Political Weasel of the Year

Wednesday, June 9, AD 2010

Hands down, the holder of the title of political weasel of the year has to be Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, a former Republican, who left the party when it became obvious that he would lose the Republican Senate nomination to pro-life stalwart Marco Rubio.

When Crist began his career he was a pro-abort.  Then he became a pro-lifer and was elected Governor as a pro-lifer.  Now that he is running as an independent for the Senate against pro-lifer Rubio, Crist is preparing to go back to being a pro-abort and has scrubbed his campaign web-site of all mention of being pro-life:

Governor Crist of Florida, who has been vacillating for the past month over whether or not he will veto a recently-passed pro-life law, removed the pro-life/pro-family issue page of his U.S. Senate campaign website on Monday – an indication that he may be considering vetoing the bill after all.

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5 Responses to Political Weasel of the Year

  • This may be the nail in Crist’s coffin that ends his political career. I hope so. I can’t stand those compromisers who compromise their values and are political opportunists.

  • It would also prevent health insurance plans from covering abortion if the plan in question is subsidized by the state or federal government.

    This is where the Catholic pro-aborts come out once more to lie to our faces when telling us the health care bill doesn’t fund abortion.

  • No need to insult weasels, Don. They are a higher order of vermin.

  • “They are a higher order of vermin.”

    How true Mike. My heartfelt apologies to all four footed weasels for comparing them to Mr. Crist.

  • “Hands down, the holder of the title of Political Weasel of the Year has to be Governor Charlie Crist of Florida”

    Don’t count on it… the year isn’t even half over and nobody holds that title for very long (see: Bart Stupak, Ben Nelson)