Jonah Goldberg’s Message to Socially Liberal Fiscal Conservatives

Friday, January 18, AD 2013

Socially Liberal Fiscal Conservatives – like albino monk assassins sent out by Opus Dei, orthodox Catholics on the staff of the National Catholic Reporter, people who like the movie Gigli, and Lennay Kekua – have contributed much to society. But it looks like Jonah Goldberg has grown a bit tired of their act. So he has written an open letter to them, addressed to “Bob.”

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12 Responses to Jonah Goldberg’s Message to Socially Liberal Fiscal Conservatives

  • I have always believed that there is not any fiscal conservatism without social conservatism and no social conservatism without fiscal conservatism.

  • I agree Greg.. fiscal and moral are not two separate parts of life! One ball of wax.

  • My hat is quite often off to Jonah Goldberg for his well balanced good sense.

  • The excellent Mr. Goldberg is doing two things: Preaching to the choir and Wasting his efforts giving facts to imbeciles.

  • Come now. You all make too harsh a judgment. There is no problem with being fiscally conservative and socially liberal. If we’ve run up a huge debt that we can’t pay off, then it must be paid off by the next generation. So we kill them off with abortion. Problem solved. The debt will disappear when the debtors do. Come to think of it, the creditors will disappear as well. Unless we borrow it from another country, like China and Japan. Oh, wait, they’re disappearing too. See? No problem at all.

  • AS:

    Agree with all your excellent points.

    Except: In my assessment, I am candid not “too harsh.”

  • Get rid of poverty by getting rid of poor people should we be candid about it.

    candid (adj.)
    1620s, “white,” from Latin candidum “white; pure; sincere, honest, upright,” from candere “to shine,” from PIE root *kand- “to glow, to shine” (see candle). In English, metaphoric extension to “frank” first recorded 1670s (cf. French candide “open, frank, ingenuous, sincere”). Of photography, 1929. Related: Candidly; candidness.

  • @T. Shaw:

    “The excellent Mr. Goldberg is doing two things: Preaching to the choir and Wasting his efforts giving facts to imbeciles.”

    The excellent Mr. Goldberg is giving us “ammunition” is this war against Obama.
    I am tickled by your terminology “imbeciles”. LOL. It is very freeing.

  • I do disagree with one thing Goldberg says about the GOP being the only fiscal conservatives in town. To be sure, they are more fiscal conservative than the Democrats, which in itself isn’t saying much. But they are not fiscal conservative by any stretch.

  • National Catholic Distorter does have John Allen, the best Catholic journalist in the country, on its staff.

  • There’s a reason that Mr. Goldberg’s writing led me to NRO…..

  • What is the abortion issue to a pro-choice voter? It is the threat that an elective surgery which is performed to prevent embarrassment (embarrassment over something that the social liberal has no problem with) will – sometime in the far distant future – possibly get struck down as a Constitutional right by the Supreme Court, and then it will be left up to the states, where most of them will continue to uphold the legality of the elective surgery. If you claim that Obama is bad for the economy, why would you ever weigh the former above the latter?