Casual Cruelty

Friday, January 6, AD 2012

My co-blogger Paul has an excellent post here detailing the attack by Leftist commentator Alan Colmes on the Santorums for bringing their dead newborn son home so that their children could see their brother, Gabriel Michael Santorum, and the family could mourn together and spend one night with him.  Colmes swifty apologized.  Now another Leftist, Eugene Robinson, who gets paid to scribble columns for the Washington Post and to utter nonsense on MSNBC, has attacked Santorum on this score in a video which you may view here.

It would perhaps take a psychologist rather than a political analyst to explain fully why Leftists today feel free to villify their political opponents in the most personal ways imaginable, but I think Patterico at Patterico’s Pontifications gets close to the nub of the matter:

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14 Responses to Casual Cruelty

  • Look what they did to Palin and her imperfect baby in 2008. The pagan Greeks would have stapled his legs and left him to the wolves on a hillside. Today, they also have the right to kill.

    Remember this next time one of the lying, Obama-worshiping morons starts whining about civility.

  • Tragic, vulgar and cruel as those reactions are, should we be surprised? Those who see a pre-born child as a “choice” for her/his mother to decide to save or destroy have no innate sense of the value of the child as human. Nor can we expect them to understand family bonding, grieving and the need to allow each family member to see, experience, mourn and ask questions in the age-appropriate way. If there is no awareness or belief in a spiritual life, a life beyond this one, their insensitivity is heightened. The apology by Mr Colmes was helpful to the public, but do the major networks have a wood-shed to have a chat with such a violation of the people’s airwaves, which are rented, not owned, in such insensitive ways. “You betcha” they would not do that if the Obamas or any other family whom the Left rarely touch, the Palins as noted were a first class example.

  • It is good to see civility being defended so vigorously.

  • Any hammer. If there isn’t one easily at hand, make it up, and always accuse others of doing what you are doing.

  • Or, even better, accuse them of accusing you of what they are accusing someone else of.

  • Attacking someone over the death of his child is not lack of civility, it’s utter barbarity. In more civilized times, people were called out to fight duels over less.

    The “Oh Noes, Peoples is being uncivil!” rounds of hysteria people like to have in politics can certainly get silly at times. But seriously, using a family’s morning over a dead child for “aren’t they weird” political attacks?

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  • “They know not what they do.” Does not always apply.

  • PM-
    Eh, a bit too much theology wiggle room there… it’s possible they really simply do not get people being upset about losing a “possible child.” I don’t doubt that they know they’re being wicked, I think they just don’t know HOW wicked.

  • (Thought has more to do with my realizing how much more impact child-related things have on me– for example, walking through WalMart the other day, I saw a scene from what I assume is the new Pixar kung-fu panda movie, II, where his mother was leaving him. I dang near broke down. I’ve always been emotional, but not THAT emotional. Tough on my little princess, who was more interested in how cute and fuzzy they were. Some things just don’t impact unless you’ve got the fear.)

  • Hi Foxfier, my first reaction was that post. I understand what you mean about the wiggle room, but there was a loss of family. You were probably born well after, but maybe you could look back at the contrasting outpouring of grief in publications and reports when then Pres. JFK lost his third child. (Before the desensitizing of our culture to death and loss of virtues over time from Roe v. Wade.) I think our Lord was referring to those carrying out his sentence because they didn’t get to know of Him yet. We don’t have that excuse after 2000 years. I just can’t see any excuse for meanness except some kind of insanity.

  • PM- my mom was a little girl, and my dad only a teen.

    I don’t doubt that if– God forbid– the same thing were to happen to the Obamas now, there would be a similar outpouring. It isn’t about the kid, though, it’s about “good person hurts.” It’s the same way women who had abortions can mourn an IVF child lost at the same stage as the one they killed– the kid doesn’t matter as a person.

    I have no idea what it was like back then, though. All the sense-of-the-time I have is my mom’s quip about there being a wall when she was growing up that had a picture of Jesus, the Pope and JFK. (I assume Jesus was center-top.)

  • A difficulty dealt with as professor and teacher is that we often think in a linea mode- we went from manual typewriters to laptops and marvel. We often presume the same happened for moral matters and all marched along. But we saw some nations moving from accepting slavery to abolishing it, passing laws against abortion when primitive technology allowed them to experience life in the womb and science diswcovered that a woman had an active role in proviidng the egg for conception. The death penalty is abolished for many civilised nations who also do not provide natural life sentences and a life sentence is severe if 20 years is imposed. The USA now allows abortion and some want infanticide disguised as partial birth, most states have the death penaltyand very severe sentences as alternatives. The pro-“choosers” extremists will make fun of the Santorums while your present administration favours shelling out multi-millions to Planned Parenthood whose money is made from abortions. Other services they offer are easily provided by clinics and health care providers who do not see “over-population” as a problem or a baby as a medical error, even a physically or mentally handicapped one- someone has lovde enough to care for such gifts of God with faith and His love.

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