Catholicism Flourishes in Kerala

Thursday, October 8, AD 2009

Luca Fiore of Oasis magazine wrote an article on the Christians in Kerala titled, The Amazing Secrets of Kerala.  I will briefly summarize this article presented by the eloquent Sandro Magister of Chiesa.

Legend has it that Saint Thomas the Apostle arrived and preached in Mylapore, India , not far from Madras, where he suffered martyrdom and where his tomb is kept today.  Prior to his martyrdom Saint Thomas arrived in Kerala at about A.D. 52.  The Christians in south west India called Thomas Christians due to the missionary efforts of Saint Thomas.

St. Thomas the Apostles Tomb Chennai Madras

The Christians in Kerala are of the Syro-Malabar Rite within Catholicism and they constitute up to 20% of the population, where in the rest of India Christians are just a bit over 2%.  Kerala is a pluralistic society where the majority of residents are Hindu, Muslims make up 25%, and Christians 20%.  All the faiths live in peaceful harmony which is unlike some parts of India.

The state of Kerala is somewhat of an anomaly in India.  With relative peace among the different faiths, Kerala also has the highest literacy rates in the country, over 90% compared to roughly 65% to the rest of India.  Another exception is that Kerala is also the only government with Marxists in control.  This coming from a state where the majority of the schools, from elementary to university levels, are predominantly Christian.

Conversions are not common, but when they occur, there is normally no violent reaction whether they convert to Christianity from Hinduism or Islam, though Pentecostals are the most militant and cause the most disturbance among the residents of all faiths.  There are many reasons for conversion to Christianity, some convert because of the communal aspects of worship which is lacking in some Hindu strains.  Other convert due to the love the converts witness that is carried out among Christians.  But there is no definitive evidence of the major reasons behind conversions.

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9 Responses to Catholicism Flourishes in Kerala

  • Thanks for the fascinating post, Tito.

  • Generally speaking, there’s very little inter-religious fighting and the church is flourishing. The church doesn’t like the Communists because of their atheist agenda. The Hindu fundamentalist BJP has very little support here.

    I’m proud to me a St Thomas Christian myself!

  • The Saint Thomas Christians will be the ones that ultimately turn India into a great Christian nation!

  • I am very proud,because I am an Indian malayali and a roman catholic

  • I am from Kerala, living in the U.S. for the last
    40 years. Through the persecution perpetrated by
    the Hindu religious party BJP and her allies
    made dramatic changes to create a solid unity in
    between the Christian denominations. The Christian
    Church will not grow without severe persecution,
    so the equation is working well in India. The
    Holy Spirit is working in full force, and millions
    of people are coming to follow Christ. The Hindus
    who are educated know, what the Christians have done
    for them in education and social uplift. But the
    crooked politicians are using the spade card of
    religion, but their strategy is not working as they have planned, and they are getting discouraged every day.

    The people of India, especially the Hindu community
    are seeking after the truth and they are finding
    the truth “Jesus Christ” and following by the thousands. Also, many miracles are taking place
    all across India, and that brings a lot of non-Christians to the Christian faith.

  • u ignorant mathew take care of ur own catholicism first,u have enemy within before converting others.once theconverts gets education they realise the truth of god and will follow hindu way of life.

  • dear mathew what british couldnt do for 300 years do u think is possible to do now,this type of ignorance is making people to still follow ur religion with out reasoning,logical thinking and making money for drunkards,paedopholes.because they are ur priests

  • as long as america sends money your religion will survive in the world once that money stops flowing ur downfall starts

  • Joseph,

    It’s interesting that you conflate the British Raj with missionary work.

    Why are you so concerned about an extremely small minority roughly 2.3%?

    Why do you feel the need to lash out at Christians as such?

    You think it is money that is fueling their faith?

    You have it completely wrong.

    If you can’t keep this discussion civil your comments won’t get approved.