God’s Gift and a Pair of Scissors

Tuesday, December 18, AD 2012

4 Responses to God’s Gift and a Pair of Scissors

  • Only through the Grace of God.
    Great Christmas story.

    Until people view life as being sacred I’m afraid the voiceless will continue the uphill battle for life.

    How can society respect the rights of others if it doesn’t start by respecting the rights of the most helpless in that society?

  • This is a sad commentary on how our view of “disposable” stuff has now infiltrated our thinking about human life. Philip is right; we need to view life as sacred.

    May God forgive us all.

  • Scissors. And then there’s a shoebox/cradle near a kitchen stove for another Madeline circa 1930. She called my mother on Sunday. Then, along comes this post. She was born at home ‘so tiny’. My mother remembers her being cradled in that shoebox with family watching over her. Now, this Madeline is a great grandmother and going to her son’s for Christmas dinner. She had/has a great affection for St. Ann.

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