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What Will ObamaCare Look Like

[4 updates at the bottom of this post as of 8:08am CST] If ObamaCare somehow passes through Congress and signed by President Obama, what can Americans look forward to? Well the Republican Party’s very own potential presidential candidate Mitt Romney did just that as governor of Massachusetts, passing universal health coverage for the entire state.

White House Clueless on Health Care Protests

“A mob” “Astroturf” “Nazi’s” President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are trying their hardest at imitating an ostrich sticking its head in the sand.  It continues still today. When White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod was asked for his opinion concerning the large number of protesters that marched on Washington on Saturday, he replied: “I don’t

Obamas Speech: Dem Health Care Bill Now, With Or Without GOP

[Updates at the bottom of this posting as of 3:03am CDT on AD 9-10-2009] President Obama’s speech covered many topics, lets first layout our President’s plan: I. Keep the health insurance you have now. 1.  Pre-existing symptoms or disabilities no longer will disqualify anyone from coverage. 2.  No spending caps set by insurance companies. 3. 

Obama Speech: Public Option Now

[Updates at the bottom of this post as of 5:52am CDT on AD 9-9-2009] News is emanating from the White House that President Obama’s monumental speech will push for the infamous public option.  It is well known that most Republicans will call this a deal breaker but at the same time liberal Democrats will say

Obama Drops Public Option, Showdown With Pelosi Looms

President Obama will be dropping the socialistic Public Option from his government-run health care plan.  This will certainly anger the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and make for some interesting showdowns with both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (emphasis mine). “…Obama’s willingness to forgo the public option is sure

A Public Option: the Left's Waterloo?

Blackadder has had a couple very interesting posts lately arguing that a public health insurance program wouldn’t sound the death-knell to private insurance companies (and hence competition for the consumer) which many have been arguing it would. What I find interesting is the vehemence of the left regarding a public option… consider this quote from

ObamaCare Update

[Update at the bottom as of 7:39 pm CST for 8-21-2009 AD] President Obama’s Health Care push has suffered a couple of setbacks.  First they removed the end-of-life provision and now the President has removed the public option. The Democrat and Liberal attempts at demonizing the American people having failed, President Obama could be beginning