Girlie Hats for Marines

Thursday, October 24, AD 2013

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  • No, wait!

    Maybe there’s an operational benefit.

    Next time some Arab-American makes a You Tube video (viewed by 16 teens in their mothers’ basements), US embassy Marine guards will not be killed by small arms fire from Arab-Spring, Obama-buddies who will be laughing too hard at their hats.

  • I despise this godless and iniquitous Administration. But everyone here knows that anyways. Sorry I don’t have anything more intelligent to contribute.

    Nice speech by Gunnery Sargent Ermey.

  • Obama may be building his own Sturmabteilung, but by the time he’s done, the real fighting men & women who’ve been driven out will be considerably tougher and harder to beat. There will be no “other hand to pull out from behind its back” this time.

  • sadness.

    “A change to the Marine Corps’ uniform hats could take the hard-nosed Leathernecks from the Halls of Montezuma to the shops of Christopher Street…” where they will open doors for people. Sure.

    Yesterday, NPR led off their 7am news, talking about the thirtieth anniversary of the bombing of the Marine Corps Barrack [sic] in Beirut.

    Another little piece of linguistic evidence that American culture is detaching itself from the reality of its own military.

  • It’s hard to see why a change is necessarily, in that the hats on the left (apparently the old design) already look pretty similar.

    It seems like the new design heads (if you’ll forgive the term) in the direction of a kepi. Will this be the next iteration?

  • The new cap is a knock off of the one worn by Molly Marines:

    I have absolutely nothing but respect for any woman who has joined the Marine Corps. That shows patriotism and an adventurous and bold spirit. However, male Marines do not want to dress like them!

  • I do not think they look bad, but what would be the point of the change for the men in the Marines?

  • The one-time first lady of Canada

    had this to say:

    “The big problem is to find suitable hats. I don’t care for them all that much, but you have to wear them in politics.”

  • I think the new hats look absolutely FABULOUS! I bet next their going to require that any Marine Corps tattoos be applied to the small of the back just above the tailbone…

  • They just look vaguely French.

  • The Royal Marines favour the pith helmet for ceremonial dress

  • “Do these Legionnaires look like pantywaists?”

    Actually Art, although the Legionnaires do have a well-deserved reputation for fighting, it usually involves being beaten: Camerone and Dien Bien Phu being only two of the defeats celebrated in Legionnaire lore.

  • Off topic: Civil War buffs may be intetrested in a new music CD(?) set reviewed in today’s WSJ: “Divided and United”: byline “Hit song of the Civil War.”

    Point of information: the USMC did not need to draft any men during WWII. They did during the Nam.

    Fr. For. Leg was one of the few good ideas out of Fr. after the revolution.

    They were foreigners, or locals on the run, who (usually under false ID’s) joined b/c they didn’t care to live. It saved politicians from drafting locals (to keep the colonies) and get wasted at places like Camerone, DBP, Algeria.

    If you can see through the Hollywood BS, look at movies “Beau Geste” and “March or Die.”

    And, like the Marine Corps, the FFL have enjoyed excellent PR, and an active alumni association.

    “Hey diddle-diddle, straight up the middle!”

    Wait until they remove the blood stripe from NCO trousers . . .

  • “Point of information: the USMC did not need to draft any men during WWII. They did during the Nam.”

    No, that is untrue. Voluntary enlistment into the military during World War II was ended on December 5, 1942. The Marines did attempt to get draftees who expressed a preference for service in the Marines, although that did not always happen. During Vietnam about one-quarter of the troops were draftees in the military, the remainder volunteers.

  • Interesting how much one learns here. I thought the Army was the only branch that drafted. Induction into any other was voluntary – even if it was to avoid the Army.

    My Dad served in the Air Force during Korea, attached the the AEC at Kirtland/Sandia. He said the barracks bulletin board was full of Army assignments for those, like him, who had lost deferments and were “on their way.”

  • The women marines are losing their traditional, distinctive cover because the manufacturer is going out of business…come on, the USMC Uniform Board and supply officers couldn’t find a new US manufacturer? When Gen. Shinseki mandated that all soldiers wear the Rangers’ black beret, it was an insult to everyone who had graduated from the rigorous Ranger school and overall a very unpopular decision. On top of that they were made in China.
    Military women have distinctive headgear and uniforms as do the men. Why not respect the traditions of both genders. Men and women have different physiques and “office” and ceremonial uniforms should reflect that. BDUs are unisex as they should be.
    When I was in the navy the uniform board did away with the fitted overblouse light blues and aline skirt. Instead of changing the color to white or khaki with optional slacks, the women’s summer uniforms were the same as men’s although we were allowed to keep the WAVE bucket hat. Add the male overseas cap (the female version discontinued) and many women looked and still look like, dare I say, dykes . Maybe that’s the point.
    As for PFT (physical fitness tests) through the years there have been many studies and the conclusion is that women have less upper body strength than their male counterparts, but more abdominal strength, more body fat and less muscle mass so that their BMI (body mass index) will be different.
    I find this mess to be the groundwork for expanding the definition of gender from only biology based male and female to the addition of bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgendered.

  • My uncle sent me these links, indicating that the male cover is probably safe:

    Though I will say that Daly certainly manages to look like he could eat nails while wearing the hat the purported new design was based on.

Intolerant Jackwagons!

Tuesday, August 28, AD 2012

I know that the Marine Corps will be here forever; this administration won’t.

Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey

One of my favorite character actors is R. Lee Ermey.  A gunnery sergeant and drill instructor in the Marine Corps, he was honorably discharged from the Corps in 1972 as a result of injuries he sustained in two tours in Vietnam.   Since that time he has built an acting career, playing off his DI personae and his flair for comedy.  Recently he was a spokesman for Geico, but was fired for giving vent to his views about the current administration during a Toys for Tots program in Chicago last year.

After being asked about his GEICO commercial wherein he played a psychiatrist calling his patient a “jackwagon,” Ermey said, “GEICO fired me because I had, I wasn’t too kind about speaking with the, about the administration, so the present administration. So they fired me.”

“So they fired you because of political reasons?” asked the TMZ representative.

“Yeah,” Ermey answered. “If you’re a conservative in this town, you better watch out.”

Here is the program and a transcript of what he said.

I got to tell you, folks, we’re having a big problem this year. The economy really sucks. Now I hate to point fingers at anybody, but the present administration probably has a lot to do with that. And the way I see it, they’re not going to quit doing it until they bring this country to its knees. So I think we should all rise up, and we should stop this administration from what they’re doing, because they’re destroying this country. They’re driving us into bankruptcy so that they can impose socialism on us, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. And I’m sick and damn tired of it, and I know you are too. But I know the Marine Corps is going to be here forever – this administration won’t. Semper Fi. God bless you all.

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  • God Bless The Marines.

  • My kids’ Catholic high school has a real-life Conan the Librarian working in its library.

    He is about six-foot-four and wide as a barn door: all muscle. He competes and generally wins caber toss competitions at Scottish games. He trained one son in caber. He was nationally ranked in discus and helps with weight training and coaching the weight men on the tracks teams. He coached all three of my sons.

    His heart is a big as his shoulders. He was an airborne ranger in the US Army, too.

  • I’m a big fan of Gunny Ermey.

    Lock ‘N’ Load is must viewing. My kids are fascinated by the development of the technology. And even more so by the big explosions in slo-mo.

  • Notice the ring tone and ending tune is Ted Nugent. Not a surprise when you think of it. I’m sure it was loyalty free too. 🙂

  • Easy, now! A great many Catholic Keyboard Commandos resent their angry denunciations about some government miscreancy being responded to with a very easy question: “Did you vote?” You can cube and square that hissy-fittiness when the screed is about a school and the question is “But did you vote in your last school board election?”

    Many people, I fear, will applaud Gunny’s plea — um, direct order — to register but won’t actually show up and do so.