Puppy Bowl XIV

Today we have the top sporting event of the years.  I of course refer to Puppy Bowl!  I believe there may be another minor athletic contest that may also occur today.  However, in my house we will be turned to that unforgettable display of canine agility on Animal Planet!



I am dog man, but fairness dictates that I note that Hallmark Channel will be hosting Kitten Bowl V.






The Big Game


Well, we have looked forward to it all year, and the big game is finally here.  I am of course referring to Puppy Bowl XI!  My Jack Russell Terrier Cali is a huge fan of Animal Planet.  She loves jumping in front of the TV while her “shows” are on.  I suspect that with her present Puppy Bowl will be rather rowdy in our household.  I have heard there is also a minor sporting event on today, but I assume all real sports enthusiasts will have their eyes glued to Puppy Bowl!