There Will Be Blood?

Stephen Crowder of Fox News gets slugged by a union thug in the above video.  Strong language advisory in the above video due to another Union thug repeating the f-word over and over again, in a tiresome display of limited vocabulary.  This Union brawl was sparked by the fact that the Michigan legislature voted to make it the 24th Right to Work State:

“This is the day when Michigan freed its workers,” Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons, an Alto Republican, said today during debate on two bills, one for public employees and another for private ones.

If Republican Governor Rick Snyder signs the so-called right to work measures as promised, Michigan would become the 24th state to enact such legislation, and the second this year after Indiana. The change would be a practical and symbolic rout in a stronghold of organized labor in the U.S., and opponents said it presaged political warfare.

“There will be blood,” Representative Douglas Geiss, a Democrat from Taylor, said in debate. Continue Reading