TAC NFL Rankings – Week 8

Wednesday, November 3, AD 2010

I’m filling in for Michael this week as he’s getting acclimated to the world of fatherhood.

It was a comparatively uneventful week as for once we’re all basically in agreement, though it was Michael’s turn to make one particularly questionable omission.   The AFC remains very strong, though a couple of NFC teams are finally making some noise.  Though perhaps the most interesting development had to do with some teams not even on the list: the Vikings and the Redskins.  Coach Shanahan’s decision to bench Donovan McNabb in the final two minutes against the Lions was greeted with everything from shock to outrage, and this humble correspondent is just soaking in the joy of a week’s worth of sports talk outrage in DC.  As for Brad Childress’s decision to dump Randy Moss, well, I’m sure he’ll be enjoying his time next year as someone’s offensive coordinator.

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3 Responses to TAC NFL Rankings – Week 8

  • Did Tito rank the Colts 8? There’s just a blank there.

    And I’m not sold on the Giants. I don’t know why, but getting crushed by the Colts really soured me on them. They’d be my #11.

  • He ranked them third. Must have accidentally deleted the number before I copied and pasted it, but it didn’t affect the final rankings.

    The Colts game was ugly, but ever since the Giants have done exceptionally well. I’d say it was no worse than losing to Cleveland at home, though I think in the end the Saints probably are a better team.

  • Well I am off to the Lions Vs Jets game in Detroit this week. My Jets scored zero thons are puttig up good numbers. It should be a fun game. I hope Cleveland takes the Patriots from your top spot and that will allow the Jets to move to a higher postition for your next weeks poll :)…