Your Super Bowl Champions: the New York Giants

So there evidently this game last night . . .

A random bunch of observations about the Giants victory.

– It would have been completely awesome had Eli Manning announced in his post-game interview that Payton was coming to the Giants as his backup.

– Speaking of post-game celebrations, the NFL’s attempts to mimic the Stanley Cup celebration comes off as so incredibly lame.  The NHL might be the red-headed stepchild of North American professional sports, but it has the one championship celebration that every other pro sports league tries to imitate, but none of them are as cool and as genuine as the hoisting of the Stanley Cup and the parade around the ice.

– People will point to the Giants 9-7 record as a condemnation of the NFL regular season, but does anybody who watched that game think that the Giants weren’t the better team?  The Pats had touchdown drives immediately before and after halftime, but the Giants basically dominated just about every other second of that game.  So many teams in the NFL are either all defense and or all offense, and the Giants are one of the very few who play well on both sides of the ball.  On top of that, the Giants beat the Packers (really, they mauled them), the 49ers and the Patriots on the way to a championship.  That’s not a fluke.

– I’m probably in the minority but I was happy when Bradshaw slipped into the endzone.  Sure, the odds slightly favor going for the chip shot field goal over letting Brady have the ball with 50 seconds, but too many things can go wrong.  Just one game ago the Patriots saw a kicker miss a sure-fire field goal that would have sent the AFC championship game into overtime.  It’s the Super Bowl, and you take the points and the lead when it is being offered to you, and then trust that the defense can hold.

– The Manning to Tyree play is probably still the superior one when you factor in Manning escaping a sack, but Manning to Manningham is a close second.

– Oh, and did I mention the Giants are the champions of the world:


This Has “Bad Idea” Written All Over It

Pat Archbold relays news about a potential pro-life ad during next year’s Super Bowl.

A small group of antiabortion-rights advocates are hoping to recruit a presidential candidate so they can run graphic ads showing aborted fetuses during the Super Bowl, Congress.org reports.

The group hopes to employ the same tactic used during the midterm elections by Missy Smith, an antiabortion-rights activist who unsuccessfully ran for Washington, D.C., delegate. Smith “took advantage of federal rules that prevent broadcasters from censoring election ads unless they defame others or violate copyright,” according to Congress.org. In the early 1990s, the Federal Communications Commission and federals court ruled that graphic abortion images are not indecent.

I happen to think there is a place for graphic images of aborted fetuses in an effort to dem0nstrate the brutal and inhuman nature of abortion.  This, though, is not an appropriate venue.  While this is the most highly-watched television program of the year and an event that would guarantee maximum coverage, it would be more likely to turn off and offend viewers than to convince them of the moral depravity of abortion.  As several commenters noted, this is a family viewing event, and I don’t think I’d want small children of my own subjected to those images quite yet, and certainly others who are on the fence on this issue would feel the same.


Tim Tebow Pro-life Superbowl Ad

Hattip to commenter restrainedradical.  One of the two Tebow pro-life Superbowl ads has leaked.  I can see why the pro-aborts fought tooth and nail to keep it off the air.  In tandem with the other Tebow pro-life SuperBowl ad,  it is devastating to them.  For background to the ads go here.  For the rest of the pro-life Tebow story, go to Focus on the Family here.

And here is the second ad:

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  The pro-aborts by their hysterical reaction made sure the Tebow story of how his Mom refused to abort him got broadcast over America for free.  Now these two anodyne ads featuring a loving Mom and son make the pro-aborts look like the intolerant bigots they truly are!


The Baby and the Quarterback

My ignorance of sports is vast.  However, I believe I now have a favorite quarterback.  Focus on the Family has paid for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl featuring former University of Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother Pam.  When Pam was pregnant with Tim she contracted amoebic dysentery.  Harsh antibiotics were administered to her to rouse her from a coma.  She was counseled to have an abortion, being warned that her baby would be stillborn or live only a few hours.  She refused to have an abortion and Tim Tebow came into the world.

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