One Response to Puppy Bowl XIII

4 Responses to Puppy Bowl XII

  • We have a Parson Russell Terrier. Same as a Jack, but long legged. She is a scrappy, bright, energetic bundle of joy. She doesn’t watch TV, but would rather be stealing socks from the dirty laundry, digging holes in the yard, or playing fetch, her favorite game.

  • Cali is a laundry thief also and loves chasing rabbits in our yard. I have never seen a dog who loves to jump up and down as much as Cali.

  • Our son Brian has a Parsons Jack Russell Terrier named Finnegan who displays all the frantic comedy of the breed. They have moved five-thousand miles away and, when we visit, Brian says, “My parents miss the dog more than they do me.” He jests and it’s not true but…….heh heh, cute doggie.

  • “the frantic comedy of the breed”

    Oh, how that phrase fits our Cali!

The Big Game

Sunday, February 1, AD 2015


Well, we have looked forward to it all year, and the big game is finally here.  I am of course referring to Puppy Bowl XI!  My Jack Russell Terrier Cali is a huge fan of Animal Planet.  She loves jumping in front of the TV while her “shows” are on.  I suspect that with her present Puppy Bowl will be rather rowdy in our household.  I have heard there is also a minor sporting event on today, but I assume all real sports enthusiasts will have their eyes glued to Puppy Bowl!

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One Response to The Big Game

  • There was a kitten bowl (!), although the sound effects of the music and the canned audience defeated any sign of interest from the Princess of the Posies.

2 Responses to Puppy Bowl X

  • I am with my Bride to be at a friend’s house watching that other minor sporting event. I would prefer Puppy Bowl X but in the interests of future domestic tranquility I will participate with appropriate shouts of exclamation at the crucial intervals when grown men do something stupid with an oval ball.