Rand Paul: Frontrunner

After winning two CPAC polls and a spat with Ted Cruz in recent days, it is arguable that Rand Paul is the current GOP front-runner for the 2016 presidential election. Of course it is absurdly early to really make the call, but many of us have been expecting this trajectory since Paul was … Continue reading

Mother Russia on the March

  Well, Fearless Leader has won the referendum in Crimea with 95% of the vote, so back to the USSR Russia Crimea goes.  One can determine the trustworthiness of that vote by recalling that 36% of the population of Crimea is ethnic Ukranian or Crimean Tatar, neither group having much … Continue reading

And Down Goes Lenin!

Lenin statues are being toppled all over the Ukraine.  As Iowahawk tweeted, if you are wondering who the good guys are in the Ukraine popular uprising, they are the ones toppling the Lenin statutes. Of course the question is whether Putin now will intervene to support his deposed … Continue reading