Debate in the Age of Francis


Law professor Stephen Bainbridge brings to our attention the one sided nature of debate within the Catholic Church in this pontificate:


There’s going to be a third meeting at Catholic University on “the relationship of Catholicism to libertarianism.” As with the others, there are no libertarians (or, indeed, anyone remotely right of center) on the docket. Instead:

There will be three major talks. The first, by Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, will examine three faces of erroneous autonomy in the current political climate, and author Thomas Frank will give a presentation of the political landscape from a liberal, and populist, perspective. Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston will speak about the dignity of work, and Trumka will give concluding remarks.

McElroy is a progressive unlikely to articulate libertarian or conservative views. Thomas Frank, of course, is a darling of the progressive movement and sharp critic of capitalism. And the Trumka in question is Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

One would have hoped that CUA would have included representative voices of pro-capitalist Catholic social thought thinkers such as Michael Novak, Fr. Robert Sirico, or, for that matter, yours truly. Continue Reading