a just released report, the Department of Homeland Security, and what a truly Orwellian waste of money that huge bureaucracy has become, raises the bogey-man sovereign citizen movement which basically consists of cranks on the internet who appeal to other cranks and losers off the internet, into an alleged country spanning terrorist organization:
Washington (CNN)They’re carrying out sporadic terror attacks on police, have threatened attacks on government buildings and reject government authority.

A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.

Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.​
The Homeland Security report, produced in coordination with the FBI, counts 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010.

Go here to read the rest at CNN.  JihadWatch gives this bilge the response it deserves:

In the middle of this story on the CNN page was a link to another CNN story that shows just how ridiculous this is: “ISIS burned up to 40 people alive in Iraq, official says.” Have “right-wing sovereign citizen extremists” burned anyone alive? Have these “right-wingers” kidnapped large numbers of left-wing women and pressed them into sex slavery? Boasted that they would conquer the United States and ultimately the world, and that they had sleeper cells in place in the U.K. ready to start killing? Have they actually killed anyone beyond the two officers mentioned in this report? Do “sovereign citizens” give children weapons training and severed heads to play with? Do they burn musical instruments, murder left-wingers for the sole crime of being left-wingers, crucify people as children watch, chop off women’s hands for using cell phones, and behead people for smoking cigarettes?


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25 Responses to The Obama Administration Knows Who The Real Terrorists Are

  • It is an honor to be called an “extreme right-winger”.

  • We have an empty suit empty head left wing &%$#@@ for a President who is surrounded with yes men and women and a co-conspiratorial media. Is anyone surprised?

  • Pathetic, at best. But likely, unimaginably, worse. So, Hitleresque methinks.

    Demonize the human checks and balances, so you can have an excuse to “neutralize” imaginary eniemies and have a propaganda bonanza run by “sickophants” justifying it to ignorant(or likely worse) masses, upon which to base your support and actions. Mob action by proxy or social activism or are they interchangeable?

    Very dangerous and calculatingly evil.

  • Knaves and worse, yes. Fools? No. After all, it takes a special kind of linguistic and statistical dexterity to keep all the incidences of one-off work place violence carried out by lone wolves who aren’t representative of their undeclared faith unrelated.

  • d Black,

    Not really. Everybody to the left of John Huntsman is considered an extreme right-winger.

  • In a just released report, the Department of Homeland Security, and what a truly Orwellian waste of money that huge bureaucracy has become,

    Again, the DHS is an assemblage of agencies already extant in 2001. Added was the TSA (whose functions are not new) and an intelligence clearinghouse. For whatever reason, Congress and the President assembled a mess of investigatory agencies in one place while leaving a mass of others in the Justice Department, leaving the military with their MPs and investigatory services, leaving various and sundry with inhouse security services, and leaving a scatter of police services hither thither and yon. At the same time, they stuffed civil defense and intelligence into the mix (while leaving intelligence scattered over 16 agencies lodged in six different departments, not to mention the CIA). The whole business seemed the work of turf-obsessed congressional committee chairmen.

  • The Department of Homeland Security has the potential to become an instrument of tyranny.

  • Everyone not to the left of John Huntsman. That’s what I get for not wanting to use right twice in the same sentence.
    The DHS was created in order to protect phony baloney jobs by taking action immediately, immediately, immediately.
    And the sad thing is, the country harrumphed.

  • Uh. What is a right-wing sovereign citizen terrorist? Does anyone really know?

  • Barbara Gordon: “Uh. What is a right-wing sovereign citizen terrorist? Does anyone really know?”
    The evildoers co-opt any word that threatens to inform the people. “Sovereign” is one of those words that calls to mind the “sovereign personhood” of the immortal human soul from the first moment of conception. Jesus Christ is Sovereign King, the Sovereign Person of God Who has been banned from the public and the public square.
    To me, “sovereignty” is discipline and spiritual maturity, freedom from all deviation from the TRUTH, from addiction, freedom from influence by evildoers and the devil. The “pursuit of Happiness” in the Declaration of Independence is the human being accomplishing himself in sovereign personhood to achieve his destiny.
    Obama wills not mature citizens, but people who he can manipulate and drive for his own agenda. That his agenda does not coincide with the human rights of his constituents is an impeachable offense. Obama has much to worry over citizens of sovereignty who constitute our nation.

  • Mayor Giuliani is only half right. He understates Obama’s (and his gangster regime’s) hatred of truth, justice and the American way of life.

    Sic semper tyrannus.

    Already, NSA spying is worse than Hitler and Orwells’ 1984 contemplated.

    Of course, those people are students of Alinsky and Stalin. When anyone says or writes something critical they want to lock you away as a lunatic, or shoot you as a traitor.

  • The DHS was created in order to protect phony baloney jobs by taking action immediately, immediately, immediately.

    Again, the agencies within DHS already existed before the department was incorporated. Which ‘phony baloney’ jobs needed ‘protection’? The Coast Guard, FEMA, the Secret Service? Which?

  • The DHS….aka The Department of Redundancy Department. 🙂

  • Domestic terrorists that Osama didn’t reference: Animal rights extremists. Please see the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.


    Please note re: the link below: It is a miracle that 14 truck drivers were not burned alive in those sleeper cab trucks–under normal circumstances they would have been asleep in the trucks.


    HSUS (a national animal rights extremist organization) worked for years at the federal level suing and paying off politicians to shut down and keep shut down horse meat processing facilities. When finally they were defeated and a plant was about to open, they burned the plant.


    Now these nuts have decided that horses pulling things is animal abuse. Hence the most recent arson of which I am aware.


    The last I knew the one of these nuts was on the top 10 FBI most wanted list.

    If you are interested, look up the terrorist acts agains scientist and medical research centers.

    One of the more radical groups is the Animal Lliberation Front who are thrilled when violence takes place against their supposed “enemies.”

    We had first hand experience here in my state in 2013 when we were passing legislation limiting their activities. There were in person threats, electronic threats, stalking, tresspassing, property damage, attempted theft, and multiple false reports to law enforcement against us. Including interstate threats against a sitting state senator.

  • “Again, the agencies within DHS already existed before the department was incorporated. Which ‘phony baloney’ jobs needed ‘protection’? The Coast Guard, FEMA, the Secret Service? Which?”

    The TSA and their viper squads along with their tens of thousands of now unionized federal troops at your friendly genital groping facility in our nation’s air ports didn’t exist.

  • PS. The reason you didn’t hear about the animal rights extremists s.a. HSUS is because these organizations are multi-million dollar lobbying organizations that line politicians’ pockets. And the Democrats particularly, are funded by these such groups.

  • The TSA and their viper squads

    Baggage screening and metal detectors have been a feature of air travel since 1973. What changed was that the whole operation was placed under a federal directorate and the screeners were made unionized federal employees (at the insistence of the Democratic congressional caucus, natch). That’s arguably not an optimal way to perform this function (and it’s not done that way in Israel, for example). There’s no need to toss insults and ordinary wage-earners just doing their jobs (and in my limited experience, TSA employees are a professional as any other service employee you encounter).

    Again, you want to abolish the department, you are going to have to put the constituent agencies in some other department. Where do you want to put them?

  • DHS was supposed to reduce redundancy and streamline communication, intelligently. It had a good start– you put the replacement into motion before removing the stuff you’re replacing. Having been through enough situations in the Navy where they instead did the “well, remove it and then build a replacement…oh, and better make sure the operation required function isn’t hurt” option, that isn’t bad.
    Problem is, the “removing the stuff you’re replacing” didn’t happen. So instead we have all the departments who were there before, and the DHS.
    They say they have 24 incidents since 2010….or five a year. They include the husband/wife group where were just crazy and trouble, who got kicked out of every group they tried to join BECAUSE they were trouble. (The week before they shot up the Walmart and murdered the concealed carry guy who fought back, they tried to join that rancher group that’s got a dispute with the feds. And were kicked out so solidly that even the news couldn’t pin it on the ranchers.)
    Contrast with honor killings, which don’t generally hit the news because it’s “just” domestic violence, or a girl killed by her brothers, or kidnapping and torture for refusing to do what they went.
    You might get a flash if the mother is known to have helped torture her, or the kid gets lucky and gets to the media– or cases like Shaima Alawadi, where the murder tries to cover it up as a hate crime.

  • “Baggage screening and metal detectors have been a feature of air travel since 1973.”

    The TSA started X-raying people & groping their genitals in airports in the Obama admin if I recall correctly.

    “There’s no need to toss insults and ordinary wage-earners just doing their jobs (and in my limited experience, TSA employees are a professional as any other service employee you encounter)”

    Please name one other “service employee” who can make you pull your clothes off, take x-ray pics of your body, run their hands over your breasts & crotch, etc.

    I have up close and personal experience with the TSA and their viper squads. Now, I have never been groped or made to pull off clothes because I have chosen not to fly, but drive, take a bus, or ride a train instead. Shortly after my online protestations about the new 4th Amendment violations by the TSA in our nation’s airports and my online debate with a specific Little Rock, AR TSA agentwhom I mocked to scorn because he tried to tell me he was keeping me safe (if the fed govt cared about our safety they would seal our borders)–TSA agents followed me around the country for close to 2 years trying to provoke an incident. An agent was placed on my bus from Little Rock, AR to Birmingham, AL and back again–several times. An agent with a German sheperd met me at a Amtrak resting site at a layover in a New England state, a viper squad hit a Greyhound bus depot in Memphis, TN that I traveled through, and a multi-agent viper squad met me at an Amtrak station in Birmingham, AL (several plain clothes agents with 45s strapped to their hips– 8 uniformed TSA agents with huge German shepherds and with stun guns, mace, service weapons, and the whole bit.) I was the only person exiting my car that a TSA agent walked up to and addressed directly as soon as I exited the train–and there were hundreds of people there. Most of the folks arriving with me on the train that day were African American. Those poor folks African Americans went beserk when they saw those guns, uniforms, & dogs on the Amtrak platform waiting for us —-thinking they were fixing to be attacked. Their fear was real and palpable. My co-riders yelled things that day about the rascist federal government that I had never heard before. This was all because I made it plain in a public forum that a TSA agent would not be groping me in an airport–period. There are all kinds of videos/links related to the abuse these folks have dished out on the American public should you be interested. When you are a bad ass and stand up publicly for your civil rights, there will be times when you get to see very interesting sides of your government. Let me encourage you to try it some time. It was my understanding that one of the weekends a viper squad hit the bus depot in Memphis, TN that they did haul several folks out of the depot in handcuffs who had outstanding warrants for their arrest.
    However–no terrorists. Lol

  • “They include the husband/wife group where were just crazy and trouble, who got kicked out of every group they tried to join BECAUSE they were trouble. (The week before they shot up the Walmart and murdered the concealed carry guy who fought back, they tried to join that rancher group that’s got a dispute with the feds. And were kicked out so solidly that even the news couldn’t pin it on the ranchers.)”

    Foxfire: who are this couple. Can u give us a link? I don’t know anything about them.

  • “Again, you want to abolish the department, you are going to have to put the constituent agencies in some other department. Where do you want to put them?”

    I would get rid of huge percentages of them by simply ending their jobs and or privatization-especially in our nation’s airports. I flew in this country for over 40 years of my life safely without these folks. I am not convinced those low paid TSA employees are making us safer.

  • “Problem is, the ‘removing the stuff you’re replacing’ didn’t happen. So instead we have all the departments who were there before, and the DHS.”

    Fantastic way of stating the reason why there is nothing in this world eternal except a government program.

  • Barbara-
    these idiots:
    I like the son of Bundy pointing out that anarchy is worse than tyranny. (history supports this– folks have chosen one or a few tyrants over a whole bunch of them)
    Dressed as the Joker, hate cops, consider authority to be the enemy, and fond of the swastika– sounds more like the crazy left than the right, to me. Of the “I like to watch the world burn” sort.
    Joseph Wilcox– the guy who fought back– deserves to be remembered by name; they should be thought of as deadly losers, other than perhaps praying they were somehow not morally responsible for their actions.

  • Again, the agencies within DHS already existed before the department was incorporated. Which ‘phony baloney’ jobs needed ‘protection’? The Coast Guard, FEMA, the Secret Service? Which?

    The 537 jobs most in need of protecting are still to be found at opposite ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Correlation and Causation

Thursday, February 5, AD 2015

Years of reading through and listening to debates on the internet and in other spaces is enough to make me yearn for mandatory courses in basic logic. In particular, it seems most people do not have even a remedial understanding of the difference between correlation and causation.

Enter President Barack Obama, who delivered remarks today at the National Prayer Breakfast. Meandering and condescending are but two of the words that come to mind after listening to this address. At one point the president lectures the audience on humility. Yes, Barack Obama was prodding his audience to be more humble. I’m just going to let that sink in for a minute and have you pause and reflect. Maybe you’ll even think about another concept: irony.

And no doubt many of you will need to take blood pressure medication after reading this part of the speech:

And this is the loving message of His Holiness, Pope Francis.  And like so many people around the world, I’ve been touched by his call to relieve suffering, and to show justice and mercy and compassion to the most vulnerable; to walk with The Lord and ask “Who am I to judge?”

But that’s not what caught my attention, nor is it the part of the speech that has gotten or will get the most attention. After some discussion of the events taking place in the Middle East and in Paris, and the dangers of theocracy, he intones:

 Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history.  And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.  In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

Yes, of course he went there, would you expect anything less? Now many will rightfully complain that he is dredging up events that occurred centuries ago in order to morally equivocate, and that is indeed happening. We’ve all heard this song before, and we have naturally become somewhat inured to it.

Without jumping into the Crusades and Inquisition and why using even these centuries-old examples is flawed, let’s look at the more recent American examples, and let’s talk a bit about cause and effect.

President Obama is, essentially, comparing Christians justifying slavery to Islamic terrorists burning people alive. He is saying, “You see, Christians did some terrible things in the name of religion, just like these people.” Again, let’s ignore that we’re talking about something that took place two centuries ago rather than two minutes ago, and explore the inadequacy of this analogy.

The thugs in ISIL, the theocrats in Iran, the butchers in France: all of these groups are comprised of individuals acting in the name of their interpretation of Islam. Granting for the sake of argument that they are all acting in a way that is contrary to the true meaning of Islam, however that is supposed to be defined, they are clearly and unmistakably acting in accordance with their religious dictates. Put more bluntly: their interpretation of their religion is causing them to behave in a specific manner.

Now let’s look at slavery and Jim Crow. Yes, it’s true that some defenders of each would use the Bible to defend these practices; however, did anyone ever pick up a Bible and, “Gee whiz, God is really talking to me, I’m gonna go buy me a slave.” To put it another way, slave holders and, subsequently, practitioners of Jim Crow acted on purely, dare I say, secular reasoning to engage in their behavior. Christianity did not cause them to own slaves, nor did it cause southern politicians to enact Jim Crow laws. The Bible was used as an ex post fact rationalization for what they did.

Some may try to argue that this is a distinction without a difference, and to them I’d suggest that they still do not understand the difference between correlation and causation. Take away the Bible and you’d still have slavery in the southern parts of the United States. Christian beliefs did not inspire slaveholding – economic self-interest did that, and the latter also largely explains Jim Crow (plus a whole lot of irrational racism that didn’t have a whole lot to do with the Bible and Christianity).

Take away the religious motivation and do we have gunmen killing members of the press? Do we have the beheadings? Contra the ramblings of certain atheists, not all or even most violence throughout history has been “inspired” by religion, but the maniacs in ISIL are undoubtedly acting upon religious motivations. It isn’t some ex post fact rationalization for their behavior; no, it is the primary cause of the behavior.

Much of President Obama’s address is an exercise in moral equivalency with some vague platitudes thrown in, so about what one would expect from him. Failures in logic are just a little bit of icing on the cake.

Incidentally, Noah Rothman at Hot Air makes a good point:

It’s strange that so few see the contradiction inherent in this assertion. The president, and many of his allies on the left, frequently trip over themselves to emphasize – correctly, as it happens – that ISIS’s acts of brutality are not archetypical Islamic behavior. The insurgency’s most recent atrocity, the immolation of a captured Jordanian pilot, is apparently a violation of Islamic norms according to even Koranic scholars in the Middle East.

But to assert this and in the same breath suggest that Christianity was also a violent, expansionist religion a mere 800 years ago is a contradiction. Why make this comparison if ISIS is not representative of Islam? Isn’t the concession in this claim that those who commit acts of violence in the name of their religion, regardless of whether those acts are supported by a majority of coreligionists, are representative of their faith? Therefore, by perfunctorily nodding in the direction of a moral equivalency between Christian and Islamic violence, isn’t the president invalidating his own claim that ISIS, Boko Haram, Ansar al-Sharia, al-Qaeda, Jemaah Islamiah, Abu Sayyaf, and a host of other fundamentalist Islamic terror groups are agents of a violent strain of the Islamic faith?

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15 Responses to Correlation and Causation

  • A few years back I discovered that there’s no more polarizing question than: who is more humble, Bush or Obama? People on either side literally can’t comprehend how this could even be a question. I mean, literally. It’s beyond their imagining. If you want to ruin something, try that question.

  • Why would the National Prayer Breakfast have Obumbler there anyway?
    The Crusades and the Inquisition are old and tired anti-Catholic canards.

    Obumbler is a dictionary definition of a jackass.

    Islam is an evil that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth and Obumbler makes excuses for it.

  • I believe Obama comments are a direct attack on Christians. Only a demagogue would use such an illogical comparison. It’s similar to your child arguing … “but all my friends do it!”
    We now have both a President and a Prophet.

    And he learned his theology from St. Reverend Wright.

    Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., took me on another journey,” Obama once said.

    “We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost,” he told his congregation. Rev. Wright 2001

    Obama is more indirect …. “Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place”

    Nothing new here … same old, same old … don’t get upset by massacres, burnings, attacks on America … it’s been done in the past. And we have no moral authority to object to it.

    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in President’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

  • Brevity is the soul of wit. To wit, the following sentence is to be repeated whenever Obama opens his mouth. “Everything that guy just said is bull#$%^.”

  • Very interesting post Paul.
    There seems to be some correlation between our pope and our president. They seem to espouse some of the same beliefs. There seems to be some correlation between the Troubles of our Church and those of our Country.
    Or — the cause— the events and tides of history that brings them together on the world stage at this time. These two personalities in these two positions just now.
    The president likes our pope- he likes the fact that he said “who am I to judge?” The president might think that comment shows a weakness in our pope, an unwillingness to stand up and demand respect for the Truth of Christ in His Church. An unwillingness to take a line and stand on it. Perhaps that perceived weakness could be seen as an inroad for enemies of the Chruch.
    The president does make and stick by his judgments. No matter the howls and cries and pleas from people to react, to fight the enemies of America, he stands strong in his convictions. He doesn’t try to please everybody, saying one kind of statement one day and another kind another day.
    He is consistent in his denigration of America and of Christianity.
    The military is being weakened, Christian chaplains driven out; those who have attacked us are released from prison for time served, fights among citizens encouraged, as well as drug use encouraged and what they used to call “free love” and birth control for the destruction of the family and society.

    The pope has made strong statements about life and marriage, but we wait to see if he will be strong and defend the faith in this Synod… or if he will take the popular stand.

  • ” in order to morally equivocate, and that is indeed happening. We’ve all heard this song before, and we have naturally become somewhat inured to it. ”

    A touch of psychological warfare at breakfast to push back some of the righteous objectors to the deeds being committed to further blur what is good/bad or right/wrong or lawful/unlawful ?

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  • The danger inherent to this kind of lazy equivocation is that somebody takes you at your word, and decides that the ends really do justify the means.
    Call it the the Sgt. Jablonski rule.

  • Slavery, in particular, is a really bad example to use as Christian moral equivalence for the simple reason that practically every civilization throughout history engaged in it (ahem, some still do). From the far East, to deepest Africa, to New World Aztecs. Only in a Christian west was it first abolished.

  • What strikes you about Obama is the degree to which every substantive utterance seems to be a restatement of some conventional prejudice you hear in a certain sort of bourgeois subculture. Unlike Messrs. Truman, Nixon, Carter (and perhaps Reagan and Bush the Younger), I doubt he ever did any serious reading outside a classroom setting. You wonder if the man ever had an original observation in his life.

  • Years of reading through and listening to debates on the internet and in other spaces is enough to make me yearn for mandatory courses in basic logic. In particular, it seems most people do not have even a remedial understanding of the difference between correlation and causation.
    When I finally got a basic logic class, it made me wish for it just because it would’ve made math so much easier…. but of course there’s a lack of understanding about it, decades of “science reporting” have made sure of that.
    It’s much more “interesting” to say ‘X causes Y,’ rather than ‘when two students did a class assignment and looked at a group of 50 volunteers recruited by being in the same psychology class that we’re in, according to the 37 self-reporting diaries that were turned in and actually had anything in them, 15 total times X had happened before Y.” Even if the first article says that, by three or four articles later it’s been restated as “study out of X college says X causes Y.” If you’re lucky, it says “X MAY cause Y.”
    When he talks about “THE inquisition” as an event, it’s pretty clear he hasn’t bothered to do much research. I’ve started using it as a big warning bell that someone isn’t doing their research, and so I really shouldn’t trust anything they say on the topic without verification.
    Please excuse me plugging my own writing: http://www.catholicstand.com/conspiracies-catholicism-inquisition “The Inquisition” is an organization; “the _____ Inquisition” is an event. That I found, folks usually mean the Spanish Inquisition when they say ‘the inquisition,’ and it’s a warning they’re going to be regurgitating really bad pop history and propaganda.
    Basically, exactly like Art said– he just echoes pop belief.

  • I did have mandatory courses in basic logic. Oh, that’s right . . . 40 years ago at my Catholic Prep School. Silly me.

  • So ironic that this baby killer President has an ally and fellow traveler in our radical Jesuit pope. Chastisement?

  • Pope Francis & Obama to Congress;
    global warming alarmism
    expanded welfare state
    illegal immigration
    submission to UN
    government control of healthcare and education
    anti-capital memes
    help for the ‘poor'(or give me your money – I’ll do good with it)
    cherish homosexual relationships
    muslim outreach
    no mention of abortion
    no mention of the slavery of national debt
    no mention of the destruction of the family by the welfare state
    no mention of US government oppression of Christianity

9 Responses to Jordanian Pilot Burned to Death by ISIS

  • Totally agree.
    It is getting to the stage where there needs to be a genuine Crusade – Syria, Nigeria – they keep calling the western Catholics/christians “Crusaders” – time to fulfill their worst nightmare.

  • Deus Vult. A grievous cause, no peaceful alternative, success probable, and the proportional response is to destroy all those who wield the sword of militant Islam. ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and others are not discrete entities. They are the differently named legions arrayed against us. They are at war with us, while this peculiar President and a pusillanimous population sleepwalk in a state of denial.

  • Deus Vult. A grievous cause, no peaceful alternative, success probable, and the proportional response is to destroy all those who wield the sword of militant Islam. ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and others are not discrete entities. They are the differently named legions arrayed against us. They are at war with us, while this peculiar President and a pusillanimous population sleepwalk in a state of denial.
    (Previous post had a typo in my name. The room is dark. Delete rather than moderate if you can)

  • Islam is not a religion, it is a geo-political structure, whose intent is total world domination. And when the last Catholic and all other Christians and all Jews are killed, then Islam will devour itself from within.

  • We hesitate to express what we think are inclusively meant by our own ancient and sacred scriptural warnings concerning false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing. One thinks of the Vatican’s current cautious commentary concerning Islam in similar context with Pius XII’s sotto voce condemnation of the Nazis. Nonetheless, we are at war. The enemy will do what he is capable of to us no matter how conciliatorily supine we affect to be. Witness the violent response to Benedict XVI’s innocuous commentary at Regensburg. It was violence at the ready, awaiting any pretext to strike. Is our pusillanimous population content to be fed the pabulum of political correctness by our peculiar President? He describes our enemies in the mildest terms, a bankrupt philosophy. It is his philosophy that is bankrupt, bereft of reserves of fortitude and moral clarity. And what of our people? Are they so bereft of historical knowledge? How many know the origin of the phrase “A feather in your cap”? Hint: It has an eastern European source. Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us.

  • ISIS & the legions of Muslim terrorists are a terminal cancer & need to be destroyed. I would suggest starting the eradication by LEVELLING THE CITY OF RAQQA. I would leave no building standing, especially since they have made the Armenian Catholic Church, Church of the Martyrs, a ISIS headquarters. I repeat, LEVEL RAQQA.

  • The murder of a citizen under such circumstances is an act of war, and how exponentially more so the murder of thousands. As the principles of a just war obtain, the battle should be pursued. So we see probable justification for a coalition including at least Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Japan, France and most of Europe, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chechnya, the United Kingdom, the United States and the allies of each and all. Who shall lead us? Hello! Hello!

  • The West is weak. Weak minded, weak willed, weak morals. institutions are run by weak men – men who show strength only to those who cannot oppose them, like Castro or Obumbler.

    The current Roman Pontiff is not a dissimar person. He slaps traditionalists, abuses the FFI and the Sisters of that order and listens to the mushmouths who have chased away countless Catholics (Cardinal Rodriguez of Honduras). He was very weak when calling for ISIS to be stopped. ISIS will be stopped when they are killed.

    Roman Pontiffs of the past understood this. Not anymore.

  • Our peculiar president’s comments at the prayer breakfast adds fuel to the fire of our indignation. We remind ourselves, “Be angry but do not sin”.

Tips to ISIS on Chicago

Sunday, August 24, AD 2014


Chicago ain’t no sissy town!

Alderman Michael “Hinky Dink” Kenna

Got to love the modern age.  An Isis terrorist purportedly tweeted the above image which shows the Old Republic building in Chicago:


WGNtv.com reports the message on the paper as, “Soldiers of the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria will pass from here soon.” The message is dated “20 June, 2014.”

The text of the tweet adds: “We are in your state, We are in your cities, We are in your streets.” Other tweets say, “we are here #america near our #target…sooooooooooooon.”

Go here to read the rest.  As someone who has some experience with the Windy City, I would like to give the ISIS terrorists some tips:


1.  Keep your beheading axes firmly under wraps.  If not, they will be quickly taken by the skilled thieves of Chicago and fenced within two hours flat.

2.  If you set up an operational base in a commercial section, it will be only a matter of hours before some official will be around talking about safety inspections.  Slip him at least 200 or I guarantee something will be found wrong and your base will be shut down.

3.  If you do park a vehicle on the street some sketchy individual will come up and offer to watch your vehicle.  If you do not pay him you might come back and find your car vandalized.  If it is a high end vehicle you might come back and find your car gone.

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13 Responses to Tips to ISIS on Chicago

  • It has the look of two separate photos photoshopped into one because the graininess is different in fingers and paper versus all else…even allowing for the buildings being distant in aerial perspective terms. Also the rigidity of the top of the paper seems odd outdoors as though it’s on a desk and is only turning toward us at the top left where his fingers are lifting the edge from the desk.

  • One more thing. His thumb is receiving light from up/ and left. But this means his other finger should not have a shadow line at the top but it does or rather this is a line caused by the photoshop process.

  • Add #9. If you set up in a “rough neighborhood” (the comfort goats will not raise as much suspicion), bring more men and more guns; and don’t go out body armor.

    I’ll be in town two weeks beginning tomorrow.

    Come three-fourths of the world and we will shock them.

  • Our God is an Awesome God. He reigns !

  • #5 happened to me once in Chicago while visiting a friend about 10 years ago. I found it one of the scariest experiences of my fairly sheltered life. I still get nervous around panhandlers. My friend from Chicago doesn’t even remember the event. Hardened by the city.

  • It is not an uncommon event in Chicago Mrs. Z. What happens routinely on the streets of the Windy City has to be seen to be believed.

  • Mrs. Zummo,
    You were correct that the moment was scarey….and I’m from a very unsheltered early life. Some beggars are really street mugger ethos men trying to stay legal through subtle intimidation….like staying after you say no….a problem at the outdoor cafes of Hoboken right now where I made another thug enemy recently in yet another town by coming up into his face….which never do unless you practice upper cuts…the close quarters sucker punch that will beat his sucker right hand. The current Manhattan cartoon characters at Times square have this element amongst them and Manhattan is considering licensing them since some have been pressuring people for ten and twenty dollar tips for photos while it’s supposed to be one dollar. I believe several were arrested…one for hitting the cop.

  • I do not think that the gangsters, thieves and murderers of Chicago will respond kindly to anyone performing executions but them. ISIS / ISIL may well meet its match in evil.

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  • Everything everyone said about Chicago, where I have been just three times, applies equally to Washington, DC, where I worked for more than five years. Sometimes I wonder how I didn’t get killed driving through Southeast and Northeast Washington.

    People who commute from the Laurel area, Howard County and Baltimore do not have an expressway that takes them into or out of DC. There is a motley combination of roads that go through rough neigborhoods. A run down station wagon tried to run me off of a ramp on the Pennsylvania Avenue bridge. I was angry because I wanted to leave early but was stuck at work because another coworker left early and I had to do his job. The driver climbed out of the car and flipped me off. They might have had a gun. Another pair of nasty people drove in front of me for miles going 40 MPH on the BW Parkway, cutting in front of me every time I tried to pass. At the I-95 exit, I feigned going left. The driver of the car in front of me made a quick move left to cut me off. I then downshifted to third gear, made a hard right, floored it and roared by the jackasses on the cloverleaf ramp to I-95 north.

    The Baltimore Washington Parkway is, for a section, owned by the National Park Service and there are rarely police to be seen. The District of Columbia is a dangerous place away from Northwest DC. Capitol Hill is no place to be at dark.

    My sons will NEVER work or live there. NEVER.

  • Maybe I was just lucky, but in the past 4 years I have walked around downtown Chicago, within about a 1-mile radius of Union Station, during daylight hours, on four separate occasions, and NEVER felt threatened at any time. In each case I had arrived by Amtrak or Metra (for meetings involving State business that wrapped up before noon) and planned to return to Union Station in time for a 5:15 p.m. departing Amtrak train, so I didn’t go any farther away from there than I knew I could reasonably walk. I made it all the way to the lakefront near Buckingham Fountain on one occasion (it was a beautiful fall day) and to the Art Institute on another. Of course, this was the middle of the Loop during business hours and is where all the sightseers, business people, etc. go so it was probably the safest possible area of the city to be. I also didn’t have a car so there was no need to worry about traffic or car theft. As they say, your mileage may vary.

  • Outsource the governance and policing of Chicago to the government of Singapore. They know how to clean such places up.

Didn’t You Always Suspect This?

Thursday, April 17, AD 2014


Bad News

From the only reliable source of news on the net, The Onion:


WASHINGTON—Putting the nation on alert against what it has described as a “highly credible terrorist threat,” the FBI announced today that it has uncovered a plot by members of al-Qaeda to sit back and enjoy themselves while the United States collapses of its own accord.

Multiple intelligence agencies confirmed that the militant Islamist organization and its numerous affiliates intend to carry out a massive, coordinated plan to stand aside and watch America’s increasingly rapid decline, with terrorist operatives across the globe reportedly mobilizing to take it easy, relax, and savor the spectacle as it unfolds.

“We have intercepted electronic communication indicating that al-Qaeda members are actively plotting to stay out of the way while America as we know it gradually crumbles under the weight of its own self-inflicted debt and disrepair,” FBI Deputy Director Mark F. Giuliano told the assembled press corps. “If this plan succeeds, it will leave behind a nation with a completely dysfunctional economy, collapsing infrastructure, and a catastrophic health crisis afflicting millions across the nation. We want to emphasize that this danger is very real.”

“And unfortunately, based on information we have from intelligence assets on the ground, this plot is already well under way,” he added.

A recently declassified CIA report confirmed that all known al-Qaeda-affiliated organizations—from Pakistan to Yemen, and from Somalia to Algeria—have been instructed to kick back and enjoy the show as the United States’ federal government, energy grid, and industrial sector are rendered impotent by internal dissent, decay, and mismanagement. According to statements made by top-level informants and corroborated by leading Western terrorism experts, if seen through to its conclusion, al-Qaeda’s current plot could wreak far more damage than the events of 9/11.

In the past year, money transfers to al-Qaeda cells around the world have reportedly been accompanied by instructions to use the funds to outfit safe houses with the proper equipment to receive American cable news broadcasts and view top U.S. news websites, allowing terrorists to fully relish each detail of the impending demise of the last global superpower

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4 Responses to Didn’t You Always Suspect This?

When Life Becomes a Tom Clancy Novel

Saturday, March 15, AD 2014



The more we learn about the disappearance of Malaysian airliner Flight 370, the creepier it gets:


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Saturday that a missing passenger jet was steered off course after its communications systems were intentionally disabled and could have potentially flown for seven additional hours.

In the most comprehensive account to date of the plane’s fate, Najib drew an ominous picture of what happened aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, saying investigators had determined there was “deliberate action by someone on the plane.”

Najib said the investigation had “refocused” to look at the crew and passengers. A Malaysia Airlines representative, speaking to relatives of passengers in Beijing, said the Malaysian government had opened a criminal investigation into the plane’s disappearance.

(See: New map shows possible search corridors for the Malaysia Airlines flight.)

The plane’s whereabouts remain unknown one week after it disappeared from civilian radar shortly after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur. But Najib, citing newly analyzed satellite data, said the plane could have last made contact anywhere along one of two corridors: one stretching from northern Thailand toward the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan border, the other, more southern corridor stretching from Indonesia to the remote Indian Ocean.

U.S. officials previously said they believed the plane could have remained in the air for several extra hours, and Najib said Saturday that the flight was still communicating with satellites until 8:11 a.m. — 7 ½ hours after takeoff, and more than 90 minutes after it was due in Beijing. There was no further communication with the plane after that time, Najib said. If the plane was still in the air, it would have been nearing its fuel limit.

“Due to the type of satellite data,” Najib said, “we are unable to confirm the precise location of the plane when it last made contact with the satellite.”

A U.S. official with knowledge of the investigation on Friday said the only thing the satellite can tell is how much it would need to adjust its antenna to get the strongest signal from the plane. It cannot provide the plane’s exact position or which direction it flew, just how far the plane is, roughly, from the last good data-transmission location when the digital datalink system was actually sending data up to the satellite.

The U.S. official said the search area is somewhere along the arc or circumference of a circle with a diameter of thousands of miles.

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3 Responses to When Life Becomes a Tom Clancy Novel

  • Yes. Much speculation here as well. I have thought for a few days now that this is air piracy – the one of the pilots, or a passenger who is a jumbo pilot – have hijacked the plane. My thoughts are maybe it has been taken to one of the ‘Stans just NW of Tibet, or it has crached when those in command wrongly estimated the fuel endurance.
    Who knows – it could even have been landed in outback Australia – QANTAS need a financial boost don’t they 😉
    What surprises me is that with all the surveillance staelites, radar etc that’s around the world that this plane has totally disappeared. I wonder though – The US has a military base on Diego Garcia, and it would not surprise me if the US military, whose equipment is way ahead of any other nation’s, does have some info on it, but doesn’t want to release it all in one go, otherwise they expose the superiority of their technology, but release in dribs and drabs to equate the civil information.
    How’s that for an arguably realistic conspiracy theory?

  • Maybe it was raptured…and the only true Christians were aboard the plane…

    and God took the plane, as well.

    Boy…it’s getting as thick as sea poop in here…

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Boston Marathon Bombings

Monday, April 15, AD 2013

10 Responses to Boston Marathon Bombings

  • The blogs etc. are full of it here – its coming up midday here, happened about 7 am. our time.
    Apparently they have detained a 20 y.o Saudi national .

  • I thonk it interesting that this administration is willing to call this a terrorist act so soon but is unwilling to call the Fort Hood event an act of terror. I don’t even understand the political calculations.

  • David,

    Actually, President Obama has yet to call it a terrorist act or an act of terrorism.

    The “White House” has called it an act of terrorism, but those words were never used by President Obama.

    In addition, he vowed to prosecute in court anyone involved, ie, use the court system instead of hunting them down.

  • It is a curious fact that on three occasions, I have been in the near vicinity of a terrorist bomb explosion.

    The first time, on Monday 22nd January 1962, aged 16, I was on the embankment of the Seine, in front of the French Foreign Office at Quai d’Orsay, when the OAS plastiqueurs set off a bomb there. Three 5 kg (11 lb) charges of C-4 were used, packed into the mouldings of the facade. Hundreds of windows were blown in. One woman was killed and thirteen people injured.

    The second was on Thursday 8th March 1973, when the IRA set off a bomb outside the Central Criminal Court in Old Bailey in London. The bomb, about 14 kg or 30 lb of Semtex, was in a car across the street from a public house called the Magpie & Stump. One bar faces the street and the other is behind it, reached from an alleyway called Bishop’s Court. I was in the back bar, when the front of the building was blown in. In the street, one person died and one hundred and forty were injured

    The third was on Saturday 17th December 1983, when the IRA planted another car bomb, similar to the Old Bailey bomb, in Hans Crescent, at the back of Harrods’s, the London department store. I was going there to do some Xmas shopping and had stopped to chat to a friend in Sloan Street. I would have used the Hans Crescent entrance. Six people were killed, including three police officers who had just arrived and were still in their car. One of the dead was an American visitor. Ninety people were injured.

    So far as one can judge, they were as purposeless as they were wicked, doing absolutely nothing to advance the terrorists’ cause.

  • These bombings most certainly have a purpose: to invoke fear. And sadly they pretty much achieve their designed purpose. Now whether the invocation of fear aids in the terrorist’s underlying cause is harder to know. In some cases, they might.

  • Fear yes, but also outrage. Terrorism tends in the long run to be ineffective as a result unless it is allied with a political cause that enjoys wide support.

  • I think the amount of fear evoked can be exaggerated.

    Talking to Londoners in the aftermath of IRA bombings, including the two I had witnessed, the most common responses were “If it’s got your name on it, mate…” or “If your number’s up, pal…” They recognised it as a small, but real danger, there were no effective precautions one could take and their attitude was one of resignation.

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  • You never hear the one that hits you.

    The Boston Marathon bombs reportedly were similar to Obama FFB Ayers’ nail IED’s that were intended to murder GI’s at a soldiers’ dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

    Last time I was close to getting shot was August 2012 outside the Empire State Bldg. in NYC. When the loud noise ended, if you were still up (nine civilians were down), you knew it was okay. I’d have needed the brown scivvies if it had kept loud.

    Keep moving and maintain a low profile.

  • A reporter tweeted yesterday that the Boston Marathon bombing was a “local story” and he wasn’t covering it.

Obama Chamberlain

Tuesday, September 18, AD 2012




The latest in appeasing the Jihadists.  No doubt this was to be revealed in 2013 if the American people were stupid enough to re-elect Obama:

The U.S. State Department is actively considering negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as “the Blind Sheikh,” for humanitarian and health reasons, a source close to the Obama administration told  The Blaze.

The Department of Justice, however, told The Blaze that Rahman is serving a life sentence and is not considered for possible “release.”  Previous calls to the State Department were referred to the Department of Justice and so far, the State Department has neither confirmed nor denied the report.

Glenn Beck revealed the controversial news on his show Monday.

The Blind Sheikh is currently serving a life sentence in American prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, but the newly-elected Islamist government in Egypt has been actively petitioning his release.  Many have pinpointed a cause of last week‘s unrest in the country to be protests over the Blind Sheikh’s release — not an anti-Muslim YouTube video.

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3 Responses to Obama Chamberlain

  • Before the war, the word appeasement was not normally used pejoratively. With hindsight Britain and France should have backed the Czechs who had the best army in central Europe and were prepared to fight. The German General Staff knew that the Wehrmacht was not strong enough to take on Czechoslovakia and France simultaneously in 1938. However, it’s a bit unfair on Chamberlain to lump him with Obama; on the domestic front NC was a capable minister. Still, no British politician since Chamberlain has ever appeared in public carrying an umbrella.

  • Chamberlain would have made an adequate prime minister in peace time John. It was his great misfortune to climb to the top of the greasy pole when a great war leader was needed, and poor naive Chamberlain could never fill that role.

  • Mac,

    I agree with John Nolan.

    No one comes close to being as feckless and useless as Obama. He makes Jimmeh Carter look absolutely presidential.

    Here’s the if-then game. If idiot leftists (yow, I repeated myself again) say Romney is Thurston Howell. Then, Obama is Gilligan, and the eroding economy shows it.

    Egypt is Iran 1979.

    Now, they are indicting Americans in absentia for insulting their seventh century hellion, Muhammad.

    In 2013, Obama will extradite them, so maybe the savages won’t murder his ambassadors for a month or two.

    In 2014, will anyone volunteer to be an American diplomat in the ME???

Quaker Suicide Bomber Kills 31 at Moscow Airport

Monday, January 24, AD 2011

The death toll is at 31 but a Quaker terrorist group is being speculated as the possible perpetrator to this horrendous act of violence in Moscow’s most busiest airport.

Terror analysts are surmising that it could very well be the work of the Quaker extremist group called “The Real Quaker Faith”.  A minority of analysts are insisting it is the work of the “Reformed Amish Fellowship of Unsmiling Dutch”.  But most agree it is Christian sect of believers that are being credited (sic) for these latest bombings in Russia.

The attacks look very similar to the acts of terror committed by the “Religious Society of Friendly Russia” terror group as well as the “Russian Friends Religious Society” terror group where recent suicide bombers set themselves off at Unitarian-Universalist Churches as well as Tony Robbins seminars.

President Obama has already issued a statement of not jumping to conclusions and is urging caution in rushing to judgment and laying blame.

Sarcasm off/

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Mosque Opponents: Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It

Saturday, August 28, AD 2010

The debate over the so-called Ground Zero mosque near the former site of the World Trade Center in New York has raised public interest in, and opposition to, other proposed or recently built mosques and Islamic centers throughout the country.

In areas where Muslim migration or immigration has been significant, some citizens have attempted to discourage construction of new mosques. Few come right out and cite the threat of terrorism; more often they seem to resort to time-honored NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) tactics such as creative interpretation of zoning ordinances, claims of decreased property values, or claims of real or potential problems with traffic, noise, etc.

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I understand the need to be vigilant regarding the potential for violent subversion, as well as the dangers of taking such a politically correct approach to militant Islam that people hesitate to report obvious suspicious activity for fear of being labeled bigots (as seems to have happened in the Fort Hood massacre case).

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45 Responses to Mosque Opponents: Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It

  • Outstanding article — thank you!!

    Question (and please forgive this social-networking-backward-participant!):

    Why doesn’t American Catholic enable readers to SHARE this via Facebook? (Maybe I’m flunking the IQ test and missed the link??? I just did a “copy & paste” on the link above on my FB page . . . Sad to say, I am still trying to figure out this RSS stuff!!!)

    Thank you!

  • Elaine,

    You raise some very valid points. But, did Catholicism, or the perversion therof, and Catholics or any Christians for that matter murder 3000 innocents on September 11? Or have Catholics or Christians committed bombings in recent years or pose threats of bombings around the world?

    I think the problem here is that the Muslims who have proposed this mosque have displayed absolutely NO sensitivity to the families of victims of 9/11 while demanding all the tolerance in the world from those 9/11 families,as well as other citizens. These “moderate” Muslims claim that they want to build bridges but all they are doing by forcing the building of this mosque at this partiular ultra-sensitive location is burning bridges. Why is this location so important when there are over 100 mosques located in NYC already? How is this mosque being funded? By terrorist organizations or not? I believe in order for the community as a whole to benefit from this mosque our government and our citizens must be as certain as possible that this mosque is not funded by terrorist organizations and will not be used as a terrorist training center under the guise of religious freedom. If the mayor and others would be willing to look into the mosque’s financial funding I believe that this would allay many peoples’ fears.

    I do understand that the people behind the building of the mosque has a right to be built according to civil law. But, as Charles Krauthammer pointed out, if zoning laws and aesthetics can trump one’s right to build why could the sensitivity to those families who had loved ones killed by a single act of war trump one’s right to build?

    As to the issue of this mosque being two blocks away from the primary ground zero site: Would you agree that wherever the planes hit or any of its part on 9/11 should be considered Ground Zero? If so, then so should the Burlington building since a part of the plane hit that building.

    I think this whole controversy could have been avoided if the NYC commission had shown some prudential judgment and declared the Burlingtion building as a historical landmark.

  • I agree that it wasn’t a good idea for the mosque/Islamic center to be built so close to Ground Zero. I see nothing wrong with encouraging them to build elsewhere. The $64,000 question, however, is whether or not the local government has a right to explicitly FORBID them to build at the site. That’s where the danger of setting a bad precedent comes in.

  • Elaine a ban on construction of new places of worship would be clearly unconstitutional and would not stand up in court longer than the time it takes a Chicago alderman to pocket a bribe. No one has been disputing the right of the Flim Flam Imam and his Cordoba Initiative (Dhimmis Always Welcome!) to build this Mosque, but whether it is right for them to do so. I am keenly aware of the frequent divergence of a legal right and a moral right. My opposition might well not exist if a local group of Muslims had wished to put up a Mosque for local worship. I think the Flim Flam Imam clearly has an agenda that has little to do with worshiping Allah, and quite a bit to do with furthering his Cordoba Initiative which has one message for gullible Western elites and another message for his backers in the Middle East.

  • I thought this post by Bob Murphy about the Glenn Beck rally today was a propos:

    Of course Mr. Beck and his fans have every legal right to hold a rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech.

    Nonetheless, we are asking that they hold their rally a few blocks away, and on a different date. There are 364 other days in the year; what’s wrong with them?
    Now look, we know full well that Mr. Beck and his supporters claim that they are trying to heal racial division. Intellectually, we black Americans know that just because we have been brutalized by angry white conservative males for as long as we can remember, that doesn’t mean that all angry white conservative males pose a threat to our physical safety.

    But this isn’t about logic or rationality. This is about sensitivity to our feelings. Surely Mr. Beck can understand why a majority of American blacks wouldn’t appreciate him holding a rally on the anniversary of Dr. King’s famous speech. If he goes ahead with his plans, he won’t promote racial unity. So we ask him to hold the rally in a different place, on a different date.

  • Teresa – Did you seriously just say that Christians have not bombed or killed significant numbers of people? Check the stats on our current wars sometime.

  • As usual, Blackadder mistakes cuteness for substance. By now Blackadder is aware that the objections to the Mosque are not grounded in a general objection to anything at all being built near Ground Zero.

  • “Teresa – Did you seriously just say that Christians have not bombed or killed significant numbers of people? Check the stats on our current wars sometime.”

    Our wars being the equivalent of Bin Laden’s murder of 3,000 innocent men, women and children? Moral equivalency: the opiate of the politically correct.

  • While I agree with Donald that the proposed ban shouldn’t pass constitutional muster (there’s a case that states you can’t ban all forms of religious speech-I think it’s Rosenberger v. Rectors & Vistors of UVA), you are absolutely right in stating that the opposition to the mosque establishes a precedent that is far more dangerous to Catholics than to Muslims insofar as some are advocating legal means to interfere with the building of the mosque.

  • “I think the Flim Flam Imam clearly has an agenda that has little to do with worshiping Allah, and quite a bit to do with furthering his Cordoba Initiative which has one message for gullible Western elites and another message for his backers in the Middle East.”

    Donald, I agree.

    If Alveda King has no problem with the rally I don’t see why any other person, of any color black, white, red, brown etc., should have a problem with Beck and others honoring Martin Luther King Jr’s message of equality for all. Yeah, and if he didn’t do anything honoring Martin Luther King the Left would make accusations about no person caring about blacks and spreading King’s message, so Your “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” according to liberalism.

    First, is that an admission that our nation is rooted in Christian values?

    Second, Did we really go to war as “Christians” or as a nation fighting against terrorism and for our nation’s national defense?

    Third, I didn’t know that a group of Christians not associated with the U.S. government went off on their own and specifically targeted a building or another location just to murder Iraqi inocents? I think your the person who is a little confused with reality, Martin.

    Fourth, Please name me one war in history that has had no civilian casualties?

  • I’m with Gen’l. (Vinegar) Joe Stillwell, “Don’t let the bastards wear you down.”

  • It isn’t even a matter of where the mosque is being built – replace the entire WTC site with the biggest mosque in the world, no problem – PROVIDED Islam changes its ways.

    I realize all the 1st Amendment issues involved here – but until I am no longer considered such subhuman filth that I cannot enter the precincts of Mecca, then I’m going to hold that Moslems must be curbed in what they do in the United States. Not stopped – not expelled; just carefully curtailed to ensure that everyone, especially in the Moslem world, knows that we have not lost our back bone.

    Tolerance does not mean going along happily with whatever someone wants to do – it is a two way street and it requires some compromise. We can easily tolerate a mosque in Manhattan – but we can’t tolerate it hard by Ground Zero…not now, and not until Islam changes its tune.

    Mark Noonan

  • Blackadder,

    I wonder if the author of that piece can find even a single black man brutalized by a conservative white man in the past 40 years.

  • We might just consider the possibility that these local pols want to limit the quantum of non-taxable property in that particular locality. Piggy, but unsurprising.

    It is not a novelty for houses of worship to face zoning tangles. Given the size of the metropolitan New York area, you will have to excuse me if I suggest that prohibiting the placement of a 13 story building of a particular character at a historic site of modest dimensions is a measure different in kind than prohibiting all construction of houses of worship in a given municipality.


    As far as I am aware, the Marine Corps does not have an icon of St. Michael on their weaponry and al-Qaeda does not do civil affairs projects.

  • Here’s my $64,000,000.03 question.

    If religious freedom/tolerance requires a $100 million mosque over the WTC site. How is religious liberty/tolerance served by denying the rebuild of THE Orthodox Church that THE muslim terrorists destroyed on 11 Sep 2001?


    No! It’s much worse than that! USMC heroes wear (gasp) US flags on their uniforms.

    Re AQ civil affairs projects: They’re helping make Americans good. They believe the only good American is a dead American.

  • Lot of assumptions in this post; the assumption that the REAL motive folks have is fear of terrorism, and that they can’t possibly object for the reasons they give:

    zoning ordinances, claims of decreased property values, or claims of real or potential problems with traffic, noise, etc.

    Evidence for this claim? I know that the blog Beers with Demo did the research to show a pattern of harassment against a church in his area, but a blanket claim that 1) Mosques are being unusually opposed and 2) it is because of fears of terrorism is a claim that requires more than just a claim to be taken seriously.

    There’s also the issue of using charged terms inaccurately. NIMBY, while meaning “not in my back yard,” also implies that something is not opposed in general. (Example, opposing wind power generators in your area while promoting wind energy in general.)
    People who are worried about Islamic terror risings from Mosques are going to be bright enough to remember the home mosques of the 9/11 terrorists were far, far away, and would appose them in general, not just specific.

    Your notion of equivalence between “there shall be no non-profit organizational buildings in our district” and “no, you may not build a triumphalist religious center on the ruins created by said religion” is mind bending.

  • Martin-
    Go troll someplace else.

  • Wow. Far-ranging discussion.

    First, the First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The religion piece really has no bearing on the discussion over the Cordoba Mosque proposed for Ground Zero.

    How many mosques are there in Manhattan? About a hundred? Sounds like pretty free exercise of religion to me.

    Second: I challenge any black person who reads this blogs, or any black person who’s a friend of someone who reads this blog, to tell me the date of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. I had to memorize parts of it as a child (stand down, racialists: I’m Black). Never knew what day it was given; barely knew it was in August. Glenn Beck planned this rally (which I wish I had had time to attend)for the last Saturday in August. An lo and behold, what date did that happen to fall on? Why, August 28! August the 28th, which happened to be an anniversary of Dr. King’s speech!

    Why should a mosque be built at the site of a murder committed by people motivated by Islam? Why should a church of any type be built at the site of the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jewish people (and others, including Catholic Saints)? Why should the Japanese in Hawaii build a temple at the site of the sunken USS Arizona?

    Answer? None of them should. Because it’s disrespectful. Why is this so hard to grasp? And what does it tell those who truly hate us about whether we will truly resist them?

    It is not un-Christian to stand up for common politeness.

  • Gee, RR, why didn’t you link to this much more recent article on those idiots?


    Those morons were accused of racial hate crimes and seem to be gang related. Notably, not “conservative white men”– just idiot gang members. (is that redundant?)

  • What are you trying to prove by arguing that white people no longer attack black people? For one, it’s a sad, callous, and absurd battle to fight. Do you, like, remember this one time, in, like, 1992 in LA where, like, some white cops beat up this black guy named Rodney King? White on black violence occurs a lot, as does black on white, white on white, black on black, brown on black, brown on white, brown on brown, white on brown, black on brown, etc, etc, etc.

    Also, please STOP calling it a mosque. A mosque is specifically a Muslim holy place where only prayer can be conducted. This is a Muslim community center, similar to a YMCA. It will have a culinary school, basketball courts, etc. With a prayer room on one or two of the fifteen or so floors.

    I can think of Catholic terrorism pretty easily: the IRA. And that was specifically religio-nationalist.

    It is utterly absurd to demand that “Islam” renounce its terroristic ways before the community center is built, as Mr. Noonan said. A religion cannot change its ways. People can change their ways, but abstract nouns cannot. And the people behind this community center have no terroristic tendencies to modify. Furthermore, there is no central authority for Islam as there is for Catholicism. In fact, some radical sects of Muslims hate opposing Islamic sects more than they hate America. Like al-Qaeda. Bin Laden hates America not “for our freedoms” but because we prop up the (in his mind) heretical Saud monarchy in Arabia.

    Quite frankly, it’s astounding that a debate over a Muslim community center is occurring in 21st century America. As someone who would never have voted for George Bush, I will say that I am so grateful that he modeled Christ’s love to American Muslims by not targeting them after 9/11, as seems to be occurring now.

  • Pingback: Opponents of mosque may soon see tables turned | Holy Post | National Post
  • I would like to ask everyone – Do you think that Islam can be a “moderate” religion? I am not saying Muslims cannot be moderates, but can the religion itself really ever be considered moderate since it follows Sharia law?

    If Sharia law is one of the precepts of Islam then why wouldn’t Sharia law fall under the guise of religious freedom and challenge the constitution in several capacities and force all of us citizens to respect and follow Sharia as well? Is Sharia law and the Constitution really compatible?

    If those who believe in the “letter of the Constitution” instead of the “spirit of the Constitution” with regards to religious freedom truly believe that religious freedom is absolute without taking into account our national security interests (as it seems to me) how could one deny Muslims the “right” to follow their “moderate” religion that includes Sharia Law which would also impose Sharia Laws on the non-Muslim citizens when that clearly clashes with our Constitution?

    You might want to look at a some things that Sharia law demands:

    1 – Jihad defined as “to war against non-Muslims to establish the religion” is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim head of state (Caliph). Muslim Caliphs who refuse jihad are in violation of Sharia and unfit to rule.

    2 – A Caliph can hold office through seizure of power meaning through force.

    3 – A Caliph is exempt from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery, robbery, theft, drinking and in some cases of rape.

    4 – A percentage of Zakat (alms) must go towards jihad.

    5 – It is obligatory to obey the commands of the Caliph, even if he is unjust.

    6 – A caliph must be a Muslim, a non-slave and a male.

    7 – The Muslim public must remove the Caliph in one case, if he rejects Islam.

    8 – A Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed immediately.

    9 – A Muslim will be forgiven for murder of: 1) an apostasy 2) an adulterer 3) a highway robber. Making vigilante street justice and honor killing acceptable.

    10 – A Muslim will not get the death penalty if he kills a non-Muslim.

    11- Sharia never abolished slavery and sexual slavery and highly regulates it. A master will not be punished for killing his slave.

    12 – Sharia dictates death by stoning, beheading, amputation of limbs, flogging and other forms of cruel and unusual punishments even for crimes of sin such as adultery.

    13 – Non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims and must comply to Sharia if they are to remain safe. They are forbidden to marry Muslim women, publicly display wine or pork, recite their scriptures or openly celebrate their religious holidays or funerals. They are forbidden from building new churches or building them higher than mosques. They may not enter a mosque without permission. A non-Muslim is no longer protected if he commits adultery with a Muslim woman or if he leads a Muslim away from Islam.

    14 – It is a crime for a non-Muslim to sell weapons to someone who will use them against Muslims. Non-Muslims cannot curse a Muslim, say anything derogatory about Allah, the Prophet, or Islam, or expose the weak points of Muslims. However, the opposite is not true for Muslims.

    15 – A non-Muslim cannot inherit from a Muslim.

    16 – Banks must be Sharia compliant and interest is not allowed.

    17 – No testimony in court is acceptable from people of low-level jobs, such as street sweepers or a bathhouse attendant. Women in such low-level jobs such as professional funeral mourners cannot keep custody of their children in case of divorce.

    18 – A non-Muslim cannot rule even over a non-Muslims minority.

    19 – H***sexuality is punishable by death.

    20 – There is no age limit for marriage of girls under Sharia. The marriage contract can take place any time after birth and consummated at age 8 or 9.

    21 – Rebelliousness on the part of the wife nullifies the husband’s obligation to support her, gives him permission to beat her and keep her from leaving the home.

    22 – Divorce is only in the hands of the husband and is as easy as saying: “I divorce you” and becomes effective even if the husband did not intend it.

    23 – There is no community property between husband and wife and the husband’s property does not automatically go to the wife after his death.

    24 – A woman inherits half what a man inherits.

    25- A man has the right to have up to 4 wives and she has no right to divorce him even if he is polygamous.

    26- The dowry is given in exchange for the woman’s sexual organs.

    27 – A man is allowed to have sex with slave women and women captured in battle, and if the enslaved woman is married her marriage is annulled.

    28 – The testimony of a woman in court is half the value of a man.

    29- A woman loses custody if she remarries.

    30- To prove rape, a woman must have 4 male witnesses.

    31 – A rapist may only be required to pay the bride-money (dowry) without marrying the rape victim.

    32 – A Muslim woman must cover every inch of her body which is considered “Awrah,” a sexual organ. Some schools of Sharia allow the face and some don’t.

    33 – A Muslim man is forgiven if he kills his wife caught in the act of adultery. However, the opposite is not true for women since he “could be married to the woman he was caught with.”

    The above are clear-cut laws in Islam decided by great Imams after years of examination and interpretation of the Quran, Hadith and Mohammed’s life. Now let the learned Imam Rauf tell us what part of the above is compliant with the US constitution?

  • Ryan-
    who are you talking to?
    NO ONE was talking about “whites never attack blacks”. Blackadder posted a quote of someone claiming that “angry white conservative males” have been brutalizing blacks for “as long as they can remember,” and someone else challenged him to find a single case of a white conservative assaulting a black person. RR then posted an article that implied but did not claim anti-Dem motives, and which five minutes of research showed to just be gang idiots.

    Secondly, go yell at the Cordoba House proponents, and even the initiative itself; half the time, they call it a mosque. (Generally when they want to drum up the religion side of it; when it’s more flattering to emphasize the “community center” side, it becomes a building that includes a mosque.)

    If the reading comprehension and careful consideration of the argument you’ve shown in this post is standard for you, no wonder you can’t see how this is a topic for valid debate. Straw men with only a nodding acquaintance to the topic aren’t very good aids to understanding.

    A wise lady once told me that if you can’t argue the other side of something, you have no business arguing your own side because you clearly don’t know enough about the topic. I try to keep it in mind, maybe you should try it?

  • In response to jihad etc…

    I am not sure where you are getting your information on what jihad and sharia is….but you have incorrect information. Jihad and sharia is much more complex then what you have stated. As I have reserached this extensively I will just point out very plainly and in layman terms what jihad is. Jihad means “struggle”.
    More commonly known in the Muslim world as an internal spiritual struggle to be better and serve God. It can also mean warfare where one needs to defend themselves when attacked- so it has two meanings to it. There are a lot of inaccuracies in your e-mail and I do not have time to go over them now…but one just to correct one is that bride money is not given for sexual organs. Bride money is called “mehr” and it is an obligatory gift that the groom must give his wife so that she is not left with nothing if he decides to leave her. It is the right of a woman and not a man. Actually in researching Muslims I found that there are a lot of similaries to Catholicism…and then there were differences as well. An interesting bit of information I came across was “Marriage helps men and women to develop along natural lines and head towards development and success through mutual co-operation. Marriage prevents immorality licentiousness and irresponsibility. The spouses in marriage agree to share rights and responsibilities to develop a happy family”….doesn’t that sound like something Catholics believe in as well? What happened on 9/11 was plain WRONG. I have friends who are Muslims and they beleive it is wrong…they say that the people who did this are crazy. So I have to think before I judge anyone and encourage you to do the same.

  • Sandy-
    please do not misrepresent your study, which seems to have been of the more modern and mild forms of Islam, as representative of Islam in general.

    Also, your definition of “mehr” is incorrect, (In Canada, it often functions like a pre-nup– often enough that a basic google will bring up a LOT of legal help boards.) as is your characterization of Jihaad.
    (links to understanding-Islam.com, which is affiliated with Al-Mawrid Islamic Research foundation out of Pakistan.)

  • Foxfier, white conservatives can’t be in gangs?

  • RR,

    Gangs are color neutral, but I’m having a hard time picturing how a conservative could be in a gang since gang life and activities run counter to conservative values. My guess is that you’re perhaps angling toward skinheads because the media like to call them conservatives. However, conservatives have about as much appreciation for neo-nazis as they do racist gangs/parties typically associated with the left, which is to say none.

  • “Gang life and activities run counter to conservative values”

    Well, it goes without saying that violence, vandalism, drug use, other criminal activity, and intimidation of non-members go against conservative values (and probably even the values of most moderates and liberals I know).

    But, isn’t it true that gang membership, especially among urban teens, basically takes the place of the families they don’t have — giving them a structure, culture and sense of belonging that they don’t get from absent or incarcerated or unknown fathers, mothers who change boyfriends as often as they change clothes, being shuffled from one relative to another, etc.?

    So in that sense, gang membership does express (albeit in a perverted or distorted fashion) one very important “conservative” value: the absolute primacy of the family as the basic unit of society, and the consequences that result when it is undermined or destroyed.

  • I can think of Catholic terrorism pretty easily: the IRA. And that was specifically religio-nationalist.

    True to some extent. But it wasn’t expansionist.

  • Actually I think in a number of areas there are limits on, if not the building of churches, at least the size of churches. Where I once lived this limit made it impractical to build a Catholic Church as the size limit was too small for what was required to meet the needs of the Catholic population without building multiple small churches. Those restrictions were placed in the 90’s as I recall. No big First Ammendment concerns have been raised. Perhaps they should.

  • Mary Margaret Cannon,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Until recently, WordPress.com did not allow this function (WordPress.org does I believe).

    But today I noticed this option was now available and I have just finished adding this particular function.


  • Hey, why not make a page, too? You can set it up to autopublish your blog with the “notes” feed, or us
    e http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/newuser1.php

  • Foxfier,

    We have ‘something’ on Facebook, not sure what.

    I’m going to investigate and get this set-up/streamlined for greater social-networking-optimization (SNO).

  • Scott Gentries might want to take a look at this:

  • …Might strike home if the primary arguments weren’t specifically related to the history and culture of Islam, Ryan.


  • RL, if conservatives can’t be in gangs by definition then sure there are no white conservatives in gangs. There are no Catholics in gangs either then.

  • i would like to point out that the proposal only bars new buildings, and not changing the use to of already constructed ones. the mosque near to us was once a church, a church was previously a synagogue, and the nigerian christian group uses a clothing warehouse.

  • Teresa, half of what you said is inaccurate / disinformation. if the USA followed the other half, maybe they wont have millions of inmates that the taxpayer has to support.

  • I would just like to point out a couple of things that are on point:

    1. It’s not a mosque. It’s a community center, and you can read here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/08/opinion/08mosque.html?_r=1&src=tptw the words of the chairman of the project, stating that one of the many goals of it is to include prayer centers for those of Christian and Jewish faiths in hopes that this will strengthen interfaith relations.

    2. I’m not usually a fan of Charlie Brooker, but he hit one point straight on the head when he said that being a 2 minute walk and around the corner is not at all the same thing as being AT the same location. He said something like, he’s used a bathroom 2 minutes away from Buckingham Palace, and has yet to be arrested for defecating on the Queen’s pillow. We’re talking about Manhattan, and if you’ve ever been there, it’s a crowded place. How close is too close, exactly?

    3. To the person who said Catholic/Christian extremists haven’t bombed or killed significant numbers of people in recent years, I ask: Have you ever heard of the Irish Republican Army? Visit Belfast or Glasgow sometime and ask around – just… be careful in which neighborhood you ask and what colors you’re wearing when you do.

  • 4. On the topic of how Muslim women are clothed, ask yourself if you’ve ever questioned the chaste garb (and lifestyle, for that matter) of nuns and priests. I bet you just take it as a matter of course, because it’s what you’re used to. Of course, there is spousal abuse and other unsavory activity that goes on among members of the Islamic faith, but again, look closer to home. Surely you cannot insist that no Catholic or Christian has ever abused another human being.

  • Brian,


    The IRA is a nationalist organization. To be more accurate, they are a violent Marxist nationalist organization looking to impose communism under the guise of being “Irish” and “Catholic”.

    Being Catholic has nothing to do with it.

    They don’t espouse anything Christian AT ALL.

    You’ve never heard them saying they are dying in the name of Jesus. Only in the name of Ireland.

    You need to do better than that to espouse your anti-Christian bigotry around here.

  • Brian,

    Again your bias is grossly revealing itself.

    Religious wear their clericals as a choice, not in being imposed.

    Whilst on the other hand Muslims force women to wear burkas, regardless of their religiosity.

  • Brian, you’re exposing your ignorance or willful blindness– the folks building it called it a mosque until their PR guys realized that was not so good. They also called it the Cordoba House, until word got around what that indicated, especially with the 9/11/11 opening date.

    Also, you’re pointing to an opinion piece in the NY Times. Not exactly hard, unbiased facts– I notice you didn’t bother to do the research Powerline did about another time that “chairman” spoke in the NYTimes.

    As Teresa pointed out above, a building destroyed by chunks of the plane on 9/11 is part of ground zero.

Hearst Stands Behind Anti-Semite Helen Thomas

Sunday, June 6, AD 2010

Breaking News: The USA Today is reporting that Helen Thomas has retired following her anti-Semitic comments from last week (Biretta tip to TAC reader Phillip)

The Hearst Corporation, which owns Hearst Newspapers, continues to stand behind their ‘news reporter’ the anti-Semite Helen Thomas despite video evidence of her anti-Semitic remarks.

In her anti-Semitic remarks she called on Jews in the Middle-East to ‘get the hell out of Palestine’ and go back home to ‘Germany’ and ‘Poland’.  Apparently forgetting that they have been inhabiting the Holy Land for several thousands of years.

The Hearst Corporation, Helen Thomas’ employer, continues to stand behind her, but are saying her comments do not represent the values of the Hearst Corporation.

Continue reading...

49 Responses to Hearst Stands Behind Anti-Semite Helen Thomas

  • Fire the bigot. She has shamed herself, her profession and any organization she represents. Her apology rings hollow. She has revealed her true face and no mealymouthed apology can take that away.

  • The bigot should be fired. I am so sick of there being a double standard in our society. Liberals can get away with pretty much anything, while conservatives have to walk around treating every situation, every person, and everything with kid gloves for fear of being taken out of context or being falsely accused of something. She has violated journalistic integrity, ethics, and needs to go.

  • A bigot is a bigot, whether liberal or conservative! While I am personally left of center on political and social issues, I have no tolerance for racism. With respect to this issue, Hearst Corporation needs to fire Helen Thomas for her ignorant and inflammatory words and quickly distance themselves from this pitiful person.

  • GaryS,

    I tweaked my post just a bit to be more balanced.

    Bigots come from all parts of the political spectrum.

    It’s our duty as New Media journalists to call for fairness in reporting and even our columns.

    Helen Thomas may be a liberal, but that’s not the reason why she’s a bigot.

    She’s a bigot because she’s ignorant.


  • What Helen said is true,then why that much hullabaloo..
    It seems even “The American Catholic” is sleeping over the hubris of total silence which prevails here,so much so that speaking about zionist barbarism and holocaust is taboo.Lets break this shield and make this country free from the grip of zionist menace.

  • The Jew haters are crawling out from beneath their rocks Tito, which is completely unsurprising. Anti-Semitism is an interesting example of how fools project their own failings in life upon some “devil” group. Similar headcases can be seen among the ranks of Catholic haters and among those who today fear that the Masons are behind all things evil. For these type of loons, evil is personified in the group they hate and fear and reasoned debate with such idiots is as futile as attempting to debate a forest fire.

  • Liberalism is a pathology.

    God bless freedom loving-people everywhere. God bless the gallant Israel people courageously building their nation under constant rocket attacks from Gaza and south Lebanon.

    ATG: Who were the other two great POTUSes? Carter and Clinton?

    If nothing else (and there are other reasons to support Israel, including it’s our ally in the global terror war on us), Isreal is the only democracy in the entire Mid East. Seems you rats hate Jooooos more than you love freedom.

    Get out of the way. There is a war on, morons.

  • I agree, Donald. How about like debating a robot or a brick wall?

  • It’s amazing that people would come out defending such bigotry Don.

    I agree on projecting. If they would only turn to God and pray they will find relief from the grip of hate they are in.

  • Not to defend Helen Thomas in ANY way (she’s always been an overrated gasbag in my opinion), but perhaps Hearst Corp. fears that they will get MORE flak from the MSM if they throw the almost 90-year-old “dean of the White House press corps” under the bus. Perhaps a bit of reverse sexism is at work here also… they can’t bring themselves to treat a woman, especially an elderly woman, with the same harshness that would certainly be meted out to a young or middle-aged man who said the same thing?

  • Elaine,

    Playing devil’s advocate is tough.

    But in that case, then it would be reverse ageism.

  • For what its worth,

    The recent ‘go back to Poland’ remarks of Helen Thomas did not come out of the blue. She has made literally hundreds of remarks over the past 30 years that come from the same mind set.

    Anybody who considers themselves shocked at her latest remarks hasn’t been paying attention.

  • I apologize in advance.

    Jim Treacher, “Remember: You’re a Nazi for saying we should enforce our own immigration laws… But not for telling the Jews to beat it.”

  • Beat you to the punch by seconds Phillip!

    That’s an interesting crowd.

  • I support Helen Thomas.

    Helen, keep speaking your mind. You are an inspiration.

  • Though Mike gives needed perspective. Like pro-abort nuns show that some Catholics voted for Obama because he is pro-abortion, Mike shows that some who oppose any and all Israeli actions do so because they want Jews to abandon Israel.

  • WOW, I see Hamas has their media commenting here on politico, how about let’s try this. I say, “All Muslims should leave America and go back home to the middle east, I guess Mecca” put on your burkes, take off your socks, put on your crocks, and start doing some pushups to the black stone” let’s try something else, Muhammad was a evil devil, and the Muslim religion runs on blood, like a car runs on gas, Muslims survive on blood, you kill, you slaughter, even your own children if they dear take off the burke, you choke them with your own hands, and then you go to mecca, take these big iron chains and you bang yourself up until you see yourself standing in a blood bath. My point is, get out of America and do some more of that iron chain bloody banging thing.

  • Thanks Phillip for that update.

    Need/want a job that doesn’t pay anything?

  • Always looking for non-paying jobs.

  • My message is of support for Helen Thomas. Helen Thomas spoke a truth and she should be thank for her frankness. She is right – Israel should get out of Palestine. After WW II, Germany should have been required to provide the land for the Jewish home state – not the Palestinians.

    The pressure of a few Zionists changed the course of Middle East history. According to President Truman, “The facts were that not only were there pressure movements around the United Nations unlike anything that had been seen there before, but that the White House, too, was subjected to a constant barrage. I do not think I ever had as much pressure and propaganda aimed at the White House as I had in this instance. The persistence of a few of the extreme Zionist leaders — actuated by political motives and engaging in political threats — disturbed and annoyed me.”

    AIPAC continues that pressure and propaganda today and the White House continues to do their bidding. It’s irrational and unbalanced.

  • Germany should have been required to provide the land for the Jewish home state

    Germany, home of the Jews. Not like, say, Judea or any place near there.

  • She had de facto tenure like Strom Thurmond in the Senate and the old man who changes the toner at work. They shouldn’t be there anymore but nobody has the heart to throw them out.

    Question: When was the last time you read her column? I honestly never have.

  • RR,

    I don’t disagree, but I’d point out that the old man changing the toner is not mean and even Strom mellowed a lot with age, but HT was famous for her wicked tongue, acid pen, and unabashed anti-Semitic views. Most companies would not tolerate a toner-changer who lapses into chronic bigoted commentary.

    Also agree that no one read her though.

  • RR,

    Thurmond is elected.

    Helen Thomas is employed.

    Big difference.

  • Helen is right to tell the right-wing killer state of Isreal to get out of Palenstine!

  • “Isreal to get out of Palenstine”

    Isreal and Palenstine? If you are going to spew hate at least adjust the tin foil hat to spell check mode.

  • “The archeological record indicates that the Jewish people evolved out of native Cana’anite peoples and invading tribes. Some time between about 1800 and 1500 B.C., it is thought that a Semitic people called Hebrews (hapiru) left Mesopotamia and settled in Canaan.”

    So, why should the Jews be forced to leave Israel?

  • I don’t really care what the reason is, I’m glad she isn’t propagandizing, er, ah, I mean reporting from the White House.

    As for her being a bigot – It is an odd thing since she is of Lebanese descent that makes her as Semitic as Sephardic Jews. Of course, Karl Marx hated Jews too and he was born Jewish – go figure. She isn’t necessarily wrong that Ashkanazi Jews are of European stock (for the most part). Nevertheless, lefties tend to take a small kernel of truth and arrive at a severely erroneous conclusion. Perhaps she forgot what happened to Jews in Germany and Poland.

    She’s anti-Jewish for the same reasons most people who hate Jews are – Jews represent the spoken Word of God. Jesus was a Jew. Usually when it is unfashionable to attack Christians because they represent a political majority then it is better to attack Jews. Hitler attacked Jews because most Germans were Christian (nominally in most cases in the decadent Wiemar Republic – huh – seems familiar). He didn’t want the Christians to feel threatened – yet. Of course, Hitler, like all lefties was a pagan and wanted a racist-nationalistic-pagan (probably homosexual) ethos to rule. Christ had to be evicted without upsetting the Christians. So evict his origins – Salvation comes from the Jews. Once the Jews were demonized and paganism unleashed – Catholic priests were next in line and then more and more Christians of all stripes.

    I don’t know who is surprised by her statements – they are nothing new, nor are they unique. Most ‘Arabs’ feel that way. Sadly, I have to state that I share a common heritage with Thomas – I am of Levantine descent born in Lebanon with roots from Jerusalem, Palestine. Incidentally, Palestine has never been a country so I am not sure how Israel can occupy it. Palestine is an ancient Roman province and has been occupied as such by various regimes most notably the Ottomans and the British. Most other Arabs, Muslims and liberal opportunists use the Palestinians (many of whom are truly suffering) as tool to beat Israel with. They don’t care about the people who live in Gaza and the West Bank anymore than liberal opportunists (racists) cared about the plight of American Negros in the 60s – blacks were just a convenient tool with which they beat the Man, the establishment. Liberals have done nothing to help blacks – in fact, liberals are responsible for the holocaust of 15 million blacks in this country. As usual when your scheme is based on a victim class – you cannot allow that class to ever stop being victims.

    If the Palestinians had welcomed the Holocaust survivors things may be very different today. Nevertheless, Israel played a hand in the animosity – many atrocities were committed (then again I love America and we slaughtered Indians and enslaved Africans so we can’t all be proud of everything our nation does/did). Additionally as inhospitable as Muslims are to Christians, Israel hasn’t been much of a friend either. The true victims of this Palestinian/Israeli conflict are the minority of Christians whose roots go back to the time of Christ in His land and most notably in the city He conquered with His own Blood. Don’t confuse Jews with Israel and don’t confuse the modern-nation state with ancient Israel and certainly not with the inheritors of the promise as most of our Protestant brothers do.

    Nothing good ever comes from anti-Jewish expressions because once the demon of bigotry is unleashed he attacks the source and we all know the source is God.

    Since liberals (lefties) are godless, it goes to follow that they will hate Jews and by extension the Church. Nothing new under the sun.

  • Many Americans feel the same way! She was an easy target to push away! I remember when I attended a lecture at USC by President George H W Bush with my ex girlfriend who was a USC Student and Jewish. She was upset by the comments by the former president when he said that “one of the problems in America is that that Jews have too much power and influence in Washington”. I could not believe my ears, all the board of trustees were there, the university president, and the notable members of the Jewish community of Los Angeles, President Bush knew that they were present because we had attended a diner and got photographed. Yet he did not care to upset them and the event when without further incident. The tapes released about president Nixon and many other presidents show that they all have issues with Israel and Jewish people.

  • I suspect Mr. Paterson that you are lying not only about what former President Bush said, but also about ever having a girlfriend who was Jewish. As to the comments by Bush, link to a news account of them.

  • In reply to Tito – Ignorance is a lack of education not understanding. Thomas is a bigot not out of ignorance, for she is certainly what society would call an educated person; she is an anti-semetic loon whose bigotry and hatred of President Bush finally emerged. There are few things worse than closet bigotry. I can’t agree with Obama’s racism but at least he is out in the open about it. (Read his book.)
    Thomas on the other hand hid hers and probably effected many aspiring Jewish writers before she fortunately lost her control and spouted forth her true feelings.
    Remember this absolute truth about the Middle East: When the Arabs lay down their arms there will be peace; when the Israelis lay down their arms there will be a slaughter that will make the Holocaust pale in comparison.

  • Well stated American Knight ! I was thinking of composing the same message until I read your post 🙂

  • Donald & Erik,

    I doubt that even Mr. George “NWO” Bush (41) would have been stupid enough to make comments like that, even if he believed them. Of course, his anti-Jewish feelings could have been inherited from his Nazi-supporting father – but I don’t know of any evidence that indicts George H. W. of this directly.

    As for Jews having too much power and influence in the U.S. I totally agree that they do. Of course that can only be true if by Jews we mean liberals of Jewish origin that hardly practice a tenet of the Hebrew faith and are represented in larger percentages than the Jewish population at large in Hollywierd, the press (so-called), and academe. Of course, if one were to really ask these ‘Jews’ about their Jewishness – it would be a cultural identity and not a religious conviction. I’d suspect a properly catechized Catholic knows more about the Hebrew religion than the average, secular, lefty-loony ‘Jew”. These people can hardly be Jewish – even just culturally – after surviving the extermination of as much as 85% (Germany and Poland – Ms. Thomas) of your population, how can you abort babies at such high percentages – something is very, very wrong and sadly most Hebrews are making sacrifices to Moloch and not following Moses and the Prophets.

  • “from his Nazi-supporting father”

    Prescott Bush was not a support of the Nazis AK. That is simply another meme of the tinfoil hat brigade. He served in WWI as an artillery officer and participated in the Meuse-Argonne offensive.

    The Anti-Defamation League years ago addressed the vile conspiracy allegations against Prescott Bush:

    “Rumors about the alleged Nazi ‘ties’ of the late Prescott Bush … have circulated widely through the internet in recent years. These charges are untenable and politically motivated. Despite some early financial dealings between Prescott Bush and a Nazi industrialist named Fritz Thyssen (who was arrested by the Nazi regime in 1938 and imprisoned during the war), Prescott Bush was neither a Nazi nor a Nazi sympathizer.”

    Prescott Bush did have close ties with Planned Parenthood which of course makes him persona non grata for me. However, fair is fair, and conspiracy nuttiness is conspiracy nuttiness.

  • Perhaps ‘Nazi-sympathizer’ is a bit extreme; however, he was indifferent to the evils of Nazism. He made a fortune and continued to work with the Nazi financiers after the war started and after the nature of Nazism and the atrocities committed by them was known.

    Perhaps Nazism isn’t what Sen. Bush wanted, but it is pretty clear that he desired some form of totalitarianish society and he most certainly was a Eugenicist. Fellow-travelers are just as guilty as those they travel with.

    This is not conspiracy nuttiness (although there is much of that out there). This is conspiracy fact, although it would be foolish not to admit that since conspiracies are secret it is often difficult, but not impossible, to discern the proper context.

    Republicans are not infallible and the party has been controlled by those not loyal to orthodox conservatism far more often than it has not. Not every attack on a ‘Republican’ is from the left and many of the attackers are legitimate conservatives. Perhaps if more Republicans were orthodox conservatives, America would not be in the state she’s in and people like Helen Thomas would not have voices to spread propaganda and maybe even BHO would not be the chief executive – of course, neither would John McCain.

    Ignore conspiracies at your own peril Mr. McClarey – King Louis certainly did and so did the residents of the Wiemar Republic.

  • “He made a fortune and continued to work with the Nazi financiers after the war started and after the nature of Nazism and the atrocities committed by them was known.”

    Complete baloney AK.


  • Fox News isn’t exactly the source I would go to for this. The declassified (with some redaction) papers indicate that many American capitalist/industrialists were involved with the Nazis and also the Bolsheviks – including Sen. Bush. Profiting from war is not a new activity and it hasn’t gone away. The Soviets, the Nazis, the Chi-Comms and many others would not have ever been able to come to the level of power they achieved without the financial help of trans-national financiers – many of them ‘Americans’. For that matter Saddam and the opium warlords couldn’t survive for long either and when they get taken down who profits again?

    Some of these men were perhaps just interested in making money, some may have been misled, but at some point they knew what they were involved in and either didn’t care, chose to ignore or were complicit in the atrocities committed by the regimes they were supporting and profiting from.

    Just to be clear – I don’t transfer Prescott’s guilt to his son, although I suspect that G.H.W. had a sinister agenda and was placed in the Reagan camp to undermine orthodox conservatism – I don’t ascribe Nazi sympathies to him – and certainly not to W. But, I also don’t accuse J.F.K of the guilt of his father either.

    Believe what you want, but I would strongly suggest a little more skepticism toward the duo-opoly propaganda that is designed to manage the way we think. By creating an us vs. them, we are right they are wrong paradigm – there are powers that seek to manage outcomes while giving us the false impression of choice. We are fools if we confuse the GOP with authentic conservatism. If one is a Republican party member with a my party right or wrong attitude, one is hard-pressed to call themselves a conservative.

    John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Nelson Rockefeller are all Republicans – non of them are conservatives – at least one of them is an honorable man who loves his country – but that doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t conservative. Wake up – the time to play party games has passed. Blindly defending everything Republican is almost, but not quite, as foolish as Thomas blaming Israel and Jews for all the world’s evils. This is not a personal attack – it is a fraternal correction. I believe that all orthodox Catholics are conservative by nature – but we shouldn’t be Republicans and we can’t be Democrats.

  • ATG insists that Israel disrespects America and the Catholic “Religion”. This borders on paranoid delusion. It is true that many actions and policies taken by the modern state of Israel were not enacted in order to better adhere to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The same could be said about many of the actions and policies of our own bishops- particularly here in the good ol’ US of A.

    As for Israel and the Catholic religion, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Catholic shrines and orders in the Holy Land have taken a bit of abeating recently at the hands of the Israeli government in matters relating to immigration and visas. Given the absolute trash spewed out by some who were authorized (or at least allowed) to speak from Peter’s See, had I been in charge of Israeli INS operations and policy, I would have zeroed out visa requests from the Vatican not tied to diplomatic necessity.

    I would have to say that a fair measure of the maltreatment of Church officials and interests in Israel was richly earned; not by Church teaching, but often by those expected to teach it.

    There are many seemingly even handed statements that can have no other political effect than to morally equate attempted mass murder (burka bombers, rocket attacks) with any reasonably effective steps available to prevent it. When church mouthpieces have uttered these statements, they have done willful violence to the truth and have brought shame on the Body of Christ.

  • Fox News isn’t exactly the source I would go to for this. T

    AK, though your intentions are honorable, you have this nasty habit of simply dismissing any piece of evidence that contradicts your worldview. Donald has now provided a couple of links to discredit your position, and yet you just charge ahead based on nothing more than supposition. Do you have any evidence to back up your claims that Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer.

    If one is a Republican party member with a my party right or wrong attitude, one is hard-pressed to call themselves a conservative.

    Talk about a non sequiter, the only person making a partisan point is you. I don’t think Donald or anyone else here is defending Prescott Bush because he was a Republican – indeed Donald indicated disliking him because of his associations with Planned Parenthood. I couldn’t care less about salvaging the reputation of anyone with the last name Bush. But what’s fair is fair, and accusing someone – even a person long dead – of being a Nazi sympathizer is a pretty serious charge that should be backed up with something resembling real evidence.

  • What Paul said.

  • Paul I accept the criticism fairly – I will admit that I take the com boxes to be more a casual conversation than a master’s thesis and my inflection, etc. doesn’t translate into writing – I don’t think I am particularly good writer. I am also aware that I tend to be a velvet hammer in debating – please accept my apologies for the nasty habit – I meant no harm – I like y’all. Please also accept my apologies for not listing all the source documents. I can list one or two – only due to lack of time; however, my technological capability isn’t any better than my writing so the link probably won’t work.

    As for my world view, I try to make sure it is a Catholic world view – I am sure I fail often. I will admit that I am extremely skeptical of government power and see numerous conspiracies in history – I assume that there are numerous conspiracies now – although, I am sure I don’t know about them all and may have some incorrect information about some of them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t occurring. I am not referring to aliens, Area 51, and other nutty ideas; rather, things like Jacobins, Masons, Nazis, Bolsheviks, etc.

    Here is a facsimile of the Federal Register listing Prescott Bush as one of seven owners of Union Banking Corp, which handled financial interests for Fritz Thyssen – an early supporter of the Nazis. Assets seized by the US government for supporting enemies of the USA.


    Also, see an article by John Buchanan in the New Hampshire Gazette – I think it was October 2003.

    There is no question that there are some in power who wish to manage the whole globe and the lives of every human – although not every human currently living because they want to reduce our numbers – they are eugenicists after all. It is also clear that they are using psychological warfare to manipulate our thinking because they prefer to set up totalitarianism on the Brave New World – happy slavery model; rather than the 1984 forced slavery models used in the past. It seems that Sen. Bush was one of those men, or at least willing to go along with their designs even if he didn’t agree or couldn’t see the whole conspiracy.

    This is not a reflection on both presidents Bush – although H.W. was certainly leaning in the new world order direction.

  • Here is an unbiased article on the accusation that Senator Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer.


  • Here is a good overview of why the accusations against Prescott Bush are firmly in the realm of the deranged:


  • Deranged?

    “So, did Bush and his firm finance the Nazis and enable Germany to rearm? Indirectly, yes.”

    That last word is YES – indirect? So what – it was still done. If he is such a good banker how could he not have seen it?

    “But they had a lot of company. Some of the most distinguished names in American business had investments or subsidiaries in prewar Germany, including Standard Oil and General Motors. Critics have argued for years that without U.S. money, the Nazis could never have waged war. But American business has always invested in totalitarian regimes–witness our dealings with mainland China.”

    So that makes it OK, because most of the other American big wigs have been and continue to invest in totalitarian regimes. This sounds more like a support for my ‘theory’ than a refutation.

    “Loftus tells me there’s more to it than that. He says that the value of German industrial assets in which Bush and friends invested increased during World War II, in part due to slave labor, and that Bush benefited from this increase when the assets were returned–supposedly he got $1.5 million when UBC was liquidated in 1951. I’ll buy the claim that Bush got his share of UBC back–it was an American bank, after all–but the idea that his German holdings increased in value despite being obliterated by Allied bombs is ridiculous.”

    Actually most ‘American’ assets in Germany, especially Rockefeller/IG Farben structures were specifically not bombed. Much like all the targets that our Naval aviators were not allowed to bomb during Vietnam. Does anyone think that we couldn’t have won in Vietnam and for that matter Iraq in less than a decade – how about a couple of months? That is unless our military is specifically not allowed to bomb certain things because certain politicos backers have interests in prolonged wars.

    Read Ephesians 6 and tell me that St. Paul is a conspiracy theorist.

Tavis Smiley: More Examples of Christians Than Muslims Blowing People Up in America

Saturday, May 29, AD 2010

Tavis Smiley claims that terrorist activities by Christians happens quite often in the United States.  Not only does he make the claim that Christians do terrorism, but there are more terrorist acts done by Christians than by Muslims.

Mr. Smiley expressed these thoughts on a program hosted by Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Here are his exact words:

“Oh, Christians, every day, people walk into post offices, they walk into schools, that’s what Columbine is – I could do this all day long. There are so many more examples of Christians – and I happen to be a Christian. That’s back to this notion of your idealizing Christianity in my mind, to my read. There are so many more examples, Ayaan, of Christians who do that than you could ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that inside this country, where you live and work.”


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36 Responses to Tavis Smiley: More Examples of Christians Than Muslims Blowing People Up in America

  • The Columbine shooters were Christians, were they? Is that why they killed Cassie Bernall for saying she believed in God?

  • Blackadder is correct: the Columbine killers were militantly anti-Christian. Of course this whole thing is ridiculous to begin with, even without those details.

  • Maybe.

    The 9/11 terrorists reportedly slummed with prostitutes. Maybe virtuous and religious Muslims would disown them.

    The Columbine shooters were probably baptized. Barring any formal apostasy, they would be considered Christian.

    I think we can more safely say that extremists commit extreme acts of violence. Some of these extremists have religion as a philosophical substrate in their lives. And some of that subset are Christians.

    Are there more baptized Christians committing terrorism than Muslims? I don’t know this is a helpful question: Whose extremists are worse? The orthodox Christian keep watch over his or her own personal conduct, prays for and attends to victims of violence, and is careful not to cause vexation to others. The question of whose bad guys are worse is comic book fare: Whose archenemies are the baddest, Batman or Superman?

  • Obviously, TS is referring to the muslim film makers that were stabbed to death for insulting St. John the Baptist; and the al Jazeera reporter that was beheaded while “covering” the 1993 Waco government massacre of innocent women and children.

    At least, he didn’t make the accusation that 9/11 was an inside job or that “they” deserved to get murdered by muzzy mass murderers.

    Thank God for small mercies.

    In conclusion, that guy looks and sounds like the incompetent, felonious poseur currently “slumming it” in the White House. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • He forgot to mention how Christians stone women to death for so much as looking at a man.

    Oh, and how Christian “religious police” go about throwing acid into the faces of scantily clad women.

    And the Christian “modesty police” that arrest girls and women off of the streets and shred their clothing before forcing them into burkas.

    Not to mention the multitude of Christians that carve the genitals off of their young girls with razor blades.

    And what about all of the Christians attacking mosques and slaughtering Muslims while they are at prayer?

    He left out a lot.

  • Don’t forget, Coffee Catholic, how Christians behead or hang homosexuals.

    Teach us, Tavis Smiley!

  • The trul sad thing is that some people that listen to this tripe will bring in up in the future as gospel..so much for “public broadcasting” .and this self admitted “Christain ” i am suprised he did not mention the Crusades.

  • Wrong again, Todd. The examples of baptized Christians commiting atrocities for motivations that have nothing to do with their religious beliefs (assuming they even have any) cannot be compared to practicing Muslims who are motivated to commit atrocities precisely because of their religious beliefs. But of course you’re smart enough to know that already, but just can’t resist making your typically lame point.

  • He was speaking of acts inside this country. Given that our country is roughly 5% Muslim and 65-70% Christian, his statement shouldn’t be shocking. It is little different than saying there are more white people on welfare than black people on welfare. While I prefer a narrower definition of terrorism – for example, I don’t consider the incident at Fort Hood to be terrorism – there is little doubt that postal shootings and what not would be considered terrorism under many people’s definition of it, particularly when they don’t confine terrorism to being what Muslim’s do. But like the welfare example, this isn’t all that significant. There is gross poverty in the black community and the fact that there are more white people on welfare doesn’t change that. Likewise, the likelihood that more Christians have committed terrorist acts in this country doesn’t change the fact that there is a real and substantive movement that actively seeks to terrorize Americans under the banner of Islam.

  • Extremist Christians and Muslims have different targets in the US. The former targets the government, and the latter both the government and civilians. Christian extremists as we saw at Waco, Oklahoma City, and Jonestown have no problem morally with involving large numbers of innocents in violence.

    It may be easier for Christians to disavow such acts since Christianity hasn’t had a full-scale civil war since the 17th century. But as we saw in 1204, even Catholic-sponsored missions were not above going all Galatian on other Christians.

    Muslims are by far the greatest targets of their own violent extremists. I can appreciate that most Muslims want to avoid antagonism that might have deadly results. And we see from the Catholic internet that few are scorned as deeply and insultingly as pro-lifers who appear to deviate from the straight and narrow.

    Are Muslim extremists a greater threat to conservative white Americans than Christians? Sure they are. Who’s more likely to die at the hands of a Muslim extremist? Another Muslim, hands down.

    Again, I don’t think the AC line of reasoning here is helpful, either to us as Christians or Americans.

  • M.Z.,

    I agree about that definition.

    I see more Christians staring angrily and that terrorizes many of us that are innocent against these type of transgressions.

  • “Christian extremists as we saw at Waco, Oklahoma City, and Jonestown have no problem morally with involving large numbers of innocents in violence.”

    Vernon Wayne Howell, aka David Koresh head of his sect of the Branch Davidians, taught that he was Christ. Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City bomber was an agnostic. Jim Jones, who started out as a card carrying member of the Communist Party, derided Christianity and taught that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Buddah, Lenin and Father Divine. By 1978 he was a self-proclaimed atheist.
    Calling any of these fruit loops Christian is rubbish.

  • “Calling any of these fruit loops Christian is rubbish.”

    Well, sure. Christians would say that. If you cornered a Muslim imam and asked him about porn-watching murderers, he might disown, too.

  • Self-hating liberals and Smiley can have their opinions (Plato: Opinion is not truth.).

    They cannot make up facts.

    Waco was federal violence against an armed sect that had not committed terrorism. Did the fed police preclude Branch Davdian terror by massacring them? How does federal police killing 83 citizens compare with OBL planning and committing mass murders to punish America for having troops in Saudi, supporting Israel, etc.?

    Yeah, OK City bombing was a perverted attempt by a couple persons to get obscene revenge for the Waco massacre of women and children. How is that Christian? The Q’ran and Hadith are full of exhortations to conquest, mass murder, and terror. The history of Mohammedanism a lengthy catalog of invasions, conquests and massacres. Try reading it.

    Jonestown was a suicide – violence against self – en masse. How does that compare with muslim murder bombers?

    Put away the bongs and read.

  • The Q’ran and Hadith are full of exhortations to conquest, mass murder, and terror. The history of Mohammedanism a lengthy catalog of invasions, conquests and massacres. Try reading it.

    T. Shaw, it’s much easier to pretend that Muslim violence is in fact a perversion of true Islam, that way one absolves oneself of any untoward un-pc feelings. Sadly, the opposite is the case, as a majority of Islamic scholars and practitioners either embrace violence or agree with the end goal of terrorism: the imposition of sharia law. To even imply that there is a corresponding tenet within Christianity is engage in willful ignorance.

  • It’s sad to see intelligence used in the service of stupidity.

    The Columbine killers weren’t Christians. In fact they killed a girl because she said she believed in God.

    Timothy McVeigh was an agnostic.

    The People’s Temple folks started out as Christians, but by the time of Jonestown had long since explicitly rejected Christianity.

    The only group Todd mentions that even claimed to be Christian was the Branch Davidians, and whatever you think of them, they didn’t actually engage in any terrorist acts, but were killed when the government raided their facilities. And, of course, while the Waco Davidians considered themselves Christians, no one else did (whereas most everyone considers Atta a Muslim).

    It is ironic that in an attempt to show some kind of parity between Christians and Muslims when it comes to terrorism, Todd keeps picking examples of people who were not Christians.

  • Again, I don’t think the AC line of reasoning here is helpful, either to us as Christians or Americans.

    When is it ever? And why call it “reasoning”?

  • If one wants to cite terrorist/militant groups that are Christian, and in some sense point to Christianity as part of their cause, you pretty much have to go abroad. One could cite, with varying degrees of legitimacy, the IRA, the Orange militias, some Lebanese Christian groups back around the time of their civil war, and some Croatian extremists back in the 90s (and 40s).

    Now really, these were more nationalist militant groups of groups which identify as some form of Christian — more like the PLO than like Al Qaeda. Whether these should “count” is probably open to question. What this boils down to, however, is a basic difference which for some reason people are very hesitant to admit: Islam is, in it’s origins, explicitly militant, while Christianity is explicitly not. This is a basic theological difference between their founders and their sacred writings which no degree of equivalency will get beyond. The fact need not necessarily upset Muslims. If their religion is true, and ours is false, then it is not a defect that it has from its very founding lived, in part, by the sword. If Muhammad’s revelation is true, then this is how God wanted it to be, and there is no reason to be ashamed of it.

    None of this, however, really help’s Smiley’s claim which Todd is trying to back up, which is that there is significantly more terrorism in the name of Christianity in the US than there is in the name of Islam.

  • Have any of you considered that perhaps your take on Smiley’s claim is colored (perhaps even warped) by your own assumed definition (or lack thereof) of “terrorism”?

    Islamic terrorism is largely a response to Christian terrorism, I’m afraid.

    If one wants to cite terrorist/militant groups that are Christian, and in some sense point to Christianity as part of their cause, you pretty much have to go abroad. One could cite, with varying degrees of legitimacy, the IRA, the Orange militias, some Lebanese Christian groups back around the time of their civil war, and some Croatian extremists back in the 90s (and 40s).

    What this has to do with it, considering we’re talking about a transnational, i.e. “catholic,” church, I have no idea.

    Islam is, in it’s origins, explicitly militant, while Christianity is explicitly not.

    It sure is interesting how Christian origins are discussed in different contexts. If you people were talking to a Christian pacifist, you would argue that Christian origins have little to do with nonviolence, and that Jesus in fact used and perhaps even encouraged violence. When comparing Christianity to “Islam,” suddenly you’re interested in invoking the peaceableness of Christian origins.

    You are hypocrites, I’m afraid. The textbook definition of.

  • Timmy,

    If you people were talking to a Christian pacifist, you would argue that Christian origins have little to do with nonviolence, and that Jesus in fact used and perhaps even encouraged violence.

    Let me see if I have this right: you’ve just attempted to refute me by saying what I would argue in a hypothetical, then followed up by charging me with being a hypocrite for having committed those hypothetical actions you have imagined.

    Got it…

    But since you ask the question, you’re making an implicit assumption that there are only two possible positions: pacifist non-violence and the use of holy war to spread the faith.

    I would disagree with the pacifist claim that early Christianity taught that violence was never acceptable under any circumstances, that a soldier cannot be a Christian, etc. However, when I talked about Islam being “militant” in its origins I meant not “accepting soldiering as morally acceptable in protecting the civic order” (which is a uniquely pacifist use of the term) but rather “using military force and an explicitly expansionist fashion to spread the faith and political control at the same time”. The Caliphate was a direct and clear continuation of the way that Muhammad himself led the faith, with political authority and the sword in hand. Christ, on the other hand, taught that his kingdom was not of this world, and even with the Caesaro-papism of the East, beginning under Constantine, there was always a clear division understood between secular and religious authority, with clerics forbidden to bear the sword because they were consecrated to a higher task.

    There is a very real distinction here, for those willing to understand the history involved rather than insisting on a neat dualism between “non-violence” and “militarism”.

  • Timmy do you also believe the Nazi “final solution” was a response to Jewish terrorism?

  • Islamic terrorism is largely a response to Christian terrorism, I’m afraid.


    How is this ‘largely a response to Christian terrorism’?

  • “Islamic terrorism is largely a response to Christian terrorism, I’m afraid.”

    There is this quaint concept called backing up assertions with evidence. You might try it some time.

  • Isn’t the Tavis Smiley show publically funded? Why are my taxes paying this bum for spewing his rotten bile?

    Especially on Memorial day weekend.

  • At least, Bush could have esatblished an Ombudsman to stop the 24/7 PBS lies.

    Here (and among somme commenters) we have examples of the damage done to young minds by PBS broadcasts of nonfacts and public school/PC university anti-Christian indoctrination.

    Since 1775, approximately a million gave their lives for their country. Was it in vain?

  • There is this quaint concept called backing up assertions with evidence. You might try it some time.

    You might ask that of your buddies here who make assertions about Muslims without evidence, jerk.

    Donald I checked out some of your other posts. You are a textbook fascist.

  • Timmy, you are a textbook troll, and you are banned from this blog. Go to other venues where shrill invective is considered to be an adequate substitute for evidence and reasoned debate. You have nothing to offer but insult and hate.

  • Fascinatingly enough, “Timmy’s” IP address originates in the same West Virginia town as another commenter who was recently banned for consistent rudeness and aggression.

    Though I note he’s done his best to sound like a newcomer with lines like “Donald I checked out some of your other posts. You are a textbook fascist.”

  • Timmy,

    There’s no need for name calling.

    I completely back up everything that all the posters here at TAC say, especially Donald’s last comment.

  • “Fascinatingly enough, “Timmy’s” IP address originates in the same West Virginia town as another commenter who was recently banned for consistent rudeness and aggression.”

    I am shocked! Shocked!

  • My understanding is Jonestown was a suicide that only killed the participants, Waco was an act of violence by the government against the participants (again, only killing the participants) and that OKC counts as a terrorist act, but had nothing to do with Christianity. Three stikes. (And Columbine had nothing to do with Christianity, but deranged teen outsiders who were mentally unstable – in fact, it was more an act of violence against Christians – so make that four strikes, one extra for good measure).

  • My understanding is Jonestown was a suicide that only killed the participants…

    Wrong. They also killed Congressman Leo Ryan and four others at the airstrip.

  • One of the Columbine kids thought he was God; now unelss that kid happened to be Jesus Christ, he is not a Christian.

  • I just rewatched the video, and you know what, I didn’t realize that acts of Christian terrorism occurr “every day.” “Every day” acording to the ironically serious Tavis Smiley.
    I wonder if Mr. Smiles is familiar with Goebel’s Big Lie Theory, because he would be very proud.
    [No I am not calling Tavis a Nazi; I simply comparing his lies about Christian terrorists daily attacking the US, comparable to what Goebel’s said about the Czesolovakians treatment of the German speaking people in the Sudetanland. Come on; stop being outraged it’s totally comparable.]

  • Well one of the Columbine killers was a lapsed Jew. But you don’t hear libs calling them Jewish terrorists right?

    I’m sure this bit of information will be tucked away for a straw man argument by our intellectual superiors one day.

  • Pop quiz: What’s the first word that comes to mind after “suicide bomber” and/or “terrorist”?

    I rest my case, your honor.

Lori Berenson Set Free

Wednesday, May 26, AD 2010

Marxist activist Lori Berenson was convicted in 1995 for her acts of terrorism with the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) in Peru.  She was set free on parole where she must finish her remaining five years in Lima without leaving the country.

She served 15 years and was granted parole today.  Lori Berenson probably benefited from the weight of the American government in reducing the original lifetime sentence to 20 years back in 2005.

MRTA was a Communist rebel group that looked to impose a totalitarian form of government in Peru through terrorist activities.  They’re most famous for their takeover of the Japanese embassy in Lima in 1997.

Over 70,000 Peruvians were victims of Marxist and Communist terrorist activities throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

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2 Responses to Lori Berenson Set Free

  • Berenson denied for fifteen years that she collaborated with MRTA. Now, it seems, this was a lie. She recently accepted “responsibility for the crime of collaboration with terrorists” and apologized to the people of Peru. Berenson was a revolutionary groupie – a rebel princess who, supported by a trust fund set up by her parents, engaged in various radical left-wing activities in Latin America.

  • Frank,

    You’ve described liberal terrorist John Walker Lindh. He’s the typical Marin County hot-tubber out of the liberal bastion of San Francisco.

    Spoiled rotten and raised to hate America.

    Typical stuff from your typical America-hating liberals.

Terror Suspects and Citizenship

Wednesday, May 5, AD 2010

Senator Lieberman says he plans to introduce a bill which would expand the provisions which already exist in law for removing U.S. Citizenship from those who serve in the military of another country, in order to also strip citizenship from anyone who acts in cooperation with a designated terrorist organization. I could, perhaps, see certain situations where this might be appropriate. If a US citizen was captured in a combat zone, fighting for some non-state-entity which had been designated a terrorist organization, I could see designating that person an enemy combatant — for the same reason that it makes sense to do so with non-citizens who are fighting U.S. forces in combat zones without belonging to the military of a specific country. Our rules for dealing with P.O.W.s don’t really work when applied to people fighting for non-state entities, since there’s no organization to eventually accept peace and end the way with terms and exchange of prisoners.

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3 Responses to Terror Suspects and Citizenship

  • Better still, just charge them with treason with its attendant punishments.

  • Why should every attack have to be on a massive scale for you to consider it an act of war? I can see why you might require one to establish the fact of war, e.g. Pearl Harbor, but if that’s what you need, just look at 9/11. By now, it should be abundantly clear to even the most obtuse, that war on us has been declared by a segment of the world’s Mohammedans, typified by Al Qaida and the Taliban. This Times Square clown was clearly acting either on behalf of or in sympathy with the latter. Had he succeeded, he could have done at least as much harm as your average foot soldier captured on the battlefield does. The motivation, tactics and potential impact of such jihadists make them quite different from “ordinary criminals”. They should be dealt with accordingly.

NY Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Times Square Bomber is a Tea Party Terrorist

Tuesday, May 4, AD 2010

The cognitive dissonance on the Left is amazing.

Last night on the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric interviewed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a non-affiliated party member, and asked him his thoughts on who it was that planted the bomb in New York’s Times Square and what were the motives behind it.

Mayor Bloomberg’s comments are incredulous to say the least (emphasis mine):

Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill…”

…the health care bill Mr. Bloomberg?

As in the Tea Party Movement participants?

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33 Responses to NY Mayor Bloomberg Thinks Times Square Bomber is a Tea Party Terrorist

  • Tito, please, he says maybe which is quite different from your title’s assertion. This isn’t a gotcha quote.

  • Doofus.

  • I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt – he was sort of pushed on it by Couric – but he would have been better off just saying “I don’t know.” For better or worse Bloomberg is not the kind of politician to shy away from controversy. This would be a “for worse” occasion.

  • The profiling of the Left.

  • I’m not sure Bloomberg is really a leftist. If I’m not mistaken, he was recruited by the GOP to run for NY Mayor. He’s even praised the Tea Party movement: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/mike_hails_activists_Ppj6WY4VgIWDF00PPQAzXM .

  • Politicians say dumb things. He should have declined to speculate without knowing any of the facts. I suppose his guess is somewhat revealing about how wealthy independent New Yorkers view the rest of the country, but he wasn’t going out of his way to claim Tea Partiers were responsible, just making an ill-advised guess.

  • Bloomberg opposed ObamaCare. But blaming liberals is just so much fun!

  • Actually a joke. But if you want to read what some Leftists thought, go here:


  • Bloomberg endorsed ObamaCare back in October restrainedradical.


    Throughout his political career Bloomberg has normally attempted to be on all sides of most political issues at one time or another.

  • Just one more bit of leftist wackiness on this matter. Here a poll on a leftist site that had 63% of respondents claim it was a right-wing militia, tea partiers or the religious right making anti-abortion statement that was to blame:


  • Bloomberg is not a leftist, but he behaves like a doofus when he reveals his moronic “cultural elite” bias about the relative risks from Islamic extremists versus Americans who oppose ObamaCare. Stupid. Just stupid.

    John Henry is correct that speculation sans facts is always dangerous, but the irrationality of his speculation is nonetheless revealing.

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  • “The cognitive dissonance on the Left is amazing …”

    Indeed. Mayor Bloomberg is so cognitively dissonant that he’s been a registered Republican for the past decade or so.

    I’m pleased that the NYPD slam-dunked Dick Cheney on this one. Good work, guys. Didn’t need waterboarding to catch this criminal, eh?

  • Bloomberg is extremely popular among conservatives in NY. Not so popular among liberals.


    “I’ve given the president a lot of credit for taking on the issue; but it’s Congress that’s writing this legislation, and they are not willing to go near the things that will contain costs, which is immigration reform, tort reform, asking the question of whether or not we can afford certain tests and whether they really are cost beneficial.”

    “You know, if you really want to object to something in this bill, number one, I have asked congressperson after congressperson, not one can explain to me what’s in the bill, even in the House version. Certainly not in the other version. And so for them to vote on a bill that they don’t understand whatsoever, really, you got to question how–what kind of government we have. Number two, when they talk about bending the curve, as, as the governor said, bending the curve is a flimflam euphemism for increasing costs, but we’re going to say we’ll do it at slightly lower rate than we would have otherwise.”


    “It’s a system we can’t afford in total in this country, and a system that’s not delivering the kind of health care that we want.”

  • “Mayor Bloomberg is so cognitively dissonant that he’s been a registered Republican for the past decade or so.”

    Before he ran for mayor Todd he was a down the line Democrat. In 2007 he changed his partisan affiliation to independent.


    As for his stances on the social issues Todd, they certainly seem to be taken out of your party’s playbook:

    “Bloomberg supports abortion rights, stating: “Reproductive choice is a fundamental human right and we can never take it for granted. On this issue, you’re either with us or against us.” He has criticized pro-choice politicians who support pro-life candidates. His comments may have been directed at New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a supporter of abortion rights who supported Bob Casey, who is pro-life, in the 2006 Senate election.

    Bloomberg tends to be liberal about his policies towards many social issues. He supports governmental funding for embryonic stem cell research, calling the Republican position on the issue “insanity.” He also supports same-sex marriage with the rationale that “I think anybody should be allowed to marry anybody”.”

  • Bloomberg is pretty much a clone of Rudy Giuliani who was similarly a big government, republican-in-name-only.

    Yeah: Giuliani NY GOP’er – pro abortion, big government, gun control (when a jihadi shot up the Empire State Building, Rudy screamed for more gun control!) and every other cultural/socially liberal, immoral crap sandwich.

    Both are hated because of their (weak) fiscal conservatism and community policing to protect citizens from liberal constituencies.

    And, like their liberal cousins they only have to employ against their imagined enemies (e.g., tea party small government propoents) ad hominems, insults and lies.

    My advice to five-foot-nothing mike: spend your $12 billion NOW! You can’t take it with you. It will burn.

  • There are two things that Tea Party people have in common with Muslim terrorists. One is that neither group is shy about announcing what they are all about, and secondly, liberals in government and in the media don’t believe them. Tea Partiers say they want less government spending, lower taxes and more freedom. Islamists say “death to Israel, death to America, Allahu Akbar, we will establish sharia law in your country”.

    I believe the Tea Partiers when they say “this is what we are about.” I believe the Islamists when they say “This is what we are about.”

    But the liberals in government and the media say that what the Tea Partiers are about is racism, violence and intimidation. Likewise they totally ignore the Islamists call for killing of infidels and make up something like “these really nice family guys who just want a better way of life, economic and social justice,” which also ignores the fact that most of these guys are rich, well-educated and like to treat women like used condoms.

    Incidents like this latest one are stark examples which illustrate the use of the official narrative in place of factual elements.

  • Bloomberg is a richer, wiser, nicer (at least outside of politics), and more independent version of Giuliani. I wouldn’t want to put him in a position where he can appoint Supreme Court justices or direct foreign policy (he’s a solid Republican there whereas I am not) but as mayor I’d proudly vote for him every time as would probably most of the commenters here if they lived in NYC.

  • “but as mayor I’d proudly vote for him every time as would probably most of the commenters here if they lived in NYC.”

    I would sooner vote for the scum that I scraped off my shoe today than Bloomberg.

  • I would sooner vote for the scum that I scraped off my shoe today than Bloomberg.

    Ah, but would you sooner vote for a Democrat?

  • I’d write in “Scum” BA, and pray it wasn’t taken as a vote for Bloomberg.

  • Ok, so, from this combox, it’s safe to assume that neither liberals nor conservatives wish to claim Bloomberg as one of their own, while they both wish to pawn him off as a member of the other side. Gotcha.

  • The ‘POINT’ is Mini-mike’s knee-jerk, calumnious accusation that people who disagree with the big brother agenda/narrative are (worse than) terrorists. That’s right out of the Obama/Alinsky war plan against America.

    I’m convinced you aren’t getting into Heaven if you vote Democrat or RINO.

    I can walk from my house into NYC (Queens). I couldn’t have voted for anyone except the RtoL candidate.

    Donald (sic, I know) Dinkins pretty much paved the street for RINO’s (Giuliani/Bloomberg) as mayors of NYC, “Moscow on the Hudson.”

    Wonder if Patterson will do it for gov and Obama will do the same for POTUS.

  • Actually, Gov. Patterson is the adult in the room in the State Capitol.

  • Paterson is a child. A not-too-bright child. I don’t know a single New Yorker who likes the guy.


  • either liberals nor conservatives wish to claim Bloomberg as one of their own, while they both wish to pawn him off as a member of the other side.

    That’s not uncommon for politicians representing the opposition party in a predominantly liberal or conservative state. No one claims Ben Nelson is a liberal hero; Romney, you’ll recall, had a hard time pivoting from Gov. of Massachusetts to national GOP figure. There is a blurring of the dark blue state GOP and the red state Dems; as a result, partisans of both sides don’t recognize them as one of their own.

  • Paterson is a child. A not-too-bright child. I don’t know a single New Yorker who likes the guy.

    That is becuase you’ve never met

    1. Megan McArdle; or

    2. Yours truly.

  • What an incredibly stupid and incendiary thing to say!

    About like calling pro-life people (the ones who do not support the killing of the unborn which takes 3500 American lives daily) terrorists.

    Learn who the real enemy is.

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  • Henry,

    He does say “maybe”.

    It’s in my posting.

  • Katie Couric and Mayor B;oomberg just proved that this was going to be a more sinister cover up. Faisal Shahzad was going to get away with his terrorist attempt. The media (in a joint effort with the liberal left and elected democrats) was going to blame the Tea Party for terrorist attempt on NYC because of Health Care Bill. It just goes to show to what extent Mayor Bloomberg, Katie Couric, and others will go to discredit the Tea Party movement. Many Dmocrats are trying to discredit the Tea Party movement in order to protect their seats in congress and the White House.

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