Where Angels Fear to Tread



Time for my annual attempt to gaze into a crystal ball and give predictions for the forthcoming year:




  1.  Defying current polls the Republicans will hold onto the House and gain five seats in the Senate.
  2.  The sex abuse scandal will claim the scalps of at least 3 more Senators and 10 members of the House.
  3.   Pope Francis will have a health crisis.
  4.   There will be an announcement by the Federal government regarding extraterrestrial life.
  5.   A major terrorist attack involving poison gas will occur in Europe.
  6.   Jeff Sessions will be fired as Attorney General.
  7.   The anti-Trump movement will grow increasingly hysterical as election day approaches next November.
  8.   Mark Shea will issue at least three mea culpas.
  9.   Economic growth will hit five percent in the third quarter of next year.
  10.   McClarey will be wrong on some of his predictions.