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Friday, November 9, AD 2012



Yesterday in my post on how the Republican Party can find its way back from the political wilderness I wrote this:

1.  Professionalism-The Democrats and their campaign staffs approach politics as a business, if not a war.  Republicans have for far too long tolerated well-meaning amateurism as a substitute for professional competence in politics.  Politics is a job like any other, and professional staffs can help take a lot of the ineffectiveness and clumsiness out of our campaigns.

A prime example of what I was referring to is contained in this post mortem by Breitbart of the disastrous Orca get out the vote project of the Romney campaign:

A source within the Romney campaign agreed to share his reflections on Project Orca with Breitbart News:

    It’s easy to point fingers after a loss and I wouldn’t normally do it, but consider what happened.

    Project Orca was supposed to enable poll watchers to record voter names on their smartphones, by listening for names as voters checked in. This would give the campaign real-time turnout data, so they could redirect GOTV resources throughout the day where it was most needed. They recruited 37,000 swing state volunteers for this.

    I worked on the Colorado team, and we were called by hundreds (or more) volunteers who couldn’t use the app or the backup phone system. The usernames and passwords were wrong, but the reset password tool didn’t work, and we couldn’t change phone PINs. We were told the problems were limited and asked to project confidence, have people use pencil and paper, and try to submit again later.

    Then at 6PM they admitted they had issued the wrong PINs to every volunteer in Colorado, and reissued new PINs (which also didn’t work). Meanwhile, counties where we had hundreds of volunteers, such as Denver Colorado, showed zero volunteers in the system all day, but we weren’t allowed to add them. In one area, the head of the Republican Party plus 10 volunteers were all locked out. The system went down for a half hour during peak voting, but for hundreds or more, it never worked all day. Many of the poll watchers I spoke with were very discouraged. Many members of our phone bank got up and left.

    I do not know if the system was totally broken, or if I just saw the worst of it. But I wonder, because they told us all day that most volunteers were submitting just fine, yet admitted at the end that all of Colorado had the wrong PIN’s. They also said the system projected every swing state as pink or red.

    Regardless of the specific difficulties, this idea would only help if executed extremely well. Otherwise, those 37,000 swing state volunteers should have been working on GOTV…

    Somebody messaged me privately after my email and told me that North Carolina had the same problems — every pin was wrong and not fixed until 6PM — and was also told it was localized to North Carolina.

The problems with Orca appear to have been nationwide, and predated Election Day itself. At Ace of Spades, John Ekdahl reported his frustrations as a volunteer in the field:

    From the very start there were warning signs. After signing up, you were invited to take part in nightly conference calls. The calls were more of the slick marketing speech type than helpful training sessions. There was a lot of “rah-rahs” and lofty talk about how this would change the ballgame.

    Working primarily as a web developer, I had some serious questions. Things like “Has this been stress tested?”, “Is there redundancy in place?” and “What steps have been taken to combat a coordinated DDOS attack or the like?”, among others. These types of questions were brushed aside (truth be told, they never took one of my questions). They assured us that the system had been relentlessly tested and would be a tremendous success.

Ekdahl describes how volunteers were expected to print their own materials, and were mistakenly not told to bring their poll watching credentials to polling places. Attempts to communicate with the Romney campaign to ask for assistance were unsuccessful:

    By 2PM, I had completely given up. I finally got ahold of someone at around 1PM and I never heard back. From what I understand, the entire system crashed at around 4PM. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I decided to wait for my wife to get home from work to vote, which meant going very late (around 6:15PM). Here’s the kicker, I never got a call to go out and vote. So, who the hell knows if that end of it was working either.

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  • Donald, I am sure your analysis is correct. However, too many Americans are either apathetic about who rules them so long as their life style isn’t severely impacted (a situation whichh is becoming worse and worse for more and more), or they simply want the continuation of bread and circuses. Romney was the sane choice. I work with two liberals who are engineers. They are smarter and more knowledgeable than I. They love Obama. Period. No logic, nor reasoning, no facts will convince them otherwise. Did the Romney campaign screw up? Probably. But the real problem is the American people themselves. We get the govt we deserve.

    BTW, no sarcasm intended – I mean this sincerely. Have you tried your hand at politics? You’re articulate, well informed and better yet, a student of history. Additionally, you have the good sense to leave engineering and science issues to people who are real engineers and scientists.

  • I ran back in 1984 in a Democrat district for County Board in Coles County, Illinois against an entrenched incumbent. I fell short although I got more votes from that district than any Republican had in many a moon. My opponent next year was indicted for mail fraud and eventually went to prison. I haven’t run for office since for three reasons:

    1. Raising a family and building a law practice.
    2. I despised going door to door and asking people for their votes.
    3. The party meetings were congealed tedium.

    The Romney campaign Paul fell down on a basic aspect of politics: in an election you need to get your voters to the polls, and that includes the apathetic, those in poor health and those who lack transportation. This alone, as tight as some of the states were, may have cost Romney the election. Obama’s vote total was down ten million votes. With a little bit of Politics 101 competence from the Romney campaign we would now be discussing expectations of the Romney administration.

  • I had not read about this ORCA app. But, I feel that any computerized part of elections is much more prone to hacking than other systems that have no enemies.

    Here in MD, a computer science profesor who also volunteers and an election judge in Balto County, was allowed to used the touchscreen system before the election (2008 or 10, I believe). He assigned his students to break into the system and sabotage the vote. In his review of the results, he stated that he thought it could be done but didn’t realize it would be so quick and easy. Every one of his students accomplished the task within one hour.

    We still use that system, and based on the “results” of the question 4 gerrymandering vote, we will until the collapse of the state.

    I think that ORCA app was sabotaged, possibly from the inside. And I hope that in the future, some human intelligence will reveal a few of the other episodes of this crime.

    Cynical? Why, yes i am.

  • Correction: Question 5 (not 4) was the gerrymandering. Sorry folks.

  • Interesting. The one thing that never made sense to me was the low Republican turn out. I thought people were biting at the bit to go vote against Obama. I was starting to be convinced that the dems hacked key precincts computers and were able to wipe out X amount of Romney votes. Is it possible that the people who set up this “hi-tech” get-out-the-vote project were part of a sting operation?

  • I smell a birth certificate.

    Republicans would be wise not to immediately suspect the other side for their failures. Dems in 2000 and 2004, and Republicans in 2008 ended up looking foolish by doing so.

  • Avi Rubin of Johns Hopkins University…for those that wish to read more. I heard him interviewed on the Ron Smith show.

    But don’t want to belabor that one system. There is plenty more where that came from.

  • Another metaphor: the voters “pulling the wagon” are outnumbered by the voters “riding the wagon.” N.B. most blue states are huge, fiscally bankrupt, and will need Federal bailouts ala Greece.

    Eventually, the system (states and entitlements) will collapse of its own weight.

    It’s not the common good, “least of my brothers”, or KUMBAYA. It’s mathematics and the “gods” of the copy book headings.

    So, eat, drink and be merry as they did before the Flood.

    Those people have four more years, unexpectedly, to ruin everything and confiscate what’s left.

  • My ultra low opinion of Republican political operations has been expressed already so I won’t belabor it. However devoting massive resources to the day Of the vote rather than the days Before the vote is so mindboggling that my expectations have once again been decreased. This is like an Army General training hundreds of soldiers to simultaneously signal how things are going on in their little foxhole in the middle of the battle rather than worrying about the ammunition, supplies and recruitment of the soldiers. If this is true you have just shown Romney to be a fraud at organizational strategy and analysis and as out to lunch as Obama. Just so Repubs know next time, Dems were going door to door around here the days Before the vote to pressure their voters to get to the polls and troubleshooting transportation issues.

  • “Just so Repubs know next time, Dems were going door to door around here the days Before the vote to pressure their voters to get to the polls and troubleshooting transportation issues.”

    Dems always do, because traditionally their voters are less reliable at showing up. That is one of the reasons why they put such an emphasis on early voting and absentee ballots. Republicans usually just need to worry about getting out ten percent or less of their voters on election day, and apparently this year the effort to get out that crucial ten percent was thoroughly fouled up.

  • Have you tried your hand at politics?

    Once was enough.

  • They love Obama. Period. No logic, nor reasoning, no facts will convince them otherwise.

    That is your problem. Political choice has deteriorated into a species of consumer preference or identity statement. Politics degenerates into a series of painstaking negotiations over patronage among social pillars. See Lebanon, ca. 1955.

  • Don,

    The level of organization by the Dems this year was far beyond what I have seen in the past. Despite their voters being extremely unmotivated they turned them out. The Repubs now need to turn out 15% of their voters.

  • Art Deco wrote, “That is your problem. Political choice has deteriorated into a species of consumer preference or identity statement. Politics degenerates into a series of painstaking negotiations over patronage among social pillars. See Lebanon, ca. 1955.”

    We should never compromise with the infanticide of the unborn or the santification of the filth of homosexual sodomy or the stifling of religious freedom. One does not negotiate with either satan or his minions.

  • Come on, Paul, no one’s talking about that. The House, Senate, and administration have to work together on some matters; that’s all.

  • Yes, Pinky, I suppose you’re right. Even at my place of employment I work side-by-side with two engineers who are liberal, progressive Democrats and we get along very well so long as the topic is “neutrons ‘R us”. But I avoid every discussion of politics with them. I have nothing in common with them on that topic, and I cannot afford to lose these two as friends and working partners simply because we can’t stand each other’s politics or religion. So yes, I understand. BTW, the majority of engineers with whom I work are conservative, not liberal, and Christian, not pagan.

  • Sure, it’s always easy to talk about neutrons, but conversations about protons and electrons are so charged.

  • Yeah, I actually wrote that. Shame on me. But the more time non-religious people spend with reasonable religious people, the more they realize that a person can be religious and reasonable. Princple and charity on matters of principle; charity on all other matters.

  • Ha! Ha! “Sure, it’s always easy to talk about neutrons, but conversations about protons and electrons are so charged.”

    Since a few days before the election I have been wearing my St. Benedict Crucifix to work – I am in a tie and sweater vest with the Crucifix proudly visible. No one – not even the irreligious – have voiced a problem with it. Even a senior manager from a European country saw it and never said a word.

    I can be religious, and be charitable and reasonable. In fact, doesn’t the religion of Jesus Christ require that? Rhetorical question.

  • First of all, if you have any questions if the democrats view pplitics as a war, you’ve haven’t paid close attention to politics. If we viewd the War on Terror as much a war as the dems view politics as a war, al Qaeda would have run up the white flag long ago.

    Speaking of white flags, with the election hardly over, you have John Boehner already indicating he is ready to cave. When Bush won reelection back in 2004 and the republicans padded their majority in the senate, did then minority leaders Reid and Pelosi run up the white flag? No. They dug their heels in and kept fighting. They took back both the House and Senate two years later.

    Before we even talk about the need for professional campagin organization, we need to come to terms with the fact that the republican leadership, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell needs to be replaced. We need to learn how to fight hard. We don’t have to be dirty, like the left. But we do have to fight hard. As much as I despise the left, I do admire thier willingness to not give up. We need to start emulating thqt, sans the dirty part.

    Any professional restructuring in our campaigns needs to be placed at the service of the grass roots conservative movement, not one that looks down on them like the establishment goons Rove et al. Whatever faults the Tea Party has, and yes they have some faults. After all, they are relatively a neophyte movement and as such they will make neophyte mistakes. BUt if it wasn’t for the Tea Party, there would be no Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rob Johnson, or Gov. Scott Walker (why Walker isn’t on more people’s short list as a 2016 presidential candidate is beyond me). They gave us the 2010 midterm victory and all they got in return is crapped on by the “professional” establishment. Oh, I almost forgot to mention what thaat idiot Cardenes who is now the head of the American Conservative Union said about the problem with old white guys. Yeah, parroting La Raza talking points is gonna be a winner for republicans…..ooookkkkaaayyy!

  • you have John Boehner already indicating he is ready to cave

    Re taxes and public sector borrowing, the accounting is fairly unforgiving.

  • Paul, when you have Boehner saying “Obamacare is the law of the land.” and giving up the fight against it on an ABC interview with Diane Sawyer, you get a sense that he is willing to cave on other things. At least he could have played it smart and shut his damned mouth!! You never ever, ever go into a political saying what you are willing to compromise. You go in projecting strength by having high demnds. So whe you compromise, you give up things that you never intended to get anyway. If you shoot for a whole loaf, you stand a better chance to get half the loaf. You shoot for half a loaf, you don’t even get crumbs.

  • Boehner should agree to a tax increase with the following provisos:

    1. The elimination of a mass of agencies and programs, large and small. The Food and Nutrition Service, the Farm Security Agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Education, all of three components of the Department of Health and Human Services and all but a residuum of two others, all of the Federal Highway Administration other than the component which builds roads on federal land, about 50 free standing agencies, &c.

    2. The elimination of every kind of grant to local governments other than small indemnities and every kind of grant to state governments other than those for Medicaid, unemployment compensation, Interstate Highway maintenance, and general revenue sharing.

    3. The elimination of every kind of grant to commercial or philanthropic agencies.

    4. The elimination of every kind of deduction, exemption and special credit in the tax code; the inclusion of every kind of receipt in the definition of personal income other than gifts, Medicaid, and Medicare; and the inclusion of real capital gains and real capital losses in that definition.

    5. The institution of a non-discriminatory value added tax to meet extant Social Security obligations and debt service obligations (with automatic rebates to the public at large of any excess collection).

    6. The elimination of payroll taxes bar general income sequestrations to fund private retirement accounts.

    7. The end of collective bargaining for federal employees.

    8. Funding (going forward) of all civil and military pensions and fringes (bar benefits for in theatre war veterans) by clipping federal employees’ stated wages and salaries (with no ’employers’ contribution).

    9. Maintaining Medicare and Medicaid expenditure as a fixed share of domestic product through adding an escalating deductible each year.

    10. Placing the federal retirement age on a cohort-by-cohort escalator so as to attain and maintain a fixed ratio of retirees to workers.

    11. Structuring personal income tax liabilities as follows:

    (Income x common marginal rate) – x$ per household member = due

    People with a negative liability would receive standard contributions to medical and long term savings accounts and (in some cases) a bit of free cash capped at a particular share of earned income.

    12. The placement of all manner of federal assets on the auction bloc (the Postal Service, AmTrak, the Export Import Bank, the Farm Credit System, various and sundry loan portfolios, &c.).

    I doubt you could get the Democratic caucuses to agree to even one of the above.

  • I doubt you could get the Republican caucuses to agree to any of that either other than the Rand Paul caucus.

    Mitt Romney was explicitly against major cuts in spending as opposed to restraining growth which is all that Paul Ryan’s supposedly draconian budget does. I believe Connie Mack had the most draconian plan which was actually reduce spending by 1% each year for 5 or so years. Of course he couldn’t even beat Sen Nelson in FL.

    Given the far left Dems added to the Senate this cycle I think the country is in for a hard landing. And since NV and CA went easily for Obama with double digit unemployment a crash might only raise the Dems totals.

  • You have reconceptualized the Democratic congressional caucus as Nietzchean supermen: anything that does not kill them makes them stronger. George Will thought this way about the Iraqi insurgency. It’s dumb.

  • “1. Professionalism-The Democrats and their campaign staffs approach politics as a business, if not a war. Republicans have for far too long tolerated well-meaning amateurism as a substitute for professional competence in politics. Politics is a job like any other, and professional staffs can help take a lot of the ineffectiveness and clumsiness out of our campaigns.”

    Yes — politics/government IS the business for Democrats — it is how they and their constituents get money and earn a living — public sector jobs and government programs. Republicans are capitalists who are busy running businesses for money. Capitalists can always move their concerns to other countries if doing business in the U.S. hurts their bottom line — ex. the many firms who have relocated to Mexico and China. Republicans don’t necessarily rely on a friendly U.S. government for their paycheck. They have less incentive to get involved in politics and change how this country is run. It is too easy to go elsewhere.

  • No Art I think they are very ordinary people. It’s their organization and zealotry that are making the difference. They repeat the message in a variety of different venues as Mr Zummo noted in another post. The omnipresent saturation of their talking points is evident when I talk to people not particularly political who blindly repeat it. I cited two very specific examples in NV and CA which perfectly illustrated my statement. You missed the chance to respond or dispute it in a specific way. I could have also cited other examples in a number of European countries who support the same destructive policies all the way down and riot for more. Some countries there have pulled back from that spiral such as the Scandinavian countries. It might be worthwhile to see what makes the difference.

  • the person above who mentioned the Democratic tactics post-2004 (when they didn’t have a majority in either house) is apt.

    If there’s one thing I’d advise conservatives to do, it is: do not listen to any of the media talking points on how the GOP must “reform,” or the Beltway squishes who echo it. That isn’t to say certain things don’t need reform, whether we’re talking tactics, policy, candidate choices, etc. Just that the particular reform suggested by the media will obviously get us next to nothing with the intended groups. We cannot out-left the Left.

    i’m sure people on this site understand this, and i hope others don’t fall for it

  • Here’s another side to the election story. In St. Lucie County, Florida, 144% of eligible voters voted and in some districts 99% voted for Obama. In how many swing states was this scenario repeated? This is from the official St. Lucie County website. Take a look: You might find this interesting – vote totals in St Lucie county Florida. 141% turnout! Amazing. A very effective political machine there:

Life is Life: Akin & Obama on Rape Pregnancy

Monday, August 20, AD 2012


By now, most of you have heard about the monumental blunder made by Todd Akin, a GOP representative and Senate nominee from Missouri, with regards to rape and pregnancy. Here are his comments, in all of their cringe-worthy glory:

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Mr. Akin said of pregnancies from rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.”

Frankly I have never heard of any doctors who claim that the female body has ways of “shutting that whole thing down”, by which I assume he means implantation or conception, and no doctors appear to have come forward to substantiate this notion. Who knows where Akin got it from. Much is being made of his use of the word “legitimate” as well, which was a clumsy attempt to distinguish forcible from non-forcible rape, a “legitimate” distinction used by law-enforcement in the classification of crimes. What Akin says next is something most pro-life advocates agree with: rapists, not the children of rape, deserve to be punished for the crime .

His comments were certainly poorly worded and bizarre. He may well deserve to lose the political race he is engaged in and perhaps even his office for a gaffe of this magnitude. So this is not a “Save Rep. Akin’s Career” type of post.

But this is one of those moments at which we must firmly reassert our opposition to abortion, regardless of the circumstances. Our opponents are seizing upon this incident to remind everyone of how utterly heartless and anti-woman the GOP supposedly is. Obama is leading the charge on this as well. He had this to say:

“Rape is rape,” Mr. Obama told reporters at the daily White House briefing Monday. “And the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we’re talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people and certainly doesn’t make sense to me.”

Mr. Obama added that Akin’s remarks underscore “why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women.”

Leaving aside the ridiculous idea that the author of Obamacare, which forces everyone to purchase health insurance, doesn’t want to “make health care decisions” on behalf of women or anyone else, let us look at the statement “rape is rape.” Yes, indeed, rape is rape: it is always wrong, and can never be condoned. Mr. Akin had it in his head, apparently, that certain types of rape make it less likely for conception to occur. If that were actually true, it would make sense to distinguish between types of rape, though it wouldn’t necessarily be a statement on the morality of rape as such, and any honest person knows this. Since it isn’t true, of course it comes of rather badly. Akin’s profuse apologizing will not change this.

So “rape is rape.” But life is also life. That’s something Obama and the pro-abortion industry cannot and will not admit. The core principle of the pro-life position is this: it is never morally acceptable to kill an innocent human being. There are no circumstances, no matter how horrific or traumatizing, that justify the murder of an innocent human being. And frankly we don’t need the sort of half-baked theories that Akin was peddling to reinforce this point. It is a self-evident truth that we can and ought to proudly defend on its own merits.

We have nothing to run from, nothing to apologize for, and nothing to hide. I hope the Romney campaign is able to deal with this issue in a way that does not compromise in the least degree on the inviolable sanctity of human life, or which does not display fear or doubt regarding the absolute immorality of the left’s position on it.

Update: Given some of the information my co-bloggers and readers have left, I’m inclined to take back my remarks about Akin’s theories being bizarre or untrue. I will say, however, that if one is not prepared to articulate in a clear and sensitive way these finer points of medical fact, one should not speak at all. And in this case, I maintain that it is not necessary to bring up any of this, since it has no bearing at all on the morality of abortion, which is all that really matters.

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29 Responses to Life is Life: Akin & Obama on Rape Pregnancy

  • Statistics aren’t conclusive, but about 1%-.6% of victims of violent rape become pregnant, according to the only place I found that didn’t assume same-as-unprotected sex conception rates. Here’s a second source that also cites Guttmacher, since I don’t feel like digging around their site right now.

    (All the sources I could find that claimed rape has the same conception rate as nonviolent sex sourced this page, which states that it is ASSUMING a 5% conception rate. A few other sites that mentioned “studies” that were over 1% also mention they were counting domestic rapes child abuse where the girls were old enough to become pregnant, so I would guess they also included date-rape while removing rape that cannot cause conception.)

    Yes, the guy said something really dumb, clumsy, etc. I think you’re right that it was differentiating between violent rape and “I don’t remember if I said yes/I said yes but I regret it/we were drunk/I can’t remember” rape, and one should have all of one’s ducks in a row when touching that topic.

    That said, claims like: Since it isn’t true, of course it comes of rather badly really don’t help the situation. As for where he got it from, I can remember it being taught in flippin’ SEX ED when I was in high school. No, I don’t have the citation, because that was over a decade ago– but it was mentioned a couple of times, in the official course materials.
    Maybe someone can find it with that information, but it doesn’t matter– the facts don’t matter, sadly, just folks’ emotional reaction to a safe target.
    (argh, forgot to close HTML)

  • Well, perhaps what I ought to have said is that since it doesn’t appear to be true.

    I mean, I can’t say for certain that he is wrong, but I couldn’t find any information to substantiate his claims. And if you’re going to go around saying things like that, you’d better have a legitimate source lined-up for support.

  • There is violent rape and then there is statutory rape. The violent rapist is a murderer. The statutory rapist is a grossed out ignoramus of unmitigated proportions. Here is the difference Akin was struggling to define. The criminal rapist ought to go to jail for the rest of his unnatural life. The statutory rapist is over eighteen years of age and ought to know better and an underage girl who has not reached the age of informed consent have sexual relations, with or without the child becoming pregnant, the parents of both the male and the girl, or the girl alone, may choose to support and encourage the relationship and ‘adopt” any child as their own, even though it be a grandchild. Statutory rape carried a two year federal prison sentence, no questions asked, in my day, and I felt very protected. With abortion, pornography, indecency at every turn, with the removal of all protection of the young uninformed, innocent virgins, informed sexual consent is counted legally at fourteen years of age in some states and without the voters voting on it. The protections were removed to enhance the abortion rate and increase Planned Parenthood’s profit. Our daughters are being mutilated.
    The woman’s body may shut down during the violence, but conception takes place hours later.
    Life is Life. Government does not give LIFE and government cannot take innocent life, not Liberty, nor the pursuit of Happiness. Government does not give sovereign personhood and government cannot deny sovereign personhood, not even to the one-celled human being, coming into existence at the will of “their Creator”, with his newly begotten immortal soul.
    My definition of just punishment to the rapist is to give the victim’s parents twenty minutes alone with him on the open seas, or a public pillory with several bats and let the public have at him, or jail for the rest of his unnatural life. Once a rapist, always a rapist, the public is not safe anymore, and for all the money taken for taxes. Abort the innocent life, harbor the evil doers and compliment the cowards. Where is Judge Roy Bean when you need him.
    My dad’s family is the result of Tartar rape and the girl’s father adopted the little boy born of the rape. Adoption consisted in taking the child upon his knee. And I would not be here if not for the generosity and common sense of my father’s ancestor. It was my mother’s family who was raped in 1595.
    And as far as Obama not knowing anything, what else is new?

  • In the Old Testament, the Bible, if a woman was being raped in the city and she did not call out, she was to be stoned along with the rapist to keep evil out of their midst. If the woman was raped in the field where her cries would not be heard she was not to be put to death. In not calling out, the victim in the city, became an accomplice to her own rape.

  • It has been known and acknowledged for some time that stress-whether physical or psychological-can cause delayed ovulation, and therefore a delayed period. This was a fairly common complaint in my college days actually–the girls (the ones who weren’t on the Pill) would complain about their period not coming on the day expectetd and guess what? They had had a bad month working on a paper or some history project or something. Or they got sick, or went on some new ridiculous diet and exercise program. No they weren’t pregnant, and yes, the period came a few days late.

    I don’t see why a rape, if it occurred in an early part of the cycle, say Day 5 or 6, wouldn’t cause a delayed ovulation. Now if a woman were on Day 14, which is mid-cycle for the average women (not on the pill) and about the time they ovulate (I think Day 16 is the text book date), that I don’t know. And if she had ovulated within 24 hours before the rape occured, I don’t know of any reason why the egg might not get fertilized (and then implant some days later.) If the rape occurred several days after the woman has ovulated, fertilization is most unlikely. An unfertilized egg only lives roughly 24 hours.

    This is my understanding from what I’ve picked up along the way. I would verify with an Creighon Modle NFP practioner.

  • Here below is a link to Physicians For Life who contend that pregnancies from “assault rape” are rare:

  • Another article on stress and infertility:

    It’s not that it’s all in your mind,’’ Dr. Domar said. “If you’re really stressed out and depressed, the body seems to sense that’s not a good time to get pregnant. There’s something about practicing relaxation techniques or being with other women who understand what you’re going through, probably a combination of everything, that makes a difference. It isn’t just about relaxing.”

  • “But as unwelcome as the advice may be, it may be right. New evidence suggests that stress does affect fertility. A recent study found that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that correlates with stress, have a harder time getting pregnant. Saliva samples taken from 274 women over six menstrual cycles (or until they got pregnant) revealed that those with the highest enzyme concentrations during the first cycle were 12 percent less likely to conceive than were women with the lowest levels.

    What’s more, women involved in the study, published earlier this month in the journal Fertility and Sterility, had no prior record of infertility. Participants were either planning to get pregnant or had been trying for less than three months.

    Researchers do not yet understand the role stress plays, since women can and often do get pregnant even under the intense stress, for example, that follows the death of a spouse. “I suspect that some women are more reproductively sensitive to stress than other women,” says Alice Domar, who directs the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health in Boston. And the effect can feed on itself. “If you are stressed and you don’t get pregnant quickly, then you get more stressed,” says Domar, citing evidence from a study in Taiwan in which 40 percent of participants seeking infertility treatment were diagnosed with depression or anxiety. The treatment itself can be stressful, she adds, adding even more uncertainty.”

  • This all seems legit to me.

    But if one isn’t prepared to clearly articulate with the necessary sensitivity these medical points, one should simply not speak at all. And it isn’t really necessary to make these points either.

  • True. When it comes to rape and pregnancy the proper response was given in the movie Rob Roy:

    Mary MacGregor: Robert, there is more. I am carrying a child and I do not know who is the father.”
    Robert Roy MacGregor: Ach, Mary…
    Mary MacGregor: I could not kill it, husband.
    Robert Roy MacGregor: It’s not the child that needs killing.

  • Akin getting out:

    He is an object lesson for Christians in politics: innocent as doves is necessary, but so is wily as serpents. The man has been in Congress for 10 years. He should have been able to field the question effortlessly (example of how to do it) “Rape is a terrible crime and I wish we had the death penalty for convicted rapists. However, when a woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape another innocent victim is then present. We should treat both the mother and child with infinite compassion and care. The rapist deserves death and not the innocent child brought into the world by his crime.” You show through this answer both abhorrence of the crime and compassion for the two innocent victims.

  • i hope all of you get raped and then you can feel what it is like, bunch of hypocrites

  • I’ll leave comments such as “what”s as an example of the sort of insanity we are dealing with from the left.

  • Thank you for showing the true colors of the psycho lefty, Jeff S out in San Francisco.

    As for the matter ahead, ditto what Chris Johnson said.

  • According to his facebook page, he’s staying in. He just updated about 8 minutes ago (8 pm Central Time).

  • I get what the candidate said, but wish too, that he had taken a deep breath before answering. McCaskill wants him to stay in the race, she thinks he is a wounded bird now and that is the only way she could win. Typical O/alinsky tactic to eliminate your opponent. Too bad. Hope there is someone to fill his shoes who is a little more willey.

    LOVE Rob Roy. It’s the Scottish in me.

  • Yes women get pregnant from rapes. No your body doesn’t shut that down. If a man ejaculates semen into a woman, she can get pregnant whether it’s consensual or it’s rape. I knew a woman who did indeed get pregnant after being gang raped. It happens. Apparently you folks think rape is a joke. Hardy har.

  • Apparently you think accurately representing what other people say is a joke.

    No one claimed that a woman cannot get pregnant from rapes. Some people are arguing that serious stress and emotional trauma can decrease the chances of conception. That doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.

    But it is really irrelevant. I don’t care if it happens 1 in a million rapes, or 1 in 100. The principle remains: it is never morally acceptable to take an innocent human life.

    Neither rape nor child murder is a joke. But your ridiculous post is. Har har.

  • As bad as the remarks are, it doesn’t seem completely irrational to think some physiological factors can affect the likelihood of pregnancy – stress, fear, etc. release different hormones and compounds into the body, so it could be possible it would affect conception.

    Still, pretty cringeworthy. But not as bad as that Texas Gubernatorial candidate (Clayton Williams?) that made a huge rape gaffe that cost him the election to Anne Richards.

  • The law may have been changed, but last I remember, if a child was brought into a family, through rape, adultery, or whatever, the child was legally the father’s/husband’s child and a legal member of the family. The law did not exact death to the unbon child.

  • “I’ll leave comments such as “what”s as an example of the sort of insanity we are dealing with from the left.”
    “what” does not know that she is a “WHO”

  • So what you are basically saying is that you are fine if a woman is raped since you really know there isn’t a chance of pregnancy. Consequently, any woman that claims rape and is pregnant wasn’t raped at all.

    Somehow, I think women from the Virgin Mary to Sister Theresa would have a problem with your theory. I suggest heading to the confessional and I pray God takes pity on your soul.

  • “So what you are basically saying is that you are fine if a woman is raped since you really know there isn’t a chance of pregnancy.”

    Reading comprehension really isn’t your strong point is it Mr. Lambert?

  • Mr. McClarey,

    I read and comprehend quite well. I do well at reading between lines. If you favor HB 3 which I assume you do…..then this would be your exact view. Would it not?

  • Once again, reading comprehension is clearly not your strong point. I trust you are receiving a fair amount of money from the Obama campaign to troll a Catholic website since you are doing a very poor job of it. We expect inventiveness and wit from our trolls and you are merely boring, so into moderation you go.

  • I do well at reading between lines.

    Ah. You mean you assume we’re saying something monumentally stupid, and when you can’t find any evidence of it, you lie and claim we did.

    You are disgusting.

    When faced with mention of scientifically supported evidence that women who are violently raped take such physical damage that their fertility is about 1/5 of that in the case of normal intercourse, you try to claim that it means NO chance, and then extrapolate to something so evil and moronic that it boggles the mind….

    Some of us have friends that were born of rape.
    Some of us respect the truth enough mention it, even when facts aren’t up your alley.
    Some of us can deal with those we dislike without lying about them– and frankly, I must disagree with Mr. McClarey. There is simply no way a rational being could read what has been written here and, by innocent lack of reading comprehension, conclude what you have claimed.

    Slanderous lies are even more disgusting that plain old supports-a-view lies.

  • Another problem with irresponsible government overspending is no accountability for grievous, intentional, and wasteful error. The piece of cake mentality going in, and the garbage produced coming out.

  • I just looked up ten indictments for rape in this year’s Books of Sederunt, more or less at random. Six of them contained averments to the following, or similar effect, “while she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs or of one or other of them and bereft of the power of resistance” or “while she was asleep under the influence of alcohol and incapable of giving or withholding consent” Another averred the woman was a defective, within the meaning of the Mental Health Acts and incapable &c

    In no sense is this a scientific survey, but it suggests that rape may well be as often clandestine as forcible. After all, the essence of the offence, the factum probandum, is absence of consent; force or violence are merely evidence that the panel knew the woman was not consenting, or was reckless as to whether she was consenting or not.