Over 300 Perps – Over 1000 Kids


It makes sickening reading but go here to view the grand jury report on predator priests, the bishops who shielded them and the kids who were their victims in six dioceses in Pennsylvania.  The only proper comment to this atrocity is “Jesus Wept!”

Every Catholic should be outraged by this and swear by the Holy Trinity that they will not tolerate business as usual by the hierarchy, which is all we will get unless the laity demands more repeatedly and cuts off the flow of contributions if necessary.  These men involved have betrayed Christ, and the fact that they were shielded by the natural respect that Catholics have for their clergy only makes all of this even more appalling.  Past time for the Church to clean house before the moral credibility of the Church is one with Nineveh and Tyre for centuries to come.


Judas Wolves

Darwin Catholic reminds us of why the McCarrick scandal is important:


So while, yes, we need organizational controls, it seems to me that much more we need leaders in the Church to be willing to name this for what it is: cynical and systematic evil. We need bishops to be willing to label evil as evil and fight it as evil. We’ve had enough of administrators and their organizational caution.

Any leader in the church, lay or clerical, who thinks that it is in any way advantageous to the church to keep quiet and allow a bishop to cover up a life of grave sin is a leader that we do not need.

We are all sinners, some may say. Who are we to judge? How can we say that we won’t tolerate a sinner as a bishop?

All bishops are sinners. All of us are sinners. But if someone is to be a leader in the church, he should be prepared to admit his sins, repent of them, and resolve not to commit them again.

It is important to understand that McCarrick’s sin is not some kind of “oops, I went too far” slip. What we have heard of in the cases revealed already (which may well prove to be only a few of those which occurred) is not of some sort of heat-of-the-moment lapse. These are cold, cynical, planned, and frequent violations of his vows of celibacy and his obligations towards priests, seminarians, and youth whom it was his duty to help and protect, not assault. We hear, for instance, that McCarrick would invite seminarians out to his beach house for the weekend, but cancel the outing if he did not get enough RSVPs to assure that he would “run out of room” and have to put one of the men in his bed with him.

Go here to read the rest.  Evil men like McCarrick are ever with us.  To use the unintentionally revelatory phrase of Pope Francis that clerics need to “smell like their sheep”, well some of the sheep stink to high heaven, and since the clergy are derived from the laity it is no wonder that some of them are rotten through and through.  Christ had his Judas, and Judases will always attempt to use a pretense of religion to further what they want, whether it be money, power, sex or some other booty.  What is appalling is that so many of our Bishops practice Omerta and will not say a solitary word against these villains in their ranks, until it is completely safe to do so.  Too many careerists and milksops hold high office in the True Faith.  No doubt some of them are subject to blackmail for their own sins and crimes, but the majority are probably spineless cowards, always on the lookout for number one and number one only.  Time for good clergy to emulate Christ and make whips to drive away the wolves in their ranks before they drag down more sheep to Hell with them.